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Found 289 results

  1. I am about to start a Hurricane so |I thought I would start this thread. The Spitfire thread I started seems to be a melting pot where we all share and learn...first (stupid question)....I hope people find this helpful...doh!
  2. Here’s the Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I in markings of 238 Sqn at RAF Middle Wallop. This is a lovely kit, although I struggled a bit with the fit of the cockpit internal framing. Note that I have been purposely picking aircraft to model that don’t have standard Sky undersides.
  3. Hello, and welcome to my first WIP on Britmodeller! No exotic plastic here I'm afraid, just the newish Airfix 1/72 Hurricane which I'm sure is familiar to most readers. The obligatory box and sprue shot: This was an impulse buy. I saw it sitting on the shelf of my LMS, thought "I fancy making a Hurricane with a two bladed prop", and picked it up. Naturally, it turned out that this was not a boxing which included the two bladed prop option (I could maybe have guessed this from the box art) and that furthermore that I already had these exact same sprues in the form of a starter set I picked up a while ago but what the heck, I can learn from the mistakes I make building this one and make a proper job of the starter set. I'm not the sort to lie awake at night worrying about misplaced rivets (I have plenty of other stuff to worry about) so my intention was to build this totally OOB ignoring the myriad faults that make this kit practically unbuildable such as mis-sized main wheels with the wrong number of spokes, missing metal panels behind the gun access hatches, trailing edges a scale 7ft thick and incorrect framing on the cockpit canopy. My only aims were the usual ones of getting engrossed for a few hours in creating something, and producing a finished model which would not be mistaken for the work of an unusually clumsy 5 year old. Alas for my intentions! Britmodeller contains much dangerously seductive information and having read somewhere that adding photo-etch harnesses to a cockpit would increase its attractiveness by at least 1000% (I may be paraphrasing slightly), I resolved to give this a try. With the etch ordered, the first task on hand was to open up the holes in the seat and back armour to allow the harnesses to pass through: This was accomplished without destroying the parts being worked on or running the drill into my finger. This is going well! More soon. Craig.
  4. I finished this model some time ago and only now got around to taking pictures. It’s the Airfix 1/72 rag-wing Hurricane in markings of 73 Sqn in France, May 1940 from the Xtradecal sheet.
  5. Hurricane and Bf 109G-6 in Finnish service that is. Originally I wanted to build a J-21 and J-22 in 1/48, but as this GB ended running parallel with the Stuka STGB this wasn't longer an option so I chosen some easy to build kits - the Arma Hobby Hurricane and the Tamiya Bf 109G-6 instead, but also because these two types are not yet represented in this GB. This is the First: The Hurricanes where flown to Finland in February 1940 flying via Scotland and Sweden, having the Finnish markings white overpainted and with a civil registration. There are different opinions if the Hurricane had civil registration applied or not so I came to my own conclusion. First there is this picture of Hurricane HU460 shortly after its arrival in Finland, photographed in March 1940. Specially the first picture looks like it has a removed or overpainted civil registration OH-IPL. But then there is this picture showing HU452 on its way to Finland at a stop in Scotland. It has the overpainted markings but no civil registration. On the other hand, this Blenheim has the civil registration in place, also flown to Finland in February 1940. Now this could mean that the picture of HU452 was taken before the registration was applied, most likely only needed for the landing in Sweden or it was applied only on the port side of the aircraft as it was just for one flight. So I will paint my build like this. And only on the port side until someone has some evidence that it was on the starboard side as well. And as earlier mentioned, I will use the Arma Hobby kit with a few add-ons. I will also use some 5-spoke wheels which I have in the stash. And the Last: Actually not the very last as the Bf-109G-6 had its last flight in Finland in 1954 which is remarkable as the build quality of German aircraft later in the war was very poor as the expectation was they don't last very long! My chosen subject is Bf 109G-6 MT-505 of PLeLv 41 belonging to Lentorykmentti 4 with special "War Games" marking applied in August 1950. It does has a bit of a different look in the olive-green colours. And as mentioned, the kit I use is the new Tamiya offering. This will need a bit of kit bashing and I intend to utilize some AZ Model 109 parts for the sand filter (which had been fitted to all the Finnish 109s), Canopy and tall rudder. Cheers, Peter
  6. I would like to enter this one. Cheers Jes
  7. So guys just shifted over from this thread. in continuation of my quest to restore Hurricane Mk I P5202/Z7059 depending on which source you believe (although i would be P 5202 which shot down a Me110 on 11.9.40 whilst with 213 Sqn.) I wanted to do a ACSEA marked aircraft but seems not possible?? i want to do it half exposed and unpainted and half covered and painted. I find the main wheel hubs suspiciously like those of the vampire NF 10 parked next to it??
