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  1. Jonny

    Yellow Vacuforms

    Hhhhmmm - I have a 1/48 Czech Model Me. 309 kit that I bought cheaply a year or so ago off a stall at an airshow. When I came to try to build it I found the vacform canopy to be yellowed. I left it on a windowsill for some weeks and it cleared a little. Unfortunately I decided to do something else and now I find the canopy is back to yellow. HOWEVER, sun /natural light *did* seem to improve the situation. Whether it would if a built model is left in such a position I don’t know. In my case such things are discouraged by SWMBO. Does Czech Model still exist, does anyone know? I suspect it’s now known under another name. Jonny
  2. Jonny

    Best T-6 Texan (Harvard) in 1:48 Scale ?

    ThNkyou! Jonny
  3. My NF.11 / 13 arrived today, bought through eBay. No customs or PO handling charges! The kit looks good. Some flash, easily dealt with,.. I sent a message to Mr. Martin shortly after delivery via eBay and had a very nice reply. I did have to explain to him (and will repeat here) that I've an uncomfortably big stash, including the Meteor Mk. 8, so won't be able to start this conversion any time soon. I merely mention it! Hope this helps, Jonny
  4. Jonny

    Best T-6 Texan (Harvard) in 1:48 Scale ?

    Sorry to intrude, but any opinions on the Italeri 1/48 “Harvard Mk. 2a”? Something, somewhere, makes me think it’s a reissue but I can’t recall of what! Jonny
  5. Jonny

    USAF CG-4 / Hadrian in 1950s

    An interesting question! I guess you saw that reference to the 1950’s arctic experiments in WikiVisually. The only help there is a reference to the replacement of the wheeled undercart by skis (hardly surprising!), and use of the ‘hook and line’ recovery system. I hope you get more (constructive) help here. I admit I’d never heard about use of a glider in the Arctic until I read your post. Fascinating. Jonny
  6. What a kit! I’ve just stumbled into this thread. But if you hadn’t Shown pics of the box, bu5 only the contentsI’d have happily assumed it’s injected plastic! Is this what we can expect in the future? In 1/48 scale, of course... (smirk). Jonny
  7. Jonny

    Johnsons Klear?

    I’ve found what Tony showed ... it’s in eBay (the UK one). £12.99 free postage and a London seller. The usual “limited quantity remaining” tag. The description refers to “wax”, by the way. Thought I’d better point it out - searches I made some time ago didn’t show this actual product. Jonny
  8. Jonny

    Spitfire PRU Camera set

    The April edition of Airfix Model World has, on page 95, a review of a Brengun 1/48 scale a twin F52 camera fit “as installed on PR. X, XI and XIX variants”. And “it would be suitable for 1/48 offerings by Airfix or AZ Model straight from the box (PR.XIX or XI respectively, or via conversions (Hasegawa with a Quickboost set)”. From that I assume the reviewer knows that AZ Model has, or is about to, market a Spitfire PR. I. I looked on the AZ website but couldn’t see any reference. Does anyone know whether or not we can expect a PR.XI Spitfire?? The review indicates that the cost of the Brengun camera is £8:30, by the way. Jonny
  9. Jonny

    Spitfire PRU Camera set

    Thanks very much, Troy ... I thought it might be too good to be true. I’ve converted a Mk.IX using a conversion set (I can’t for the life of me remember who marketed it) which had a resin deep nose, fairings for the wing fuel pumps and downward pointing cameras and PE surround for the oblique camera. It was OK but was lost (destroyed) in a house move. When I saw the review in AMW I thought AT LAST! Ho hum. Thanks again, Jonny
  10. Jonny

    Johnsons Klear?

    Tony, could you you tell us from which supermarket chain / village store / website you bought this bottle? None of the supermarkets near me seem to sell anything like it. In hope, Jonny
  11. Jonny

    Hawker Hunter F.6 Airfix 1/48th

    A fantastic model! I haven’t looked in WIP yet, but did you dos work-in-progress, Jonners? This is one of those (many, too many) kits I’d like to have and eventually build - you’ve made that worse! Thanks for sharing this with us, though. Jonny
  12. Oh RATS!!! Just when I thought I should get down to seriously work my way through the stashthis comes along ... not long afterI visited IWM Duxford recently and looked (once again) at their Sunderland Mk.V .... ho hum. I can’t even pretend the high cost is unjustified - if it really is around 40 Euros it’s worth it. MILOSLAV ... I understand you have a pre-launch kit but what are the panel lines like? Please please say they are better than a certain other manufacturer’s Sunderland released not so long ago ....! The images you’ve posted make me think there might be a Mk.III boxing sometime, or is that wishful thinking? Jonny
  13. Jonny

    White balance

    Hi, everyone. I’m ashamed to have to ask this, but I feel forced to! I spent a happy day on Thursday Feb. 7 at the RAF Museum Hendon. I took my Nikon D7500 and was able to select a suitable White Balance value for everywhere except the Bomber Hall. i tried all options - incandescent, Flourescent (yes, sodium vapour, white fluorescent, cool white, day white, daylight fluorescent, high temp mercury vapour), everything that didn’t involve what I consider natural light of flash. Every time I ended up with a heavy ‘cast’, usually green. I didn’t have a problem in the other halls. I think I can adjust the images in Photoshop or similar tools but I cannot understand what went wrong! I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll be able to revisit RAFM Hendon, but could someone please suggest a white Balance setting to eradicate the ‘cast’? At the moment I’m unable to post images here. Many thanks, etc., Jonny
  14. Jonny

