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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings from Italy. Just finished the Eduard bf110 C in a strange unusual scheme as a mix of german and italian insigna. This model represents one of the few bf110 operated as night fighter by Regia Aeronautica "235^ Squadriglia" based at Lonate Pozzolo airport in early 1943. This airport was about 40 km North West of Milan and now is still in use but better known as Milan Malpensa (MXP). The Edurd kit is very nice but I would say not for beginners. Painting has been done usign Gunze colours and spray finishing. Weathering is a mix of oil wash and pastels. Decals are from the italian brand Tauro Models. Enjoy pictures and please feel free to comment. Cheers Andy
  2. Greetings from Italy. I took a week off around Easter and to properly relax I decided to build a nice Spitfire in 1/48 scale. The Airfix kit is really very nice and I enjoyed every minute of this job. I made it basically OOB except for Eduard cockpit details set and seat-belts. As usual I painted with airbrush using a mix of Tamiya and Gunze acrylics. Weathering is a mix of oil wash and pastels covered with a thin layer of Gunze spray matt finishing. I would say I'm pretty happy with this one. Enjoy pictures and comments are always welcome. Cheers Andy
  3. The Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" is a long-range carrier-based fighter aircraft formerly manufactured by Mitsubishi Aircraft Company, a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and was operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1940 to 1945. The A6M was designated as the Mitsubishi Navy Type 0 carrier fighter, or the Mitsubishi A6M Rei-sen. The A6M was usually referred to by its pilots as the Reisen, "0" being the last digit of the imperial year 2600 when it entered service with the Imperial Navy. The official Allied reporting name was "Zeke", although the name "Zero" was used colloquially as well. Another fantastic 1/48 from Tamiya, up there with the best! As expected fit an finish are excellent on the same level as the P-51 and P-38 - really went to town with the chipping fluid on this one, rare to find one that hasn't been heavily weathered. Honestly cant think of any bad points with this model, maybe the lack of decals but other than that this was a joy to put together. The Cannons and cockpit details are additional from Eduard let me know what you think!
  4. Good after noon fellow modelers, I've made one entry in this GB, but, why only one? So, bravely, as I'am not ๐Ÿ˜„, I 've decided to start another one Bf109, this time, Zvezda is a producer. Aside from very poor and shallow panel lines, Zvezda's kit si exeptional. Cokpit is almost finish... Thanks for watching!
  5. Hallo Now I started today with my MIG 31. To tell the story from the beginning: I was on a Su-25 UB from KP. The model was finished so far just before spraying. When I installed the cockpit glass I had to notice, that the complete cockpit was about 2 to 3 mm too far aft. The windshield for the rear cockpit was impossible to install. Since the windows are opening to the right, they have to be in a proper position. I had to stop it. My 3rd model I stopped after 30 years. Than I wanted to go on with the Jaguar from Kitty Hawk. But not at all after this frustration. This kit of the MIG 31 from AMK is a joy. I cannot remember having worked on such a wonderful kit. Two pins from the nose gear were off. So I replaced it with 1mm brass rod. As you see, the center box including main wing is done. The engine: Here I had a resin engine, bit I did not use it, because of unknown troubles of alignment ahead at the very rear end. I did not want to repeat a resin mis-alignment as on the Su-25! All you see is my doing from after breakfast until now approx.. 15.00. Happy modelling
  6. Hello Everyone This is the wonderful Tamiya 1/48 Me-262 A-2a. The only modifications where a few wires in the main undercarriage bay, some homemade seat straps and I decided to cut the flaps out and display them drooping. I believe the leading edges would also be lowered at the same time, but I had a bad case of diminished enthusiasm hit me halfway through the build. Iโ€™ll save that job for the 1/32 262โ€™s in my stash. It started out well enough but then the decals silvered in places (all my fault), so I decided to remove all the paint and start again. I think it turned out a little better but still not satisfied, but hey itโ€™s all about the taking part and learning. Most of the markings are hand painted as a way of punishing myself for not doing the decals justice in the first place. Thanks for looking
  7. Like many of us, I'm sure, I find it helpful to have more than one project on the go at a time so that while waiting for glue to set, paint to dry or enthusiasm to rekindle on one project, you can do some work on another. My Hurricane build is proceeding apace but having finished up a couple of long-term projects which will be appearing in the RFI section as soon as I can figure out how best to photograph them while disguising their manifest failings, I was in the mood to start something new. Scanning my mini-stash, my eyes fell upon this: I should make it clear that I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Airfix Modellers Club but Wonderland, one of my local model shops, seems to have acquired a truck-load of these at some point. I bought this particular example at the East Fortune Airshow last year. You can tell because the box is still damp. So, first decision, which marking option to make? This: or this? That night fighter looks very good, and promises an easily applied paint scheme with a highly attractive lack of masking, but in the end, and as spoiled by the title of this topic, I've always had a real fondness for the clipped cropped and clapped LF Vb (clipped because the wings were clipped to improve roll rate, cropped because the supercharger was cropped to improve low level performance and clapped because the airframes recycled to produce this mark were, erm, not in the first flush of youth) so that's what it's going to be. The mandatory sprues shot: I was going to say that this will be the first time I have strayed from the one true scale of 1/72 but actually I have a vague memory of working on a never-completed Esci 1/48 Tornado when I was but a stripling modeller. The hope is that 1/48 will prove more compatible with my generally failing faculties. Join me as I find out whether this is the case or if I should start contemplating 1/24 scale. Craig.
