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  1. After the P-51D/K Eduard is to release 1/48th North American P-51B/C Mustang kits Source: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2022/info-eduard-2022-10-special.pdf V.P.
  2. I am a little late to the party, but here I am! I know I'm not alone building one of these 1/72 Eduard Bf 110 kits for this GB, and it looks great! I won't bother with sprue shots. I'll be building it OOB as one of these Bf 110 that the Luftwaffe sent to Iraq. I think I attempted to build a Bf 110 (must have been Airfix) in the 1990s as a kid, but pretty sure it never made it to the finish line, so let's hope this goes differently!
  3. My apologies for a very last minute entry for the GB, but for a number of reasons this is the first model that I have picked up for several weeks and with a few projects abandoned mid-build, it could be regarded as a mojo restorer. I am hoping that this quick build will get me back into the swing of things and push me to completing those too. Anyway here are the photos of the bag and its contents. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Off to wash the parts before making a start now. John
  4. Hello to all, Some time ago I decided to switch from 1/72 scale to 1/48, I sold the whole collection (around 80 kits) and start to build a new one. My goal is to build collection of main types of US NAVY and USMC planes from WWII until now. I am faster in buying models than building them, so my stash contains around 60 boxes (you can check my Scalemates profile), but so far I finished just one Another 3 are in WIP, all of them from Tamiya, A-1H, F4D and F4F. A-1H Skyraider, VA-25, 577 - I am after basic wash, semigloss varnish and final weathering is in front of me. Gunze H and Tamiya Acrylic colours were used and I used mask for main marking, the rest are decals from the box. F4D Skyray, VMF-114, 3 - Final semigloss varnish applied and I will start final weathering. Gunze H and Tamiya Acrylic colours were used and I used mask to airbrush main marking, the rest are decals from the box. F4F-4 Wildcat, VMF-223, 28 - Gunze H used on bottom surface and AK RC on top. I struggle with decals on sides of fuselage. Tamiya and Techmod didn’t work, so I tried Eduard from their F4F-4 Profipack but didn’t work as well. I will remove the decals, repaint fuselage and use mask to airbrush the signs. This is where I struggle.
  5. One of the projects I started in lock-down 3.0 is ICM's 1/32 Sea Gladiator. I've been meaning to start a build log, so here is progress so far. I have an asthmatic in the house, and use enamel paint, so spraying indoors is out of the question. I'll need to wait for better weather before any paint goes on. I decided that I wanted to use this opportunity to dry-fit assemble as much of the model as possible, in preparation for disassembly and a primer coat when the weather warms up. I'm also using the Eduard photo-etch sets, AIMS etch set and Aerocraft Models brass struts and landing gear. Although overall this looks to be a really outstanding kit, there are a few areas of the depiction of the cockpit that I do not like: 1. The cockpit behind the seat has been blanked off. The real aircraft had an open structure behind the seat bulkhead. 2. Opening up the area behind the seat bulkhead means that the cockpit framing needs extending aft, and this area needs detailing as it is very visible. 3. The seat seems crude. I started with the seat. This is the AIMS photo-etch seat with brass details and coil springs made from wire. I soldered this mainly, though the brass rods and coil springs are glued. I still need to add the brake lever: I prefer the AIMS seat to the Eduard one, though the latter isn't bad. I built the extension to the cockpit from plastic tube and strip. The compressed air bottles are from the spares box with lead leads: The support for the harness strap wires is from Eduard and fits like a glove. Various knobs and levers are a combination of AIMS and Eduard. And with the seat assembly resting roughly in place: That's all for now....
