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  1. Hi Pascal, That's incredible. Simply spectacular and incredibly beautiful. An artwork. Both the Nomadic and the dry dock display turned out fantastic! Cheers Michael
  2. Wow .... unbelievable .... This might be the best addition to Trumpeters Titanic .... I want it ... :) :) :) :)
  3. Hello, some further progress ..... finished the roofs and added the chimneys and applied the first of several layers of resin in the log pond .... totally I need abotu 25mm depth ... now this is about 8mm .... :)
  4. Hi Everybody.... some new progress, done during the past few days .... Cheers Micha
  5. Hi Everybody, I have reworked the center area of the wall once again - the gaps were too wide I guess... now it looks better for me ... also added some weathering to the wall ... The lower part of the floor for the New Mill .... The sorting table ... later directly next to the New Mill .... The New Mill's main floor .... now with the supports under it and the cut out for the winch ... Now it is time to say "MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU !!!!!" Have some great days with your families and friends !!!! Cheers Michael
  6. Started with the first walls and parts of the New Mill .... I still need a bit of AI on the front wall to give it some more weathering .... Cheers Michael The main floor of the New Mill .... I tried to give the surface a heavy weathering with the steel brush, black and brown inks and pigments .... Some further damages at the corners will follow I think .... Whats your opinion so far for my first try ... ? Cheers Michael
  7. Hi everybody. I want to share my first SierraWest kit with you ... The Twin Mills at Deer Creek which is a really impressive and fascinating kit of a huge Sawmill complex of the early 19th century.... It consists mainly of stripwood and all the walls, roofs, floors and machinery is built like the real one - with plans in original scale, framework made of wood, stripwood added, .... And which includes a lot of resin and white metal parts (all the wonderful small stuff, machineries, shelfes, tables, workbenches, barells and much more ....) I started with the cutting of all my wood .... lot of wood .... 17 bags with wood .... now ready for some colors ... I have inserted the first bags in a mix of water, black inks and two different brown and one dark grey color from Vallejo for approx. 24 hours .... and the other bags in a mix of Alcohol mixed with black, van dyk and sepia inks for about 20 minutes and wiped it off .... .... and laid out all the wood for drying time ... Cheers Michael
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