    Those other Tornado specials

    Either way, it seems the big H do offer the ‘right’ (1/48) scale. Guess where I’m going next!!! Thanks, everyone, for pointing it out. i watched the ‘last’ flypast at Duxford last Wednesday. I was surprised how emotional I felt. Comparing notes with others near me revealed I wasn’t the only one. I vividly remember seeing the then new Tornado / MRCA demonstrated at Farnborough years ago, not realising what it would achieve. Cheers, Jonny
  15. Jonny

    Those other Tornado specials

    Well, yes, but the sheet is IN THE WRONG SCALE!!! Any chance a 1/48 version will appear, do you think? Jonny
  16. Jonny

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    For what it's worth, the timings for the Tornado farewell flypasts were released today. Have a look at https://www.military-airshows.co.uk/press19/tornadofarewellprjan2019.htm There are timings and some other info. Enjoy. I'm planning on being at Duxford on Wednesday. Jonny
  17. Hi, everyone ... I’ve just bought a Tamron 150 - 600mm zoom lens from a well known online auction company. It’s pretty big as you can imagine and quite heavy. I’ve tried it and it works fine but definitely needs support, either with a monopod or tripod. It has a tripod collar. My problem is the lens came with original packaging which does not include any form of protective pouch or case. For safety’s sake I want something. I’ve looked online but haven’t yet found one large enough to definitely hold the lens with tripod collar attached. Has anyone any ideas where I can find such a piuch or case? I’m talking of a diameter of over 130mm / 13cm. Any advice / suggestions gratefully received!!!
  18. Jonny

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    Ah, thanks, W-D. I’ve just emailed the IWM. That won’t help you personally, I know but if I get a sensible answer from Duxford I’ll pass it on. Jonny PS IWM Duxford replied to the effect they hadn’t - at the time they replied, afternoon of the 13th - been told timings by the RAF. They advise to keep an eye on the ‘RAF website’.
  19. Jonny

    RAF Tornado Farewell Tour

    This is good news, of a sort - I’ll be sorry to see the last of the Tonka. It doesn’t seem so long ago that I watched one at Farnborough. Thanks to @amblypygld I know there's a chance to see the fly past at IWM Duxford. The thing is, does anyone know the time it’ll take place? IWM Duxford hasn’t mentioned it to ‘Members’. Hoping for some help here! I will, of course, ask Duxford but they’re not always very quick to answer. Jonny
  20. Jonny

    White balance

    Hello again ... I had a reply from the RAF Museum today. This is what they said: - The Bomber Hall is currently fitted with a metal halide lamp which is to be replaced next financial year. The lamps can vary in colour temperature due to manufacture and so it’s difficult to be specific about makes. The ancillary lighting is a standard fluorescent low frequency fitting with again standard coated lamps. At least they answered! And at least we can expect improvements 'next financial year'. I hope this helps anyone planning on visiting RAF Museum Hendon. That's it, Jonny
  21. Jonny

    Noble Endeavours Book

    Yes ... about £27:00 over here in the UK. Rather too much for me. A shame. oh well ... can but keep looking! Jonny
  22. Jonny

    White balance

    Thanks, both of you. The Nikon D7500 I was using the other day permits the saving of images in several formats, including JPEG and Nikon’s equivalent of RAW. To economise on space I used JPEG fine. I have one of the cut-down (express) versions of Photoshop. Chris - I’m sure I tried ‘Auto’ among several other WB settings. As you say, the lighting in the Bomber Hall is ‘low key’ - it looked as though it’s still very much a work-in-progress . The He. 111 for instance was showing its back to visitors (no bad thing!),, the Grand Slam was wedged against a wall, and one needed a torch to even see the Haifax! And no, I didn’t have a torch. I do hope the Museum w8ll improve the lighting in the Hall. The flash on my D7500 is quite good but frankly not adequate to illuminate a whole twin / 4 engine airframe. My error, I should have taken my SB700 flash. After I posted my plea for help here I realised I could enquire of the Museum what type of light8ng is in use, so completed their form and submitted it. If I receive a helpful answer I’ll post it on. Thanks again, both of you. Jonny
  23. Jonny

    Tupolev Tu-22M3 crash

    Well - thanks for sharing the link. It was an awful accident. But, more than that, thank you for your comment about respect for the crew. Respect richly deserved. Jonny
  24. Jonny

    1/48th...ish Tiger Moth

    Oh wow! Thanks, Paul. This brought back memories ... my first ever foreign working trip, to Amsterdam in (wait for it) 1975. I was working for a multinational corporation in the UK and they sent me to A’dam for a month to liaise with the Dutch subsidiary and bring back a software package being developed there. Wandering round the city I chanced upon a model shop - as you do - and saw that very kit. I bought it, brought it home, where it languished for years still in its wrapping until lost in a house move. I often wondered why I never built the thing. I don’t think there was any othe4 1/48-ish kit available for ages after. Ice t9see itagain.
  25. Jonny

    IWM Duxford

    I spent four hours at Duxford today. I really went there to have a close look at Sally B and the IWM’s B17G. It struck me that apart from the ‘active’ collections, e.g. The Fighter Collection and HAC, nothing else, maintained by the IWM has changed for some time. Any changes were, I’m sorry to say, negative, I.e. the Firefly Mk. 1 in Swedish target towing colours, has vanished. Does anyone know where the Firefly has gone? I asked some IWM staff, but none knew anything about it. What also bothered me is that several airworthy aeroplanes, especially the HAC’s, are unattended and very close to barriers. I observed several small children tugging at or banging on parts of the aeroplanes, watched by smiling parents. I also saw some adults doing the same! Obviously the owners will check the airframes but I do feel that IWM should improve is supervision - I’m sure they used to have regular patrols by security people. Rant mode ‘OFF’ ... Jonny