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Found 77 results

  1. My build of the Anigrand 1/72 kit, using AK Interactive's Xtreme Metallics, not without problems. This model represents the first of the two prototypes, in her original configuration, as tested at Edwards AFB in 1949.
  2. 72modeler

    new, reprinted Caracal decal sheets

    Hello, all, Just got an email from Caracal with news and description of new and reprinted decal sheets. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing them, as some of the subjects have been recent topic discussions. The one we ALL have been waiting for on the FJ-2/3 Furies is not among them, doggone it! I do not have an affiliation with Caracal, nor do I receive any consideration or compensation for mentioning their products, but I have sent them yet another request to do the Fury sheet ASAP as well as a sheet of WW2 FAA codes in white and red with white outline in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales...a few more requests might speed up the process. (Mike, I wasn't sure the best place for this topic- if you need to move it, please feel free.) Mike https://mailchi.mp/caracalmodels/new-decal-sheets-and-b-58-reprint-from-caracal-models-2904421?e=b9f6163f7b
  3. Mikoyan Mig-25PD Foxbat-E (48903) 1:48 ICM In an attempt to fulfil the perceived need for a supersonic interceptor that could take off, climb to height and attack an incoming bomber stream, which at the time was the most efficient method for delivering the newly invented nuclear warheads, The Mig-25 Foxbat was created. It managed the job to a certain extent, but as it never truly achieved its goals, it was left to its successor the Mig-31 Foxhound before the task was handled competently, by which time the role of ICBMs was about to make the primary role redundant. The Mig-25's inadequacies were hidden from the West however, until the famous defection of a Soviet pilot to an airfield in Japan revealed that the Foxbat wasn't as high-tech and all-conquering as we had been led to believe, having many steel parts instead of the high-tech alloys that the investigators were expecting. The prototype flew in 1964, and was constructed primarily of stainless steel, and reached service at the turn of the decade, although it had been seen before that, both in reconnaissance photos of the West, as well as at some parades. The West assumed that the large wing was to aid manoeuvrability, when in fact it was a necessity due to the aircraft's enormous weight, which made it fast, but changing direction was a chore due to all that momentum wanting to carry on in the direction it was travelling. It was also lacking in the avionics department, especially in one crucial aspect. It had no credible capability for targeting aircraft that were lower than itself, which coincided with the change in tactics to low level attack by the Western Allies, so a lack of a useful look-down/shoot-down capability was a serious deficiency. Nevertheless, several hundred were made, with the last one rolling off the production line in 1984 with a number of export orders into the bargain. The PD was the second iteration of the P interceptor, having improved engines, ability to carry R-60 missiles, and a more efficient Pulse-Doppler radar for basic look-down-shoot-down capability, which was later coupled with an infrared sensor under the nose. NATO gave it the Foxbat-E designation, which was also extended to the PDS, which were original P airframes that were later brought up to the PD standard. Although it suffered from some serious deficiencies, it held a number of speed and altitude records, and was theoretically capable of Mach 3, so could give an SR-71 a run for its money, probably at the expense of significant damage to its engines however. Attempts to improve the Foxbat were unsuccessful, and the Foxhound was its eventual replacement, and delivered everything that was expected of its forebear, staying in service until it is replaced by the Pak-Fa at some point in the near future. The Kit Since the release of the reconnaissance based RBT in Q1 and RB in Q3 of 2017, ICM are now releasing the interceptors, and we hope (well I do anyway), eventually the trainers, which relies of course on us all getting lots of the other marques, so what're you waiting for? Now the Revell/Monogram kit has been put out to pasture, we can delight in these kits from ICM that have given us a new level of detail and accuracy from the days of the Cold War when things had to be guessed at. The box is the same size and style as the other releases, although this time my review sample lid was almost destroyed due to it being such a tight fit on the box lower. I managed to get it off eventually, but it's a struggle every time. This is a revised tooling from the original, with four shared sprues and three new ones in grey styrene, the same clear sprue, and of course a different set of markings for the decal options, with the same stencils on a separate sheet. The instruction booklet is also different, and shows which parts aren't needed in this boxing, thankfully including the clear dials for the instrument panel, which I never quite understood the need for when you have