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  1. Hi comrades! My next build is Hasegawa's fantastic Kate. I will depict the famous Arizona killer - aircraft from Soryu, piloted by Haruo Sato. In all the reference books this machine painted differently, in most of them in two color camo. I compared the number of sources and after reading the long discussion on j-aircraft.com, decided to paint the model in single color unregular camouflage - like presented in the book by Bert Kinzy (Pearl Harbour). I also decided to rivet the model - so the build will take more time... Aftermarket consists of Eduard brass, Montex masks and spare decals. So far, stabilizers riveted, cockpit done. Next - rivets on wing Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi! From Dora answers on FB, I understand that they plan to do other boxing with Greek machines featured. I'm waiting to do HAF Bloch in 1/48
  3. Hi comrades! I decided to scratch build the wing navigation lights. It's my first time ever. I satisfied with the result. Also I added some details to the tail light interior (on photo Micro Kristal Klear glue is still curing). Than, the wings were attached to the fuselage. Only small amount of acrylic putty was need. Wing roots profile correction worth the effort! Now, construction mainly completed (props and pilot canopy/turret placed for photos only) and the model is ready for priming... But, unfortunately, I still haven't the decals in hand, so I'm postpone this build for some time (I hope not more than month ) and start my next project - Hasegawa's excellent B5N Kate in 1/48. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thank You! This picture looks very dramatic! Interesting subject! I have the AMT boxing of A-20B/C...Probably will build it in Soviet livery.
  5. Thank You, Pete M.! It's total surprise for me! I checked a number of builds, but this correction was not mentioned... Fantastic to know for my A-20C future build, but in this project I'm afraid it's too late and I can't see how (for my skills and motivation) to move the assembled undercarriage forward inside the assembled nacelle. I'm sure, Your info will be of a great interest for those who follow this build! Sincerely, CG
  6. Hi! Yes, this is small but interesting manufacturer - if you want some pin-up decorated WWII plane or aircraft of modern Ukrainian AF (yes, also the pixel camouflaged ones) - this brand is exactly what you need. I'm wait for his B-25 to be scaled up from 72 to 48 to start my Accurate Miniatures kit Sincerely CG
  7. Thanks a lot! Engines faces are very visible - so, I haven't choice not to scratch some more details
  8. Thank You CC! I chose one of four 312BG machines featured in the new Foxbot's Boston (part 2) decals . I still not received them (this is new product), so the build will be hibernated after priming...Until I will receive the decals Sincerely CG
  9. Hi comrades! QuickBoost resin engines were wired, painted and weathered After this they was installed in Quickboost cowlings and measured on the nacelles. Looks like the final assembly is around the corner... Thanks for looking
  10. Hi comrades! Fuselage assembled! Rescue inflatable boat was repainted in yellow, turret I assembled without the guns. Assembly was done with black MrCement Special - so You can see some traces of black near the seams. After some sanding I rescribed the panel lines and filled them with diluted paint to see the results. Lead balls mixed with "Micro Kristal Klear" glue was added to the nose - I believe it's enough, but I'll double check later, after wings installation. Next stage - engines wiring and painting/weathering Thanks for looking!
  11. Hi! Here is Eduard's original PDF https://www.eduard.com/out/media/48126.pdf And here is scan of the instruction and set (before the use) Hope it helps!
  12. Don't give up! Generally, Eduard brass fits good in most of the cases - but this one is of their early products and fit is problematic (I just forced some of the parts to fit proper). Most of the cockpit set I just ignored and remained with the original plastic. Sometimes the scratch build is simpler than adopting problematic part. Can You post photos of the problematic fit? Let's try to solve it
  13. Hi Comrades! My recent build is old but good AMT A-20G. This is original boxing. I will replace decals with Foxbot ones. Additions includes Eduard brass (interior and exterior, partly useful), True details wheels, Montex masks and Quickboost engines and cowlings. So far I assembled fuselage halves with some scratch additions, corrected the wing root profiles for better fit, and finished wheel wells and cockpit with some brass and scratch. The only problematic places are on gondola to upper wings connection. No major problems so far. Thanks for looking!
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