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  1. Also thinking Bedford cab & bonnet / grille. However the front wings are from a Triumph Renown.
  2. Looking good, and great to see a Ferrari in a more unusual colour - this one really suits it. Lovely work on the interior too, and those wheels look so much better dechromed!
  3. Whilst, as already stated, there is now a one piece resin GT body for the re-released Aoshima kit, I think it worth noting that the Finecast MGB, whether roadster or GT, does have full engine bay detail which the Aoshima does not, and I am not aware of any transkits to provide the Aoshima with that. For some modellers, this will probably make it worth the extra money. In additon to kit collectors, given how popular MGBs are, there is also probably quite a few owners of the real car who would want one of these, even if only as memorabilia, and perhaps in addition to the Aoshima one. In contr
  4. During a discussion on here the other week about this kit, I promised to post up some pics of mine. Turned out that I had taken some pics of this and a couple of other older builds back in the summer which I haven't posted yet, so fortunately have some decent images of it since I am unable to take any at the moment due to the weather. This is originally an Italeri kit, but this one is a Revell AG rebox from about 15 years ago. I bought it at the time and probably started it about five years later. However I messed up the bonnet as when gluing it to the hinges, the polystyrene ce
  5. Wonderful! Not only a fantasic model (at times, it looked like you were posting photos of a real car!), but one of a beautiful vehicle! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to attempt this in 1:8, but I intend to follow this closely at some point in the future in 1:24. Thank you for documenting everything, it has been extremely interesting to follow.
  6. That's looking fantastic! Thinking about it more, and looking back to your earlier posts to see the parts prior to fitment, I can well imagine that the wings were a complete pain to locate correctly. Did you make a jig from this side, to help match up and support the other side whilst it was assembled and attached?
  7. I agree, it doesn't look brilliant, but suspect that much is due to the lack of cross section shape in the sills.
  8. There is a white metal 1:24 XJ6 S3 by K&R Replicas.
  9. I'd buy one too!!
  10. That's the Italeri one, and it only came with chrome wires which is a pity however for injection moulded wires, they aren't bad at all. Revell also reboxed it about 15 years ago, which is the one I have built. Not as nice as the Fujimi, but with care, it still builds up well. Italeri also did a racing version and a spider but I don't know if anyone else has reboxed those ones.
  11. Just pulled it out of the cabinet to have a closer look again. I reckon the front lights are ok (lack of black sharpie edging aside!) with an orange wash / very thin coat inside, but I was painting details with a hairy stick rather than an airbrush (the body was a rattle can), so I really didn't want to risk messing up the whole lense with brush marks over such a large area. I reckon the main thing to fix the rear lights is to carve out the reflector shapes in the body itself with a dremel or similar - the actual lense is nicely moulded, but they really need that extra depth from the reflect
  12. Ah - I have one but haven't built it yet. Was wondering in case it wasn't worth bothering with, so that's good to hear. Just had a quick check as I knew I'd seen several for sale recently - in case you still want one, Model Hobbies currently have both the Revell USA & Germany releases of the '68 - IIRC, the US one has more optional parts included (& is also cheaper!). A bit more than the Revell AG one on Prime, but that's awaiting stock. Thank you. At some point, I intend to go back and sort out the front & rear light lenses. I'm pretty sure I only used c
  13. Out of interest, is it that you don't like the Revell one, or just that it isn't available at the moment?
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