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Found 42 results

  1. Good afternoon all, I’m working my way through a Classic Airframes Hudson and need some help with the turret. I’ve already given up with the one that comes with the kit and have pinched one from my Revell Ventura which is far better in profile. However, one thing they both have in common is the total lack of interior detail. Does anybody have any interior photos or diagrams they would be prepared to share? I’m aware there is a restored one at the Yorkshire Air Museum but a trip up there isn’t convenient at the moment. Best regards Howard
  2. Hi all I have a few on the go after I caught the gotastartalotofkititus virus . I have finally started my first Classic Airframes Kit. I bought the kit on BM as a Part started kit as below The Cockpit is the kits supplied resin one and really is very detailed The kit was missing the seat mounting frames and I will be making those shortly following some measurements from a fellow BMer. The rudder pedals were broken so I added a simple bar and pedals and two levers from brass rod Drilled the top Cannon mounts and added fairings to the lower ones made out of cut hollowed sprue as per Moa's method on one of his amazing builds. The cut out the tail area for the clear housing for the aerial wire and replaced with clear sprue I am also building a Special Hobby 72nd scale Sea Fury T20 at the mo but have not got anything worthy of photographing yet and I have started rigging my long term 32 scale Tiggie so have a few on the go now.. Thanks for looking Chris
  3. I'm working on Classic Airframes 1/48 Blenheim IV.f. I've vacuformed the blister side windows, and cut out and filled the triangle window in the center of the windscreen, and am working on the other details that make the 404 Squadron Coastal Command aircraft interesting. Here's some of the progress so far … The blister windows .. The cockpit (based on pilots handbook photo's) Lot's of scratchbuilding here, including the throttle quadrant (20 pieces in that!) The engines, props, and flame suppressing exhaust (Ultracast Beaufighter long exhaust, with a reprofiled bomb nose) ... and the twin Browning .303 upper turret (all scratch built) hope you like so far Colin
  4. Hi! I'm starting to build the classic Classic Airframes kit of Electronic Warfare Canberra. IMHO most brutally looking Canberra version. I will use: -Kit (more than 10 years in my stash) -Loon replacement wingtip tanks (resin) -Eduard interior etch set intended for Airfix B.20 kit -ResKit wheels (resin)-looks waaay better than in-box resin - compare the pictures below... The start is trivial - assembling the 1kg of resin interior parts and building the fuselage halves. Thanks for looking
  5. Hi comrades! Full build is here Model is fun to build, but it needs some modifications and more details to better represent the prototype. Modifications I made: -Third crew member station was added (and it's visible!!!) -Painted antennas inside the canopy -Antennas scratchbuilt -Navigation lights scratchbuilt -Landing light - Elf -Details on wheel doors-scrach -Wheels - replaced with ResKit -Brass In cockpit - Eduard -National insignia - painted (decals are wrong) -Stencils - partly painted, most from Model Alliance decals -Loon replacement wingtip tanks And great thanks to @canberra kid and @Lord Riot for the help and protecting me from making big mistakes!!! Thanks for looking!
  6. Classic Airframes is back! No, not with the injected 1/48th Fairey Gannet AEW... Sigh. But with a multimedia 1/48th Focke-Wulf Fw.190 V1 kit - ref. R8-009 Source: http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/classicresinairframefw190v1preview_1.htm V.P.
  7. I am starting to work on the interior now of the 1/48 Anson using the Classic Airframes boxing of it. I really dislike the amount of resin used in these kits as they use it for many parts that don't need it eg the framing is poorly cast and chunks of it are going to be replaced with plastic rod. The interior green needs some more work and I have yet to paint some of the detail areas. At this stage I am tossing up between A4-6 of 22 SQN circa 1939 or No 1 Comms Flight circa 1941. Both are in overall aluminum and have their gun turrets. I have put in a bit more of the interior and plan to put in some wiring behind some of the dials, radios etc. The instrument panel was a pain to position as there are no location points visible and I can't find an image of the real Mk 1 to show me the positioning. Where it is here fits and the canopy goes over it when I do test fitting so it is a good a spot as any. I still have more additions for interior where I will be replacing poorly cast resin with plastic and building up a few extra bits and pieces. I am not going to get that excited as I don't think that much will be seen once it is done and closed up. The wings are not too bad when going together. The wheel well is a bit dodgy as there are no location markings to help you locate the internal bits. While the wing goes together well the engine nacelle needs some help as the profile of the front bit is different from the wing part. A bit of filler and some work with a file and wet and dry managed to get it looking ok. This isn't hard but it does take time.
