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  1. Thanks. Spookily, I was with 3 QUEENS in Cyprus, then moved to Canterbury on amalgamation. Left Canterbury to spend 8 1/2 happy years in Fally.
  2. Thanks one and all. Tim was ecstatic. He was at one point funding my hobby by buying me kits to build for his personal Kampfgruppe. I had already built for him: and the paint job on although as a Javelin Anti Tank Platoon Sergeant his excitement for the BMPT verged on the .......disturbing. Akin to the jokes about A10 pilots having to be restrained on hearing about a 75km queue of Russian armour at the start of the Ukraine invasion. Bill
  3. Folks, I've done yet another Warrior. This one as a leaving present for Tim. He's been trying to get my Warrior off me since I did it, and since he used to command one, I thought I'd do one as a gift. I finished it a while ago but I didn't want to spoil his surprise when he got it. The kit is Academy with Eduard etch (if ever there was a kit that needed etch it was this one). I love the kit (this is my 4th iteration!) but it is showing it's age and somethings, like the telescopes, are out of scale. The Meng version is a great kit but you cannot do a bog standard 510 from it. The cam net and covers are scratch built. Paints are Mig, Tamiya and Humbrol, gloss coat was Quick Shine and Vallejo for the matt. The IRR green was Mig NATO Green with a few drops of yellow. Pin wash was oil paint and terps. Weathering is Mig dark earth and dust, mixed with plaster for the thick mud. I used resin for the lights. Bill
  4. Honestly don't know, just went with the gumpf on thier website Good to know thanks.
  5. Thank to all for the kind words. I've since dusted the spare 😉 I must confess I didn't do any research before cracking on with the build (which probably explains why I'm the first to put one up) but now I've seen a couple of pictures you are right. I assume they didn't open the louvers up properly is so you cannot see the gapping cavern where the engine should be. I didn't even question the hatches as I assumed they are meant to be that thick due to the armour. The interior hatch detail is separate so thinning them shouldn't be too onerous. It is a nice kit and the price point is less than half of the Accurate Armour offering, but that does come with a full interior (although it doesn't appear to be available just now). Bill
  6. Folks, another from me. This is their standard Leo 2A6 with Ukrainian decals. Completed OOB apart from the scratch made cam-net around the barrel. This was an impulse buy as I was in Antics in Cardiff and this was the only thing that piqued my interest. Paints are Mig NATO Green, NATO Brown, and Black; Gloss coat was Quick Shine; Grey oil paint pin wash; and Mig pigments, a mixture of dark earth and dust. Bill
  7. Folks, I couldn't resist when this landed on my doormat last week and immediately cracked on. The kit builds quite well, although I must admit at first look I was disappointed. It is moulded in soft plastic and the details was not as crisp as I had become used to. The lack of interior detail - you got a bit of baulk head, two 353s or a 19 set, two seats and the infamous inverted steering wheel. However, once built, the lack of interior detail was less of an issue as even with all the hatches open not much can be seen. To give Airfix credit, the 353s are better detailed then the Takom ones in the 432 kit. It did go together nicely although you have to be really careful with the assembly. It is virtually OOB except I cut off the moulded side lights/indicators and replaced with clear resin and drilled out the holes in the sand channels. I went with the BATUS redtop scheme as it seemed the most interesting although it does seem odd there isn't a IRR green and black option. I tried to get a picture of the radios in-situ it was beyond my abilities with my phone. Which is a pity as I'm quite pleased with how they come out. Bill
  8. John, you just gave me flash backs - the times I've been hanging off a cam net by my buttons....the horror.
  9. Thanks one and all. John, yes, I forgot to mention the mantlet cover, although I quite liked the look of it without. This version doesn't give you the option. I didn't realise AFV Club did one. The previous time I fancied building one all I could find was the Bronco offering. Bill
  10. Folks, like bus, wait for ages and two come together. I've been on leave this week so I've had a chance to complete one that I had started and was just waiting for a chance to finish. I bought it last year when it was released if nothing else to encourage Tamiya to do more British vehicles. It is virtually OOB, except I couldn't help myself and replace the bar handles with brass wire and add some texture to the turret and the front armour plate. One thing I did do was pair down the birdcage sight as it was chunky. As expected for Tamiya, it assembled like a dream with minimal seam lines and zero flash. My only criticism is, unlike the Bronco offering, you can only do a WW2 version. It stayed in British service until 1960 in Hong Kong and foreign service until the 80's. Bronco includes the fish tail exhaust and the smoke dischargers for a Type B. Bronco also includes working tracks, but I must admit the link and length tracks Tamiya include are the best fitting I've ever come across. They were the perfect length. Paint is Mig SCC15, gloss coat Quick Shine, Vallejo matt coat, oil paint and terps pin wash, and Mig pigments.
  11. Hi Folks, I've not been on here for a while - life has gotten in the way of me completing anything. A couple of weeks ago I went into a local shop and got this on a whim: And then the Minister for Defence tweeted that the trials versions had arrived: it inspired me to create what I imagine the British version would look like. I was going to leave off the side bins but the tweet has them in place. It was also pointed out to me that the RWS Revell include is the wrong one - we went with the M151 Protector, which Trumpeter handily do one in 1/35. The decals are spares from a Chally 2 I did a while back. I wanted to do it as a 20 ABCT as I know they will be receiving them but I didn't have a spare mailed fist. I scratch built the hazard plates and fitted them the same as we have for the MAN trucks. Interestingly the MANs have the German style convoy light so I left the kit one. contr The Trumpeter RWS is nicely detailed although I had to add a carry handle for the 50 cal. It was sharply moulded but seems everywhere and fiddly to construct. I also noticed that is sat higher than the RWS that came with it (the worst part of the kit to be honest) so I had to shorten the tower for it otherwise it looked daft. I also scratch built (what I assume to be) the front camera and the trunking for it. I added anti-slip to the front as it was smooth rectangles but left the roof as it had some texture. I wish I had done the roof as well as it has been lost in the painting. The kit itself was normal Revell fare - soft plastic with not the sharpest moulding. It went together surprisingly well and, unlike the Hobby Boss version, included a rudimentary driving compartment and the mission module is a separate construction. To get the mission module to fit properly I had to remove the floor plate of the section it fits into. As mentioned the RWS was the worst part but thankfully I didn't need it. Paints are a mixture of Humbrol, Mig, and Hataka. I blacked shaded and initially used Mig SCC 15, but it come out too dark, added some yellow and it come out too bright so ended up going over it with Hataka HTK-A143 BS Dark Green (BS381C:641) which come out just right. Quick Shine gloss coat and Vallejo matt varnish. Weathering was using Mig dark earth and dusk pigments.
  12. Thanks, I was possibly being a muppet but I have it again now.
  13. Brrrr. Makes me glad I went to Wainwright in the summer.
  14. Thanks, the scraping was literally some strokes of a HB pencil to see how it looked which paid off.
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