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  1. Right, Nordic GB is here again and it's a perfect excuse to build finnish planes for the rest of the year My summer has been real bad when it comes to modelling - I have tons of unfinished builds (and project logs ) but maybe I will get my mojo back during this GB. Now, this is probably not the mojo-build so maybe I won't start with this one, but I'm still planning to build it eventually. Here it is, Valmet Vihuri by Broplan in 1:72 Yes, I have been warned Inside of the box. It's looking bit rough Vacuform canopy. Second piece - just in case. Good. My plan for this GB is to build HävLv 13 planes (Fighter Squadron 31), It was located here in Pori after the WW2 - which just happens to be my home town. It says 'Tre Bröder' on the side. Plane was funded via donations of three brothers - Vilhelm, Gustav Adolf and Bogislaw Klingspor - hence the name 'Tre Bröder' - three brothers. Top photo is of the VH-9 just after it arrived in Pori brand new. Below photos after it's accident in 4th of july, 1955. While it would be interesting to do the brand new model, but I think I will model it bit later in life but sometime before the accident.
  2. The second of my Aeronavale Seafires. This is a Sword boxing of an early MkXV. The early MkXV still had the A-frame arrestor hook in the lower fuselage, the later ones had the 'stinger' style arrestor hook under the rudder. One large sprue sprue with most things on it and a second one with the fuselage. A couple of resin parts and a small sprue with the arrestor hook. And an injection moulded canopy. Instruction booklet and transfers. Including stencils.
  3. I'm going to build a couple of Aeronavale Seafires. The first is MkIII from Octopus, who I think became Pavla looking at the style of the boxing. The other build will be a Sword MkXV. This kit has a single sprue which has nice detailing but a lot of flash and ejection pins. The reinforcement around the radio hatch is more than a bit heavy handed. And some very nice resin, along with a couple of vac form canopies. A number of options, RCN, FAA (with the short lived post war equal size roundels) and the Aeronavale version. And a fairly full instruction booklet. And a largish sheet of transfers. But no stencils.
  4. Farman F.190 was fairly successful interwar utility/transport/passenger aircraft. First flown in 1928, it evolved to several subtypes; altogether 158 were built. Crezan.ne has quite a bit of material of the type. The site has several ”biographies” of individual planes. I have SBS Model’s ’Air France’ boxing of F.190. It depicts F-AIJZ, which had longish career. Built in 1929, it was finally written off or lost sometime in 1942. First an airliner it flew mail and passengers in central Europe for C.I.D.N.A. airline. Later it was used as a trainer for Air France pilots. I’ll be doing F-AIJZ in orange-and-silver C.I.D.N.A. livery when it was rented by Paris-Soir to cover the 1932 Tour de France. This could’ve gone to French Fancy GB as well, but I think I will need the extra weeks this GB has before the deadline. Cheers, -M
  5. The Flankers with canards are one of my favorite aircraft since long time and I was checking all available kits in market to build these nice birds. Finally I have decided to go with mainly Revell/Zvezda Su-27SM and Su-33 kits (and some "cloned" parts from Trumpeter Su-30MKK). In this topic I would like to share my work on progress with you and get your opinions/advice to improve my project. Regards Serkan
  6. The other builds A legion Condor E-3 Airfix with a new canopy A 109 E-3 from III/JG 53 Battle of Britain during the period where Goering ordered them to paint out the Pik Aus badge so they painted out their swastikas in protest. Airfix oob Finnish G6 Oob italeri Swiss G6 oob italeri Hungarian G6 oob probably the Hasegawa Italian G6 as probably the Heller K4 with minor modifications Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob Croatian G10 Revell oob Another Yugoslavian G10 Revell oob. if my AVIAs arrive within the GB I’ll post them here too ( not holding my breath in them ) Have to post some sprue shots next.
  7. Hello to all of you. Here is my IRGC 1:72 Scale KP Su-22m4.The kit is pretty much OOB.I used Tamiya Ak real and gunze colors to paint is.The decals are from Model Maker and they performed great. No issues whatsoever. I have also made a video of the whole build process so if you are interested here is the link bellow. Regards,Dragan
  8. High pitched wail of Fouga's 'hairdryers' is quite familiar to me - restored Fouga Magister used to fly in the skies of Pori quite often. Contents of the box, with some aftermarket wheels. It's a fine looking kit, this Special Hobby Fouga. I will be doing my hometown planes for this GB. So this will be Fouga Magister, FM-5 (in the front of the pic) in the mid 1960's. So it will be all silver with no orange markings. Photo was taken after the parking area got new tarmac in mid 1960's. It was not too uncommon in th e 1950's and 1960's that the parking areas or taxiways were gravel and in many times the planes were pulled to the runways.
