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  1. Guys, sorry i did not anything yet. The build is a bit on hold until i get some books in. As soon as thats in, Ill keep on building. Sorry guys, but need q little more reference pictures to build this beautyful plane the way i want to Greetzzz, Andre
  2. Thank you bith for the positive comments.. Makes me feel good.
  3. I am glad it inspires you. Maybe you can dust it off... And gibe it a try. It is about the same difficulty as mottling a FW190.. Thnx for the compliment. I appriciate it
  4. Thnx for the kind words. Thnx I did my best. But as always I see some mistakes.. That I wont make next time. I hope.
  5. You should. It builds very nice. Just a few small issues. Thnx for your compliment Fubar
  6. I did it freehand. Just at very low pressure. And very thinned paint. Thnx for the compliment Thnx Mike. Glad you like it.
  7. Hi Guys, Here are pictures of my finisched Kawa Ki-45. It was a straight forward build, just OOB. The interiour is painted with vallejoAir, and the outside of the plane was painted with AK inetractive. This last paint needed some getting used too. I don't think i wil use it again, unlessi need to paint another Japanese WW2 plane. Oke so far for the paint, here are the pictures. I hope you all like it. Greetzzzz, André
  8. Just jumped in. What an awsome job your both have done so far. Ill follow this one.
  9. I have dry fitted the cockpit before painting, and it seemed like it woud fit oke. Probably after painting i will not fit as good. Do u have any indication( as u said u build tis kit already) how the fit in the fuselage wil be. And how to put it in the righ spot. Greetzzz, André
  10. Wow, Totally stunned by the apperance of this plane. Awsome peace of work.
  11. Good day all, It is the next day, so now its time to start painting details f the cockpit. Tedious piece of work. It has to be done, because its very visible when the kit is done. Here si where I am at this time. So far it is going fine; Just going to lay these to rest and when all is dried i wil close it up with a glos paint, so i can use a wash. Comments are very welcome. Greetzzzz, Andre
  12. Awsome idea. My wife does some diamond painting too. So ill rob some wax..
  13. Hello All, This is going to be my first thread of a build here on this site. Its going to be this kit, its a classic one. I already started with this kit a little while agoo. I started with te resin cockpit. In addition there are some PE parts too. Some parts of the resin are very smell,en very brittle. Some of these parts i had to replace with some evergreen rods in different sizes. Also the PE had the tendency to fly as soon as it felt the tweezers. So the levers were made of evergreen rod also. After all this work, i started the painting. First a black primer, and after that i sprayed it in interiour green. Now i am gonna let it dry and next time i wil start the wheatering. This is where i am now. I hope u all like it, and please share your thoughts with me. I know its not going to be an easy build, so i am gonna need your support on this build.\ Greetzzz, André
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