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  1. Hi comrades! I'm back! Cockpit almost done (minus gunsight). Airframe primed. Finally, I can proceed to the painting Thanks for looking!
  2. Thank You! I just tried to put it together (and add some extras). My next 1-72 bomber will be Hasegawa's kit...I tired by Valom for a while))
  3. Hi Comrades! Here is my Valom's Wellesley. Not a simple kit to build. Additions-resin engine, masks for canopies. All others - scratch built - 4 new small windows in the fuselage, wheel wells structure, interior details aft of pilots headrest etc. The build is here Hope, you like it!
  4. Hi comrades! After final fight with undercarriage, I finished him! More and better photos' I'll make and post on next weekend. Hope, You like it
  5. Hi comrades! The build is resurrected! I made soldered "spider" from old photo-etch to represent the structure visible through the glass but omitted by Valom. Then, clear parts was installed (gunner cockpit glazing was VERY "interesting"), model was primed, painted and the decals (most pleasant part of the kit) on place Next- weathering and undercarriage Thanks for looking!
  6. Thank You! Before the war, Buffaloes were maintained in "close to the new" state, so only very light weathering was done
  7. Hi comrades! Here is my yellow wing Buffalo. The build is here Main improvements: Scratch built half of cockpit floor, main undercarriage and aft-engine structure and wiring. Rivets. Some wiring on undercarriage legs and cockpit. Used aftermarket: Eduard's brass and canopy masks. Yellow-wings and Starfighter decals. Thanks to all the help I received for my questions! Hope, You enjoy Thanks for looking
  8. Hi comrades! Wiring added to main gear legs. Small tubes added as gun nozzles in the wings. Navigation lights done from lengthened clear sprues. Yellow wing and Starfighter decals are simply excellent! Sorry, pitot tube forgotten...I'll add it before final photo-session See You in RFI section with more photos' Thanks for looking
  9. Hi comrades! Painted. Next-lacquer, decals, panel wash and oil dots Thanks for looking
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