  6. Its been sometime since i posted here . I seen this Hind E helicopter , Looks like a great OTB. Please enjoy Rick
  7. Spitfire LF Mk.IXc MH 712 "Pat" from 302 (Polish) Squadron during its operations in France after Overlord (summer 1944). I painted this Spitfire last autumn and since then it was waiting for weathering and some final detail. Finally some two weeks ago I sat down and painted scratches, worn paint and exhaust residue as per photos and some dust and streaking. She was painted with paints suggested here - it is a mix of humbrol, revell and Vallejo acrylics. I consider it done, Photos are a bit washed out but the weather is not really photo friendly lately. WIP thread: here
  8. First post for a while so a new build, thought a Vietnam era A-1 would just be the ticket. Armed with a bit of aftermarket like the lovely Brassin seat and some Quinta office decals I thought why not. Not much progress so far just the basic's of the pit. The seat is a real gem and paints up really well. Enjoy folks
  9. Let´s start into the new year with a new project. DSC_0006 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0007 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0008 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  10. In the Czech Modelforum it's mentioned that after the 1/48th MiG-21, Spitfire and Bf.109 families, Eduard has as long term project the North American P-51 Mustang in the same scale (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974169-148-north-american-p-51-mustang-family-long-term-project-by-eduard/). But as another possible project, the Eduard's Boss, M. Sulc, has also mentioned the Hawker Hurricane! Maybe more news at the yearly Eduard's Novemberfest 2015. Wait and see. Source: http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=68170&start=5865 Strange considering Airfix is working on a new tool 1/48th Hawker Hurricane kit (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234972972-airfix-148-hurricane-mk1/). If not a Hurri then another British subject Mr Sulc? Like a Hawker Tempest or a family of Griffon powered (Mk.XIV...) Spitfire by example... V.P.
  11. Eduard leaflet for May: http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2016-05.pdf change digit in link for older issues
  12. After building already one kit out of this dual combo some years ago, it´s time to do the second. DSC_0011 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0012 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0013 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0014 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  13. Hi All, So yes I know you may or may not be thinking "he's got two carriers on the go what is he doing starting something else!". Well truth be told is because of a recent purchase I made which builds into a grand (well I think its grand) plan. More on the purchase below and you can see it in the photo's. Some time ago @ArnoldAmbrose made a suggestion on my 1/350 Dunkerque build that I could do one of each of the treaty battleships as a collection. Im not sure how serious it was but Jeff - the idea took hold well and truly! So I've been gathering kits and extras as a result, still much to get but enough now to make a start. The one frustration is no available injection kit of Nelson or Rodney in 1/350 but we can hope. I think when we think of naval arms races we often think of WW1 but it was well and truly underway before WW2 as well, just not in the numbers as twenty five years before. The plan is that this thread will be the first in the series that I'm hoping to do over the next few.....um .....years. So far i've got hold of the following in the stash; Admiral Graf Spee Strasbourg (having built Dunkerque0 Littorio Scharnhorst 1940 Richelieu Prince of Wales To add North Carolina and Alabama/Massachusetts (although i have some detail bits for them). In some ways Nelson and Rodney sit outside of this as they were outside of this build up towards the second world war, existing almost in isolation. Im pretty sure this lot will take quite some time as I juggle life and hobby, not to mention the other things i have to build as well! I wanted to make a start though. I picked up Strasbourg for a steal the other day (£40) and want to build her desperately as i love the French ships but the first in the line of treaty battleships was Admiral Graf Spee (AGS). Not that she was a battleship at all of course, the word pocket always added to any introduction of her and her class was later reclassified as heavy cruisers. I've been doing little bits and pieces on the kit over the past 12 months or so, pulling it out when I wanted to stick bits of plastic together/first try colourcoats paints by brush. This is the Academy version, and imho it's not great, its not terrible but its a real mixed bag. I chose it over the trumpeter as I thought it had better lines but its certainly not great in terms of engineering. It has some parts that are nicely detailed, others that are bland and it doesn't go together seamlessly shall we say! A few photo's of where I'm at and what I have to use: Whilst watching the very disappointing rugby yesterday I began drilling out scuttles, id previously started then changed my mind, filled and then changed my mind again hence the filler smear at the bow. Seams - seams everywhere! Luckily the detail sets will correct lots of the very soft detail. Im surprised really each time i think about this one. Academys Warspite is great, clean and crisp moulding - AGS by comparison is just a bit messy. Sets from Eduard, MK.1 and Master barrels for her; I still need a deck for her - the plastic one is alright but has a noticeable join so I'll try a wooden one, and her AA guns are woeful so need replacing! So that's where I'm at. My carriers will continue to be the main focus whilst I get them over the line but my hobby evenings are normally Tues, Thurs and a bit on the weekend and AGS will take one of those slots. Thanks for stopping in, S-boat
  14. In August 2020, Eduard is to release in August 2020 - just in time for the 80th Anniversary of the BoB - a new tool 1/48th Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I limited kit - ref. Source: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2020/info-eduard-2020-01.pdf V.P.
  15. This weekend at the E-Days 2013 the box art picture from the Eduard's future 1/48th Messerschmitt Bf.109 G-6 kit. Source: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=78075. V.P.
