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  1. Hi! I build early Mirage in NMF. The tricolor camo of later Mirages and Kfirs (and F-16, and F-15I) uses same colors over the years (IMHO). The best way to paint with Gunze is to mix them for achieving the true color (IMHO). May be "AK Real" paints are better in color matching but same to Gunze C series in airbrushing quality. I used them (Japanese Army colors) and they are great.
  2. Thank You! The OOB detailing is sparse and brass can't add to much in this model. So, I just add what I can.
  3. Hi comrades! Office done with some scratch additions and enhancements: Throttle scratch-built, different wires added, some boxes and low ejection handle added to the ejection seat, dashboard painted. Only aftermarket so far is Eduard's super-fabric seat belts. Upper ejection handle will be added later to the seat. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thank You! I hope to get the brass shortly and build the cockpit ASAP.
  5. Hi comrades! Here is my next NMF project. IAF Mirage #45. This fighter is special because his unique kills - one Lebanon and two Iraq (Most of the IAF kills were against Syrian/Egypt aircrafts). This specific jet finished his career early (1969-70) in training accident. The kit is the better kit available today (IMHO), with some aftermarket - Armycast wheel wells, Res-kit engine and wheels, Eduard etch (bigger than OOB). Underwing stores will include two 500l tanks only. Let's start: So far I assembled the engine (MUCH more detailed and delicate than OOB), installed the resin wheel wells (with some additional wiring) and assembled the wing. Next - cockpit!
  6. Thank You! Thank You! I can't confirm o deny the Hasegawa's recommendation. This project is a test bench for NMF and the Armycast decals...So my "research" was limited to the true wing type only. Interesting! What exact color is it? And is it relevant also for F-100 series?
  7. Hi Comrades! So, here the Sabre after decaling, panel wash and some assembly: The old Hasegawa stencils were cured with Microscale liquid decal film, but unfortunately they became to thick and visible on NMF... The Armycast decals are FANTASTIC! The are almost invisible even on NMF!!! But I succeed to make some errors - two decals were distorted and one totally destroyed...My own lesson: I'll continue to use them, but I'll buy two sets. The panel wash - Tamiya black. Next - one day I'll receive my parcel with New Ware masks and finish this project. For now, I'll paint the Sidewinders and go to the next project - Eduard's Mirage IIIC in IAF markings Thanks for looking!
  8. Hi Unc! Looks like your Sabre got the best available aftermarket! PS: Yes!!!
  9. Hi comrades! @exdraken - hope to move to the decals ASAP, only problem - it's not enough stencils included in Armycast decals and I'm not sure the Hasegawa old stencils are usable (even with liquid decal film), so probably I'll order aftermarket stencils. @Uncle Uncool - I believe, Hasegawa has the F-40 boxing with proper wings @franky boy - looks like some Ukrainian manufacturers - I love such kind of decals! I will check this ASAP @RidgeRunner - thanks for great tips! I will implement them for sure!
  10. Hi comrades! I decided to try NMF and new (for me) decal manufacturer - Armycast. So, the fantastic Hasegawa kit exists in my slash for 25 years and I don't remember why I bought it (I'm not big fun of Sabre...). Because the decals are dead, I chose different livery - 53rd Fighter Day Squadron, Bitburg AB, Germany. The build was straightforward, very small amount of acrylic putty was used. Nose weight was fixed with Tamiya two-component putty. Only aftermarket-resin seat by Quickboost and the decals. So far painting is complete. Next stage - decals and undercarriage assembly Thanks for looking
  11. Hi! I am trying to reproduce the empty underwing pylon for Lightning (Yes, F.53 , Saudi AF). Any pictures from below on this pylon or more widely used UK or French platforms (I believe, it was something standard for bombs/rockets) will be very helpful. Thanks in advance. Cema
  12. Thank You! This build was pain...30 years old DML/Trimaster kit was better. I hope the second edition will be improved significally
  13. Thank You! Thank You, Joachim! I totally lost the battle with photography...Every time I try to improve something - the results are disasters. Nevertheless, I will never surrender and try to implement Your recommendations!
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