  8. My next project is the new mould Airfix Hurricane Mk.I, the subject of a number of builds here already. I'll be building mine with Xtradecals markings for Douglas Bader's 242SQN mount out of Duxford during the Battle of Britain. It'll be pretty much out of the box (if I can restrain myself...) The seat and floor are done. Slight weathering of the floor and I've cut the locating lugs off the seat armour so I can fit the seat to the fuselage first, as reviews suggest that's an easier way to go. I've also elected to clamp the spars in place on the lower wing now and will use the unused gun truss frames to build up the area around the landing lights as they don't look like basic way Airfix has modelled them and I won't be opening up the gun panels. I will use some stashed etched seat belts as I just can't leave the seats without belts!
  9. The Hurricane MK 1 - 1/24 by Airfix RFI Hello and a happy new year to you all. I'd like to start the new year with the RFI of my last actual completed build of 2019. She has been built for a month or so but I didn't find the right moment to do the RFI. You must excuse the sheer amount of pics once again but I do like to indulge myself sometimes. I couldn't fit her in my little photo tent thing so I took her outside and took a few shots while the sky was bright and fell in love all over again. The WIP can be found HERE and If you followed along you know how much effort I have put in to attempt to get her right, she might not be 100% but I hope that she will be useful to those wishing to build this lovely vintage kit. I used. Airfix Hurricane 1/24 Tamiya acrylics Tamiya weather powders Flory washes. Ezy line I think that was it. Without further ado Ladies and gent I give you a Massive Hurricane Mk1. Inside first I think. Phew!!!!! Now get a fresh brew maybe a biscuit and enjoy the outside shots. and the parting shot.... That's your lot..... Thankyou so much for indulging but /she is such a joy to photograph. I hope you enjoyed the build if you followed along and if not I hope you enjoyed these shots, If not I can't help you . I should now be up to date with my RFIs. I have added my meng tank and the Torino today too. I have my current Gundam kit to complete then I'll be back to Aeroplanes. ( it's a bit lonely over in sci-fi land to be fair. ) All the best and as always happy modelling. Johnny.
  10. Airfix is to release in 2014 a variant from the new 1/72nd "fabric wings" Hurricane (ref.A02067), a Hawker Hurricane Mk.I "metal covered wings" under ref. A01010. A fabric wings in the illustrations/box arts??? Displayed as ????? Error? Source: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-scale-military-aircraft/a01010-hawker-hurricane-mki-172/ But also as stater set (fabric or metal covered wings Hurricane?) Ref. A55111 Source: http://www.airfix.com/shop/new-for-2014/172-scale-military-aircraft/a55111-hawker-hurricane-mki-starter-set-172/ V.P
  11. Hi, I am building the newest Hurricane mk IIc from Arma Hobby and I need some help with LKoA paint scheme (blog). Arma Hobby chose black/OG/DG: However, my interpretation of LKoA is quite different. I am a little unsure about lighter tone on DG (rudder, rear fuselage, elevator, ends of the wings). In my opinion, it's not definetly "brush strokes" effect, because in this case we should see them at the front of the fuselage and on the other aircraft. Of course, OG put on DG is only my proposal, but maybe someone saw something similar on other RAF planes and know answer. I'm open to discussion, feel free to share your view.
  12. Hi, this is my latest project - Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, scale 1/48, Airfix. Marking 312. (Czechoslovak) Sqn., pilot P/O Adolf Vrána, January 1941. I used photo etched instrument panel and seat belts, resin wheels and exhaust, all Eduard. Colors are Gunze "C". Decals are DKdecals.
  13. Hey everyone Well you might think that I'm jumping on the 1/24 Airfix Hurricane band wagon what with @The Spadgent making a rather good start on his (you'd be right by the way ) but in my defence I do have some time to kill whilst I'm waiting for some bits to dry on my Hawker Typhoon and I think a large scale Hurricane will complement it nicely. So without further a do rather lovely box art.. The proposed scheme, Hurricane P3675 UF*S, 601 Sqn RAF Tangmere September 1940 (I built the 1/48 Scale version recently).. ..using the Montex masking set.. ..and here is where I'm at at the moment. My fuselage halves are both quite warped so for the worst offender I am going to straighten it out by gluing on the side panels... ..I drilled out the panel location tabs ...and cut the starboard panel in two.. ...it still fits ok.. Cheers all Iain.
