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Found 83 results

  1. I'm quite happy with the resilt, although the Airfix kit can be pain in the (...) sometimes. But in the end it's a beautiful bird.. Cheers from Czech rep. Andrew
  2. A second Meteor F8 finished in one of the markings options from the Airfix Club kit: A73004 Gloster Meteor F8 Queen's Coronation Review The Airfix issue of the MPM 1/72 kit. Also issued by Hannants under their Xtrakit name Painted with Xtracolor High Speed Silver Meteor F. 8 of 92 squadron, September 1952
  3. I think I know the answer to this before I ask, but if you don't ask, you don't get. Has ANYBODY ever seen a picture of the single Meteor FR.5? I have a drawing from Edward Shacklady's book buy I have never seen a photograph. In case you weren't aware, the FR.5 was the intended fighter reconnaissance version of the F.4, similar to how the FR.9 was to the F.8. The prototype, VT347 was a converted F.4 but crashed on its first flight on 15th June 1949, very sadly killing its pilot Rodney Dryland. I cannot imagine it was never photographed but perhaps it would have taken place as part of what would have been the development programme had it not been cut short. So, has anybody seen a picture of the ill-fated VT347? Cheers, Neil
  4. Special Hobby is to release in 2018 a family of Armstrong Whitworth Meteor nightfighters kits incl. NF.11/12/13 & 14 - ref. SH72358, 72360, 72363 & 72364 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/12/sh72358360363364-aw-meteory-nf.html Canopies mould V.P.
  5. Build of the Xtrakit issue of the Matchbox kit, using the Matchbox decals Sort of started for the Matchbox GB of last November; finished late last week
  6. Gloster Meteor FR.Mk.9 (ED-48115, ED-72115) 1:48 & 1:72 Euro Decals by Fantasy Printshop Airfix are bringing us a 1:48 FR.9, and MPM have already done so in 1:72, so it's only fitting that we should get some aftermarket decals for the kits These sets from Euro Decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop, and arrive in A5 ziplok bags, with a set of side profiles on the front, instructions in the middle, and the decals on the rear, so they can be inspected through the protective sheet of thin paper. Sheet shown is 1/72, the 1/48 is the same layout just larger. Inside are four-way profiles of each of the six decal option, plus a legend with suggested colours in BS & FS numbers, Humbrol, Xtracolour, Xtracrylix, LifeColor and Modelmaster shades, with a page of general text about the aircraft on the back page. The options from the sheet are as follows: WG116 "G" of II (AC) Sqb, 2nd Tactical Air Force, RAF, Geilienkirchen, Germany 1955. WX978 "Z" of 8 Sqn RAF, RAF Sharjah, Trucial States, 1959. WX962 "Q" of 208 Sqn RAF, Middle East 1950. WL265 "L" of 79 Sqn RAF, RAF Larbruch Germany, 1955. WB125 "UUB" of 226 OCU, RAF, RAF Stradishall 1954. VZ611 "B Z" of RAF, Based UK 1950s WX573 " TG" of 79 Sqn RAF, RAF Gutersloth, Germany, 1953. VZ601 of 79 Sqn RAF, RAF Gutersloth, Germany, 1959. Registration, sharpness and colour density are all good, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas. There are a few issues with the profiles which have been spotted, along with some information; WB116/G - The 2 Squadron "Staffordshire Knot" logo on the intake was yellow in a red disk, not red in black disk (Airfix kit is correct) - the fin 'G' should have a white outline and have a tail - the G on the nosewheel (at least) is the wrong shape (Too rounded and should have a tail) - the front of