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  1. Much later than planned, I am finally starting this beast. I bought the Revell rebox back in 2000, for the princely sum of 10 Irish Pounds (well, 9.99 to be exact). Now that Revell has its own Shackleton MR.3 (which I bought last Christmas), the FROG tooling will never be released by Revell again. I had already removed most of the parts from their sprues, both not cleaned up anything. One of the main wheel halves is missing, as is one of the wing-tip tank halves. I have sourced replacements as best I can from the spares box, but these will need further work before they can be used. Ironically, had these parts not gone missing, I would have sold this kit a couple of years ago. The decals were printed in Germany, not Italy, meaning they are not by either Cartograf or Zanchetti. However, they look good enough, and are more glossy than other German-printed Revell decals from this period, Here's a notice you don't see very often, apologising for the antiquated state of the mold, which dates from 1967: Apart from replacing the missing parts, I won't be attempting anything fancy with this kit. The moment I submit this post, I'm off to start building.
  2. And so now the final photos of my falcon. Don’t be surprised by the bolder colors, as this time I used my new cell phone, which has an excellent Leica camera. So that’s it, a good year of fun in the Star Wars universe. Now I’m looking forward to my next project with a real ship. Of course again in this theater.
  3. While working on Vc from Malta, I pulled out "Spitfire Mk.V" by Revell - the well known 1996 boxing featuring some nice looking details and some massive blunders. I actually thought it is mk.Vc so I started it planning to build it with Xtradecal decals I used for the other Spitfire. But as you may be aware, it is in fact mk.Vb. Oh well. At this point I decided to build it as LF version as I do not have clipped Spitfire in my collection. Kit has decals for it - AEoE, EP120 (boxart plane). So I built model with clipped wings. And then I learned Revell idea of "Sky" as used on code letters and band is too dark. I looked through my spares box but haven't found any decals for LF version of mk.Vb. I do have some nice ones for full span wings. Sigh. Now I am not sure how I will paint it. Either I will stay with AEoE and ignore that letters are too dark. Or I will make undocumented plane from 303 Squadron that operated some LF Mk.Vb from late 1943 to June 1944 using RFoD codes from well known Zumbach's plane from the period when 303 first operated ordinary Mk.Vb (Oct'41-June'43). Cockpit is one of the weakest parts of this model that would require complete rebuilding. On the other hand, transparencies are so terrible, you will not see much of this. So, as I started this model with attitude "I have it so I will build it" I decided to paint what little there is and hide it under the glass. The other major problem is obviously lack of gull wing. I decided to check if I can do something about it. Using rotary tool and sandpaper and copious amounts of putty and surfacer plus actual forcibly bending the plastic parts I managed to get some promising results. During this process I learned changed shapes interfere with cockpit floor. This plus the fact that this "flat" part has no panel lines (despite model having very nice panel detail overall) got me thinking and I believe this may be actual reason why they flattened this piece - they could have discovered that there is a problem when building test shots and at this point the only way to make body buildable was to carve into mould to flatten it. At some point (I have this model for a long time so box was opened numerous times) I managed to lose kit spinner so I fitted Rotol prop from Airfix. Is it acceptable? If the shape is bad I may print new one as I got the files when building Malta Spitfire.
  4. My second contribution to the GB. It is the nice Mitsubishi bomber from ICM in Thai markings during WWII. Parts are already removed from the sprues on this one. /Nanond
  5. The Airfix Blenheim has been built a few times in BM and I previously built a both a MkI and a MkIV of 771 NAS based at RNAS Twatt. So a quick look in the stash revealed this one as well. I had laid down some paint previously but that’s all. I have some aftermarket, the masks are vital for the Blenheim’s glass house and turret, while I’ve got a selection of transfers. I’ll use the markings for 787 NAS the Naval Air Fighting Development Unit. I’ll add in some etch seat belts but otherwise OOB.
