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Found 304 results

  1. Hello, and welcome to my first WIP on Britmodeller! No exotic plastic here I'm afraid, just the newish Airfix 1/72 Hurricane which I'm sure is familiar to most readers. The obligatory box and sprue shot: This was an impulse buy. I saw it sitting on the shelf of my LMS, thought "I fancy making a Hurricane with a two bladed prop", and picked it up. Naturally, it turned out that this was not a boxing which included the two bladed prop option (I could maybe have guessed this from the box art) and that furthermore that I already had these exact same sprues in the form of a starter set I picked up a while ago but what the heck, I can learn from the mistakes I make building this one and make a proper job of the starter set. I'm not the sort to lie awake at night worrying about misplaced rivets (I have plenty of other stuff to worry about) so my intention was to build this totally OOB ignoring the myriad faults that make this kit practically unbuildable such as mis-sized main wheels with the wrong number of spokes, missing metal panels behind the gun access hatches, trailing edges a scale 7ft thick and incorrect framing on the cockpit canopy. My only aims were the usual ones of getting engrossed for a few hours in creating something, and producing a finished model which would not be mistaken for the work of an unusually clumsy 5 year old. Alas for my intentions! Britmodeller contains much dangerously seductive information and having read somewhere that adding photo-etch harnesses to a cockpit would increase its attractiveness by at least 1000% (I may be paraphrasing slightly), I resolved to give this a try. With the etch ordered, the first task on hand was to open up the holes in the seat and back armour to allow the harnesses to pass through: This was accomplished without destroying the parts being worked on or running the drill into my finger. This is going well! More soon. Craig.
  2. Very nice new kit from Polish Arma Hobby company. Easily the best Hurricane kit in the scale. No filler needed if you take some care preparing the parts for gluing. The only shortcoming is clear parts that are a bit on the thick side. I've managed to spoil the original LK-A letters so these on the model are from quite old Legato kit. And I decided to do almost no weathering as I like this livery clean. Thanks for viewing!
  3. Well, these are strange times. This is my first attempt at a diorama, albeit a very simple one. It is also my first time putting anything I hve produced out in public, so please be gentle. My wife bought me the Airfix 'Ready for Battle' gift set for xmas, this diorama is pretty much straight out of the box, apart from a couple of little tweaks such as the refueller and the addition of the Tilly. I look forward to learning from your comments, I would also appreciate some thoughts on photographing dioramas - I am not too happy with how these shots turned out.
  4. I've recently been building the A Model Hawker Hector and as something of an easier distraction completed this starter kit in time for VE Day last week. It wasn't without its issues - the starboard wing was/is somewhat warped though hopefully not too noticeable now. The main problem though was the canopy, the kit came with that for a Spitfire Mk.22. Airfix are going to replace this once their spares start up again. Thankfully I have five others liberated from Home Bargains. So canopy number two came from the stash, was duly masked up and went through the paint process along with the rest of the model. Unfortunately when the masks came off something had got between the canopy and the doghouse. As I'd only used PVA to glue it on I tried to prize it off only for it to suddenly give and then split in two. So what you see in the photos is canopy number three which was painted by hand with the aid of a cocktail stick for cleaning up. Paint is mostly MRP. The Dark Earth seems a bit too dark to me. Metallics are Alclad and the chipping was achieved with Ammo by Mig Scratch effects. Not entirely happy with this as it's a lot more chipped than I was intending on, though having covered some of it up I discovered that some Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain were quite heavily chipped. The remaining weathering is a mix of Flory Models wash and oil paints. Exhaust stain is Mr Hobby Tyre Black followed by a mix of mid grey and light brown. Cheers Andy
  5. I have chosen this kit as, i think, it was the first non 1/72 model i ever built. I had always liked the bigger scale stuff after my Dad built me a 1/24 Airfix Spitfire kit, which had the motor for the prop. I could never save up enough for the 1/24 Airfix Hurricane so the Revell one was what i got. I remember back in the early 70's Revell had a large range of 1/32 scale aircraft kits - i always wanted the Beaufughter, and they all had great boxtop art. My Hurri graced my childhood bedroom ceiling for yeras until it got lost when we moved house in 1975. I recon the removal guys dropped the box and quietly hid the evidence rather than nicked it! I remember this model well as i had painted it only using dark earth for the upper camo due to the plastic being green (i won't do that this time) it probably looked a right state. So jump forward 20 odd years and Revell reissued the kit as part of their Classics range. I HAD to have one. Imagine my dissapointment when i found out it was a re-tooled one not the original as promised on the box! My plan is to do a OOTB build with a better paint job. Thees only one decal option and less than 50 parts so i should be finished by this time next week!! TFL Cheers Greg
