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  1. Hi comrades! Just sorted out the issue with too narrow exhaust pipes. Simple adaptors from styrene, and now it looks much better.
  2. cema_ga


    Looks amazing !
  3. Slow progress. Small windows installed, fuselage interior mostly finished - just need to get the third ejection seat (waiting to mail call ) Wings scribed, additional intakes added. Nothing much to do, so I'll start to fight with the chassis - and add some tubing
  4. Thank You so much! Great! It looks like the kit wings are OK, differences only in access panels!
  5. Hi comrades! The interior (minus ejection seats) almost finished with help of Eduard brass for Airfix kit and spare decals. Fire extinguisher built from sprue, lead weight added. Now I'm wait to the glue curing and mailman with the parcel from Hannants (third seat...) And now to the problem: I have three different drawings of the Canberra (Warpaint, On Target and Aviation and Time Ukrainian magazine). The wing panel arrangement is different between different sources and differs from the model. I can't find any informative reference photo of the prototype WD955 (or any other T.17). Any ideas how to rescribe the lines? Or just ignore it and continue to build? Thanks for advice!
  6. Hi comrades! Forward parts of nacelles altered in accordance to reference photos - looks like in-box version intended for different modification of the engines, so I filled all the vents and scribed new ones. Aft parts of nacelles were thinned. Forward and aft part installed on the wings. Next will be some scribing on the wings, signal lights and drop tank installation.
  7. Hi, comrades! EW officer office assembled, cockpit painted, highlighted and weathered. Yes, I know, it looks to colorful. But this panel will be hardly seen in dark cockpit in about 15 degrees angle through the pilot canopy. Wheel wells painted, weathered and installed. Looks to much dirty? Landing light added. Main parts of wings assembled, forward parts of engine gondolas dry fitted - what I can say? This old kit after all fits better than many recent mainstream kits. Wing to fuselage joint also looks good!
  8. Thanks to Your great reference photos I started to scratch build EW operator position! Disclaimer: I am not a big scratch builder, but I'll try to reproduce main assemblies and general appearance of the cockpit. I built the main boxes assembly... ...and checked the general arrangement in the cockpit I ordered also two additional seats (Pavla) to add them in the aft cabinet - if they are not precise, anyway not much will be seen through three small windows after the assembly
  9. cema_ga

    Canberra T.17 wheel wells color

    Thank You! Now I understand, that I need to buy other ejection seat and scratch build the special EW equipment "wall" on the cockpit right Here is my build https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235051930-canberra-t17-148-classic-airframes-start-with-interior-assembly/
  10. cema_ga

    Canberra T.17 wheel wells color

    Wow! It will be fun to weather the gloss white wheel wells!!! Thanks for the great resource and quick answer!
  11. cema_ga

    Canberra T.17 wheel wells color

    Hi! I am build now late Canberra T.17 in Hemp color (WD955). I believe the wheel wells must be black-gray. But I saw also silver colored wheel wells. Any chance that they are not black-gray? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi! Here my Hs-129B-3 tank buster of the last WWII winter. Built from Hasegawa limited edition kit with Verlinden cockpit, Eduard masks, custom masks for codes, Montex masks for insignia and some scratch build mainly in wheel wells. Tried to make the temporary winter camouflage to look well worn. Hope You like it!
  13. Hi! Thank You! It's Monogram-111, must complete before buying the ICM one