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  1. Someone pointed out to me that some closeups would be good to add, so here we go
  2. Hello fellow modelers, I have been working on this ship for quite a while and honestly I had been planning to have it long finished by now, but frustration, error and accident all threw wrenches into my schedule so I am as of yet not finished. And since it will require work to finish it up and seeing that I have very few free hours these months I thought it best to post and ask for a bit of advice. I have employed post-shading for the first time and enhanced it with some weathering Enamels from AK interactive, now honestly I feel it has potential but also it hasn't work
  3. It looks very nice. One, question could you maybe explain a little how you made your seascape? cause it looks great!
  4. Very nicely done. I have one question though, wouldn't it be nicer if the weathering effects were a little bit further diluted, I struggle with that myself too but these look quite broad for streaks on a DD, might just be me though? Also a nice seascape!
  5. That is one unique looking dazzle! very nice.
  6. you could look for an Artwox Wooden deck, Infini winches and north star reels (https://northstarmodels.com/product/1350-cable-reels-english-royal-navy-wwii/) if the dreadnaught has them, and metal barrels for the 12pdr's. White Ensign has a kit indeed, would look out though whether you don;t get only duplicates of the eduard stuff. In that way you make your own encompassing set. Its what I am currently doing with the Tamiya mikuma in preparation for my upcoming build, takes some time and effort to find everything you want/need but the result is very worthwhile!
  7. Very nice. Especially the weathering. It is subtle and still quite visible in a way that makes the model look quite nice!
  8. As far as I know the dimensions of the Zvezda and Trumpeter kit a off by 0.6cm or so. That would mean you'd have a hard time fitting the deck and stuff. However nothing stops you of course from buying a wooden deck, brass barrels, reels, winches, secondary- and machineguns. Your question was also put on the shipmodels.info forum, but Pontos itself indicated that it wouldn't be the best idea to fit these 2 together. But all major sets I could find from Flyhawk and Pontos and such were for the Zvezda version.
  9. Exercising patience is the most difficult part of building a ship, and sometimes it can result in quite some unfriendly words. But ships also provide much longer / deeper challenge, in my view as they take much longer than planes of tanks (if you don't do a diorama), with massive part-counts and daring photo-etch. And you learn when you go, if you'd try it yourself and start with an appropriate model to start with You'd learn it as well. When I was 9 I took a Lindberg Missouri as my first ever kit, and now 11 years later I build these ships like the Hood...
  10. The problem with Gunze is that there is not much difference with Tamiya, and as you say their "acrylic" range has only one IJN color etc. As for the Lacquers, too smelly and and fumy, though I don't know how they compare. How do you mean perfomance is better than with Tamiya's? do they have a better finish or ...? As for Enamels, my first painted model was painted with Revell enamels, I never sprayed enamels through my airbrush, but the revell enamels do not have the finish that the tamiya's have as the Tamiya's just blend with the plastic while the enamels from revell visibly
  11. Morning everybody, I have a questions more or less in line with the original question on this thread. Currently I have a stack of Tamiya paints. And I must say they spray like a dream, brushpaint meh but workable for the small parts and with good x-22 coat they look nice. I thin them roughly to milk consistency, no ratio, retarder or anything and they usually go fine. Without the use of primer, masking is no problem etc etc. However there is one thing that annoys me, two actually, - their colors are inaccurate - their range is limited. so I looked
  12. How recognizable... what might help though is laying your sprues in alphabetical order. Since I started doing that I rarely look over anything and its a small effort!
  13. I don’t know whether you already started or not, but in my view a wooden Deck is always better. Once you start using them you don’t want the hassle of painting anymore, which looks less anyway. So yes buy it!
  14. Thanks Jeff, In the case of the WV I specifically choose the 1941 version because I found the old version much nicer in looks than the revised version could ever be. The Japanese Ships were indeed underestimated. Especially their destroyers, carriers and cruisers, in 1941 their carriers were top notch (including the crew) and their cruiser could do their Job well, they practically shredded their enemies in the pacific early 1942 (Sunda strait for example), but on the other hand they were a little over engineered as well and had their problems, it wasn't said for nothin
  15. Hello Everybody, Since January this year I have picked up once more the hobby of scale modelling. Until 6 years ago I had already occupied myself with making ships and right now I needed an extra hobby aside of playing games, reading books and playing the pipe organ and stuff so I decided to pick up where I left and add some extra skills to my toolbox, (I never Painted in the past), get myself an airbrush an kickstart myself into building ships once more. Since corona gave me a load of free time I went to the hobby shop and bought several kits among which were, the 1/700 USS west
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