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  1. Why build one Bird Dog when you have two? Actually I have three, but one of the two that I bought second-hand on the cheap is missing a couple of parts, although it could probably be salvaged. So that leaves just the two: My intention is simple: Build both the USAF and South Vietnamese subjects represented in the standard boxing: Of course, the first (nay the main hurdle) is the usual one: colour. The grey is presumably meant to be a matt version of ADC Grey, but I don't know if I have anything suitable in my Humbrol and Revell collection. I wil
  2. This is a placeholder for my second entry in this GB. I have this kit both in an Airfix box (well, the box is long since disposed of), and a Heller 1990s boxing. I'm building the Airfix release, which I bought back in 1990: UPDATE: Box art from original Heller release (254? 354?): I cannibalised the French roundels some years ago, so I'll build it as the Greek subject. For some reason, I've never, ever, ever built a Mirage 2000 before. The shame, the shame, etc.
  3. Hi all, I've been super excited about this group build for a while, and even more excited when I saw that the rules were going to allow Bomber Command aircraft on anti-invasion operations! So, inspired by Larry Donnelly's excellent book "The Other Few", my plan for my first entry in this group build is to build an Airfix Blenheim as one from the many Blenheim squadrons that made nightly raids on the "invasion ports" - the ports on the French coast in which large numbers of barges were building as the Germans prepared for Operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain. Her
  4. I've been encouraged by a respected member of this forum to provide some of my work for others to see. The last number of years I've struggled to finish and complete a kit. My building started in the 70's and the 80's and 90's, completed many and reaching a quality level that I was really pleased with. I have a good feeling working on this kit, I do see the finishing line relatively speaking. The LTV A-7 aircraft has been a favourite of mine for some time. And 2 seat versions of normally single seat aircraft as well a favourite. Yes the Hobby Boss Corsair has its warts, but I don't
  5. Just a placeholder for the moment until I finish my BoB and MTO3 builds but I'll be joining with this in the next week or so.
  6. Well, my parcel from Poland arrived on Wednesday, it took a wee bit longer than previous parcels from Arma Hobby, but considering the postal situation at the moment it was still reasonably quick, only 12 days. The sturdy card box contained one Expert Set FM-2 Wildcat and 3 sets of Overtrees neatly wrapped in bubble wrap, I've got a few sets of decals for Martlet/Wildcat VI's, so there's a fewe schemes for me to choose from. Wednesday afternoon the Expert Set was unboxed and had a good fondling whilst I perused a selection of references. Box and contents:- The overtrees supplied
  7. Hello to all of you good people on this forum.I present you the Italeri YF-22 that I finished last week.I rescribed all the panel lines,added home made seatbelts hud and the pittotube.Painted in Ak real colors.I hope you will like this one.
  8. 825

    Sea Otter

    I started this three years ago in a Floatplane and Flying Boat GB but run out of time. It's a nice kit but complex with resin, etch and some scratchbuilt parts as well as being a biplane. The original build can be found here. This is where I finished way back at the beginning of 2018.
  9. So far I've effectively finished 6AFVs and 2 on the way to completion with a half finished Sa Gladiator. The AFVs have been straightforward builds and although the Sea Gladiator does need some conversion work from the Airfix Gladiator it's a fairly decent build. Therefore as a final contribution (but never say never) I'm going for something a tad more challenging. The Albacore was a much maligned aircraft, it seems to have suffered from not being a Swordfish but was an effective torpedo and dive bomber and gave sterling service, particularly in the Med. Although it was intended as a Swordfish
  10. First up for me will be the Royal Navy's Mediterranean interceptor, the Fulmar. Fulamrs shot down more enemy aircraft than any others in WW2, despite there being later much more capable fighters in the form of Martlets, Seafes, Sea Hurricanes, Hellcats and Corsairs. This Airfix kit is a boxing if the Smer kit which although elderly now is a nice kit and makes a good representation. I built one a few years ago and it's buried somewhere here on BM.