  16. Thanks HKR 👍 Eduard worked in secret on a new kit and tomorrow it will be announced 7PM (Warsaw Time) UPDATE - It'll be a family of 1/48th Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" Source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=33390#p2448351 V.P.
  17. Greetings. I'm not sure I chose the right forum section, but the topic in general is aviation. I am not indifferent to radial piston aircraft engines, and although my favorite scale is 1/72, I wanted to have the engine in a larger size, well detailed, and this is exactly what the work in question is about. Resin engine from Eduard, designed for Revell's 1/32 scale Fw-190. Quite worthy to be a separate model. The quality of the set is 4+; if you make it a separate model, you would like to improve some aspects. The etched spark plug wires had to be completely replaced with wire, and at the same time the distribution ring-ramp had to be redone. Pushers made of metal tubes, and much more. But for the most part the kit is excellent, the resin just needs cleaning up in a lot of places. Metallic paint by Tamiya LP and Alclad, Mr.Color, hand painted mostly by Vallejo. *Sorry for the automatic translation
  18. It seems like I've hit a bad patch recently, with a work/life balance that was not really balanced. It seems that too much stress at work really isn't good for you...who would've thought? The trip to the doctors office actually showed a low steady heart rhythm, good exercise regime but high blood pressure. It's probably not related at all to the Valom Bristol Firebrand that I'm wrestling with over at the Salty Sea dogs GB While the doctor is requesting more data and me collecting said stuff for a few weeks, I decided to go clean up my workbench. It was stacked about 5 projects deep (2 P38, a Firebrand, a P-47, and a F-16 was found, together with some pieces of Lansen, Viggen and a few other bits). I'm sure that this has never happened to anyone else, and I'm completely unique in this aspect. Anyway, the cleanup was fairly quick, nothing was binned and all of a sudden I found myself with a nice and tidy bench. What now? Puttying the Firebrand? Decaling a swing-wing? Masking a P-47? No! Don't ever finish stuff, that could only lead to ruin, so instead I brought forth this. Much better! Well molded, oodles of detail, a few extra bits and bobs as well, and apparently a mostly stellar fit. So, caution thrown overboard, and the snipper started to work on the wheel bays. That's quite a few bits to build up the bays!! This was also a shot of primer, and a base coat of interior green, like so. A dark wash in the will do nicely I think! Main fuselage also got a lick of paint while the airbrush was loaded with the correct colors. Looking at the rear of the fuselage, I've only seen this amount of raised and lowered rivets on one other kit. That would be the 1/24 Tiffy that I built (more than) a few years back No oil canning on the Eduard Tempest though! But for 1/48, this is awesome.
  19. Eduard is to rebox in June 2020 the hasegawa 1/72nd Martin B-26 Marauder kit - ref. Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/eduard-pressekonferenz-in-nuernberg/ V.P.
  20. Hello folks here is my completed Spitfire from the last year's local exhibition dedicated to our former airman W/Cdr Jaroslav Hlaďo. My local modellers club took part in the exhibition with model kits of the aircraft on which gen. Hlaďo flew during his long career in the RAF and Czechoslovak Air Force. I contributed with this Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe, TE 524, JT-5, Planá u Českých Budějovic aerodrome (former DU-F, No.312 (Czechoslovak) Squadron RAF). It was a fast and easy build without any modifications and improvements of the kit, built only for the exhibition purposes. I quite enjoyed it because it brought old friends together after a long time... So here she is:
  21. Hello All, It’s been a while but I’m back and wanting to get my mojo back and after some help please. I’ve got a 1/48 Eduard Mig-23MF/ML Bedna boxing and I would like to add some Eduard resin to the kit. I’ve looked at Hannants, and Eduard do two different versions of the intakes, wheel wells, undercarriage and exhaust. One set for the MF and one set for the ML. The boxing I have lists both MF/ML in the same box and looking at the instructions there are only one set of intakes, undercarriage wells and wheels but two exhaust. My question is, can I get away with just buying the MF set of items and these will suffice for the ML also, or are there big difference between the two? I’m not sure which scheme and mark I want to build yet as I am just looking at options. I’ve studied the aftermarket pictures on Hannants and the Eduard website and can’t really see much difference between them, but they have different part numbers listed. Many thanks for your help and advice. Ashley
  22. The Finnish Air Force bomber command had a total of 23 Ju 88 A-4's. The bombers were bought from the Luftwaffe and they arrived in Finland during the spring of 1943. I built my model from a 1/72 scale Revell kit. The Finnish markings are from a S.B.S decal set. The model depicts the plane reg. JK-256. The bombers arrived in Finland in the Luftwaffe splinter camo and with the German markings on. In a hurry to get the bombers into action the three colour Germa camo was not overpainted but only the Finnish markings were attached to the wings and the fuselage. The German Balkenkreutzes on the under sides of the wings were hastily covered with white paint but the black ones on the upper side of the wings were left uncovered. For the splinter camo I bought LF Model's masks and for the german dark green, black green and light blue camo I used Xtracolor RLM paints. However, I must frankly say that I am disappointed at the outcome and at the too similar hues of the two greens. To my eyes they are almost indiscernible. I don't know if the Xtracolor dark green and black green paints are simply too similar. But what can you do! The FAF planes during the so called continuation war also carried the yellow eastern front identification stripes in the wings, the fuselage and under the engines. The cockpit of the plane is a real green house. There are dozens of tiny window panes and without the Eduard masks it would have been a nightmare to paint the frames. Otherwise the model was easy but rather time consuming to build.