  14. Hello All, It's my first "active" post on Britmodeller. First because I build slowly, and secondly because I don't speak (write in this particular case) a very fluent English. Anyway I'm glad to share today pictures of the build of a 1/72 Hawker Hurricane. The bird is now almost finished, but more on this later. I am indebted to the members of this forum whose topics on the Hurricane (the real one or the various kits) are a wonderful source of information, so Thank you! Any comment is welcome My first job with this nice model was to thin the trailing edge and to mastic some panels on the wings. I like to present the models with an open hatch, so I chose here to open the radio door (also, it must be said, because I did not have the courage to open the one from the below of the cockpit ) Evergreen and Plastruct profiles make it possible to furnish the fuselage a little. EZ line is used for the wires of the fuselage tube structure. For the cockpit side I use as templade an Eduard photoetched set, I just modify the left one to have a more accurate representation of the early machine. First paint, I tried to add some deep to the inside and I figure it first with black and white paint as pre-shading. Green Red and Aluminium pshiit later. I added some light with white and silver, and some deep with oil washes. Et hop just before closing the fuselage. For the paint I try to figure the various material used on the aircraft by using various shades. I chose a deco with small red and blue cockades so the original shape of the old cockade was painted too with a darker shade. The dark earth was masked before applying the green I like the black and white underside look of these early birds I was not happy with the marking in decals. A picture of the machine that I wanted to represent allowed me to draw codes, I think, more conform in their form and thickness. UI use a cutter printer to make new mask. I keep however the design of the underside serials as template for mask and painted them too. After the traditionnal varnish, decals, varnish it was time for first weathering with some color pencil chipping and oil working. Same (light) punishement for the underside. I wanted to keep the aircraft relatively clean. Just the time to add the landing lights And it was the moment to put the aircraft on it's base. Thanks for reading till now Dric
  15. After the Hurricane, Airfix is to release in Q2 2017 a 1/48th Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.1B - ref. A05134 Source: http://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2017/hawker-sea-hurricane-mk-ib-1-48.html V.P.
  16. It was started in 2014. After getting about 1/3 finished, I sat her aside for another project. In early 2017, I resumed work on the model and around the end of February, I took her out to the Cameron airport for a photo session. I messed up the stretched sprue radio aerial loading the model up for the ride out there and just managed to get it back in some sort of shape, of course never as good as previously though. (Go figure…) It’s painted with Testors 1/4oz. square bottle flat black, and faded with Humbrol dark gray 32 mostly, as well as a few other grays. I tried out a bit of oil-paint dot filtering on the lower engine cowls but the 45 year-old oil-paint and my lack of experience didn’t help. The exhaust staining is Model Master intermediate blue, dirtied with pastel chalks. As always, I used my Paasche Model H, powered by CO2, for the airbrushing. I drybrushed the paint damage with Humbrol MetalCote unpolished aluminum and used a silver pencil here and there. The cockpit barely shows so I made seatbelts/harnesses from tape with home-made lead-wire buckles. The exhaust flame shields were made from Evergreen sheet. Let’s see, gun barrels and exhausts were drilled, and tires sanded for a change, . Lead wire brake lines were added with furnace tape clamps. I sanded down the wing light “lenses” and carved out a concave lens with my motor tool, filling that with silver. Overall, she turned out a pretty fair “four-footer” and looks good with her RAF warbird mates and sister Hawker planes in the display. But please, no more Hobbycraft kits for a while…
  17. Well after completing my first build, (a 1/72 Mk1 Hurricane) its time to give its big brother and my xmas pressie a good crack. I have definitely caught the modelling bug and im looking forward to putting some of the techniques learned to good use as well as trying out some more! Please forgive any boring photo's that you have all seen a million times before, just kind of want to see the whole journey from start to finish (Humour me im a newbie lol) Here goes nothing! The storey so far (In my head i have the opening bars of the Star Wars theme tune playing )- Firstly the sprue shots Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on FlickrUntitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr So according to the instructions the first thing to tackle was the merlin! so a bit of dry fitting and a load of flash removal commenced (Think there could be alot of this required in this kit) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Not sure if i missed something at this point but was slightly confused regarding the pin that holds the prop in the engine, The instructions say to place the pin inside and then but the top of the engine on meaning the prop would then be permanently in place before painting as the pin would just push out if adding the prop later? Anyway i solved this by glueing some old sprue in behind the pin so it cant drop out when adding the prop later. (Go on somebody tell me what i missed :-)) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr After a spot of priming i sprayed the engine black as per instructions except for the cam covers which i thought would look better aluminium (Have seen pics of both so i thought its not gonna look to out of place!) Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Then picked out some details Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Painted up the engine mounting frames Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Next my first attempt at dry brushing (Think i was a bit heavy handed in places) & glued all the other engine parts on. Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Untitled by andrewbudd2, on Flickr Overall pretty pleased with it, think i want to put a bit of a wash on the cam covers to make them look a bit more oily but other than that all good. That's were i am folks, thanks for looking and any comments/tips/observations gratefully recieved Cheers Andy
  18. On 7th October 1940 Pilot Officer Ken Mackenzie was chasing a damaged Messerschmitt Bf 109 over the south coast. Having used up all his ammunition, he was determined not to let the Luftwaffe fighter limp back to France, only to threaten his RAF comrades another day. Maneuvering his Hurricane close to the low flying 109, he used his wing tip to sever the port stabilizer of the Messerschmitt, sending it spinning into the sea and taking the outer section of his own wing with it. He was then set upon by two more 109s and sustaining damage to his Hurricane, just managed to avoid cliffs near Folkestone and belly land his fighter in the first field he saw. For this historic event I used the Airfix scale 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I, the one with the actual maneuvre on the box art. The kit itself is a real joy to built. Hope you like.
