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  1. Hi comrades! My next build is ancient Su-7 kit in Revell box. The Shmer's kit is the best available in the last 40 years). I'll add some aftermarket parts. The prototype I chose from the Harpia's excellent reference book. So, let's start)) Thanks for looking
  2. Hi comrades! Here is my Lightning F.53 in ground attack configuration. RSAF was the only air force to use Lightnings in real combat. The build is here: Used aftermarket is decals (Model Alliance), Reskit MATRA pods, Master pitot, Aires resin ejection seat, wheel wells and exhaust, Eduard brass, New Ware masks. The pilons and other additions was scratch built. Thanks for looking
  3. Nice work, the scratch additions and insignia painting are great!
  4. Occasionally, I build one about one year ago. Unfortunately it is non riveted On Mirage III/5 the fuel tanks with bombs were used (mostly in exhibitions) on inboard wing pilons. The centerline pilon had not enough ground clearance IMHO
  5. Thank You! I chose this configuration because it's unique looking Lightning ( and not cause it's great performance as close support shturmovik ) P.S. Mirage IIICJ performed well as bombers, but with regular bomb load, not the fuel tank mounted. What looks great in exhibitions not always performs great).
  6. Hi comrades! With decals and full assembled. See you in RFI section with better pictures next week) The quick pictures so far: Thanks for looking
  7. Hi comrades! With lacquer, more assembly and landing gear partly installed. Next stage-decals and canopy painting Thanks for looking!
  8. Thank You! The wingtip lights are the kit parts, but drilled from inside and painted to produce the "colored lamp" appearance
  9. Thank You, Laszlo! It's not perfect, but definitely, my best NMF effort up today)) Thank You, Karl!
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