  23. I welcome everyone with my next crafts - F6F-5 and F6F-3 (aka Hellcat Mk.1) from Grumman. Eduard's set has been known for a long time, so I tried to collect all the more or less significant additions/alterations in the photo, so as not to write a lot of boring text. Perhaps the most unpleasant thing about the kit is the need to rework the landing gear niches and rear pillar, correct the joints of the steering elements (given as jointing), and reduce the thickness of the canopy. The rest of the improvements are standard. At the same time, I assembled two models from the Double Kit - the F6F-5 and the British Hellcat Mk.1 (aka F6F-3), so many of the operations are identical. Decals for the F6F-5 are from Techmod, for the Hellcat Mk.1 - standard ones from the kit. The identification marks are mostly painted. Two words about stands: – For the F6F-5, a mock-up of a hangar catapult was made, the kind that were used at one time on American aircraft carriers. I made it myself, mainly from polystyrene. The manufacturing process is also shown in the attached photographs. - For the Hellcat Mk.1, the base from the Eureka XXL was taken as a basis; all that remained was to paint it. Sorry for the automatic translation, enjoy watching.
  24. Hi all, I wish everybody a happy new year for a starter I am proud to present to you almost freshly finished Wildcat from Eduard. this is the only build to have been carried to an end this year for multiple reasons (like... life!) but I for sure enjoyed every minutes of it. Let it be noted that 2023 was the year of the arrivals of babies in my household but also of me setting up my workshop in our house after a 6 year hyatus. All I can conclude so far is that my eagerness to build models is back and even bigger than when i put it aside. here comes pics of the said model from which you can find more "in progress" pics here : I won't say it is perfect, quite far from it even, but I reached a satisfactory point where I dont feel like picking it up from the shelf to do more on it. I would greatly appreciate any comment or improvement idea since I used plenty of new-to-me products (AK paints, AK weathering washes, AK pencils,...) since many items did not like being stored for an extended period of time. next to come will be a bf-109 in its winter coat as a step toward italian camouflage
  25. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop, EP706 'T-L', Plt Off. George 'Scewball' Beurling, 249 Squadron, Ta Qali, Malta, October 1942. This is my latest build in my Malta themed series, George Beurling's 249 Squadron Spitfire Vb. Subject; Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb Trop, x2 .20mm Hispano Suiza cannons and x4 .303 Browning's. Manufacturer; Eduard Profipack Scale; 1/48 Kit number; 82156 Aftermarket; Aero Master decals, the Vokes filter was kindly supplied by a friend as not included in this boxing. Paint; Exterior, upper, AK Real Colour RAF Middle Stone and Dark Earth overpainted with custom mix of RAF Extra Dark Sea Grey and XF8 Flat Blue. Lower, mix of XF23 Light Blue, XF19 Sky Grey and XF2 Flat White. Interior AK Real Colour RAF Interior Grey Green and Xtreme Metal Aluminium. LP5 Semi-Gloss Black and LP65 Rubber Black. Xtreme Metal Burnt Metal and Gunmetal. Various Tamiya X and XF and Posca pens for detailing. Primer; Mr Surfacer 1200 Varnish; AK Gauzy Shine Agent and Tamiya X35. Weathering; Flory Dark Dirt and Grime wash, Abteilung oils, Ammo North Africa pigment and Tamiya weathering palettes. Extras; Prym Knitting Elastic for the antenna wires.
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