  6. Trying something new here. "Here we will stand and fight; there will be no further withdrawal. I have ordered that all plans and instructions dealing with further withdrawal are to be burnt, and at once. We will stand and fight here. "If we can’t stay here alive, then let us stay here dead." -- Lieutenant General Bernard Law Montgomery, GOC 8th Army, 13 August 1942 As I said above, I'm building two Arma Hurricanes; the "old" MkI kit, and their new MkIIc, which is supposed to be excellent. The latter aircraft was the mount of Canadian ace Bert Houle, and the MkI was a tropical filter-equipped aircraft of the land-based Royal Navy Fighter Squadron, an amalgamation of Nos 803, 805, and 806 squadrons, with 803 and 806 flying Hurricanes, and 805 flying some leftover Martlets intended for Greece; both 803 and 806 would eventually trade in their Hurricanes for Fulmar IIs in Ceylon, to their intense dismay. I wanted to build the Arma kits to do my own small bit to remind people they exist, since right now Poland is more or less cut off from the rest of the world with the suspension of overseas deliveries by Polish Post. I note Arma are offering a gift card equal to 10% of your purchase towards a future purchase if you order from them, and they'll deliver as soon as human civilization returns to orderly functioning. I personally derive no benefit from this, I hasten to add, aside from the ability to continue buying Arma kits if we keep them afloat through this miserable garbage fire that's engulfed the world. So keep our friends in Poland in mind! Anyway, I got a quick start today (after noticing that Winston had left my scalpel embedded in the armrest of my grotto chair when he'd been wrecking the Lysander...may have to neuter him to see if it cuts down on this sort of thing), by washing the sprues and then spraying some AK Extreme Metal Dull Aluminium on some of the relevant bits: It was nice to see that the clear parts sprue seems to be identical in both kits -- no need to change what works. So here we go again.
  7. I'm not sure if decal news are allowed in this forum? @Homebee please delete/hide if unwanted . Anyway, this should prove to be popular! V-P https://www.kitsworld.co.uk/index.php?GOTO=630&PICFILE=630&STKNR=630&STRH=&ORDN=&RNZ=730550&THISVIEWMODE=2&SUPPLIER=&FINDRETR=&WIDENET=&CATEGORY=5&SUB=8&VWW=1
  8. I completed my small airfix Hurricane 1s, intended to represent BoB aircraft but restricted a little by the point that they're fabric-winged aircraft, so I stuck to the kit markings. Could still have served in the BoB both being of 1940 vintage (I need to check the serial numbers at some point) but depicted as fairly war-weary. Write up on WIP and ready for inspection: Approaching to board by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Subject reference by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0305-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0292-1edit by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0287-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0286-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0273-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0281-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0264-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0267-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0250-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0245-1 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_0297-1edit by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Thanks for reading. Jonathan
  9. Well, I’ve been meaning to open up a thread on the current project that I started as a quick build whilst I waited for my purchase from Japan to make its way across the seas (a Finemolds F14) so with two Airfix 1/72 Hurricane 1s in the stash, I thought that, with this year being the 80th anniversary of the BoB, that I’d put these together as BoB serving aircraft. Of course, someone on here was kind enough to point out as I finished my last thread on my Harvard IIB build project, that the Airfix Hurricanes are Fabric winged models (something I’d not noticed – but yes that explained the unusual shape to the ammunition bays) so my BoB plans went out the window. I’d even orders some Xtradecal transfers to give me some options – but none are fabric winged. Oh well. I thought that the recently enforced WAH period would provide me with a little more time on these; but it’s been almost four days of 12 hrs plus at the pc. Must try harder; I suspect this will be a long-haul ahead of us I got in touch with a chap I know through work who knows his Hurricanes (well, he should do) and he put me on to some useful publications and a useful website Hawker Hurricane “Defender of the Empire” which has some great information especially on build batches http://www.k5083.mistral.co.uk/ It’s certainly worth a read and bookmark Oddly enough the two kits are different – one was a starter set, and one has markings for Kenley in Aug 1940; the other from the Advanced Strike Force in France, May 1940 – close enough... and a variation in schemes too. So... the plan was out of the box for these two, built in parallel. The build started with the wing sections (which had a little fettling and sanding to give a conformal leading and trailing edge) and cockpit which were separately assembled and then painted; a “light” dark green used for the RAF interior green that I airbrushed on, then added various silver/aluminium shades to the relevant areas including the seat and frame, side walls in areas to represent the cockpit frame and floor frames (what there are of them). The air cylinder in the undercarriage bays was painted with a thin white, the brackets darkened, and the cooling pipe a silver to stand out. The general frame work here, and in the cockpit was toned down with various darker shades washed in to add some depth and