  8. G'day people, I cannot resist a good wokka kit and despite having mixed success completing GB entries, I couldn't help joining this one Box shots cheers, Pappy
  9. Finally finished this one, think it's taken around 6 months working on and off between house moves and work. I know the stigma around this kit, but it's been one of my favourite builds. Kit of firsts for me, first full photo etch cockpit, using filler, using a gloss coat, vacform canopy and an enamel wash... need a lot more practice with the wash though. Airfix 1/48 Buccanner S2/S2C kit used Pavla ejection seats Airwaves photo etch cockpit Kit World decals Areoclub canopy Scratch build bomb bay Sprayed with Tamiya acrylics Humbrol enamel black wash Humbrol gloss varnish brushed on Kit came without any clear parts, so no nav lights or screen between the navigator and pilot. Work in progress below Picture time
  10. Hello guys! First, a little introduction. I joined britmodeller a couple of years ago but I haven't been a very active member. I hope to change that as soon as possible! Second, this is the first time I show some of my work anywhere! I'm kind of a lone wolf as far as models are concerned, so, I'm a little nervous! There's lots of very talented people here! Well, the model is the very nice and beautiful Revell F-84E Thunderjet in 1/48 scale. Construction was very straightforward with minimal use of putty. The only problems I found were bad fit around the nose and tail, but nothing serious. Also, the model gets a little fiddly when installing all the remaining parts such us landing years, fuel tanks, and navigation lights. It was painted with AK Xtreme Metal colors (Aluminium, Dark Aluminium and Polished Aluminium for the nose). Also, a Quickboost seat was used to replace the kit one. Decals were a mix between Cutting Edge, Expert Choice, Aeromasters and the kit. The model represents the personal mount of Colonel Robert L. Scott while he was in Germany in 1952. This is the early scheme with the frameless canopy and no Comand Stripes in the back of the plane. Weathering was kept to minimum as photos of that era shows a very clean aircraft. To sum up, a very fun and relaxing build. Hope you like it! PS: Sorry for the photos. I used my cellphone. Thanks for watching! Tato
  11. Latest off the build machine Fujimis 1/48 T-38A or more precisely Fujimis F-5A in t-38 Clothing.. Not the most accurate out there, but I got this years ago when there wasn't anything else available. I want to do this as a simple slap and dash to prove to myself that I could still build a model and not take a year to complete.๐Ÿ˜œ Wasn't going to be anything spectacular, just straight from the box as had been created by the modelling gods. Well that didn't last long, I start to look at the cockpit anddd... there no front office. just two barcoloungers of dubious quality. SO I added a couple of Quickboost seats, made some side consoles out of plasticard and instrument panels out of some scrap resin pieces. I did add some extra bits to fill out the empty spaces left over in the office. I wanted to go with the older international orange High Vis scheme because I wanted to have this done when I finished the Great white Beast so it would have a proper chase plane but wasn't to happen. I did use the stock decals. originally they were yellowed pretty heavily but I stuck them in a UV lamp oven to bake for an hour as an experiment to see if it was faster than taping to the window for a few weeks. gratefully it only took a hour to bleach them out enough to be usable. probably could have stood another hour but I'll remember that for the future. They did curl a bit at first but after a day flattened out. I gave them a couple of coats of lacquer just in case. There was a date stamped on the back Jan 1984! SO this model had been around for a day or two. The biggest blunder I had trough it all was at the very end In attaching the canopy to the fuselage the canopy cracked in a few places, not much I could do to fix. At a later date I may try to make a master of it and Vacuform a new one, we'll see. Not much on the underneath except the glaring sight saying "This is an F-5 you FOOL!" So there you have it, not quite a silk purse, but neither is it a sows ear. It was an enjoyable brief interlude. I now return you back to your regularly scheduled program" Celebrity Death Match. Tonight's contestants Beyonce vs. the Olsen Twins
  12. After many months it's finished a 1/48th scale scratchbuilt Gloster Gamecock in 17th Squadron colours. Wheels and upper wing from a Smer Bulldog, a Resin Engine but otherwise all scratchbuilt including home printed decals.
  13. is this the first modern injection molded battle tank in 1/48? :) http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/32588/index.htm looking forward for more! (sorry if a repost!)
  14. Hello, Colleagues! I want to present you one of my new models. I hope you like it! Thanks for looking.
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