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Bill Ficner

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    Polish forces--1918 to 1945
    Vietnam War
    1/72 Aircraft
    1/35 Armor
    1/700 Ships
  1. Bill Ficner

    RCAF aircraft photo collection

    Thank you, Mike, for posting that link. There are many great pics there that I had never seen in 50+ years of following military aviation. I'll add the link to my collection of aviation albums, and use the Fairey Battle pics when I get around to my MPM kit. Bill
  2. Bill Ficner

    Maritime group build 2017

    Sign me up for this one. I need a good reason to start one of the 1/700 kits here. Have not built one since the mid '70s.
  3. Bill Ficner

    F-15 STGB Chat

    Please add me to the list. It will fit right in with the F-111 and F-16 builds. I have not built an Eagle since the days they were painted Air Superiority Blue.
  4. Bill Ficner

    Bf 109 STGB II Chat

    Sign me up, please. I have a few Fine Molds kits here.
  5. Bill Ficner

    What If IV GB

    Please add me to the roster. I might try a YFM-1 in OD/NG or an F-16XL in Polish camo. There's also a box full of Luft '46 kits to fall back on. This should be fun.
  6. Add me to your list. I think the last gray jet I finished was a 1/48 F-16, about 30 years ago. It's about time to build a 1/72nd one. Now I just have to decide which one to pull out of the stash. The ancient Hasegawa kit (from ~ 1977) has the lt.blue / lt.gray scheme I always liked. The Kinetic F-16D Block 52+ kit has Polish markings. The Hasegawa F-16I is a break from gray and would go nicely with an F-16A configured for the Osirak reactor mission (if I build both). And F-16s were stationed at Niagara Falls, my old stomping grounds. I should build one of those. Decisions, decisions.
  7. Bill Ficner

    General Dynamics F-111 STGB Chat

    Add me to the list. I have a few kits in the stash.
  8. Bill Ficner

    Polish WW2 Group Build for 2017?

    Count me in on this one. I have several aircraft and armor kits in the stash that will work for September 1939, and a few for later. Right at the top of my list is a Fairey Battle (hoping Airfix releases a new one soon)
  9. Bill Ficner

    Matchbox II GB Chat

    Sign me up. I have a few in the stash and it should be a fun build. I hope to finish one this time. Bill
  10. Bill Ficner

    Meng me410 anyone built one?

  11. Bill Ficner

    Of interest to Luft ' 46 nuts, maybe?

    +1 I could not agree more...though I might substitute a good Bourbon for the Stella when necessary.
  12. Bill Ficner

    Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    I'd like to join, and bring the Amodel Tomashevich Pegas to the party. It has two 5-cylinder air-cooled radials, and is double-ugly.
  13. Bill Ficner

    The Luftwaffe 1946 Group Build

    Count me in. I have 40+ different kits in 1/72 that qualify, and another dozen or so that might. If the build doesn't start until 2014 or 2015, I have a fighting chance to get my workbench ready. Bill
  14. Bill Ficner

    ACHTUNG PANZER (1939-45) GB

    I'm in. This might be the motivation I need to get back to the workbench. Something from Poland, September 1939. Bill
  15. Bill Ficner

    MPM ME 163 S 1/72nd scale

    I have that kit, but it's in my storage shed. I can dig it out and scan the instructions tomorrow morning. All I'll need is your email address.