  6. I´m doing afv not that often, but from time to time some topics come to my mind and bring a kit on my bench. This time all started on our way to Euro Model Expo in Lingen when we passes a convoy from German Army with some TPz Fuchs and Fenneks. If you see this vehicle from the lowered position of your co driver seat, it's just impressive. So the next day three of us purchased the 1/72 Trumpi kit.😂 And here we go... I´m doing the Netherlands version as mentioned in the titel. It will get it´s standard Nato camouflage and will find it´s place on an small base at the end. At the beginning the major parts for the interior were put together and some details as the seatbelts were added. The windscreen has some massive connections between the front and side windows. When dry fitting they were clearly visible from the outside and I´m not sure the outer frames will hide them at the end. So I cut the windscreen into three and sanded and polished it again to get rid of these problem. I used green for the interior but I´m not sure if it´s right at all. Most pics i found on the net shows German Fenneks and the looks overal green but on some pics from Dutch Fenneks it seems there are also a lot of white or light grey. Anyway, in that small scale you will not see that much at the end and I´m not even sure if I will open or close the doors at the end. All put together with some dirt added looks quite okay for me. So far for now, I hope your interested in the little fox.
  7. RAF English Electric Lightning F.2A, No. 19 Sqn. B (Wng. Cdr. R.K. Barcilon), November 1974, Gütersloh, Germany Another Airfix kit I built this year that did not disappoint. Huge chunk of an airplane represented nicely in 1:72 scale. Metal finish was tempting but I went with the green in the end. Built straight from the box apart from the seat ejection handles, seat harness & pitot tube. Painted with Vallejo acrylics and weathered with Ammo products and oil paints.
  8. Dutch F-104G Starfighter carrying a 'special' load (B43 nuclear bomb). Kit is Hasegawa 1:72 with some additions - like the engine/exhaust, PE for the cockpit, resin seat and resin wheels and master pitot tube. Main decals are from Xtradecal and the stencils by Armycast. Painted with Vallejo acylics and weathered with Ammo products and oil paints.
  9. When the box cover says 'for experienced modellers', you know it's not gonna be Tamiya Baby blue plastic doesn't really make things look any better. But the (tiny) box is full of stuff so it's kinda promising. It's bit hard to see because of the plastic colour but there are details. I mean they are not the most sharpest of details but it looks a bit like diamond in the rough. So no, I don't think the box cover was a lie, if you are an experienced modeller, you can probably make this work. Anybody know any experienced modellers? You have to be really careful when taking parts of the sprue. My favourite are all the small intakes you have to cut out... This is a multimedia kit. Resin parts are included. For this build I will be using the underbelly gunpack on the left. Also metal parts! Landing gears and some other rather bent parts that I am not yet sure yet what they are. Also resin exhausts. They look rather nice. Vacuform canopy. I would not expect any less from an 'experienced modeller' -kit. I did make a start with the kit before the GB. Friend of mine built High Planes P-47 (and did rather splendid job of it!). I got him into building that by saying that if you do that - I will build the P-70. He did the P-47 in something like a week - mine's taken, let's just say, a _bit_ longer But now it is the time! Super simple kit, really. One picture for the whole build process! Makes you think why Eduard needs tens of pages for something like this 🤔 I like the parts that you just 'make up'. And remember all those small intakes (if they are intakes?) from earlier - can't see them on this pic. They're probably not needed, if I am lucky I will be doing the P-70 nightfighter, 'Dusty'. Some rather nice photos exists of this plane so it will be interesting research process. And joking aside, the 'experienced modellers' on the cover is no joke, I think this kit will challenge me from the beginning to the end but I have all intentions to give it my best 🙂 Let's go!
  10. Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me 410 A-1/U2, 11./ZG 26 Horst Wessel, 1945, Gardermoen, Norway Airfix's amazing new tool Me410. What a great kit! I had fun putting this together - and had a bit of fun painting & weathering it too. Painted with Vallejo acrylics, weathered with Ammo products and oil paints.
