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  1. Thanks, that looks awesome!
  2. Hi, I’m getting near the end of my Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck build and need some advice. I have used a photoetch set from Eduard but have 6 pairs of steps/stairs left over and no indication of where to place them, any ideas please? Also can anyone suggest good tutorials to watch on weathering and rigging, I’ve bought an AK weathering set and Infiniti fine (70 denier) rigging. My first attempt at rigging (the KGV) wasn’t great as I used some fishing line which was too thick and didn’t stretch. Would like to do better this time! Many thanks, Ewen
  3. @Foeth Hmm, interesting, so if the top of the turrets are darker might that be in the same blue/grey colour as the side panel on the hull?
  4. Yes, that one! Okay I think I’ve got it now, so I’m not using the NARN 23 Home fleet grey at all on this model. All the bits sticking up from the deck (sorry I don’t know what they all are) essentially painted the same colour as the vertical surfaces. So finally what about the top of the gun turrets and barrels, are they also G45, as opposed to the blue shown in the Tamiya painting guide. Many thanks!
  5. ....and just realised I’ve painted all the deck fittings in light grey (thankfully deck not stuck down yet!) presumably they should be the home fleet grey as well as the vertical surfaces.
  6. Hi, I’m quite confused about some of the colours I need for this build. I already have NARN 21, 22, 23 and 42. So hull and other vertical surfaces are sorted. The blue-grey for the side panel I’m sure I can mix up using perhaps some Humbrol 109 or 230 and adding some grey. so the bit I’m not sure about is looking down on the ship where the top of the main gun turrets and barrels are painted blue (XF50 according to Tamiya) but they have also got the upper decks in this colour which I’m assuming should be painted in non slip dark grey deck paint (NARN 23). Any help gratefully re
  7. Looking good! I’m still hand brushing and given the size of this model not so happy with the results. Thought I would give the airbrushing a go on the next one. My wooden deck kit from wood hunter arrived yesterday, which will make painting all the deck fittings a lot easier, fit looks pretty good tho’ some holes needed a bit of enlarging. Big modelling fair here in Plymouth for armed forces day tomorrow so will be picking brains on staining/varnishing. what airbrush kit did you use? BTW how do I insert a photo on this site?! I’m using an iPad and the usual way don’t work!
  8. Thanks Jamie, will need a wooden deck (when you have it back in stock) and paint for the Bismarck I’ve put on hold for the moment. Ewen
  9. Hi, like you I’m fairly new to this caper, and recently completed Trumpeter’s HMS Exeter (first ship) which included quite a few PE parts, I found these fairly daunting initially but soon got the hang, especially using some superglue that didn’t set on contact. Quite pleased with the results and would definitely use them again. I’m just about to start the KGV so glad I saw this thread on correct colour scheme, just need to match the grey/blue to a Humbrol or other make (sorry Jamie, its the only colour I need as I have the others in colourcoats and I would have to order a minimum of
  10. EwenM

    Bismarck decking

    Whoa, steady on, no falling out please, praps I should have added that I would like to find it from somewhere based in the U.K.!
  11. EwenM

    Bismarck decking

    Hello all, just bought a 1/350 Tamiya Bismarck, I’ve searched the net for a wooden deck kit, Sovereign won’t have one for 8-10 weeks and all the ones on eBay are coming from OZ or Far East, also tried Starling models they only had one for Tirpitz made by wood hunter...any suggestions where I might find one? failing that I’ll go and buy a different model and keep the Bismarck for later! Cheers
  12. EwenM


    Thanks to everyone who replied to my original query on HMS Exeter colours, Jamie at Sovereign has put me on the right track, just itching to get going once the paint arrives! Ewen
  13. Hi Jamie, don’t care what I’ve already spent on paint, would like to get the colours right, will be in touch to order one of your paint kits...thank you! Ewen
  14. Hi Jamie, I bought the Tamiya paints as per the colour painting guide, the light grey (XF14) for the hull and superstructure etc looked a bit green on the cap and having tried a test patch looks sage green to me, so tried the humbrol equivalent (no 147) which looks very pale to me, almost white...help! Also the deck colour I bought (Humbrol no 9) from the lid looks a chocolate brown and is gloss, I’ve also bought Tamiya XF55 (deck tan) which looks sort of beige but is matt, my feeling is to go with this colour, I’ve never used Tamiya paint before (did they exist in the 70’s?!) but the hull re
  15. EwenM


    Greetings from not so sunny Devon. Just started modelling again after a break of 45ish years (isn’t retirement wonderful!) having just completed a Revell Lancaster that had been languishing in its box for 4 years I’m now just starting a Trumpeter HMS Exeter, struggling with some of the colours so will be needing some advice!
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