dirt. IMG_20200222_201129291_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200228_183322288_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200228_183410685_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200302_112823706_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200307_110235282_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr The cockpit was detailed with a few panels picked out, including the hydraulics selector on the starboard forward frame; the instrument panel decals added (no point in using PE for this – it’s hardly visible with the windscreen in), and the control stick painted accordingly. I added some thin strips of tamiya masking tape for seat harnesses and a small piece of plastic rod for the main harness buckle sat on the seat pan. IMG_20200307_110335019_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr IMG_20200307_110514363_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Assembly of the fuselage halves, and then the wings was quite painless – mainly sealed together with some Tamiya thin... a great glue for this type of work. IMG_20200310_205414670 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr One item that looked like it might be needed was the gunsight. I stuck a bit of plastic rod into a minidrill and with a sharp blade and the rod spinning, etched this away to make a shape sort of like a gunsight base. With a notch cut into the coaming trailing edge, this rod-piece could be added (Odourless CA – Bob Smith Industries is my preferred) IMG_20200315_182224264 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr and then a small slither of clear plastic (I use the material that most shops use to support the collars of “work shirts” ... a thin strip, then rounded at one end... and popped on to the painted gunsight body using some Glue n glaze... and yes, that’ll do for a gun sight. IMG_20200315_192404021 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Having detailed the cockpit (note the wear on the rear armoured panel – silver paint and graphite pencil ) I wanted the canopies open. They wont fit normally – the plastic s too thick. So the rear turtle deck needs cutting away on the sides. For this, I use an old flat-blade jewellers screwdriver that I sharpened on a fine grit wheel in the minidrill – to make a small chisel. A sharp blade to define the cut and then slowly shaving away and filing and sanding later, the cut-away section can be moved aft to eventually allow the canopy to sit happily in an open (back) position. IMG_20200316_193154921 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I assembled the radiator housing and attached these – with quite a bit of fettling to remove seams and replace the panel lines fore-aft. One further thing that was bothering me was the wingtips. Yes, Airfix moulded some approximate shapes for the navigation lights. Hmmm... could be better. IMG_20200316_200453478 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I’d recently seen a video about forming these, cutting away the corner, adding a small piece of wire that is painted the right colour and then backing it all in silver, and then using superglue to build up the lens shape ... before cutting it back with a file to the right shape. All sounded feasible, so I gave it a go. I think my problem was that my CA glue, and the paint didn’t like each other... and the glue (I think it was Zap-a-Gap green) lifted the paint to form a mess. I tried it twice and then gave up. IMG_20200316_201819643 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr I thought again. I looked at the clear sprue in the kits and cut a length to work with. Using the minidrill, I formed a flat on the bottom and a firm 90 degree edge, then with a 0.5mm drill, I created a short hole inside the sprue from the flat bottom, then cut the sprue piece to about 6 or 7mm in length. Once I’d four of these, I filled the holes with paint; two red, two green. IMG_20200319_183138097 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Then my magnifying headband snapped its arm and I was forced to repair this so that I could carry on seeing what I was doing. Some araldite and PVC take and all is well. But... I bought a new (bigger) one too as a reserve – that’s got two magnifying lenses and a small eyepiece for even more close ups.... but it’s a bit heavier. I’ll alternate them I think. Can’t be without them; old man eyesight; maybe I need to move to 1/48 or 1/32. No... I’d still want small details. IMG_20200319_182903683_HDR by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Anyway, the odd shaped sprue pieces were glued to the wingip cut out pieces and left to dry (Odourless CA glue again). IMG_20200320_165728304 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Then attacked in turn with a coarse file; coarse sanding stick; medium and fine sanding stick, IMG_20200320_181800758 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr and then micromesh grades 1500, 3600, 6000 and 12000. And yes... that was what I was after. IMG_20200320_182514250 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr So... plenty of further work to do. Oh, and the Finemolds F14 arrived – that looks nice. Ive a VF111 decals set on its way and a GWH F14 too. Bought a few F14 books to do some research including the DACO publication book... and the two Detail and Scale on Atlantic and Pacific sqns – to browse on the iPad – Miss Molly of VF111 likely to be the Finemolds one with lots of panels open – the GWH one a similar period VF111 machine TBD. Anyway – back to the hurricanes. More to follow later. IMG_20200320_201305543 by Jonathan Hughes, on Flickr Thanks for reading.... Jonathan
  10. I am about to start a Hurricane so |I thought I would start this thread. The Spitfire thread I started seems to be a melting pot where we all share and learn...first (stupid question)....I hope people find this helpful...doh!
