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  1. Thanks for info. Do you know if any of the two are available in scale 1:32 or 1:35?
  2. Any chance that this is the same model that was used during the Battle of Britain? If it is. I've been looking for it forever!!
  3. Looking for pictures of the Spitfire Mk.IIa battery / accumulator installation, and possibly measurements of the battery / accumulator.
  4. Working on airplanes for the better part of 40 years I noticed that the flap wells were always soaked in, in a mix of dirt and small hydraulic leaks etc. Does anybody know what the Spitfire flap wells looked like? Since they were pneumatic operated I can't imagine they were all that dirty and then again, taking off and landing from grass fields must have had some effect.
  5. Hi... I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the figure thread. So feel free to move it if necessary. I'm looking for the Humbrol colours to the pilot of my 1:32 Spit. Boots and face I already have but I would like to get as close as possible to the trousers, the Irvin jacket, the helmet and the oxygen mask. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm planning on making a diorama and need the plans / drawings /measurements of the Crossley fire tender, used by the RAF in 1940 (Battle of Britain) If any one can supply me with a scan / copy I'd be very grateful. (I have to build it from scratch) Thanks in advance.
  7. I know this topic will probably fit plane with machineguns installed in leading edge of the wings. So forgive me for just using the Spitfire as an example. When looking at the Spitfire (in this case) models, I have noticed that people often paint smoketrails from the muzzle going aft. Is that a real thing? Considering that the Spitfire was flying around 300 mph, I would imagine that the muzzleflames (smoketrails) would be all over the place and not neatly going back over the wing. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks. Then it's going to be the TR.9D
  9. Thanks... I'm building a Spitfire Mk.II (Battle of Britain)
  10. No wonder I couldn't find a picture. Thanks a million... Now I just need to find out which was the most used one.
  11. Hi... I'm back... Been away for far too long... :-( I understand that the Spitfire Mk.II was equipped with either a T.R 9D, or a T.R. 113 Wireless. Does anyone know which one was the most common, and although I have managed to get my little greedy hands on a beautiful picture of the T.R. 9D, I would be eternally grateful if any of you guys out there could supply me with a picture of the T.R. 113 Thanks in advance.
  12. I guess this is as good a place as any to ask this. I'm looking for the cad drawings/plans for the 303 Browning machinegun (Spitfire mount) I have tried to google it, but so far have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can get/buy them? Thanks in advance.
  13. There's a discussion in another forum whether it was possible for the pilot to fire cannons and guns simultanously, or did he have to make a choice which to fire? When I look at old photos of the firing button the button is worn on the top or the bottom suggesting that the pilot had to choose. If he could fire all at once, how was the mechanism set up?
  14. This may not be the right place to post this question, so feel free to move it to where ever it's appropriate. I have just stumbled over somthing that puzzled me. While looking at photographs of the B-24D's During operation "Tidal Wave" (the low level attack against Romanian oil fields in Ploesti ) I noticed that although the B-24 were using the USAAF insignia on wings and fuselage, the insignia on the vertical stabilizers were British (red white and blue) Can anyone help with an explanation? It's the only place I've noticed this, so I'm a bit curious. Thanks in advance.
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