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  1. Thank You! I built limited run kits with better fit...But I hope the result will be OK.
  2. Hi comrades! So far main assembly (including the canopy), priming and painting done. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi! I bought recently the Airfix 1/48 kit of the fighter subvariant F.18 and i'll try to build the fighter-recon variant FR18. The side looking cameras are included in the kit, but the two belly openings should be added. Any drawing/picture will be helpful. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Comrades! Despite problematic fit, the office finished and main assembly done! Nose cannon funnels added (in the kit they are represented by simple openings:( Clear navigation lights on the wings were built from scratch AIMS update set even if partly use (as in this build) is very good addition! Now - acrylic putty (some minor gaps) and canopy assembly with lots of brass details. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello, comrades! My next build is Eduard's recently issued profipack of Bf-110G early variants. Overall over engineered kit made on well used molds gave in result the very time consuming build. Fit is at the level of intermediate limited run kits. Special thanks to Eduard for nose guns cover made from two parts (resin and half of plastic part). I believe, single resin part is much more appropriate here... I started with most problematic assemblies - wings&nacelles and nose. So far one wing assembled, with minimal use of acrylic putty. Second wing and nose are in process. https://i.ibb.co/KzjmHcs/06.jpg Thanks for looking
  6. Original crosses looks applied by brush. And they are sharp edged on reference photos.
  7. Hi comrades! So far: main assembly done and the airplane primed. Almost all the decals were replaced with masks. All tactical markings were painted. After this, irregular camouflage crosses were applied with Molotov marker After this the only decal stencil was applied, Hinomaru and black surfaces weathered, panel lines highlighted, exhausts and oil leaks added. Next stage-chassis assembly and small parts installation. See You in RFI section in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi comrades! Aft part of the engines added from scratch (without reference) - should be better than nothing. Everything painted, fuselage windows installed. Navigation lights omitted (no clear parts provided) by Hasegawa added. Wings assembled. Next stage-fuselage closing and main assembly of the plane. Thanks for looking
  9. Hi! Sure! Here is my reference and first try (and I know-the crosses should be less uniform and more dense). I will try more for the better effect
  10. Hi comrades! I'm start the Ki-49 build. This build will include the Eduard brass and canopy masks and some scratch additions. So far, the fuselage interior assembled and ready for painting. The main wheel wells interior is totally absent in the kit and Eduard set, so I built it totally from scratch. And without references. Thanks for looking
  11. Yes, Middle East desert camouflages are interesting. This specific is Soviet factory applied, but most of the Fitters had domestically designed and applied camouflages-great variety of schemes and colors.
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