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  1. Cheers Trevor. I'd forgotten about the Action Man one. It's up there with the Johnny Seven on my list of toys I wanted but never got.
  2. Cheers Ivan, for some reason I've always preferred the Scorpion. Not sure why. It might be making the Airfix on in braille scale as a kid. It is small enough in 1/35, how in hell did I make it in 1/76.
  3. Cheers Andrew, that was exactly the look I was aiming for. I spent 8 1/2 years in Fally so saw them trundling past enough. Vehicles were never allowed to get into too much of a state - muddy on the training area, yes, but always washed down on return to camp. If they started to get shabby they would be put them in for a re-spray or be brush painted. Bill
  4. I've gone the markings for a Fallingbostel based vehicle after it had been for a cabby round Soltau. A fun little build - I haven't done a WIP. The only alterations are adding a shroud for the barrel out of tissue and watered down pva, and clear headlights (which I've ended up covering in mud. The main paints are Mig NATO green mixed with a few drops of oily ochre and lightened black. I intended black shading but got carried away with the green and lost most of it. Quick Shine Floor polish for the gloss, Tamiya matt varnish for the final, black oil paint for the pin
  5. Blimey Nick, I could almost taste the herforder pils looking at that pic.
  6. I use Quick Shine Floor Finish as gloss varnish, black oil paint diluted in turps for the pin wash and a light dusting of Tamiya buff for the dusty look.
  7. Thank you. I used Revell aqua bronze green.
  8. If I was really brave I'd use an IPK shudder....
  9. Cheers Andrew. I wasn't happy with the painting initially but it seemed to come together after varnishing, black wash, and weathering.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, I didn't end up under the patio - just a hiatus whilst real life got in the way. I didn't take pictures of the painting phase - I did my normal black shading method. I went heavier with the deep bronze green than normal as all the pictures show them as dark and they weren't around long enough to get in a proper state: Oh look a Caernarvon Bill
  11. Cheers Wayne, that makes sense. I've got an old airbrush with a .5 nozzle I'll use next time. It's the only time I have airbrush cleaner to hand whilst spraying and I've gone through more since I got the one shot than in the year previous. I honestly didn't notice they weren't there on yours. Unfortunately my eyes kept being drawn to the gapping hole (actress, bishop etc). Bill
  12. Cheers John. The only real downside to this kit is the lack of clear parts. Strange when you consider it has PE, metal springs, workable tracks and brass cable. It'll probably next weekend before I do any more, but the wife is building a patio and if I'm caught slopping off to model I may end up under it. If I suddenly stop posting you know where to look. Bill
  13. I primed it today but the one-shot was fighting me again. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong as some days it works perfectly and others it keeps gumming up. No pictures of it primed but I did manage to bluff the fire suppression handles: And here it looks once fitted: Like I said, you lot are a bad influence.....The problem is it is only a small thing but the lack of the red handles will stick out like a sore thumb. Shading and bronze green will probably be next weekend now. Bill
  14. Thinking about it, I got a Centurion Mk 3 so if I want to mix things up a bit I can make a Caenarvon out of the two. Bill
  15. Cheers Roger. Thankfully I have plenty of the Revell Aqua left over from the Comet.
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