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  1. Just seen that the Pompey local paper has this document about HMS Prince of Wales on their website, & thought it might be of interest: https://epages.jpimedia.co.uk/full_page_image/page-1-123/content.html
  2. Paul H

    Avro 504 bomber

    I did email WNW a while back to suggest that an early 504 would fit nicely in their range, especially with its pedigree as being used for the first strategic bombing raid (also the first Allied crossing of the Rhine in the Great War) but only recieved a relatively generic email back so guess they are either not interested or playing their cards close to their chest. I am hoping that it is simply the latter. As they seem to like releases that tie-in with decorated airmen, the 504 fits that well since Squadron Commander E. F. Briggs received the DSO & Bar, Croix de Guerre avec Palme and the Legion d' Honneur for his exploits firstly in leading the raid, and also then later escaping from German captivity.
  3. Paul H

    Avro 504 bomber

    Found it & ordered one online - it's the May 1975 issue. Many thanks for the tip!
  4. That sounds interesting! Guessing the half a new tool could be another version of the recently released Land Rover 109", as there appears to be scope for that based on the sprue layouts - an 88" would be a great addition! However I wonder what the others could be... Wasn't there a rumour / announcement a while back that then went quiet, for an Aston-Martin DB5 from Revell? Or does this mean that Revell might be scaling down their recent 1:16 Porsche 356 to 1:24?
  5. Paul H

    Avro 504 bomber

    Thank you, yes already have that which is very useful to show the differences at 1:1 compared to a K. Interestingly, the tail numbers for the Friedrichshafen Raid have been mixed up for decades, and I think it's one of the first books that corrects this (I have also verified from period photos). Has anyone documented more on the corrections needed to the fuselage? Whilst I have a few planes now in the to-build pile, only one has been started (& not finished yet...) so I am still very much a novice with aviation models & any further guidance to the very useful info posted above by stevehed, or any other issues to watch for on the Airfix kit would be very appreciated!
  6. The Italeri 1:24 Land Rover is a very old ex-Esci tooling, and all are variants of a 109 pickup, as opposed to the Revell which is a 109 station wagon. All the Esci / Italeri ones are curbside, so no engine detail aside from the sump, but everything you see underneath is pretty well detailed. The only instructions I can find online are here, but this should show what the detail is like: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/1/3/0/228130-79-instructions.pdf Depending on the release, it comes with a hard top (like the fire truck one), soft top or military parts.
  7. Paul H

    Avro 504 bomber

    Did anyone completed a conversion to 1914 spec as described above? I've tried searching the forum but could only find this thread as I'm (slowly) planning a build of 874 from the Friedrichshafen Raid. However I am a novice at aircraft builds (usually a car modeller) & so any advice woud be very appreciated!
  8. Wow!! I'd really like that 1:700 HMS Ark Royal IV, and the 1:700 HMS Andromeda looks interesting too - hopefully they will release other Leanders (or include parts / decals) as I'd want to build Apollo F70 since my late grandfather served on Ark in the early '70s, and later on Apollo.
  9. Following this with great interest, as I don't think I've seen a build up of Heller's H Van, only the Ebbro one. The Heller version looks much more appealing to me given the different age options & engine detail.
  10. That has got to be very disheartening... Is it worth separating the dashboard from the windscreen on this part, and then using flat acetate (or similar) for new glass, with a fabricated surround to hold them in place up against the main windscreen frame?
  11. Those look great! Many thanks for sharing the pics. I reckon that the contrast between the shiny & weathered ones makes for a much more interesting collection!
  12. I ordered one earlier in the week (£22:50 including postage), and it arrived today! I haven't unbagged it fully, but initial thoughts are mostly positive. However what did jump out is that there are some areas underneath where the detail on the much older Italeri kit is vastly superior. The front axle is a prime example - the Revell is very crude & toy-like, whereas Italeri's version is much more accurate to the actual steering swivel set up. The gearbox and transfer case don't look great either, but I haven't investigated further yet. However having a similar age 88" in pieces at work for reference does help though! Regarding the blanked out parts in the instruction manual, these are another set of door mirrors, and a second spare wheel with its bolt-down bracket. The extra spare wheel appears identical to the one used in the instructions, so I can only assume that it is for a version with twin spare wheels. Anyone have thoughts on whether that might be a factory version of some kind, or perhaps just safari / off road rally one?
  13. Not familar with the rest of their 1:43 series, but the Heller SD1 is definately a very nice moulding. I bought one a while back, and was impressed by it not only for how it is for that scale but also the age (originally released in 1979 - mine was an early '80s Humbrol re-box). I haven't built it yet as I am still undecided as to which stereotypically '70s BL colour to paint it! In the meantime, I will look forward to seeing your build! I am hoping that Beemax might do a racing Vitesse version, to go along side the racing Volvo 242 turbo. I would much prefer a road car, but think this is the most likely way of seeing one as a 1:24 kit & like the Volvo, I suspect that the aftermarket will assist with the necessary upgrades (if not, I'd happily construct my own 'civilian' interior). However perhaps I am reading too much into the blurred image of the Vitesse visible on the box art behind the Volvo...
  14. Fully agree with 1:700 being vastly preferable to 1:600 for compatability & thus a wider audience. However isn't the the Airfix 1:700 RMS Titanic simply a re-boxed Academy kit? Strangely, Revell's recent snap kit one is 1:600, despite their regular glue kit Olympic & Titanic being 1:700, but not aware of any other newly tooled 1:600 ships. At 1:350, QE / PoW works out as 800mm - the only other 1:350 kit that I know of that is larger is the Tamiya USS Enterprise. However, as there is a range of 1:200 WW2 battleships that seem to be growing, hopefully there is the market in 1:350 for a model of that size. Btw, have Airfix produced any other ships in 1:350 ship apart from the Type 45?
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