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  1. How long do you let the oils dry in these cases?
  2. Infini is great stuff too. I love their 25mm cannons. “Easy” to build and well designed never did a full set of m though. Do you know how the new designer is at pontos? I got the nagato set but thags likely the new style i guess? looking forward to seeing the endresult.
  3. Damn do I see a pontos Yorktown set. Once I hesitated between that and Bismarcks, ll follow with interest what it turns out like.
  4. So I am back with a Huge update, worked a ton on stuff to get it done. so what did i do: -paintjob -railings -anchorchains I will never again build all stuff and then paint all stuff. Im going over to modular style building on the next boat. onto mikuma. Its time to add the varnish and then go wild using rusts and filters.
  5. Thanks Mr.@ArnoldAmbrose I can really recommend the fujimi models, they are quite nice and in 1/700 not to expensive while still decently detailed. IJN ships have unrivaled looks. I nearly mainly build IJN for that reason, though as of late ive been straying all over the place. I want to build a 1/200 fuso but there is no kit and as a university student I lack space. once I get my own house ill fill a dedicated room with display cabinets with lego, shipmodels and my book collection I think. Anyways, here I am with another update. I work on this every month but take it a bit slow to keep it fun. Also, my airbrush broke down last month. I couldn’t do a thing. I got my new Infinitt from H&S last week. I was lucky to be able to visit the shop to try it out. And boy what a nice piece of engineering. So onto the real stuff now, The red hull and deck have been done with the old clone brush. I mixed hull red and normal red for this build. I don’t have a set formula. Eyeballing it makes every ship a bit different which is maybe not realistic but nice for a display. As for the grey, this will be done with the HS. I was thinking Tamiya Kure grey but found out that the Mikuma was build in mitsubishi shipyards. Which color from the Tamiya series would be most appropriate? Here are the pictures, hull painted and deck painted+masked.
  6. IJNfan


    I need something that would help me to smoothly remove excess plastic when I use my PE upgradesets, was looking at dremels, anyone got experience with them and which model would be the best? Also which headpieces would be important? Kind regards IJNfan
  7. Very nice. Did you post this Ytube to? I tink I saw one of these pics passing by there.
  8. It has been a bit, it is still busy and I have not yet had the time to make pictures of everything but here is another small update. As always ME PE frets have a ton of unused stuff so I have been trying to figure out what has to go where. That process is slowly progressing. At the same time I have decided she will be depicted with the guns trained as if she were on the sea trials, this also means the paintwork is not gonna be too spoiled with weathering and some stairs along the sides will not be mounted. I will also place the lifeboats on te suppots on the deck and not mount them to the davits. I have made the wo catapults, worked on the planes, worked on the lifeboats, adding bits and pieces of pe, and reworking the one from my last post to remove redundant plastic, I added pe to the hull, added the davits to the hull, pre-bend a few stairs and made a plan for the paintwork. More pictures will follow tomorrow or friday. im also on the lookout for a next model, I have 2 pontos models, bismarck and nagato, but ain't sure if I am already up to the job of doing that. originally I wanted to build Hiryu, but I can't find a wooden decksticker#sadness. i might as well decide to redo the paintjob on my Hamakaze o get another model befoe starting on the pontos boats IJNfan
  9. Following with interest. Got the 1/350 version of the Bismarck and was thinking about the camo too. I will be watching your take with interest.
  10. It has been a long long while since I posted any update, university, thesis and all that came in the way. Apologies for the long time I didn't update. Now I am back in a position to do some small stuff with it. So here is a tiny update. In hindsight I should have painted the deck parts separate, thats a lesson noted for next time. Also I found some parts damaged or not the way i'd want to work rn so I took of some parts, hence the glue rests. I made the Secondary guns, not much pe there but anything counts. I made a first lifeboat I finished turrets Hopefully the next update doesnt take me 4 months but 1 week or something. Thanks and stay safe IJNfan
  11. re is a small update, I work slower than before partly to have more fun but mostly cause I have too much to do in too little time. Still I try do at least one page of the instruction manual each week. What have I done this week, Been busy with small stuff, - added a few doors and ladders to the base of the bridge - created the flying bridge structure between the bridge and funnel islands. Note that I corrected the slanted supports of the right one after reviewing the pictures. - started on 2 platforms with searchlights, due to tensions on the railing I decided to leave those 2 alone for at least a day before going on to prevent railings getting loose again. Hence the unfinished state - added 2 pieces of PE to the mast - started work on the turrets. Brass barrels not yet fully calibrated to be neatly lined up stay healthy, greetings IJNfan p.s. The pictures:
  12. I don't have much with aeroplanes but these look stunningly nice to me.
  13. Hey, If you want to check availability go to scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fujimi-43293-wood-deck-sticker-ijn-aircraft-carrier-hiryu-w-name-plate--1257824 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/pit-road-s62-ijn-aircraft-set-5--1319324 Also, aliexpress has a surprising amount of stuff being sold, granted you don't mind having to wait a substantial time, I tend to buy things from all kinds of places, and well in advance. Haven't tried shipyard decks, but saw some being used in logs and reviews were very positive. greetings IJNfan
  14. 2020 has been the year in which I took up this hobby after a few years hiatus. Got a nice progression and some good models out of it too. The first model of the year, and the only one to be completely handpainted, is the Konig 1/700 from revell. No modification and a liberal interpretation of the paint schemes. Watch out, at the beginning I had to learn a lot about picture taking too. Next I took an older model, Gneisenau 1:1200, and recyced it while creating my first seabed. Next came the West Virginia, my first airbrushed model, made quite a few oopsies on the paintjob, didn't have the motivation to redo it though, Past that the U-boat XXI catched my eye in the shop Then I worked on the IJN Maya 1/700 Next the IJN yahagi 1/350, first rigged ship USS Enterprise 1/350 Mixed a mixture for the deck and grey, not accurate but just to my liking, I like being liberal with paints at times to get the shade I like instead of the shade it had for the deck color HMS Hood 1/350 IJN Kongo 1/700 Tried some weathering techniques the idea was a ship battered after battle, At some point I also made the IJN Hamakaze 1/350, but that one, well, its the only one I couldn't bring myself to finish so it is still waiting for a clear coat and weathering. I also Acquired a display cabinet, Greetings IJNfan
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