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  1. Are you documenting your build on here? If so, I'd be very interested to see more in detail of the Mach 2 kit, especially photos of the contents and also what it is like to build & correct. Whilst I am aware of its reputation, and have seen a couple of pics showing completed ones, I'd much prefer to work with styrene than with resin & vac form.
  2. I would be interested to know what this kit is like, as I've been unable to find any decent info. Based on Italeri's recent release history, this road version is likely to follow not too long after the rally one that they have just re-released. However, I'm undecided as to whether to keep it as an SLC, or shorten and chop the roof off to make it an SL...
  3. That Sunseeker Predator is the only modernish vessel that I have seen in 1:72. Otherwise it seems to be WW2 type stuff. However if your plan is to have the lifeboat & helicopter speeding to the rescue (as opposed to actually being depicted during the rescue itself), then a suitable a smaller scale vessel could be used be used in the background, to give a much greater sense of depth. Alternatively, one of Mirage's 1:50 sailing yacht models could be in the foreground undergoing the mishap of your choice, with your 1:72 rescuers approaching from the background. Depending on how
  4. I really hope so! If Revell had got it right with this FHC, I'd definately be buying one. However, given the errors in shape (I could happily forgive other things such as interior or running gear errors) I'll wait a bit to see if one turns up at a discount (to then kit bash with a Heller FHC, or perhaps as a running gear donor for my Airtrax resin MkX), or for a future release as an OTS version, which looks likely given the windscreen height. Annoyingly, the headlight covers aren't quite right either*, but still much better than any other E Type kit in this scale, and bettered only by the v
  5. An alternative method is to use Bare Metal Foil as masking (especially for small details), since it can be scribed in with a scalpel really easily.
  6. Irrelevant of the TV show, this appeals to me much more than the originally released coupe version as I've always liked four door pillarless hardtops - now if only there were '57 Chevy and '58 Plymouth kits in that bodystyle. too... In terms of this kit, it has been out a while now in the States and in addition to that build video in the link above (a good Youtube channel to subscribe to for anyone interested in new releases of American car model kits) there are numerous build threads on the Model Cars Mag forum too, which are worth looking up.
  7. The Avro 504 sounds very interesting but hopefully it won't be just the K version though... I'm hoping that they will do an original 504 (or it will be tooled in such a way that it can be easily converted to one) as I would love to be able to build a replica of my great grandfather's one which was shot down in 1914.
  8. This is something that annoys me too, as IMHO they look more realistic posed with some steering lock applied, especially when setting up for taking photos. I would usually have the front wheels set so that the face of the wheel is more towards the camera. I find it brings things more to life. However, what's much worse is when the stub axles can steer, but there is no tie rod connecting them, so nothing keeping them aligned to each other
  9. I wasn't familar with them - many thanks for the info, and it looks like they have some great subject matter!
  10. Likewise about Invincible - I've seen various kits of WWI RN battleships (Dreadnought, & Warspite, Barham QE in both WWI and WW2 guise), but haven't seen any battlecruisers aside from this one!
  11. That's unusual to see one in that colour as unlike the saloons, the estates were not available in red to the general public. However the odometers on Amazons only read to 99999 and most if not all have been around at least once. I have seen the odometer on my one roll around to 00000 twice in the time I have known it (was previously my father's, and it had been around the clock at least once before he bought it in 1994) and I would love to know for certain what the true mileage is, but it is definately not less than 300K, with 150K of that in my family's ownership. It was my everyday car fo
  12. I guess that the date is probably a misprint then. Hadn't realised the Tangmere connection - not only it that very local to me, but also one of my great grandfathers was there for part of WW2 as a Fighter Command staff officer, so looks like this decal option is how I will be building it.
  13. I have just been looking for the appropriate thread (& guessing this is it!) to post the same info, as when I bought one last week, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that additional sprue with the shallower rear fuselage and 2 bladed prop, which I was not expecting but will probably be using to differentiate it fully from the Arma metal wing Hurricane Mk1 that I also have. However the only decal option is listed as being for 'northern France, Spring 1939' but the box art image (also shown a couple of post above) depicts in combat with various Luftwaffe aircraft. Is that
  14. Compared to European cars, there seems to be a distinct lack of prewar UK cars in any scale, let alone 1:35. However, is 1:32 close enough? There's a few Airfix prewar cars which might be ideal, such as their 1920s Bullnose Morris, which would still have been seen on the streets in that era. There's also the Humber staff car if you want a military car present. In 1:35, ICM's late '30s Packard V12 would be period correct for the UK, as a few were sold here at the time, but would not have been a regular sight, and may be a bit posh for a regular street scene. Tamiya do a Citroen Traction Av
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