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Found 21 results

  1. I almost finished the Bismarck at 1/200 from Trumpeter, it's a big job, started in january 2019. It's was my first plastic ship model tu build since 1975.. Here are some pictures of the assembly progress. For the occasion, I bought two PE improvement kits, MK1 and Eduard. I took the best of the 2 kits. I bought the wooden deck to USA. I have used the probable scheme of the 24 may 1941: Began by the Arado 196 A3 plane. It's small.. I cut the win
  2. Hi there, this is my first post in britmodeller so I hope you guys like it. A couple of months ago I came back to the hobby after a long seven years without modelling anything… Since I got into model making I always wanted to build the Bismarck. 13 years ago I purchased Revell’s 1/350 scale kit, back then the best and most complete kit you could it have. Unfortunately soon after I moved across the world to Sydney and I couldn’t bring it with me. Then years later I got Trumpeter’s 1/700 with a bunch of aftermarket detailed sets but then again, after my daughter was born
  3. One can forgive the old Airfix 1/600 scale Bismarck it's inaccuracies as it was produced in a day when all that remained were mostly sea level grainy pictures and remote subs were way off in the future. It's still rather pants though. Would this stop me from building it? If you think that you don't know me vewy well Had this kit in the stash for some years bringing it out from time to time only to put it back as it required too much work. Well, a few weeks back, having been signed off work, I took it back down and began to tinker. The following is the product of two o
  4. EwenM

