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  1. Thank You! The wingtip lights are the kit parts, but drilled from inside and painted to produce the "colored lamp" appearance
  2. Thank You, Laszlo! It's not perfect, but definitely, my best NMF effort up today)) Thank You, Karl!
  3. I never wrote nothing about Airfix Beaufort in 1/48. I compared it to the Airfix 1/72. I prefer to build the better representation of the subject in smaller scale (example Hasegawa's better detailed and engineered B-26 vs Monogram B-26 in 1/48). And yes-I compared the ICM boxart with the photo of the real aircraft in almost same aspect.
  4. Isn't the boxart wrong? Isn't it's used by ICM in their official catalog? This is enough for me to arise this question.
  5. I haven't any other info except of boxart. But, if the manufacturer can't find proper picture of the subject (it takes me 2 minutes...) for the catalog...I'm not excited at all. But I hope to see the plastic shape is correct in the future. Just ordered the Airfix kit -looks like they made their homework better (including the boxart) and from the start of the project.
  6. It's only me or the nose looks oversimplified or just wrong? And I'm far from rivet-counting...
  7. Hi comrades! Fuselage stuffed, ballast added and the balance checked. Some additions from scratch and aftermarket added. Main assembly completed and riveting done. Next-various antennas preparations, and to the primer! Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi comrades! Riveted. More rivets and corrections on fuselage shall be done after the two fuselage halves assembly. Now it's time to stuff the body Thanks for looking
  9. Hi comrades! So far, the pylons finished and painted (with associated Matra pods). The size of pylons here is referenced to the millimetric paper. Adopting the Aires wheel wells was pain, but it's over. Now - to the riveting! Thanks for looking!
  10. Hi comrades! Here my take on Classic Airframes kit. The kit was great, I liked it more than Tamiya (built simultaneously - see "family photos" and built/RFI thread somewhere here. The only thing I regret-is the leading edge lights - they are to close to/part of wheel wells, not to my recent skills to insert the clear plastic here . Otherwise-I'm happy with the result. The build is here: Thanks for looking!
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