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  1. I'm not looking quite as much as you think I am! That compressor was on offer for free by a neighbour (we have a WhatsApp group for the road - 187 members!) but someone got to it before me.
  2. Should I? Looks a bit 'industrial' for inside-the-house hobby work ... https://flic.kr/p/2nA78Fc
  3. Thanks. I suppose it depends on the definition of "fine details", but what bothers me with brush work is the danger of getting visible brush marks in the finish, and that it's hard to get soft lines between colours, such as between the brown and green camouflage on an RAF airplane, or Luftwaffe camouflage styles, or tank camouflage etc. Basically airbrush finishes just seem to look much more genuine. I've not considered using an airbrush for e.g. painting an exposed engine...
  4. Not exactly sure what you mean. I mean this is a modelling forum, so, you know, I want to airbrush models! Specifically, I see myself using it for applying undercoating, and for smooth coats of paint for the larger surface areas such as camouflage on wings and fuselages, tanks, or the dominant yellow of the Twin Otters, or the HUGE surface area of the USS Voyager model that I started 10-15 years ago.
  5. What do you all do with your completed models? I have no room to keep them for a significant amount of time, and no desire to keep them either...but throwing them away seems kind of extreme and wasteful!
  6. I think I might get myself an airbrush but then, as suggested by @Dads203 , use a few cans of compressed air while I decide if I'm going to get along with it.
  7. Is it over? 'twas fun! Thanks to all. And here's my parting shot for the Twotter fans: 50 Years Plus: Where Can You Find The Oldest De Havilland Twin Otter Aircraft?
  8. Nothing yet. I had a very helpful conversation with Martin (@Jetblast) back in March but you know how it is, "better" things for money to be spent on sadly.
  9. How's that for a detailed reply! Just for clarity, I ordered Matt 48, but received Matt 39. Jeff
  10. Hello! I ordered 10 Revell acrylic paints from an Amazon seller. Without warning one of the 10, Sea Green, has been swapped for Dark Green (presumably because he was out of stock). Obviously, this is somewhat annoying, but particularly as I've already got Dark Green whereas there are other colours I could do with and would have happily taken instead. Anyhoo, that's not really the point of this thread, the question is, how different is is Sea Green from Dark Green (and how might I achieve that difference)? Cheers J
  11. Google "Twin Otter Buttonville" for lots of Twotterish photos. Not much in the way of close-ups 'Walkaround' stylee, but I've asked a Canadian friend of mine to keep a look out for them so he can take photos for us. Fingers crossed!
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