the fin bullet should be red - the camo pattern on the stb side is slighly wrong WX973 T-G – camo on upper surface wrong (Grey goes too far forward), squadron marking is red/black; also code should be GoT on port side, should have black(or blue) and yellow fin bullet VZ611 BoZ – this is a 2 Squadron a/c, not UK based. Camo pattern shown is slightly wrong (compared to photo) on the demarcation on stb over nacelle VZ601 – Couldn’t find a pic of this one, but it should possibly have an individual letter on the fin (Pics of 79 Sqn Meteors with this marking are quite rare WL265 – Camo demarcation pattern on the real thing is slightly different, WX962 – couldn’t find a pic, but it matches other aircraft of that period. Worth noting that 208 had a huge variety of camouflage schemes, nose colours and nose patterns, so lots of alternative options WX978 – worth noting that this aircraft had very visible weathering around the gun access panel on the port side that almost looks like someone had sprayed ‘17’ on the side!!. Also beware a colour photo of another 8 Sqn FR9 that had the squadron colours painted in the wrong order (Yellow/Blue/Red) Even with a couple of errors the sheet recommended for your MPM/Special Hobby kit in 1/72, or the new Airfix kit in 1/48. My thanks to Dave Fleming for some help with this review. 1:48 1:72 Review sample courtesy of
  7. Following earlier forays into vintage Meteor models (Matchbox NF.11 and Airfix Mk.III), plus an MPM PR.10, I decided to keep-up the momentum and go for Frog's 1970 model of the Mk.IV. It's by no means the first one I have done but to put it into context, Margaret Thatcher was just resting her handbag on the desk in No.10 when I did the last one. A trip up to the loft revealed my ace stash of old kits and buried deep in Box No.3, I found these bad boys: Christmas had come early. Pausing to build the Airfix Mk.III, (see link below), one Mk.IV was left in its rather fragile cellophane wrapping and the other was opened-up. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040365-the-original-airfix-meteor-iii/ One thing that surprised me was the colour of the plastic. Usually medium grey, I was surprised to see that the model had been moulded in a very dark blue. Using my trusty Airfix MPM as the baseline, one can see that it is a crisply-moulded model with light, raised panel lines but none of the dockyard riveting seen on Airfix's Mk.III. So, the build commenced last Sunday evening. I had decided to add two sets of resin extra components to the build. Both I had used before and they would give me the opportunity to upgrade the cockpit and - importantly - the undercarriage bays. Therefore, the first check was to see if the Pavla cockpit would fit into the fuselage. Interestingly, I had the same problem as the Airfix Meteor: the resin nose undercarriage bay did not quite line-up with the model. I then lined-up the Mk.IV fuselage with the Mk.8 to check the nosewheel bays and saw that the Frog nosewheel bay was rather undersized and not best lined up. Therefore, surgery began: open-up the Frog nosewheel bay and enlarge it, the net result being a better fit for the cockpit area. So, we're off the blocks, more episodes to follow. Neil
  8. A2Zee is preparing in the Alley Cat range (?) 1/48th Gloster Meteor F.Mk.4 and T.Mk.7 resin conversion sets. NF. variants being also looked at. Conversion sets for Tamiya Meteor F.Mk.III or Airfix F.Mk.8? Source: http://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/ To be followed V.P.
  9. Jb65rams

