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  1. Does any have any information on this radar setup? I know what it is and basically it's dimensions, but actual photos seem impossible to track down. Anyone got any info?
  2. Hi, Is anyone interested in German Radar during WW2? I know it's off the beaten track, but it does attach itself heavily to the Luftwaffe. I read a book recently by RV Jones called Most Secret War, an excellent history of British Scientific Intelligence before and during WW2. RV Jones was the head of the department. The story it tells is mostly obscured by other more popular interests on WW2, the fact it was top secret during the war and for many years after has been shrouded in mystery, even so Jones and his team fought and won the war against German Scientific technology. How
  3. Hello all, Recently I bought a 1/72 scale Panzer IV kit by Dragon models. The first thing I noticed there was no turret! I wasns't detered as the tracks and base will come in useful for another project. What was stranger still was there was front top half of a Brummbar in a plastic pack, but stranger still I found what appears to be the base for an 88mm flak gun. I have the feeling Dragon will be producing the the Panzer IV with the 88mm gun on top sooner or later. By the way the tracks and base will be used for the Hasagawa Karl morser ammunition panzer. The Hasagawa sprockets
  4. Looks like the decking needs considerable internal bracing to support it in the hull. I'm considering using 1mm square plastic beams as well as wooden beams. It is quite something this wooden decking when you see it close up, but it looks extremely delicate. The main decking parts are very thin and will need re enforcing from underneath. It also appears the hull will need blanking out or you will see light through the decking and other openings. It certainly looks a huge job before you even start to paint the thing!
  5. I recently splashed out on the Revell IXC U-Boat. I also got Part 3 of the Eduard upgrade and the Nautilus models wood decking kit. You guys build these models all the time so any pointers I should be aware of would be really helpful. I intend to really go to town on this kit as it'll be in a glass case when completed. Do you glue the photo etch lower hull parts on top of the model plastic or do you need to cut a section out to slot the part in then fill and rub down the joints? From what I can make out I can build the kit quite easily apart from the hull joint. Apart from a few
  6. Yeah it do help. If nothing else it'll be fun to install. Be nice to know if the Nautilus deck slots on top of the Revell deck or replaces apart from certain areas. This Nautilus deck is really something to look at ! How it actually installs is a mystery at the moment. I did read somewhere you needed to brace under the conning tower as the Nautilus decking won't take the weight. I'm wondering how the Revell decking integrates with the Nautilus decking especially the two air tanks.
  7. I recently grabbed a Revell 1/72 model of a IXC U-Boat. I also decided to get the Nautilus deck set. I've never built a U-Boat( I have years ago, but a much smaller scale) and I need a few pointers before I start on the model. First off: I know Eduard have a monstrous amount of photo etch parts available, but now I have the Nautilus decking ordered, how much of the Eduard kits will I need? I know part of the Eduard kits are decking, which part of the 3 upgrades are mainly photo etch decking? Does the Nautilus decking need internal bracing to support the new decking? I would like
  8. Hi All, A quick question: Is the Revell 1/72 Wolf Pack VllC U-Boat a good model worth $90.00 ? I always wanted a U-Boat for my huge collection, but is the kit as goid as everyone says ? Thanks in advance. Steve in the USA.
  9. A few years ago I bought the tolerable Armageddon V1 Launch site kit. Included in the kit was the electric started box on a pole and the steam generator In 2011 I moved to the USA. In 2012 I finally got my belongings from the UK. Sadly a lot of my models didn't make it here and those that did were mostly ruined beyond repair. The launch rail was broken into a few pieces, but worse half the steam generator was missing ! Has anyone got any decent photos or plans of The steam generator? It may not be terribly important, but the model is 1/72 scale. If anyone can help me I'md be very
  10. I've made a 1/72 scale launch tower. I used the the 1/48 scale kit instruction sheet sprue guide to scale up all the parts of the tower to scale. I'm going to make a second 1/72 scale launch tower only this time I'm going to put all the rivetted plates on it and fine detail. I built the tower years ago, it's looks bare looking at it now.
  11. Yeah. I just bought one off E-bay. Had one years ago and never built it. Used the sprue details to create a 1/72 scale tower. I usually build in 1/72 scale, but I'll make an exception for this kit !
  12. Got both a few weeks ago. Nice photo etch with both kits. I got the Natter as well. You get two Zeppelin rammers in the box by the way. Um a jet powered BV 40??!! The mind boggles !! What next a jet powered Me 323? You can just see a row of Junkers Jumo jets under each wing with the 6 engines. Bet some idiot thought of that idea though!
  13. Still a fascinating aspect of aviation history and WW2, in my opinion.
  14. Got it ! In post should be here Thursday! Actually got it in the post today. No real difference in kit apart from a resin nose and different decals. At least can build both versions now. Just need to decide on what camouflage colours now, since they never existed there's a lot of choices!
  15. I don't hold with any Nazi ideology. The whole era was horrendous in every way. I do find the ideas the Germans toyed with fascinating. I build these whacky planes and I have great fun when they are completed. I would never glorify Nazism in any shape or form though. After reading the tomes I have on the atrocities and carnage committed by the psychopaths and madmen involved in the Holocaust. I had serious reservations even using swastikas on these models, but I think of it as representations of historical aircraft and of great interest. I never forget these were machines of war built by a t
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