  8. Well I wasn’t going to build another model for the GB as I have quite a few on the go already, but everything is where it should be, so why not. This is one I have wanted to build but haven’t found a build for her. She’s a bit of a rarity in RAAF service, we only had 8 of the Reconnaissance models , 4 B models and 4 D models, 6 arriving in August 1942 (2xB & 4xD). The only difference between the standard P-43A model and the B’s & D’s were the addition of side mounted cameras, the B’s were Ex-Lend-lease aircraft and the D’s were Ex USAAF stock. They were already considered “restricted for combat use” when the RAAF received them. They underwent extensive testing at 1AD and 1 PRU and for a while the D models were considered for ground attack aircraft and were fitted with wing pylons for tanks and bombs. But they suffered problems, besides being a bit underpowered and their brakes had a habit of failing. They were only in RAAF colours for less than a year after which the survivors were returned to the US in June 1943, they ended up being scrapped! The base model is a Classic Airframes model which is becoming very hard to find and expensive when and if you do. And it is Classic Airframes at their greatest.......or should I say worst! This is one to really scare the kids, and some adults as well! It’s quite basic... ...even has some niceish resin bits, though most of the small parts were broken off. The decals are toast, but I’m not using them, I’ll be using the leftovers from the P-39D. I’ll be doing her in a 1 PRU scheme of Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with blanks over the camera ports. Ok the issues...... I’ve seen less flash on some really nasty resin stuff! The moulds for this must well and truly be dead, but you can’t complain when it’s the only game in town! As you can see I’ve made a start on her cleaning up the parts. The U/c legs were really bad. The prop blades not much better. This should be a fairly quick build, I’ve been all over her and there doesn’t seem to be any nasty surprises, she’s just like a resin model, only just made in plastic instead.
  9. Avro Anson I 206 Squadron, Coastal Command, 1939 This is the Classic Airframes kit of the early version of the Anson with the longer sloping windscreen. The kit is a pretty straightforward build with no vices. The model was painted with a combination of Mr Paint, Mr Color and Tamiya paints then finished with a layer of Testor's Dullcote. The national markings were applied using Montex masks but the codes and serials came from the kit decals. More details of the build can be found here: Thanks for dropping by, Howard.
  10. I thought I would share my latest project with you all: I built the late version of this back in 2011 and really enjoyed it. At the time, I received some help from @galgos who has also built a couple of these. Here are the contents of that flimsy box, first the plastic bits: ...and some quite nice resin: ...and finally some etch and a nicely printed decal sheet: Not the biggest parts count for a model of this size. First job was to cut the fuselage halves off the sprues and clean up for a bit of test fitting. Being short run there are quite a few of these to deal with: I also cleaned up the resin side walls and test fitted with the floor: I have decided to bond these separately into the fuselage halves as I did with my previous build to ensure they align correctly. Here they are in situ and a trial run with the clear parts looks promising: More to follow shortly
  11. So now for a long awaited NON-GB build - it seems I've spent most of this year building things for GBs, so it made a bona change this week to have a vader at the bijou stashette. Now I have had a long-running project which involves building all the various aircraft my father .There is more about the project in this thread from 3 years ago: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234926820-long-term-project-the-aircraft-of-my-father/ So having built several things from Dad's 81 Sqn and 5 Sqn, I thought I'd turn my attention to the start of his career in the RAF when he was stationed at South Detling airfield, from Feb 1942 to June 1942, During this time there were visits from Mustang 1 equipped 239 Sqn and 280 Sqn an Air-Sea Rescue Squadron, newly equipped with the Avro Anson Mk 1. Research led me to this page which purports to show profiles of the 280 Sqn aircraft: http://www.rafweb.org/Squadrons/Sqn%20Markings/SqnMark271-299.htm#280 However as with all drawn profiles you need to take them with a pinch of salt. That said, with nothing else to suggest otherwise, I'm going to adopt the colour scheme shown here. Squadron codes for 280 Sqn were "YF" and I'm yet to find a photo of an Anson sporting a YF squadron code. This means finding a suitable serial number is going to be a bit of guess work... So research aside, lets look at the kit... This is an interesting kit - its mixed media so you have some Injection Molded plastic and some resin and some PE. I did forget to take the sprue shot before starting so this has had some pices assembled as you can see on the middle-right. I picked up the paint masks from Eduard some time ago as there is a lot of glazing in this kit - speaking of which... and here is a close up of most of the resin The two largest pieces of resin are already attached to the cockpit floor. So thats the kit. I may consider making a diorama to fit in with what I've done before on the larger 1:32 models so I can have a figure representing my Dad - I've got the new Airfix sets so I'm sure something can be arranged there
