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  1. Hi comrades! Undercarriage done But bad representation of the mudguard by Classic Airframes (too long) and my placing error gave the wrong appearance of the front leg So, I decided to replace the wheels with much better ResKit resin, to cut the appropriate mudguards from brass and to drill the forward leg and put brass axe in And the question, @canberra kid, does this turbine faces orientation is representative? Thanks a lot! Thanks for looking
  2. Hi comrades! Painted! Now some paint corrections, lacquer, undercarriage assembly and decals
  3. Hi comrades! Belly painted. Do You like the appearance? Here some photos with different light conditions Thanks for looking
  4. Hi comrades! National insignia and walkways painted Red tail pre-shaded and painted. Now Canberra looks surrealistic And finally, everything masked and camo pre-shading done Thanks for looking!
  5. Here they are @canberra kid, as my today progress (pink masked, blue color mixed and painted)
  6. Great! Thank you so much! On CA decals the diameters are OK, fin flash has the white outline (but also bonus - colors are slightly misplaced). All the stencils I will use from aftermarket decals (in CA only big ones included)
  7. Thank You! When I was kid, I built Novo kit of Canberra...Now - some nostalgia and little bit more modelling skills
  8. Thanks a lot! @canberra kid, @Lord Riot You saved me from major mistake!!!! And the last question: somebody have the Airfix Canberra PR9 decals in 1/48? Can You, please, measure diameter of small roundels - decal #32 (total and the inner-pink part)?
  9. So, where I must place the roundels up and bottom? I found some pictures of PR9 with small roundels - is it appropriate roundel placement?
  10. Wow! Thanks a lot! So, I need to make six roundel masks of Fuselage size? And Placement is true? (I will place smaller roundels in the centers of wrong ones on the wings)
  11. Hi! I planned to just copy the size from decals The wings roundels are of diameter 44mm (pink-22mm) and fuselage of diameter 19mm (pink-9mm) Is it looks true?
  12. Thank You! On finished model possible to see just that interior not empty, small parts in the nose office are visible enough and adds a lot to OOB interior
  13. I believe, this will be interesting - here is some info about the V-1 attachment to 111 https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/he-111h-22-question-t504721.html Exactly as wrong as: -upper nose clear part (possible to correct, but sanding and polishing the clear part is pain and risk) -wrong gondola - possible to correct, but needs also the clear parts to be corrected -pylon for V-1 - see link above
  14. The decision "to paint or not to paint" depends on number of factors: -surface under the decal. Sometimes decals intended to be placed on complicated surfaces and I prefer not to trust on decal softening chemistry. The best conforming decals IMHO are Eduard, but on every complicated surface (example - extreme nose and shark teeth design) I prefer to made masks and paint. -decals themselves: OOB decals in my kit are about 15 years old, have some color displacement and I don't like their pink color. And they have errors. -masks availability and complexity- the two color roundels are simple to produce with circular knife. I always cut myself the hinomarus, and use aftermarket masks for stars and swastika. -Generally, IMHO, I try not to use big decals. Sure, its only my personal experience and recommendations. But painting instead of decals worth a try
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