    1/72 Meteor III

    My entry will be the Airfix 1/72 Meteor III, this is the kit that started it all for me. My first kit, I built this is the mid 70's with some (a lot) of help from my Dad. It was memorable at it was painted with enamels and placed on the mantelpiece overnight to dry. Came down in the morning to find the heat from the fire had caused the wings to soften and droop, but I was hooked. So best part of 45 years later I am going to have another go. As per my first go, this will be built in flight. Missing a pilot so will need to find one from the spares box. Also decals are past it so have procured some replacements from a later Airfix boxing.
  10. I've always had a love for the Meteor. It goes back to 1972 when I bought my first modelling magazine: something I still have as you can see below. It was a fascinating and intimidating article in equal measure. I knew there was a Meteor III and Meteor IV, the marks I and II were a mystery and to discover that there were marks 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, even 20! Meanwhile, the article gave me a glimpse into past treasure with the original 1956 Frog Mk.8 model (regarded as unobtainable - see later) and then described how to build a vacform machine out of wood, aluminium and asbestos (yes, really) that you placed under the domestic grill. At age eleven, you might have well given me the plans to build a moon rocket... Nonetheless, I was hooked on Meteors! Roll forward to 1988 and I was well into modelling and absolutely delighted when Matchbox brought-out this beauty: Now, a little context is required here: in the 1980s, there were no Meteors in catalogues: Airfix's Mk.III was discontinued and Frog's Mk.IV was, well, Novo so in that pre-internet age you found them where you found them. So to get a model with THREE, say it again, THREE variants was a Meteor fan's dream. It was an excellent choice because it was a kit-basher's dream too: combine it with the spares box or accessories and you could pretty-well model any post WW-II version. - PAUSE - 1988 to 2017: house move, climb the career ladder, raise two children (not on my own, naturally) and spend all your spare time involved with this: https://www.e-v-r.com/ - still my obsession - and so scale modelling disappeared from view. I still had all the kits tucked away but I'd lost my mojo. 2017 and the mojo came back. Slowly at first with lots of gentle dipping of toes into the water and a great deal of uncertainty as to what to begin-with. To cut a long story short, I decided to more-or-less pick-up where I left-off with the Matchbox Meteor. I decided to add a couple of extras to jazz-up the model and decided on a standard Mk.11. I had made a start on the model, having painted the rather bare interior black (which had dried glossy - no wonder I'd given-up) I chose to add the Airwaves etched cockpit walls and hack-around the Czech Master nosewheel bay to replace the flat plate moulded by Matchbox. This proved to be a challenge as the resin insert really didn't fit the different profile of a two-seater: So, off I went with superglue, Milliput a razor saw and a lot of nerves and - to all intents and purposes - bodged it together: Meanwhile, I attached the quite beautiful etched instrument panels: I then came to glue it all together. It was a struggle: the etched sidewalls and the resin u/c bay required a great deal of hacking and gluing the whole assembly together took a lot of patience and tape: I then came to add the 'lid' for the Mk.11 and Mk.12 versions. As you can see, the application of filler was a given: the mouldings had slightly rounded edges and leaving them unfilled would have looked terrible: Similarly, the tailplane was provided in two versions and the fit was similarly 'challenging': Meanwhile, I assembled the wings, using the narrow (early) intakes (thank you Matchbox) and filled the HUGE gap in the rear wing fillet. Once the fuselage was glued (it stuck together nicely), it was greenstuff time: As an aside, the orange fillings above are ear defenders! Those small foam thingies that you roll-up and place in your ear does an excellent job of sealing orifices while filling, sanding and painting. So, with the wings on the model starts to look like a meteor: TO BE CONTINUED...
  11. Hello folks, I am building a Meteor PR10 in the early scheme of PRU Blue undersides and Sae Grey, Medium upper surfaces. Would anybody have an ides of the colour used inside the undercarriage bays and the undercarriage legs please? At present, I'm going for silver but wonder if they were PRU Blue? Kind regards, Neil
  12. Hi folk's one of the few RAF kit's in the small stash is the Meteor,I bought it for the prototype's GB but never started it so what better kit to mark the RAF's entry into the jet age,I will do the operational squadron scheme for this build,here's the box and content's. That's it for now see you April 1st.
  13. Morning folk's second build in the RAF GB was to mark it's entry into the jet age,Tamiya's kit has been around a while but still is a cracking build and a fare size to I can imagine those pilot's progressing from single engine fighter's getting a bit of a shock,anyway here she is and thank's for looking in.
  14. No. 264 squadron flew Meteor night fighters from 1951 when it replaced its ageing Mosquitos with NF.11s, subsequently upgrading to the NF.14 in October 1954. The squadron flew these from Linton-on-Ouse until renumbering as 33 squadron on 30th September 1957 and moving further north to Leeming. The NF.14 had the most powerful engines of all the Meteor night fighters and continued in service until 1961. However, by the mid-50s it was fast becoming obsolete and regularly out-performed by Canberras during exercises. Despite this it was generally popular with its crews and just over 100 were built. WS810 was delivered to the RAF in March 1953, and became one of the last operational Meteor NF.14s after transferring to 60 sqn following 264's disbandment.
  15. Hi all Here is my recently completed Special Hobby 1/72 Meteor T.7.5 I usually model in 48th but having modellers block I decided to do something a bit different and was attracted to this colour scheme, there is something about a military aircraft in civi clothing that I like took my around 5 days to complete and I'm reasonably happy with it so thought id share it with you all. Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Meteor T 7.5 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Be Gentle ScottC
  16. It's back to the 50s again and another old bargain, the Matchbox Meteor night fighter. I'll be making this one out of the box, as WS810 of 264 Sqn, an NF.14, the version which I've always considered the nicest looking of all Meteor variants (along with the F.8). The decals look quite good for an old kit, and there's no flash on any of the parts or sprues. I've made notes to use the same nose as the NF.12 (ie. not the extra long one erroneously purported to be for the NF.14) and the wider engine intakes. I'll be painting the Meteor in its 50s colours of dark sea grey/dark green camo and medium sea grey lower, I believe for this aircraft with the high demarcation line.
  17. 224 Peter