  11. Hello to all of you.Here is my latest.The awesome RF-101C VooDoo.I love this AC.But the kit is another thing commpletley.A really basic and hard kit to work on.You can see that on the following youtube full video build link
  12. I have a bundle of Seafires in the stash and I thought a good addition to this GB would be a pair of the FAA's first high speed interceptors, a pair of Seafire MkIb's. Although different boxings these are the same kit. And although they say Admiral, the bags containing the kit inside the box says AZ Models. I've already built one earlier this year in the Spitfire GB, finished as this unusual blue version. This pair will be more conventional. Each boxing gives two different options but in one of the boxings the two options are for 2nd line squadrons. I'll
  13. I found this underneath the Italeri kit boxes that I just finished and thought it would be a nice filler between other builds going on. The 2 pounder was the British Anti-Tank gun at the beginning of WW2 and was a very effective weapon, being the best AT weapon of its time. It was used both as an anti tank weapon in AT units as well as arming British tanks. As armour became thicker it became less effective and was replaced by the 6 pounder in 1942. It's a weapon often overlooked and continued to arm armoured cars up to the end of the war. The box contains
  14. My next build is Mister Crafts 1:72 P-51B Swiss Mustang. This is the first Mister Craft kit I have built, and all in all it looks pretty good. The box art is simple but effective, inside the box there is a detailed instruction booklet, a with colour depictions of the various schemes you can build, and a small decal sheet. There are 2 grey sprues, with little to no flash and a nice amount of detail. I plan to build it as it comes from the box, with landing gear down. I will be using Vallejo acrylics in place of those recommended, and aim to finish the buil
  15. Following on from my 1:72 Airfix Handley Page Victor, my next build is Airfix's 1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2. This is XH558, and the Vulcan to the sky gift set. Truth be told I have built this kit before, it was my first ever build and started me on my fantastic journey of model aircraft building. The Vulcan is my favourite aircraft of all time, hence the reason I was given the kit as a gift the first time. Because I have past experience with this kit (albeit novice at the time), I can remember how ill fitting the wings are, how much flash there is and all its many other challenges.....
  16. Typical, you wait ages for a Dassault Mirage 4 to feature in a group build, and then four turn up at once 2020 has been a rubbish year so far in terms of modelling output for me, so doing a nice easy mojo-restoring out-of-the-box build of the Heller 1:72 Dassault Mirage 4.
  17. Original Heller catalogue number: 261 (80261). This is a placeholder for my first build in this GB. Heller had a thing for Saab aircraft. This is the same Heller-Humbrol boxing what I built back in the day, I picked it up on the cheap last year, second-hand: No decals, but I still have the "alternative" markings from the first time I built the kit (it has markings for two aircraft). That just leaves roundels, for which I'll scrounge something from the spares.
  18. Hello to all of you guys and girls on this forum.I present you my East German MiG-21f13.I built it OOB with the exception of the homemade seatbelts and the missiles and rails that came from the spares box.I used gunze and tamiya paints on this one.Enjoy it. https://youtu.be/r-jGsZITjSE
  19. As my builds for the AFVs are proceeding I thought it time to get on with something with wings. As well as the defence of Malta Sea Gladiators were active in the Med as Fleet fighters for a significant period up until mid 1941. Swordfish pilots formed 813F NAS to give a fighter defence using some of the Sea Gladiators left as a reserve on Malta where they were Eagle's Fighter defence in 1940 until mid 1941. My base kit for this build will be the new mould Airfix Gladiator. A little bit of work will be needed to scratch a dinghy pack and the arrestor hook housing. I'll use some transfers left
  20. This is a re-box of the venerable ESCI Churchill. I recall building the AMRCR version upon a time (as in 1981). Like most of the ESCI kits, this was "upgraded" with hard tracks in the ESCI/ERTL era, and that's what's in the Italeri box: Four of the six subjects in the Italeri boxing are eligible for this build: "Kingforce" at El Alemain, two Tunisian subjects (one with field-applied sand camoufllage), and one operating near the Gothic line in northern Italy: British AFV colours from WW II are a veritable minefield, which is the only
  21. My first contribution to this GB, hopefully not my last. I always associate the Sioux with Korea, haven grown up watching M*A*S*H, but it also served in the early part of the Vietnam war. This Italeri kit from the late 1990s depicts three Vietnam-based US Army gunships from the mid-1960s, with a choice of fuel tanks, gun installations (M60s or Brownings), and tail rotors, It's a reasonably complex kit, with about 80 parts in all: Work has already started, and quickly progressed to the point where I now need to decide on colours, and not j
  22. This is another kit I built way back in 1981, when both subject matter and kit manufacturer would have been very exotic to me. To the best of my knowledge, this kit was never upgraded with "hard" tracks under ESCI/ERTL. More than that, the vinyl tracks are actually "Matchbox" style, meaning no glue required. Italian AFV colours are something I have no real knowledge of, so I'll just have to muddle through.
  23. With the Hudson all but complete it's time to move onto another project. For a while I've wanted to do a group of models associated with the Battle of Britain film. One of those is to be Keith Park's Hurricane, except rather than the IIc used in the film I'm going to do a representation of his actual aircraft from the Battle of Britain. I think there is only one known photo of this aircraft - I'm going to use the Airfix rag wing kit along with Alley Cat's tin wing conversion. I'd bought three of these when they came out and want to use them before moving on to the Arma Hobby mo
  24. Inspired by @theplasticsurgeon I shall build a Hasegawa F.3 Tornado compare it with Revells/Italeris kit. The Tonka will be in Italian livery, since Italian Tornados are slightly underrepresented in this GB, even though they have some striking liveries. Pictures to follow...
  25. This is another placeholder. I figure I need to build at least one really old kit of a French aircraft, and this will do for starters. This is one of the Smer reboxes that were issued c. 2000, to my great delight, as the original Heller kit eluded me. The original catalogue number was L093 (?), the "black box" reissue was 213: These SMER box scans are my own:
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