  11. Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk 1 new tool representing a BoB era 32 Squadron aircraft in 1940 Biggin Hill. This particular aircraft only lasted 7 days before being shot down over Dover by a Bf 109 from JG 51. Pilot Guy Turner managed to escape but was badly burned in the process. This is a really nice kit to build and i can't for the life of me know or remember when i didn't finish it sooner! It is brush painted in Revell acrylics and i have used the old Airfix decals from the 1980 tooling. These were very brittle and the code letters broke in a few places hence the poor positioning of parts on probably both sides of the fuselage. The roundles are from the new kit and the tail flashes are painted on as i had no spares! It was good to get this one done, next up is my Italieri Ju 52, but thats a different story..... TFL Cheers Greg
  12. Greetings Brits... I recently joined the forum, and I got a lot of help from you all on scoping information for a Night Intruder Hurricane IIc... I have always wanted to make a Hurricane in this scheme with Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green Topside and Black Underside, with the Red Codes that were eventually applied over the original Sky Codes... This is a cool scheme on a hurricane and complements the all the models we make in the usual fighter day camouflage. This is a Hasegawa 1/48 Kit, with some extras added to improve the model... I first applied the extra PE seat belt harness left over from the Tamiya Spitfire to improve the interior... Then ordered Quick Boost Resin External Tanks and Resin 'Type B' Cannons as the original Night Duty LK-R aircraft had. It was great that Quick Boost offers the different cannon types so we can make the correct armament for our Hurricane IIc! Next I used Techmod Decals Hurricane Insignia Sheet for the Proper Roundels... Then I used Fantasy Printworks 27" Tall Dull Red RAF codes... I did have to touch them up with some paint because they didn't match the insignia's (and I like all the colors to match)... well the end of a long journey and a dream fulfilled for a Night Intruder scheme Hurricane! Oh the best part... I did learn that this camouflage was field applied and is a unique pattern. It is different than the standard RAF Hurricane patterns. I searched for many photos of this squadron 'LK' and found some great in-flight photos with other aircraft with this same scheme. They consistently applied this to many aircraft so it was something they patterned. I was able to generate a reasonable sketch of the pattern as the Left Upper wing was visible and outer half of the right outer wing upper was visible... I had to conjecture the right side of the fuselage (but continued the wrap from the visible left side) and conjecture the inner/upper right wing appearance that was not visible in photos... Here it is on the workbench, Ready for Inspection! Thanks for checking it out and all the help! -Bob
  13. Hurricane and Bf 109G-6 in Finnish service that is. Originally I wanted to build a J-21 and J-22 in 1/48, but as this GB ended running parallel with the Stuka STGB this wasn't longer an option so I chosen some easy to build kits - the Arma Hobby Hurricane and the Tamiya Bf 109G-6 instead, but also because these two types are not yet represented in this GB. This is the First: The Hurricanes where flown to Finland in February 1940 flying via Scotland and Sweden, having the Finnish markings white overpainted and with a civil registration. There are different opinions if the Hurricane had civil registration applied or not so I came to my own conclusion. First there is this picture of Hurricane HU460 shortly after its arrival in Finland, photographed in March 1940. Specially the first picture looks like it has a removed or overpainted civil registration OH-IPL. But then there is this picture showing HU452 on its way to Finland at a stop in Scotland. It has the overpainted markings but no civil registration. On the other hand, this Blenheim has the civil registration in place, also flown to Finland in February 1940. Now this could mean that the picture of HU452 was taken before the registration was applied, most likely only needed for the landing in Sweden or it was applied only on the port side of the aircraft as it was just for one flight. So I will paint my build like this. And only on the port side until someone has some evidence that it was on the starboard side as well. And as earlier mentioned, I will use the Arma Hobby kit with a few add-ons. I will also use some 5-spoke wheels which I have in the stash. And the Last: Actually not the very last as the Bf-109G-6 had its last flight in Finland in 1954 which is remarkable as the build quality of German aircraft later in the war was very poor as the expectation was they don't last very long! My chosen subject is Bf 109G-6 MT-505 of PLeLv 41 belonging to Lentorykmentti 4 with special "War Games" marking applied in August 1950. It does has a bit of a different look in the olive-green colours. And as mentioned, the kit I use is the new Tamiya offering. This will need a bit of kit bashing and I intend to utilize some AZ Model 109 parts for the sand filter (which had been fitted to all the Finnish 109s), Canopy and tall rudder. Cheers, Peter