a paint over it to depict the dials and the rest of the panel. Sharing much of the sprues of the original it has excellent detail, with lots of this apparent on the outer skin, as well as the new single part styrene instrument panel part that has a decal on the main sheet providing all the instrument faces. Good news! The build sequence is almost identical too, but as well as a new nose for this Interceptor (sporting the IR sensor with tracking facility), there is also the new instrument panel as mentioned above, and some slight changes to the exhausts. The biggest difference however is the inclusion of weapons! These are supplied on two of the new identical sprues, containing a quartet of R-60 Aphid Air-to-Air (A2A) missiles that can be fitted to the outer pylons for short-range fighting, and four R-40 Acrid long range A2A missiles, two of each of the Semi-Active Radar and Infrared homing varieties. These are usually fired in pairs with the Infrared missile first and the Radar missile second, to avoid confusing the former with the latter's heat signature. If the R-60s were carried on the outer rails, this reduced the Foxbat's long range capability to a one-shot deal, with only shorter range R-60 missiles left at its disposal. The Syrians claim to have shot down an Israeli F-15, but this was never confirmed for many reasons, some of which were political, some not. A US F-18 was shot down in the early part of Desert Storm by an Iraqi Mig-25, presumably not one of the ones they found buried after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. Markings There are four decal options included in the box, two from the Soviet Union and one each from Libya and Iraq. As mentioned earlier, the markings are on one sheet with the instrument panel decals, while the copious quantities of stencils for the airframe and missiles are on the other. Decals are printed anonymously, and have good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin matt carrier film cut close to the printed areas. From the box you can build one of the following: Mig-25PDS 146th Guard Fighter Regiment, Vasilikov 1989 – marked Blue 56 with 60 years celebration scroll on the intakes. Mig-25PD Soviet Air Force, 1986 – marked Red 17. Mig-25PD Iraqi Air Force, late 80s – Arabic code on the nose, Iraqi flag on the tail. Mig-25PD Libyan Air Force, 90s – Coded 6716. Conclusion It's nice to have the fighter (read interceptor) variants reaching us now, as although recce is an important task for any air force, the aircraft with the missiles and bombs are just that bit cooler to many. Another sterling effort from ICM who are now the kings of Mig-25 in 1:48. Very highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  4. Absolutely loved building this. A real Mojo restorer. OOB apart from some resin ejector seats that can't be seen and the Master pitot probes. Hope you like it. WIP here...
  5. Hello mates! I want to build the Saudi AF EE Lightning Mk53 in 1/48. What Airfix boxing I need to buy? What modifications I need to do? I saw decals by Model Alliance, are they of good quality? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi fellow modellers, this is my first post... This is my rendition of a derelict Aero S 106 the Czech version of the mithic Mig 21 F-13, The kit is the very basic a non recomendable academy mig 21 in 1/72, the whole idea was to try new tricks, and not worry too much if i ruined it, but altogether i am happy with the end result being such a forgotten kit in the stash with nothing to lose, as im getting back in the horse after a couple of years off the modelling world. I hope to make another shining in all its glory... deepest respect for the mikoyan design bureau. The kit was pretty basic, almost no panel lines, i scribed a little too much and riveted lightly, I used reference pics of abandoned types such as this with rivets showing. Built OOB with minor scratch built parts, such as pneumatic suspensions, a canvas piece in the cockpit and the modified flaps. I used AK green primer, then a black cote of vallejo, and then vallejo model air aluminum in several shades mixing it with white and black in different panels, tried the sharpie method for paneling with interesting results. The cockpit was very ill shaped so i decided to put a piece of cloth on it as i saw in various east european museums and abandoned aircrafts, it was made using tissue paper and water and white glue diluted.. i dont know the name in english... pev or something like that... The decals was self made with laser printer over transparent decal sheet. Weathered with vallejo wash, aqua pencils and dry brush. I hope you like it, your inputs are very much welcome! Cheers! Iggy.
  7. Hi, I am not at home right now otherwise I'd dig through my stash, also I have been searching on-line for an answer to no-avail. Do any of you know if the Airfix Victor B Mk.2 can be built with conventional bomb doors closed or with open bomb bay doors and a freefall weapon (nuclear or conventional) inside? I only ask because I think the Blue Steel looks a bit odd on the Victor, and I plan to use the Blue Steel from my Victor kit to improve my Airfix Vulcan when the time comes. Thanks.
  8. the MDman