  11. Italeri kit with 'no additives' unless you count the outstanding Sky decals. Paints are Mr Color lacquers and Tamiya acrylics all mixed until 'they look right' - no exact formulas here. I temporarily tack-glued the ventral gondola section into place for the painting sessions, then removed it so I could add the beam position Lewis gun. It was a calculated risk but seems to have worked-out for me. As for the kit - IMO, one of Italeri's best. The fit is generally very good, the internal details, whilst basic, do come alive with some careful painting and dry-brushing. I wouldn't recommend opening the large dorsal hatch aft of the 'hump' unless you're willing to go all-in with the etch & resin interior sets. The open side door and especially the built-in air-stairs are a bit clunky and maybe one day I'll replace that with some etch (yeah right). Not my best work by a long shot, but looks very cool in my cabinet. Please go-ahead and make any comments or ask any questions. Cheers from NZ. Ian.
  12. Here is my 1:72 Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4, ZJ949 "H", No. 1435 Flight Royal Air Force, RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands, 2015. Hasegawa kit, which is a bit disappointing for the "best 1:72 Typhoon kit on the market" - yes, it's nice molded and quite accurate, but have some annoying fit issues and only "in-flight" configuration of engine nozzles. Nothing that you expect from 2012 Hasegawa kit priced about 30 GBP. Small Eduard brass for the cockpit, Reskit exhaust nozzles and Pavla MB Mk.16A ejection seat have been added. Painted mostly with Gunze C334 "Barley Grey". Decals are mix of Hasegawa, Revell and self-printed (1435 Flight emblems). It's the third (and probably the last) model in my little project "Falklands Guardians", which was to include all 3 types of fighters used by the RAF on Falkland Islands after 1982. So here they are together: Phantom FGR.2 of 23 Squadron, RAF Stanley 1983 (Fujimi), Tornado F.3 of 1435 Flight, RAF Mt. Pleasant 1999 (Revell ex-Italeri) and Typhoon FGR.4 of 1435 Flight, RAF Mt. Pleasant 2015 (Hasegawa): Thanks for watching!
  13. Having just started one build in the WWII Twins GB, why not start another one here? I'll be building a Luftwaffe-operated F-104G 23+92, construction number 683D-8102, in the colors of JaboG 34, out of this Revell kit (currently OOB, no extras.) According to 916-Starfighter.de this plane had its first flight on May 30, 1963 so it should be good to go. /Jari
  14. The last 3 months have been nothing short of hectic, but with Telford now done for another year and no builds on the bench, I can build something for myself (kind of)! Airfix's brand new Me-410 is up. Massive thanks to Phoenix Scale Publications for providing this kit for a build review for the mag at some point in the future. I never make things easy for myself though as this kit will be back dated to a standard Me-410A-1, rather than having the /U2 or /U4 modifications as modelled in the kit plastic. It's an easy fix, but I'll provide info on that at a later stage. For now, basic cockpit construction is complete with all base colours down. The only cockpit decals used were the ones for the side panels in the cockpit. Everything else was hand painted after the airbrushing of the base colours. these being Tamiya XF-63 and SMS PL179 RLM02. The decals should arrive soon from Hannants and I'll be doing this awesome scheme as shown in the pictures. Invaluable references from the Valiant Wings Publishing book as well!