  12. Back in 2015 there was a Gloster Meteor STGB that I participated in but never completed with a 1:48 Classic Airframes kit of a Meteor NF 11 to be done as a 5 Sqn aircraft. You can see the original thread here However I will be pulling some material from that into this thread to keep it all together. This will be a side-project of the long running collection I've been working on for a few years called "Aircraft my Father fixed! which you can see here: This side project in intended to allow me to build aircraft from 5 Squadron, to which my father was attached in the latter years of WWII in India and Burma, particularly in the post war years. I've already done a Lightning Mk 6 and a Tornado F3, so now its the turn of a Meteor NF 11 which were flown by 5 Sqn from 1959. Box: Paint scheme for 5 Sqn Sprues: Now if you look in the middle of that photo you see one of the problem with this particular kit - there are two sets of the same sidewalls for the cockpit rather than having two different sets. I got this kit of eBay back in 2014 and only started it in 2015, so opps! The solution was to resort to scratch building - there were some photos on the net and a set of very nice illustrations in instructions to allow me to get a good idea and after I'd completed it @trickyrich posted a very handy pic that showed I'd got pretty close - whopeeeeeee! To be honest when I got the kit out of the stash on Sunday I didn't even realise I'd scratch built these parts as they'd been painted since that pic was taken and it was only when I saw the previous build thread that I realised what a nice job I'd made of them!!! That is pretty much as far as I'd got at the time, then I picked up a chest infection at the 2015 SMW which meant I wasn't able to complete in the time available for the STGB at that time, so the box got packed away into the stash until I finished the Scammell Diorama at the weekend and started looking through the stash to decide what to do next. I really didn't want to go back to sci-fi just yet, I'm quite enjoying building "real" things at present and there is an idea my club has had to celebrate the RAF centenary this year, so adding something to the RAF 5 Sqn roster seemed a good idea!
  13. Hello folks. I continue introduce my old models. Today this is Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 1\48 Classic Airframes. This model was built four years ago. Best regards. Michael.
  14. My dad started this a while ago, then it went to the shelf of doom, main problem for him is to get the struts and wings aligned, sadly with this kind of kit no locating pins, etc.. Now he decided to giv it a new try. Had some problems with the cockpit fit, so he still has to close somehow the gap between headrest and rear fuselage.
  15. Well this is a bit unexpected, I had planned to build another Macchi C.205 in 1/48th but it hasn’t arrived yet and I was a bit surprised to see only one SM.79 in the build! I have so wanted to build this one or the resin one for so long that I really couldn’t at least attempt it for this GB. This was the original choice when the GB was suggested, so it’s always been in the back of my mind. Ok the model is produced by Flashback and appears to be a re-boxing of the old Classic Airframes SM.79 but with an Eduard PE set and different decals, which are rather nice. The model has a full set of resin extras, in the way of a nice cockpit area, propellers/engine faces and guns etc. I’m adding a nice set of Sky decals, …..some additional resin bombs and main wheels, which I may or may not use, …plus some additional PE from Eduard that was to be for the resin version. I’ll be using some of this just for detailing up the model a bit. I’ve already made a bit of a start to it, I haven’t build a limited run plastic model for a while and had forgotten about ejector pins, there’s plenty to remove! I’ve glued and cleaned up the wings already…no photo’s that part is a bit boring. The main section of the fuselage is bare, unlike the cockpit that is fully detailed, so with having the main door open as well as the upper turret, I need to have some sort of detail for the interior. So using that was the first job, making up the exposed framework. I’m not to sure how far I’ll take the interior, a lot will depend on time and how much will actually be seen. I haven’t decided yet whether to build the bomber or torpedo version, the kit supplies the parts for both, the same with the colour scheme. For that I intend to be a bit adventurous with that one, as there are some really colourful ones to choose from. So I can’t promise to have the one finished by the end of the build, but I reckon I’ll be close and will try to have it done, even it I have to forget about the 1/48th C.205!
  16. It was already evoked in another (Blenheim) topic but I open a dedicated one. Hannants has just reissued the Classic Airframe CR.42 1/48th kit - ref. CF4157 Source: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CF4157 Box art V.P.