    Bismarck decking

    Hello all, just bought a 1/350 Tamiya Bismarck, I’ve searched the net for a wooden deck kit, Sovereign won’t have one for 8-10 weeks and all the ones on eBay are coming from OZ or Far East, also tried Starling models they only had one for Tirpitz made by wood hunter...any suggestions where I might find one? failing that I’ll go and buy a different model and keep the Bismarck for later! Cheers
  5. I found this photo online during one of my Kriegsmarine searches. It was unidentified as to what it was or where it came from. It appears to be the starboard aft searchlight platform on Bismarck looking towards the bow, and judging from the background it is a very large scale model. The detail on the model is amazing and gorgeous. Does anybody have a link to more photos online?
  6. KM Bismarck 1:700 Meng Laid down in July 1936 by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg, the Bismarck was one of the largest and most powerful battleships to see action during the Second World War. She, along with her sister ship Tirpitz, represented the epitome of German warship technology. Weighing in at 50,900 tons deep load, the Bismarck’s design prioritised stability and protection over firepower; her broad beam of 118ft making her a very stable gun platform even in heavy seas. On 21 May 1941, Bismarck left the Kjorsfjord in Norway to embark on her first raiding
  7. Hello all. I am building Trumpeter's 1/200 Bismarck, and have several questions. I'll post them one at a time. First, the bridge decks. Bismarck had three bridges, using the terms in "Anatomy of the Ship" (please correct me if there is a more accurate term), the Admiral's Bridge (high one), the Lower Mast Deck Bridge (surrounding the armored conning tower) and the Bridge Deck (lowest of the three). The lower two bridges are shown in most models as having a wooden grating covering them, but I can only find one picture showing a wooden grating. Two other photos show them as da
  8. Hello Again All, I'm continuing work on my 1/32 Trumpeter Swordfish, and am now ready to begin painting. I would like to model the aircraft that got the rudder hit on Bismarck. I understand that the aircraft commonly identified as the one that scored the hit may or may not be correct, but I have a few questions regarding the painting. Any pointers on a corrected aircraft for the hit would be appreciated. I'd love to hear the other side. 1. From things I have read (mainly Mark Horan's article on the kBismarck website and other published stories), the plane is Swor
  9. Hi All I have the old Tamiya 350th Bismarck plus PE and barrels which I intend to start work on later this year. Haven't been able to find anything definitive about the aerial rigging for Bismarck, but did find this book (available as a Kindle download, which would suit my purposes) :- Just wanted to know if it has reasonable drawings showing the rigging (all I really need the book for) and is therefore worth the purchase price of just under a tenner? Failing that, any suggestions as to a good source for the rigging layout would be appreciated.
  10. Just started my latest big Project: Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck, before was the infamous Trumpeter 1/16 KT. I've wanted to build this model as it's a masterpiece in this scale and I've been very inspired by the impressive Bismarck and her history. Lots of people have already done some very nice builds. But here goes..... My first attempt at Naval, as everything before has been AFV, SCi-FI and Aircraft. Dry fit only....fit of parts is fantastic. More to come shortly.............
  11. The latest from the innovative South Korean company Infini Model has arrived in the UK. The sets include the thinnest wooden decks ever made, at 0.1mm thick using materials and techniques developed by Infini Model for small scale ship models. Also included is a set of turned brass masts to replace what are usually overly thick and chunky looking injection moulded items in 1/700 scale. They come with a small sheet of photo etched brass containing the essentials for using the headline parts, which includes replacement breakwaters and so on. A nice touch is the inclusion of extremely fine an
  12. The “Bismarck” was the first of two Bismarck-class battleships built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Named after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the primary force behind theunification of Germany in 1871, the ship was laid down at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg in July 1936 and launched in February 1939. Work was completed in August 1940, when she was commissioned into the German fleet. Bismarck and her sister ship Tirpitz were the largest battleships ever built by Germany, and two of the largest built by any European power. In the course of the warship's eight-month career under its
  13. DKM Battleship Bismarck detail sets 1:200 White Ensign Models Since the release of the big 1:200 Trumpeter DKM Bismarck many companies have released detail sets for it. Now, White Ensign Models have released their Ultimate set. The set actually comprises of eight smaller sets, each of which can be purchased separately, depending on how much detail the modeller wishes to add, so it’s the equivalent of Eduards Big Ed sets. Railings- (PE-2010) which, as the title describes is a medium sized sheet of railings. Since the kit comes with suitable railings for he main deck, this set just
  14. DKM Bismarck Detail Sets 1:200 CMK The big Trumpeter 1:200 kit of the DKM battleship Bismarck has already seen attention from the big detail set manufacturers. Whilst they all appear excellent sets they sometimes don’t go far enough. This is where CMKs Maritime Line comes in. They have released nine packs of detail parts to provide additional detail to the big sets. There is only minor overlap, but even then CMK have given the modeller a choice on how much or little they would like to add. Each set consist of finely detailed resin parts, with the exception of one, in which there
  15. Bismarck Barrel Sets Master Barrels 1:200 Just arrived at BM Towers are these three sets for the huge Trumpeter 1:200 Bismarck. As is usual the stand of manufacture is superb with even the smallest barrel detailed with various strengthening rings etc. The sets provide enough barrels to arm the complete model. You get eight 15” in set SM-200-006, twelve 5.9”, sixteen 105mm in set SM-200-007 and sixteen 37mm, twelve 20mm C/30, 8 20mm C/38 in set SM-200-008. Both the 15” and 5.9” barrels are produced in turned aluminium making them surprisingly light which won’t strain the glue attachin
  16. DKM Battleship Bismarck 1:200 Etch sets Eduard Eduard have now released the last of their sets for the big Trumpeter 1:200 Bismarck. These are sets 7 and 8 plus a set of Kriegsmarine officers. Set 7 is in the large format, with the fret being about 210mm x 134mm, whilst the other two are have smaller frets of 140mm x 78mm and 114mm x 70mm. Part 7- (53-086) provides fittings for the ships AA guns, including the 105mm, 37mm, both types of single 20mm and the quad 20mm mounts. The 105mm mounts receive new hand rails all over, new fittings for the fuse setting machine and details for
  17. DKM Battleship Bismarck Kagero Top Drawings There is not much I can add to the story of the Bismarck as it’s been so thoroughly documented. Yet is seems there can never be enough detail for the modeller to use in their build of this great battleship. To cater for this Kagero have released this book in their Top Drawing series. The softback book has twenty three pages, or sheets as Kagero put it, of line drawings covering the whole ships from stem to stern. Each sheet has a main part of the ship drawn with additional detail of various items around it. Each drawing is beautifully do
  18. DKM Battleship Bismarck 1:200 Etch sets Continuing their release program of etched set for the huge Trumpeter Bismarck, Eduard have sent us Parts 2, 4, 5, 6 and crew. Three of the sets are in the large format, with the frets being either about 210mm x 134mm to 177mm x 96mm in size. Part 2- (53-081) is designated for the foreward part of the ship with all the parts contained on one of the smaller sized frets. These include the chain deck runners, hawse pipe grating, anchor chain stoppers and their respective deck eyes, and windlass top. To the main turret barbettes the shell handling gea
  19. Just thought that those members that have bought, or are thinking of buying the Trumpeter 1:200 Bismarck, they would like ot see what you get in the Mk1 Designs DX full option detail set. The above pack includes some great looking wooden decks. Etched barrels for all calibres of weapons. Also included are some 15" shells, and turned 20mm mounts Turned brass masts, yards and booms. Resin bollards, davits and blastbags for the main and secondary armament A small amount of etch, some of it pre-painted. Finally, a complete set of decals for both the sh
  20. DKM Battleship Bismarck 1:200 Etch sets The release of the 1:200 Bismarck by Trumpeter was both a welcome and disbelieving release. Disbelieving, in the sheer size of the kit, and the amount of detail contained in the box. Suffice it to say that it was bound to become the subject for the aftermarket companies’ attentions. Thusly these sets have been released by Eduard. Strangely Britmodeller have been sent a part one and three, as it appears part two hasn’t been released yet. Being 1:200 the frets and indeed the parts of etched brass are quite large, 210mm x 134mm for each of the fr
  21. Trumpeter's new 1/200 Bismarck is now open for pre-orders. The kit is due for release in late October or early November and is set to be very popular. http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/trumpeter-1200-german-battleship-bismarck/
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