  19. Update sets for 1:144 Aircraft Shelf Oddity Shelf Oddity are emerging as a leader in decals and parts for 1.144 scale modelling. These sets contains PE update sets for The La-5, FuG220 Antennas, and the Hawker Hurricane. Shelf Oddity do more than just decals, but it's the decals I picked out of their recent samples first, so here they are. La-5 Update set (SO214421 KP kits) This set contains parts for the exhaust pipes and engine cooling flaps, antennae masts, oil cooler details, main landing gear details, wheel hubs details, the tail wheel assembly, several air scoops and hatch covers, and the windscreen rear-view mirror. There is also a small decal sheet for the most visible stencils on the aircraft. Luftwaffe FuG220 Antennas (SO51445) This set contains 4 long, and 4 short FuG220 antennas for late war Luftwaffe aircraft. Hawker Hurricane MkI (SO214420 Sweet Kit) The set is for Sweet kit and contains enough parts for both in the boxing. Parts included are; the cockpit floor with rudder pedals and control stick, pilots seat with seatbelts, instrument panel, overhead cockpit bulkhead, air intakes, oil cooler, vertical stabiliser actuators, pitot probe, antennae masts, and various external details. Conclusion Great news for 1:144 scale fans. Some good sets and it should hopefully please a lot of people with really good eyesight. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  20. Just put the finishing touches on this one today: it is, of course, the Airfix 1/72 Rag-wing Hurricane Mk.I. This is a super little kit, which did not cause any trouble other than that of my own making. This is from the Series 2 boxing containing the alternate cockpit, prop, and keel parts. I used the 111 Sqn decals to finish my kit.
  21. Here is one of my Sweet 1:144 Hawker Hurricane Mk.Is which I built in 2009. It's an early variant and represents L1768, GG-K, of No. 151 Sqn RAF, at North Weald, UK, in May 1939. Thanks for looking Miguel
  22. I just realized that I have two 1/72 Airfix Hurrys with fabric wings, but none of the two kits include the wooden 2-blade prop I want to use. However, I have the prop from Airfix's early Spitfire. Now the question ist: Are the props identical? I know the spinner on the Hurricane wooden prop is more pointed than the one fitted to the earliest Spitfires, but otherwise the props itself should be identical, shouldn't they? Thanks in advance! Ole
  23. Hello, Please see some new items prepared for coming E-day event - a propeller ones. A bunch of pitch-black Hurricanes... ... and a T'Bolts selection: In case the the markings are not enough we have a T'Bolt stenciles too: Available soon! Regards, Marek
  24. I have been eagerly anticipating the Arma Hobby Hurricane since it was announced and have done a combined order with a friend of mine to get an expert kit and some overtrees. I also stocked up on Hurricne I decals as now this kit has been released, I can now do all the Hurricanes I ever wanted to. Unfortunately the Hurricanes were delivered to my friends house the day after I went up to see him and haven’t had the chance to revisit him so I did the only logical thing. I ordered another one! This arrived on Monday and it went straight to the top of the stack. Hopefully I can get it built for the Huddersfield Halifax show next month. I’ll be painting it up as P3119 which is an all black Hurricane serving with 87 Sqn with the code VY X at Gravesend late 1940 and will be using the excellent Aviaeology decals from the Vital Storm Early Hurricanes collection part 1. Lets take a look at what’s in the box. Box Art. Main sprue. Small Sprue Clear Sprue Decals, Etch and Masks I’m really impressed by this kit and think it must be the best 1:72 metal wing Hurricane I out there. Time to offload my Alleycat Metal Wing Hurricane conversion for the Airfix kit as I won’t need it....... It has some lovely detail. Correct shape wheel wells and a decently shaped canopy and windscreen. Probably the best available in this scale so far. There are also plenty of options as well with this kit. Choices of prop and spinner as well as a tropical filter. I can’t wait to get started.....
  25. Good evening! My latest model and the first in a series of three Hurricanes: a IIc of 213 squadron in the Western Desert. As you can see, the a/c carries just two cannons. This seems to have been almost a standard configuration for the Hurricane IIc in the Mediterranean. As long as they were still used in the daytime air-to-air role, agility was more of a concern for the Hurricane than firepower. I used the Revell kit and Tamiya paint. This is not the best kit I have seen so far, but with some work it turned out ok. Thanks for looking and every comment welcome! Brothers in arms. Which one would you have preferred as a pilot? (Yes, I know - a Spitfire, please...)
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