    MDman's Year 2017

    The output this year was three models, one below average. The RIAT Su-27 keeps me more busy than expected. Anyway, I’m happy with the three new kids on the block. First one, A Hasegawa A-7E as it participated in the Gulf of Sydra incident in 1981. This one is part 3 in the a project related to that incident. Next the Hobby Boss F-14A disguised as Persian 'Cat. Finally a WhatIf from Kinetic. What if the F-16XL won the strike fighter contest, and not the F-15E Strike Eagle.... Let me present you the F-16E Strike Falcon! Hope you like, and Happy 2018!
  9. Hello fellow Modellers! This "Red" 02 is a "Polish Flanker" stationed in Stargard, Poland and featured by photographer Robert Senkowski in Verlinden Lock On 17. 1992, when VVS left, there was a big fly out ceremony. I spent a lot of time to make a sleeker aft fuselage and other corrections and detailing. I made this model 2002/2003. The older pictures on tarmac were on film. I hope you like this grey stuff, Cheers!
  10. Lord Riot

    Vulcan B.2

    These are from a while ago, before the final decals turned this anonymous Vulcan into XM602 of IX sqn, circa 1978. I'll post those later in the RFI section. I think the underside grey may be a bit too dark, though I used 'light a/c grey'. I feel compelled to do a white Vulcan next, then maybe a wrap-round camo one!
  11. Valenstitch

    DML Conqueror Mk2

    The autumn is upon us, Nights are drawing in, the garden needs tidying before winter, there are a score of household seasonal maintenance jobs that need doing before the weather breaks, but why waste ideal modeling weather! So what better to accompany those long dismal dark evenings staring at "the Leg Iron" over a plate of Findus crispy pancakes and pot noodle, than a build that`ll frustrate the bejesus out of you! I`m Granto, you may remember me from previous threads such as DML Saladin ++ and "first build in donkeys years", well don't let that put you off, here`s my remedy to Seasonal affected disorder, DML`s Conqueror Mk 2! (cue fanfare) No, trust me, I`m a doctor! So here it is.................I couldn't wait to get my hands on this when I first heard about it, and I spent hours trawling the interweb looking for news, and then came the reviews. I couldn't believe they had got it so wrong, but a part of me still wanted to believe, so I kept the faith, and Brothers and Sisters the good Lord of plastic spoke unto to me in a dream! And he said that my faith would show me the way and that I should show that way unto you, my good Brothers and Sisters, so here tiz`! So, we've all read the reviews about Dragon and their black label series, being a sceptic and believing everyone is selling something or can be bought I parted with my spondulicks for the kit as soon as it became available, I compared my kit with various "experts" opinion and I thought there was a build here, just as I believe there is a worthwhile build in their M103! ( yes, it`s a big job but are you a modeler or an assembler?) Dimensionally the kit is good apart from the main armament, there are a few items out of position by a couple of MM here and there, but the basics are there and as I go through the build I will show how I overcame those that are an issue, there was one review though that really got my back up, the reviewer categorically stated that one major flaw "couldn't be corrected without major surgery", well I got you there big man, because for once I am blessed with knowledge denied to lesser mortals! At that point I knew I could I could do a proper correction to this error and build a decent representation of a Conqueror Mk2! Conqueror has always been one of my favorite tanks, One sat as the gate guardian at the Junior Leaders Regiment at Stanley barracks, Bovington when I was there, I climbed all over and inside of it, and she`s still there to this day, a behemoth of the cold war battlefield. Conqueror was developed, as was the M103, to kill soviet tanks at extreme range with her 120mm gun whilst sitting one bound behind the more numerous Centurions with their 20 pounder guns. Conqueror was not designed to accompany the Cent`s and therefore was not given the same kit or design features, she didnt have a boat shaped hull to deflect mine explosions because she wasn't supposed to encounter mines by virtue of the fact her job was overwatch not patrolling, her gun kit didnt work until she went over 1.5 mph, Centurion`s worked all the time whatever, despite being over twenty tons heavier she had the same meteor engine (albeit fuel injected) and a similar merit-brown crash gearbox. As far as the Army were concerned she was nothing more than a glorified mobile pillbox! There were 20 Mk1 vehicles built which were used for troop trials, these took place while the construction of the MK2`s were under way and the two marks differed in some respects, there were a host of internal changes but the most visible difference is to the front of the hull, and this is what wound me up in the review! Conqueror`s hull was constructed from armour plate, the thickest being the upper and lower glacis which was 5 inches thick and angled at 60 degrees. Behind this formidable armour sat the driver and a whole heap of ready rounds, however the design committee were not satisfied that the weld seam between the upper glacis and the roof plate was able to withstand an impact from an explosive or AT round, they also felt that the join to the roof plate was weakened further by it`s proximity to the three episcopes provided for the driver. Rather than a redesign, the most economical and practical solution was to reinforce the the join by an applique patch that was chamfered to the rear to resemble a very thin wedge and lapped at the front to engage with the top of the glacis plate in addition two of the episcopes were deleted as it was felt that the vehicle, being one bound behind, would not necessarily be driven closed down for long periods. these modifications were incorporated into the vehicle during construction of the hull giving the now characteristic crease across the hull roof, there was no internal difference due to this modification. This as you will see is probably the easiest fix in the history of modeling! An applique patch! Hardly major surgery is it? Anyway, enough of my ranting, in accordance with modeling law here are the guts! One sheet of manufacturers opinions, double sided! Hull top and bottom, Nice detail, big Dragon sprue gates! Turret and mantlet sleeve. DS tracks! Optics and headlight lenses. As is usual with Dragon, you get sprue duplication. There is some very nice detail on here, all apart from the big drainpipe on the left! Hideous .30cal! Again, it`s not all bad news! Plastic everywhere! Here`s the Conky next to Zero Echo! Hehehehehehe She`s a big old girl! Oh, I almost forgot the drainpipe.................................................... OMG! S`lush! But wont I need to solder the bits? No you Donkey! It all screws together! Sweeeeeet! Sooo Sweeeeet! So there you have it Brothers and Sisters, Conqueror coming! Shed first thing in the morning! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  12. Valenstitch