  17. Greetings from the Depths of the Old Cold War. Here is my planned build The recent Hannants re-release of the Gannet ASW complete with bags stuffed full of resin loveliness. Which I'm going to convert into a smart blue COD Bird with these Xtradecals offering which will need slight adjustment to get her to Ark Royals Bird. Luckily although there are no COD pods in 48th HERE is a cracking thread showing how @Derek B made the 72nd masters. Then HERE HERE and HERE are very useful threads on the other differences. My Thanks to all those who contributed to these posts especially @DamienB for his point by point build. Most of what I achieve is because of their help and generosity providing information. There is also THIS and THIS in the very helpful walk round section here on BM, again my Thanks to those who shared information with us. I've got the 4+ Book and am borrowing Warpaint 23 on the Gannet is there anything else that's useful? Is there any sort of manual for the COD.4 especially showing the two seats apparently in the rear cockpit? See you later alligators
  18. #8/2017 Like the real ones also this model was puzzled together with old parts. In 1942 the Germans delivered three old Dora airframes and used Jumo engines to Hungary. In the end two Doras became airworthy. At some time "02" was equipped with a DB engine and received Hungarian flags on the tail, that way it appeared in 1943. As it seems at least one Hungarian Dora survived the war because it can be seen on a pic a Russian soldier made. The Hungarians applied their typical 3-tone camo with their own paints, no RLM paints used. My dad used Tamiya XF-82 RAF Ocean Gray, Tamiya XF-5 Green and Gunze H406 Chocolate Brown. For the model an old CA 109D kit was partly used in connection with parts from a new CA 109D kit from our "home hobby shop" Dad wanted to use HAD decals but they were oversized, especially the crosses. After an intensive search in our decal stash I luckily found the decals from the initial CA kit. Brake lines added with plastic rods and lead wire, EZ Line for aerials. Initially the model looked like this Due to the resin wheel wells and superglue use, one leg had a wrong angle in the end. My dad now couldn´t look at it anymore, tried to correct it but made it worse. Before trashing it, he had the idea of making this Lazarus project. For attaching the legs this time he removed parts of the resin wells and replaced it with plastic pieces. He removed the wings of the old model and attached new ones. In the end the new model looks like this
  19. Well it's done - truly horrible kit, nothing fits other than where it fits. The moulding on the some of the part's isn't great either, the undercarriage self destructed and was too short, soft plastic with sink marks.The Engines don't fit the nacelles without shimming. This is the second one i've done - this was the re-issue, it's a bit better but it still horrible to work on. However it's the only Blenheim available in 1/48th scale..... Painted with Mr Paint laquers, weathered with Oils / Oilbrushes and Pigments WIP available here Peter
  20. I actually started this a couple of months ago, but I hit a problem - my particular kit had been given 2 starboard cockpit sidewalls, and no port sidewall. So I send an email so special hobby, who sent me a replacement. Actually they sent me a full set of replacement resin parts, many thanks @petr@SpecialHobby. Unsurprisingly starts with the cockpit Wired the instruments Starboard Sidewall The lesser spotted Port sidewall Assembled the fuselage with the rear cockpit bulkhead Assembled the turret basket Constructed the turret fairing, filled and sanded back Filled and sanded the fuselage - it will need some rescribing later Finally dipped the clear parts - test fit seems reasonable, will need some filling at the bottom, but we'll see Peter
  21. Well, after starting the new AMG kit, my dad also tries to revive and save an older build of a Classic Airframes Dora. Initially it looked like this The superglue got soft in one landing gear strut attaching point, tried to fix the angle of the leg but didn´t get it done due to the resin wheel wells. Now it looks like this, gonna apply a new scheme and do a Hungarian D model with HAD decals and parts of a new CA kit from our stash.
  22. Source: http://www.network54.com/Forum/149674/message/1471298141/Special+Hobby+Buys+Classic+Airframes+Tooling+and+Production+Rights V.P.
  23. Is it just me or does the plastic in Classic Airframes kits simply will not glue together? I have been using super glue - Zap medium - Zap thin - contacta MEK etc etc. Even used zip kicker with the Zap and parts are still seperating with ease. All the plastic had been washed before building. Any two parts simply will not bond. I'm building up the locations for the undercarriage for one of their Westland Whirlwind fighters and need a strong location for the Undercarriage struts. I'm almost starting to lose the will keep going with this kit. I hope it's not just me and I've tried everything that most ordinary folks do. Martin
  24. with some delay here my recent Meteor build, just in time before the new Airfix kit that I wanna do in some different middle eastern scheme... Gloster Meteor MK.7 Classic Airframes 1/48 Royal Egyptian Airforce, late 1950ies Build thread here Build thread here hope you like it! thanks for comments!
  25. #5/2016 And my dad finished a second one today. Trumpeter kit with decals from the CA kit. Regarding the a/c number, the 8 has to be exchanged with a 9. Added the missing gunsight from the sparesbox and used a plastic rod for the missing headrest support strut. The Classic Airframes decals were a bit brittle and partly little pieces came off before sealing so some repainting was done. EZ Line for the aerials, painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Model shows an a/c that was used during the hoax invasion in Operation Starkey August/September 1943.
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