    Meteor T7

    Up at the Boscombe Down Aircraft Collection they are restoring a T7. As a Member I can look closely at what is going on and whilst talking to some of the engineering team had a look at the 2 seats. Ejector Seats? No. Something modern and sophisticated? No They are exactly the same seats as used in the late model Hawker Hurricane! Standing inside the canopy the frames are massive, the glass area is only about 60%. Given that blown clear canopies were common by the late 40s what were they thinking? For a trainer a good view out would be good. Anyway, I'll take photos as this restoration continues and if anyone has a specific request, just ask. The airframe will be finished as on of the T7s used at Boscombe Down and will sit as an outside exhibit, along with the Hunter and JP.
  18. The Meteor F.8 was the backbone of the RAF's fighter wings in the early 1950s, serving with over 30 squadrons. No. 245 squadron was based at Horsham St Faith (now Norwich airport), and flew Meteors alongside 74 sqn from 1950 until briefly re-equipping with Hunters in 1957. WL135 was delivered to the RAF on new year's eve 1953. She served as the squadron CO's aircraft, hence the specially marked tail fin. There is an example of a Meteor with these markings on display at the Norwich aviation museum. 50's style ...
  19. Another 50's classic! Hundreds of Meteors served with the RAF in the 1950s, and some beyond. I've got two of these Xtrakit F.8s in the stash, so fancied giving one a go after the big Vulcan (and limited space for a bit!) I'll do this one pretty much OOB, but with Xtradecals. I liked the markings for 501 sqn that came with the kit, but apparently they only ever had two Meteor F.8s, so I'd rather do one from a proper Meteor squadron. There are plenty to choose from, currently thinking it'll be WL135, the CO's machine with yellow fin, from 245 sqn at Horsham St Faith (now Norwich airport). But I might just do her in 74 sqn markings instead! Either way, she'll be green/grey camo with high speed silver undersides. Obligatory box shot. Somewhat battered but I only buy bargains on eBay. No £95 Valiants or £60 Buccaneers here unfortunately. Kit has just two main sprues plus transparency. Xtradecals not included, obviously! Bang seat painted, and some masking tape for the survival pack.
  20. Meteor T.7 VZ634 at Newark Air Museum, pics mine.
  21. Lord Riot

    Meteor F.8

    I'm thinking of doing one of these soon, but there are a couple of questions which hopefully someone can answer. Firstly, I'm going to be building VZ494 in the kit's 501 Sqn RAuxAF markings, as based at Filton in 1957. It appears this has the clear canopy as on later F.8s. However, the kit provides wider engine intakes as well as the narrower ones, would an F.8 from this date have the wider ones (the kit instructions say not, but just checking). Secondly, colour is shown as DSG/dark green over 'high speed silver'/aluminium. Would I be correct to use satin (allowing for scale and weathering), or should 50's Meteor F.8s be high gloss? Thanks!
  22. Gloster Meteor NF.14 WS739 at Newark Air Museum, pics mine.
  23. Having spent most of last year on the Vulcan build , then finishing a Spitfire I'd had kicking around half finished for a while , it was time to pick a new project for a WIP. After half an hour our looking through the stash looking for something that would be a nice quick build I decided on the Matchbox Meteor. I only received this as part of my Christmas present from my wife last month. I've seen a few Matchbox kits built on here recently and have been impressed by what can be done with them. I haven't built a Matchbox kit since the 70's so I'm really looking forward to this one. I'm going to build the NF.14 version as it was based at RAF Church Fenton, just up the road from where I live. I'm planning on building it mostly as it comes, but having said that I'm rescribing it, just bring it up to date a little. I'll see that else there is to do along the way. Here's the box contents. A real blast from the past with the multi coloured sprues. I feel I'm reliving my childhood I'll post some more pics as soon as there's any visible progress.
  24. Asking for suggestions on references similar in scope to Daco or Reid publishing referances on the Meteor, Venom, Sea Venom and Sea Vixen. Thanks.
  25. Special Hobby is to release in Spring 2107 a 1/72nd Gloster Meteor Mk.4 "World Speed Record" kit - ref. SH72361 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/02/sh72361-gloster-meteor-mk4-world-speed.html Box art V.P.