  15. There is still a bit of time left until Christmas and here IBG Models sent me a gift from me in the form of their new model of PZL P.24 B aircraft (72554) in Bulgarian paintings and the model came with 3D printed extras. And there are two kits dedicated to P.24 series aircraft: IBG 72U023 Radiators and Venturi Tube for PZL P.24A/B/C/E - 3d printed (1:72) and IBG 72U025 Pilot's seat with seatbelts for PZL P.24A/B/C/G - 3d printed (1:72). I would like to thank IBG Models for the supplied model and accessories. That's enough introduction now it's time to see what's inside. After opening it up, this is what it looks like inside. All the mouldings. Two plates and a film. Decal sheet and what I found very interesting is the lettering ( number 26 ) on the tyres! A revelation for me. There are three camouflage variants to choose from, I haven't chosen which one I will build yet. And as you can see there is also an invitation to "Babaryba 2024" it is the biggest and best modelling event in Poland. A complete novelty of IBG Models company, that is their 3D printed add-ons and here they are dedicated to PZL P.24 family of aircraft. All in all, we have a very interesting version of the P.24 in uncommon paintings with very interesting additions. I still have to look at the source materials to see what more can be squeezed out of this model. There is nothing left for me to do but to invite you to continue this workshop thread. I would like to thank IBG Models for the supplied model and accessories.
  16. I'm a bit surprised that no-one has yet attempted this FROG classic: I acquired a batch of Novo kits second-hand a few years ago, including this. I wonder how much it was originally on sale for? 25p? 30p? Those were the days, probably before the big price hikes after the 1979 Oil Crisis. All parts present and correct: For obvious reasons, I'd rather not use the Novo decals. Instead I will build this as the black aircraft, using Cartograf decals from an Airfix kit that I may never build.
  17. Hi! Here is my 1:72 North American T-2C Buckeye, serial 158889, 120th Air Training Wing, Hellenic Air Force, Kalamata AB, Greece 2007. Wolfpack kit "out of the box" with some scratch. Painted with Gunze Mr.Hobby C series. Thanks for watching!
  18. Hi all, With the Airfix Me-410 on hold whilst I wait for a delivery, I thought I'd crack open a quick, small project of an aircraft I love. Living very close to RAF Fairford, I've seen plenty of the current U-2S airframes fly in and out and so finally I'm building one - albeit, the earliest version. HobbyBoss released their 1:72 U-2A in 2021 with the U-2C following in 2022. The cockpit is straight forward with a fairly detailed multi-part ejection seat, however, I did add some left over Eduard SuperFabric seatbelts. They may not be 100% accurate but I plan on closing the cockpit and so very little will be seen from the inside. For this reason, I also wasn't too bothered by the lack of cockpit side wall decals. You get a main instrument panel decal, albeit basic, but nothing for the sides. Again, it will be closed up and not seen. All sub assemblies I could possibly do were carried out on the fuselage halves. This included the very good fitting engine intakes, closing the speed brakes and inserting the wheel wells. None were painted at this time apart from primer to help future processes. That's all for now, I'll do another update soon.
  19. Hi all, The HobbyBoss 1:72 U-2A is complete! This was a nice quick, mojo boosting build that has come out a treat. The build itself was simple with little issues. I liked the build so much, I went and purchased the U-2C at a recent model show to put alongside it one day. The kit was finished in The Scale Modellers Supply 'Metallic Super Silver' and clear coated with Alclad Aqua Gloss to keep the shine. The decals went down beautifully with no issues, including the massive wing walk way decals, conforming to all details perfectly. I fully recommend this kit to any skill of modeller of this very unique aircraft. Like the Me-410, if you'd like to see more images, let me know and I can post more in the future. See you all again soon! Long live the U-2!