  9. This is a placeholder for the moment until I proceed a little more with my other builds which are a bit more challenging. I got this not longer after it was released and I have an Xtradecal sheet with at least one FAA version on it so I should be able to slip a Navy Blenheim into the GB.
  10. I built this kit OOB.The kit itself is not that bad.THe worst part are the glass parts.Epsecially the windshield.I had real trouble assemblying it.I am not quite satisfied how that turned out.I painted the model in ak real colors Enjoy the photos.
  11. This has been sat on my desk for months 80% complete. It’s the Roden 1:72 kit of WWII British Armoured Car (Pattern 1920 Mk 1) finished as “Ajax” of the 1 Armoured Car Company RAF in Iraq in 1941 (or so the box says). Brush painted used Vallejo acrylics and weathered (rather more than intended) using a variety of acrylic washes, Army Painter quick shade washes and dry brushing with oils. Headlamp glass made from some Humbrol clearfix. Not my best work, some of the fit was so-so and as I said I’ve made it a bit grubbier than intended. But that RAF roundel on the turret came out ok, so not too unhappy. Thanks for looking.
  12. Academy 1:72 SB2C-4 Helldiver. The kit is excellent out of box with detailed bomb bay and cockpit. Nanond
  13. Hello to all of you good people.I present you my eduard MiG-15uti of the Algerian air force.I built it pretty much OOB.The kit is awesome.The fit is really good.I just hand made the FOD cover in order to cover all the led I had to put in the nose.The painting was done with Mr color paints.I also made a video of the build process so who is interested can see it on the following link https://youtu.be/yjDsYQK2bjw
  14. Hello to all.I present you my quick harrier build.I built this kit in a week.I am pretty pleasently surprised by the quality.Despite its lack of cockpit details and trench like panelisation this one is a really nice kit to work on.I will get the gr.5 and FA2 at the first chance I get.I upgraded the instrument panel and seat.Also I made a new pittotube because I broke the old one like 15 times.The model is painted in gunze and tamiya acrylics.I just love all types of harriers.I made a youtube build video - Removed. Read the thread in announcements regards,Dragan
  15. Hello I would like to present a model of U-boot in huge scale 1:72 from Revell. Many extras was applied during a build. Enjoy.
  16. Due to one reason or another not had much time at the bench since May, so with a few days of leave last week I thought I would indulge in a quick build. Here I present my attempt at the IBG 1:72 kit of the Crusader AA Tank Mk III finished as the well known Skyraker/The Princess in Normandy, June 1944: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205201956 Main camouflage colour was brush painted Mig AMMO SCC15, weathering with some Army Painter washes, acrylic washes and a spot of dry brushing with oils. I managed to knock off the gun barrels at an early stage and have replaced them (temporarily) with some cut off pins. Build thread can be found here: Very enjoyable build - thanks for looking.
  17. RS model 1:72 Dornier Do17P. The camouflage was my own mix of Mr.Color/Gunze lacquer paints. Nanond
  18. This one is an old and well known kit of this iconic aircraft.The kit itself is pretty rudimentary.I rescribed the panel lines and made the pittotube out of a hypodermic needle.I also replaced the ejection seat because the one in the kit did not resemble anything remote to a KM-1M.The paints used are tamiya and gunze and the decals came from the spares box. Enjoy the photos,Dragan
  19. Finland had some aircraft manufacturing during and after WW2. Myrsky was probably not the best of them, it was a product of war built out of necessity with very limited resources. As a plane, it was good to fly. But the compromises done in the materials and construction of the plane meant that it would not simply last very long and was prone to accidents. Name 'Myrsky' means Storm. I still need to source suitable decals for this kit. I want to build MY-28 after the war, which is not part of either of these decals. Short run kit but doesn't look too bad. One mistake the kit has though is that the control surfaces were actually plywood and not fabric as represented on the kit. Some resin parts came with the kit. Like I mentioned above, Myrsky had a troublesome life. Good portion of the construction was wood/plywood and it was discovered that it would simply not hold together very well in the harsh and wet finnish climate. Materials started to bend and come loose, causing flutters which led to unrecoverable spins or planes simply coming apart mid-air. This was the final of such accidents, 9.5.1947 plane flown by capt. K.Ikonen in Nakkila, near Pori during a training flight. At 1500m, something came loose from the plane and the eye witnesses said that the plane came down almost vertically onto a field. The plane had simply vanished into the soft and muddy ground, only some small debris left behind. And despite best efforts to dig up the plane and pilot, it was unsuccesful due to the soft clay ground constantly filling up what had been dug up. The site was declared as the final resting place of capt. K.Ikonen and what must be the smallest graveyard in Finland is located in the middle of a field in a small town called Nakkila, 20km south east of Pori. After this accident, all Myrsky's were grounded and apart from single transfer flight. Myrsky did not fly again, There is a project going on to build VL Myrsky II for museum. It's been going on for few years, construction is slow as many of the parts have to be made new as so little original parts exists. Here is a website of the project: https://www.vlmyrsky.fi/
  20. Two-seater Vampire to be precise. Contents of the box. I have some aftermarket, such as resin intakes and interior PE. Decals are sourced from Galdecal sheet. This Airfix kit is looking real nice. Right, so I will be building my hometown planes. Vampires were the first jet planes Finland acquired (single seaters first, followed by double seaters) - and they were stationed in Pori. Why? Because Pori had the only tarmac field that was suitable for jet fighter operations in whole of Finland in 1955! Top photo is taken during the plane's arrival in 1955. I will be doing mine sometime during summer 1957.