  14. It was started in 2014. After getting about 1/3 finished, I sat her aside for another project. In early 2017, I resumed work on the model and around the end of February, I took her out to the Cameron airport for a photo session. I messed up the stretched sprue radio aerial loading the model up for the ride out there and just managed to get it back in some sort of shape, of course never as good as previously though. (Go figure…) It’s painted with Testors 1/4oz. square bottle flat black, and faded with Humbrol dark gray 32 mostly, as well as a few other grays. I tried out a bit of oil-paint dot filtering on the lower engine cowls but the 45 year-old oil-paint and my lack of experience didn’t help. The exhaust staining is Model Master intermediate blue, dirtied with pastel chalks. As always, I used my Paasche Model H, powered by CO2, for the airbrushing. I drybrushed the paint damage with Humbrol MetalCote unpolished aluminum and used a silver pencil here and there. The cockpit barely shows so I made seatbelts/harnesses from tape with home-made lead-wire buckles. The exhaust flame shields were made from Evergreen sheet. Let’s see, gun barrels and exhausts were drilled, and tires sanded for a change, . Lead wire brake lines were added with furnace tape clamps. I sanded down the wing light “lenses” and carved out a concave lens with my motor tool, filling that with silver. Overall, she turned out a pretty fair “four-footer” and looks good with her RAF warbird mates and sister Hawker planes in the display. But please, no more Hobbycraft kits for a while…
  15. I would like to enter this one. Cheers Jes
  16. This is the very old Airfix kit of the fabulous Battle of Britain fighter, the Hurricane. V6799 was flown by P/O K. Mackenzie from RAF Kenley. In October of 1940 he shot down an Me109 before tipping over another with his wingtip having run out of ammo. He then belly landed the Hurricane in a field! Built oob, with just a tiny bit of scratchbuild in the cockpit and the E-z line wire for the aerial. Huge thanks to @mackem01 for the decals! The old kit ones were cracked and unusable.
  17. Hi all - hope everyone is doing okay this weekend. I was able to get some bench time between working from home and looking after kids - so I was able to get this project over the line. Johnny Red was a comic character from the British War comic "Battle" which was published in the 70's and 80's - Johnny was a disgraced former RAF pilot who found himself in Russia during the war - fighting with his adopted squadron "The Falcons" against the ghastly Germans in his Hurricane Mk1. The story ran for many years until Battle went out of print in the early 80's. Comic book writer Garth Ennis (of Preacher and The Boys fame) rebooted the character a few years ago which was a retelling of the original story aimed at an older audience. As a huge fan of the original and the reboot - an attempt at doing Johnny's Hurricane was always on the cards since I returned to the hobby - I chose the Arma Hobby kit - built out of the box with some custom made decals for Johnny's Hurricane. I found the kit a challenge - I actually did 2 - the first attempt was abandoned after I messed up on the construction - It's a nice kit but the instructions are quite minimal - with no indications how assemblies should look when complete - so you really have to feel your way round. I wouldn't recommend this kit to beginners. You can read all about my up's and downs onthis project over at the WIP: I'd like to thank my friend Richard @Gazontipede who was a huge help with the design of the decal sheet and very helpful and supportive of this project. Like me, he's a huge Johnny Red fan and has a vast knowledge of the air war in Russia - his enthusiasm for the subject was quite contiguous, so alot of Soviet WW2 aircraft has sneaked into the stash as a result So thanks Richard - this one's for you Painted with Tamiya Acrylics with oils and mig washes for the weathering - Metallics are Alclad and Mr Color - and I scratched up the tip landing lights. Thanks for watching John
  18. I am hoping that someone here may be able to answer my question on W.W.II Russian Hurricanes that were converted into 2 seaters. I am particularly after info for the rear seat's gun and mount. I've found pictures and a few builds of this aircraft type, but nothing that really gave me some insight into that rear position. What type of gun was used? gunner's seat? how was the gun mounted? If anyone can shed some light on this for me, I'd appreciate it.