  20. I know I have opened an inspirational build thread of the Revell He 177 build, but... I can't resist the temptation to start the very very nice ICM Dornier kit of the Dornier Do 17 family Ausklärer with DB inline engines. In my opinion, maybe the sleekest and best looking of all WW2 Luftwaffe twins. Now that was a lot said, wasn't it? Anyhoo, I built near duplicate of this kit in the Do 17 group build a year and a half ago, the B-5 night fighter, and what this build has in more complicated paint scheme - but I LOVE painting the RLM 65/70/71 splinter! - it lacks the nightmare of the radar antennas! I had planned to save this for The Few GB later this year, but it looks like I'll have to get another - a Do 17 Z - kit for that one. V-P
  21. 825

    Sea Venom FAW 21

    I started this in the Salty Dog GB and things lurched to a halt after I failed to finish it for the GB. I then did some more work on it and then with a whole bundle of issues occurring in the autumn, I didn’t do any modelling. I’m now working through the not completes and have actually finished a nice little ESCI Valentine tank. One of the next is this one. It’s not a perfect kit, there’s a few flaws, the instructions are poor and it’s seriously over engineered. It is nicely moulded and apart from some issues getting the fuselage together the fit is good. The original work is here Work done since the GB include building the outer wing panels and affixing. Underside painted and masked for some Extra Dark Sea Grey First coats of ESDG and that’s where it was left for months. Last couple of days canopy on and masked, nose cone filled with liquid lead, as well as some in the front of the fuselage as twin booms are notoriously tail sitters. Painting completed and touched up. Now some masking for the red on the wing tanks. CyberHobby give transfers for the black but the red needs painted. The suggested colour is a garish pink so I’ll use Hu19. Also CyberHobby show the tanks as chequered top and bottom and it should only be the top. and a first coat of red. Though stupidly I forgot to mask the rear of the tanks so I’ll have to go back and do that once this is dry.
  22. Well, this is definitely not one of the most elegant aircraft of the world. But it was a big step in helicopter development, First flown in 1939, six prototypes of the Fl 265 were built, but the development continued with the Fl 282. Flettner wanted to test the concept of two counter rotating intermeshing rotors. The 265 was powered by a 160 hp radial engine fitted with a fan for cooling. No, the propeller is not missing! Early special hobby kits are sometimes tricky, in this case the vacuum formed clear parts did not fit, the rear part was way too small and I had to scratch build this part. Cockpit and engine are nicely detailed resin parts. The delicate landing gear provides good landing characteristics, but was a pain to adjust it. Hope you like this interesting piece of aviation history. cheers, Norbert
  23. Hi all, The Airfix 1:72 Me-410 is finally complete! Started back in November '23, I got bogged down through Christmas and New Year, but here she is! Apart from the decals for this specific 410, everything is out of the box. I never make things easy for myself and this was very much the case when I saw this scheme on the Xtradecal sheet - I knew I had to attempt it! This is a fantastic new tooling from Airfix of a subject not very well covered in scale. There are signs in the kit that future variants may come (the A-3 Recon version would be very welcome)! As previously mentioned I slightly modified the kit to have the standard closed bomb bay doors to make this machine a true Me-410A-1 rather than the kit's A-1/U2 (or /U4). Hataka paints were used for this build for the majority with Mission Models US acrylic paints being the saviour to allow me to pull off the Wellenmuster camo using the re-fillable paint pen (see previous updates for details on this). These are some of my favourite photos of the build to upload now, but if the interest is there, I will upload the rest for everyone - let me know in the comments! A massive thank you to Phoenix Scale Publications for providing this sample at SMW'23 - this will be a full build article in a future issue! See you soon for the HobbyBoss 1:72 U-2A reveal!
  24. I've done a 1:48 Stuka a while a go but I wanted to do one in my preferred scale which is 1:72. And I specifically wanted to do the 'cannon bird' with the big underwing mounted cannons. So let's get a kit (Academy in this case) and build it - and we're done. Easy, right? Simple 1:72 kit with couple of sprues. How hard can it be? Maybe get a mask set, that will make things even easier. So we get few extras to correct or spruce things up. Okay it might complicate things a bit... ...oh right so we start to hack'n'slash the fuselage in pieces and carve out the existing cockpit details and install a new one - which I guarantee will not fit - and build up new cannons from a random pile of super thin resin bits and throw in some metal barrels just in case. I'm not sure yet but this might be the hard part of the build. 😬 Oh and the best part, deadline is 24th of February, hoping to attend a modelling show with this build. Oh and I still have to get some decals, Wish me luck!
  25. More like a placeholder for now, but my first subject will be a spring -41 Ju 88 A-5(F) from the Balkans, that matches the paint scheme of a Do 17 I built earlier. TBC...
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