  21. When rifling through the stash looking for something else I came across this. Its not a new kit by any means, and the box is more than a bit bashed. However, as even older Hasegawa kits go together well, I thought it would be a good one for this GB. The box contains three dark blue sprues of nicely moulded pieces. The detail is raised but it's so fine it's hard to notice that it's not engraved. There's a single sprue of clear parts, two options of a canopy and the windows for one version. They unfortunately have quite prominent lugs to fit them with. And a nice transfer sheet for three options. However the sheet is a bit bashed. Straightforaward well detailed instructions and colour call outs for the otions. http://village.photos/images/user/c313ebc3-aec6-4f08-a7b5-adc9f4ef3d9b/resized_525037f6-d1b8-49ce-a9cc-843bfa21bffd.JPG And remember when kit makers told us what everything in the box was?
  22. I recently got a hold of the Condor 1/72 MIG-25P and it's a very nice kit, one of the best MIG-25 kits in 1/72 I've read in various reviews, however Condor only gives the colour (In Russian) to be used on the aircraft with no paint makers referenced at all, As the main paints I use are Humbrol Enamels I thought I would show the colours that I intend to use on the model and if I'm making a mistake them someone can help me with using the right colours, this was after translating them from Russian All colours are Humbrol Enamel unless stated otherwise 1 Grey 166 2 Dark Grey 164 3 Black 33 4 Steel 27001 5 Ore-Brown 186 6 White 34 7 Light Blue 23 or Mr.Color 392 if the colour is for Cockpit Interior 8 Red 153 I'm thinking of using Mr.Color 391, which is a light green, which from the photo's of the cockpit interior of the MIG-25, seems better suited than the Light Blue. Any help gratefully received.
  23. Hello to all.Here is my latest finished model.The great zvezda/dragon mig-17.I love this kit.The fit is superb.I only upgraded the seat.Made the pittotubes out of needles and the canons out of hypodermic needles.The paints used are gunze and tamiya.The decals came from the spares box.I made a full video of the build process and if you would like you can see it on the link bellow. https://youtu.be/C-Dw2nqAGIg
  24. Here is another Flanker project I have launched recently. If you follow my other topics that I have started in this forum, you may ask why I am launching a new one before completing existing ones. Each of these projects has some specific issues to be solved to continue (mostly based on casted parts with aged bleeding resin which was my fault not to check it's shelf life) and therefore they have to wait until the problem does not exist anymore. I hope it will not last too long Here the aim is to build Su-30MK No:603 using Heller Su-27UB kit with minimum modifications (we will see ) I have already made 3 view drawings of Su-30MK No:603 as given below: The next step will be to map camo onto model. Serkan
  25. This weekend is the start of my annual leave, so what better way to start than a quick build? Picked up this on Saturday from the local hobby shop: Not a huge amount of parts, and the way the tracks are done will save a bit of time (although there is some of the dreaded photo etch): I’ve chosen a nice simple paint scheme: So making a start at around 8:30 on Sunday morning: and here is where I am at 10:00 am. No major issues, all went together very easily using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. Some of the small bits a little tricky to clean up, but all in all very satisfying. The only thing extra thing I did was to blutak some fishing weights in the hull to add a bit of heft. Break for a coffee outing and then on to painting!
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