  19. My next project is the new mould Airfix Hurricane Mk.I, the subject of a number of builds here already. I'll be building mine with Xtradecals markings for Douglas Bader's 242SQN mount out of Duxford during the Battle of Britain. It'll be pretty much out of the box (if I can restrain myself...) The seat and floor are done. Slight weathering of the floor and I've cut the locating lugs off the seat armour so I can fit the seat to the fuselage first, as reviews suggest that's an easier way to go. I've also elected to clamp the spars in place on the lower wing now and will use the unused gun truss frames to build up the area around the landing lights as they don't look like basic way Airfix has modelled them and I won't be opening up the gun panels. I will use some stashed etched seat belts as I just can't leave the seats without belts!
  20. Hi chaps, After reading for quite a while, and then joining, this is not my first Hurricane, but certainly my first showing to strangers to be commented on (if anyone likes to do so)... The first thing any Hurricane/BoB specialist will see is that I goofed big time on the camo scheme. This is my first non-paintbrushed camouflage, and being all nervous about working with those rattle cans, i switched the colours... ...which is not a big problem for myself, as I've built and marked it as I liked, not based on an existing plane. Just a little bit, because I know about it... I've assigned my plane to No. 145 squadron, because the squadron code is the same as the town "code" of my car - SO. I would have loved to build one after original pics, but I keep getting the same single one, SO-K, which was fitted with an experimental bulged canopy... and I neither had nor wanted one. The L was from my daughter's first name. Enough words for now, more pics. One more sentence - please don't see the spots at the front cowling near the wing root. Hope you had fun with the pictures. If anyone wants to drop a line, chocks away! Maybe I'll manage to post some other things rather soon. (Due to covid-19 crisis I am temporarily home all day, but time keeps slipping through my fingers) Pics by my wife, who could finally combine her hobby with mine
  21. Just finished this as a quick build out of the box, went together nicely, luckily the decal in box was of actual a/c able to fing photo on the net. cheers Jes
  22. Here’s the Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I in markings of 238 Sqn at RAF Middle Wallop. This is a lovely kit, although I struggled a bit with the fit of the cockpit internal framing. Note that I have been purposely picking aircraft to model that don’t have standard Sky undersides.
  23. I finished this model some time ago and only now got around to taking pictures. It’s the Airfix 1/72 rag-wing Hurricane in markings of 73 Sqn in France, May 1940 from the Xtradecal sheet.
  24. So guys just shifted over from this thread. in continuation of my quest to restore Hurricane Mk I P5202/Z7059 depending on which source you believe (although i would be P 5202 which shot down a Me110 on 11.9.40 whilst with 213 Sqn.) I wanted to do a ACSEA marked aircraft but seems not possible?? i want to do it half exposed and unpainted and half covered and painted. I find the main wheel hubs suspiciously like those of the vampire NF 10 parked next to it??
  25. The Hurricane MK 1 - 1/24 by Airfix RFI Hello and a happy new year to you all. I'd like to start the new year with the RFI of my last actual completed build of 2019. She has been built for a month or so but I didn't find the right moment to do the RFI. You must excuse the sheer amount of pics once again but I do like to indulge myself sometimes. I couldn't fit her in my little photo tent thing so I took her outside and took a few shots while the sky was bright and fell in love all over again. The WIP can be found HERE and If you followed along you know how much effort I have put in to attempt to get her right, she might not be 100% but I hope that she will be useful to those wishing to build this lovely vintage kit. I used. Airfix Hurricane 1/24 Tamiya acrylics Tamiya weather powders Flory washes. Ezy line I think that was it. Without further ado Ladies and gent I give you a Massive Hurricane Mk1. Inside first I think. Phew!!!!! Now get a fresh brew maybe a biscuit and enjoy the outside shots. and the parting shot.... That's your lot..... Thankyou so much for indulging but /she is such a joy to photograph. I hope you enjoyed the build if you followed along and if not I hope you enjoyed these shots, If not I can't help you . I should now be up to date with my RFIs. I have added my meng tank and the Torino today too. I have my current Gundam kit to complete then I'll be back to Aeroplanes. ( it's a bit lonely over in sci-fi land to be fair. ) All the best and as always happy modelling. Johnny.
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