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  1. From what is shown on Tamiya's website, it looks rather impressive: https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html The old Revell 240Z was full detail and but is ancient. Fujimi's one has an engine (or at least, some versions do), but not much other engine detail and the bonnet needs cutting out from the bodyshell. Hasegawa's versions are apparently the best, but are only curbside. This new Tamiya is full detail, with proper engine bay, so has its own niche. Whilst is is a 240ZG, the CAD looks like it allows for other variants too such as re
  2. Hi and welcome! Do you have a preference for enamel or acrylic paint? Will you be painting by hand with a brush, or using an airbrush? If the former, it's still worth using spraycans for the larger areas and especially the bodywork. These are all things to think about, and which affect which paint range to use. I personally use Halfords spray cans for bodywork (and often matt / satin black cans for the chassis / underside), and then mostly Humbrol enamels for the rest, applied by brush, but am slowly switching to Humbrol acrylics as they are water based. However, many modeller
  3. Another kit that I wish Tamiya would re-release, and one that I regret having to sell a few years back when very skint. Sadly Tamiya's output of newly tooled classic cars has been very sparse since that series back in the '90s - there may have been a couple others, but only one that springs to mind since then is the 300SL.
  4. I have both the Tamiya & Revell Minis, and couldn't see what all the hype was about with the Revell one when comparing the sprues to the much older Tamiya. E.g. I remember that there was one reviewer declaring that the carbs on the Revell were so much better moulded than the Tamiya. However being very familar with real SU carbs, I'd take the Tamiya ones any day! The Tamiya kits are also far more prototypically correct, in addition to going together really well. I haven't built the Revell yet, so cannot comment on ease of build but reviews suggested it was well engineered. Given the lo
  5. Liking those a lot! I was familar with the V12 one, but wasn't aware that there was a similar Series 1. Very nice builds, and they make a great pairing!
  6. Liking those two Humbers and also the Alvis!
  7. They do look very similar, verging on identical - the difference is in the proportions
  8. Great to see this completed! Looks worth the effort though
  9. Fab attention to detail - that looks spot on! How did you do the raised digit numberplates?
  10. Lovely work & many thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing models like these It is indeed! Don't think I've seen pics of a built one before - just the Coupe Napoleon that Italeri also did, and which I assume it shares many of the sprues with. I have a Coupe Napoleon, but haven't found a Berline de Voyage kit yet. I've often thought that Lindberg's Wienberger kit would be a good basis for an Esders roadster This is the likely fate for the one I have. I built one of these a while back - let me know if you want any tips as there are a
  11. Based on the features alone, it could also be a Setter or Retriever, but comparing the size relative to the soldier figures, I'm thinking it's much more likely to be a Springer or Cocker Spaniel. Masterbox included a Setter with their RAF Pilots set, and that is much bigger. However it could of course be painted as whichever breed the builder wants!
  12. Someone has done a whitemetal MGA in 1:24 - think it was Wills / SE Finecast, as opposed to K&R Replicas but can't remember. I am certainly after an MGA so I can build one as my uncle's car. In the meantime, I'm modifying (& correcting...) a Revell 1:18 diecast. Isn't it 1:32 though, rather than 1:24? Yay - someone as sick and twisted as me!!! There have been a few resin transkits of the Elf - not sure if they are still available though.
  13. Whilst there isn't a plastic P1800 or Amazon, there are the AirTrax resin ones... I'm still surprised that no kit manufacturer has issued one of Hans Ledwinka's big prewar Tatra streamliners in 1:35 for the military modellers, as I'd expect it to be very popular, given the numerous other staff car offerings available. If going for the military market, it would probably be a T77A or T87, although perhaps also the smaller T97, rather than the earlier T77. I'd rather have one in 1:24 though!!! There's the Revell USA one which I think is full detail, and the (ex) Monog
  14. I must confess that the only Heller airplane kit I have is their Dragon Rapide, but based on that, I'd happily consider their other plane kits if the subject matter was right What's different / special about those? Are they Heller's version of Airfix's Vintage Classics?
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