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  1. Thanks for your comments colleagues!
  2. Hello, everyone! 30 years ago was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Pripyat. By this date I built a diorama "The Forgotten Sloggers of Chernobyl ". This diorama showing some of machinery, which took part in liquidating the results of the accident . All the machinery was leveled in cemeteries (a fragment of one of these represent in this job). Have a nice view!
  3. Thanks for your comment! This plane has a lot of different camouflagues, I used one of them.
  4. Hello, Colleagues! I want to present you one of my new models. I hope you like it! Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks Ken! There were no real problems with putting it together& I did not model the bomb compartment as the missile was meant to be fitted& The crew compartment went in with no trouble. The engines had to be worked on a bit to fit the in and the air intakes were made of metal using the lathe. Cheers Alesha
  6. Hello, Colleagues! Today I want to present you another one of my models. I completed it in May 2015 especially for exhibition in Kyiv. I hope you like it! Thanks for looking.
  7. Thank you very much, colleagues, for your invaluable support and kind words concerning my model!
  8. Hello everyone! Now I want to show you my model, which I gathered for 2 weeks. First I presented It on the exhibition Lviv Scale Model Fest 2014. Have a pleasant viewing experience! And some photos of this work in progress...
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