    DML Saladin ++

    I started this ages ago and the WIP was progressing nicely until the Photobucket asteroid destroyed the images on my WIP dinosaur! However, here is a brief recap! Here are the guts laid out for inspection as per modeling law! I think it`s a reasonable kit! However, an evening of cider kebab and internet shopping resulted in these goodies! The DEF model weighted wheels really are a work of art! Assembly proceeded quickly and was trouble free in the main. The suspension was particularly busy however, if I remember correctly there are almost 50 parts here which you will never see! The only major correction was the suspension geometry, the kit sits too low, since there was an amount of articulation in the suspension components it was simple to make the suspension up on a jig the gave the correct ride height and leave it to go firm! Resulting in this! The next part of the correction was to force the axles lower than the kit would like, so a shim was glues into the hubs, once dry the shim was fettled until the axles sat at the correct angle Kind of like this! The ends of the axles had to be trimmed down by 3 mm to fit the replacement wheels but the result was this.......... Lovely........I had to go and have a lie down! I wanted to make a MK 1 vehicle which meant removing the indicators and their attendant wiring, but that was relatively quick and pain free. One of the other issues with the kit was the absence of hatch rims, bizarrely these were also missing on the Mr Modellbau resin hatches, so these were duly fabricated resulting in the hatches not closing! This is not an issue since I intended to build it all opened up So here is the turret with replacement resin bits, another omission is the commanders .30 cal MG and mounting, thoughtfully everything is provided by our friendly German aftermarket chums. The smoke grenade dischargers were modified with a bit of etch fret and wired up in the now familiar fashion! (stripped telephone cable!) So here it all is pre primer, resin, metal, scratch..................... And early on in the paint process........................ Much later in the process.................. Even further on............... Just sitting on its wheels..........no glue yet Weathering and washes under way....................The yellow and red flash indicates RAC Centre regiment the Rose indicates up north! So a Catterick based vehicle................I got well and truly bogged up on the area there.......so The suspension got a good hammering with dirt..........oh , you cant see it! That's a bit more like it! Proper minging! The only difference between these two fots is the angle! This is Flory wash, and by the looks of it there's still a lot to come off! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  13. Hey, After several years of AFV and plane modelling I feel ready for an excursion in the maritime world I was eyeing some of the post war aircraft carriers but I think I should start smaller with a destroyer, for instance. The only problem I have is choosing the "right" beginner kit from the plethora of available options. Here are a few corner stones I have in mind for the selection: - price not over 50 GBP / 50 Euro - scale should be 1/350 - cold war or modern era subject - PE parts are OK; even resin/metal add-ons can be considered - nation is not so important - ideally, an off-mainstream, exotic subject Any suggestion is most welcome! Thank you!
  14. Here's an old build, renovated somewhat a couple of years ago: the old Premiere kit of the Sea Venom, in the markings of 890 NAS, RNAS Yeovilton/HMS Ark Royal, 1956.
  15. Here's my build of the Skybirds '86 kit, with the outer drop tanks substituted by AGM-12D Bullpup AGMs, converted from the items in the Hasegawa weapons set. Markings for 803 NAS on the Ark during 1965.
  16. Hi, First Work-In-Progress build here so bear with me if the quality is poor Got this Revell 1:72 MiG-21 F-13 "Fishbed C" for just £2.00 at the Air Tattoo 2017 because apparently, they weren't selling well for the £8.00 asking price . Either way, it was a bargain so I bought it - and seeing as I have all the paints needed I can start work straight away. Box The three sprues (plus a clear sprue) were very nice (sadly I have no images of them before I got at them with my blades) in Revell's metallic-silver plastic. There was no flash apart from a large chunk on the exhaust that I easily removed with a cutting knife. The clear parts seem high quality - with the canopy being in two halves so hopefully I can model this with the canopy open. Sadly there is no pilot - as with all other Revell kits - so I'll need to try and do a decent job with the cockpit. There is a very small decal sheet lacking in detail from what I usually expect from Revell - however it's a 1:72 model so I guess it's understandable. There are options to depict one from the "Air-Defence-Garde-Regiment", USSR 1961, or one from East Germany (GDR), 1963. I will be modelling the USSR one I will hopefully model with the gear down also. So I hope you enjoy this build I guess... again apologies as this is my first time documenting a build - any suggestions for improvements would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Adam