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  1. Hi comrades! I finished the wings riveting, add some wiring to the wind wheel wells and assembled the wings. Structure detailing was added inside the belly. "Lower cockpit" painted/weathered and ready to assembly. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi comrades! The build of "Felix the cat" continues. Great fit but VERY basic detailing so far. Upper wings riveted, some wiring added to wing wheel wells, wings assembled (Silver plastic) structure details were added inside the lower fuselage and forward part of the floor Aft part of the floor and firewall omitted by Tamiya were copied from Classic Airframes kit and built from styrene. "Low cockpit" was painted and weathered. Next stage - huge and empty aft engine compartment. Thanks for looking
  3. Hi comrades! Two questions on the Hunter FGA.9 This small dent exists on both sides of the tank? Or only on the outboard of the tanks? And what was the main intakes color in middle sixties on the silver bottomed Hunters? Thanks in advance!
  4. Great! Thanks for VERY helpful reference! The blind plastic on the bottom wing is already fixed...I will leave it as is. Silver or light grey belly???? I can't deside from the photos of BW-372((( Somebody saw it's in museum and can tell? Do You have any good reference for engine mount and all the pipes around it? They are very visible inside the fuselage. And small windows on the wings - they are precious! I will make them from the decals! Fantastic! Thanks a lot!
  5. Wow, what a great info! Looks like I'll paint the cockpit in aluminum and black, as supplied by Brewster Only two questions: 1) IMHO, the bottom wing windows were closed with metal during the first overhauls, together with the camouflage painting. It means IMHO, that only original overall aluminum Buffaloes had the bottom windows. Is it false interpretation? 2) Which "light grey" is representative for the bottom surfaces? Chip #34 from above paint chart? This is my build so far . The drawing is of USN variant F-2A2
  6. Thanks a lot! I'm build now BW-393, as flied by 1 Lt Hans Wild, Commander of 1/LeLv 24, Winter 1943 Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi comrades! I am build now late variant (winter of 1943) and Classic Airframes instruction tells that on the overhauled Buffaloes cockpits were painted in "light grey" color instead of original natural aluminum and black. Is it true, and which "light grey" is proper? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi comrades! The Classic Airframes kit is more detailed than the Tamiya, but still - some detail were deepened, unneeded landing light closed, rivets added. So far progress with the bottom part of wing. Thanks for looking
  9. Hi comrades! I started with rescribing (only rised) panel lines, adding some missed details and riveting. So far the lower wing finished. Some errors were corrected on the way. It's funny, but the original bottom window of Tamia kit have very loose fit, but the CA windows fits much better to the Tamiya's wing)) Thanks for looking
  10. You welcome! I will build Classic Airframes together with Tamiya F2A-2 in USN pre-war livery))
  11. Hi comrades! My next build is two Brewster Buffalos. In this thread it will be Finnish one. Famous "white seven" of the commander of 1/LeLV 24 in winter camouflage. Classic Airframe's kit is much more detailed than the old Tamiya's kit. I'll anyway add some scratch details to the cockpit and wheels-engine compartment. Model will be riveted. Only aftermarket is Montex Masks. Thanks for looking
  12. Hi comrades! This is my build of Tamiya Buffalo. Old kit, relatively simple. I will made my life more interesting by scratch detailing of the "empty" areas (wheels-motor compartment, cockpit, main u/c legs) and riveting. I'll use some aftermarket details and decals. The painting guide is for general idea only - my project is of different prototype (but the same unit/section). Also, to make the things even more interesting - in parallel I'll build the Classic Airframes counterpart - Brewster Type 239 of Finnish Air Force (will be in different thread) Thanks for looking!
  13. Thank You! Making good pictures and placing them in forum is more complicated IMHO than building the models)))
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