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  1. Original crosses looks applied by brush. And they are sharp edged on reference photos.
  2. Hi comrades! So far: main assembly done and the airplane primed. Almost all the decals were replaced with masks. All tactical markings were painted. After this, irregular camouflage crosses were applied with Molotov marker After this the only decal stencil was applied, Hinomaru and black surfaces weathered, panel lines highlighted, exhausts and oil leaks added. Next stage-chassis assembly and small parts installation. See You in RFI section in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi comrades! Aft part of the engines added from scratch (without reference) - should be better than nothing. Everything painted, fuselage windows installed. Navigation lights omitted (no clear parts provided) by Hasegawa added. Wings assembled. Next stage-fuselage closing and main assembly of the plane. Thanks for looking
  4. Hi! Sure! Here is my reference and first try (and I know-the crosses should be less uniform and more dense). I will try more for the better effect
  5. Hi comrades! I'm start the Ki-49 build. This build will include the Eduard brass and canopy masks and some scratch additions. So far, the fuselage interior assembled and ready for painting. The main wheel wells interior is totally absent in the kit and Eduard set, so I built it totally from scratch. And without references. Thanks for looking
  6. Yes, Middle East desert camouflages are interesting. This specific is Soviet factory applied, but most of the Fitters had domestically designed and applied camouflages-great variety of schemes and colors.
  7. Thank You! It's Phantom sized, but the bombload is hardly half of Phantom's load. To make things worse-the internal fuel is short-so need of external fuel tanks instead of bombs...
  8. Thank You! It was half a year of pure pain), and it's a lot things screams to be improved (riveting...)- but I started to lost the interest...
  9. Thank You! Window sealing is airbrushed. I used the dedicated New Ware mask, Expert variant. They includes the window sealing.
  10. Thank You! And it's a plenty of variants of desert camouflage!
  11. Hi comrades! This beast finished. The build was complicated. Everything possible to exchange with aftermarket parts was exchanged. Some additions were scratchbuit. More details on the build can be found here: Thanks for looking
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