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  1. Thank you very much! It feels like a long time ago now... I’ve just started the Junkers J1 now as my next build.
  2. Being a glutton for punishment, the first build was a huge learning curve! Hopefully putting the points learnt into building the late one... at some point. When I can actually look at the box! Merry Christmas everyone! Chris
  3. I’ve been lucky enough that it’s blocking up an entire shelf in the man cave at the moment, in a big perspex display box. I can only hope that in the future, my man cave comes with several big shelves!!! Chris
  4. Thank you very much! It’s just under 1 metre, about 95cms or so! A shelf dominator! Chris
  5. Thank you Todders! There’s something that I love about the wood and linen finish. It just looks so different and almost “classical” in it’s appearance. As if it’s a reminder that aircraft of this era were all wood and fabric. But when I saw the option to do these markings, I had to. I suspect my next one will be in the jazzy anti-dazzle schemes.
  6. Hi there, With great pleasure - it’s mainly decal related. I used Aviattic Decals (aged CDL) for the overall effect. But before you can put them down, you need to work on the base so that the effects are shown through. Now sadly, I had a technology meltdown and lost all my photos of this work... but I’ll try and remember now. Step 1: Flat White base. Just cover the entire surface. No need to be shy! Step 2: slight mottling back using an off-white colour. I used mr colour for this. Step 3: the messy part! Using pigments, (I used a brown on
  7. Wow! First of all guys, I had no idea this thread was active again - so I’m sorry it’s taken me a good few days to reply to you! Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments on this build. It’s the pride of my collection, and I somehow doubt that I will ever be able to build anything near that standard again! so thank you all very very much for your very kind comments. I can’t believe I actually finished a WNW Felixstowe! Something I never thought I would do!!! Merry Christmas all! Chris
  8. Thank you very much Kev, James and Meatbox! The display case still hasn’t arrived yet and we’re off on holiday tomorrow too. At least it’ll be sat nice and safely on the bench for the time being!! Chris
  9. I’ve literally just got out of the simulator and had a beer and can finally respond to the comments... first of all, as I said above, thank you so much for your humbling and incredible feedback. I am clearly very happy with the way she turned out. She’s not perfect, and as a mode builder, we are our own worst enemies in many ways, but overall I’ve learnt a lot from this build. I can’t really say much more at the risk of repeating myself endlessly - but thank you all so much. I would also say that this is my first ever proper WNW build, and that if I can do
  10. Oh yes... I love it! Really beautiful work at an incredibly high standard! Chris
  11. I can I I can only apologise but I’ve just found out how to do quotes in here. Thank you very very much for the high praise Andreas! I really appreciate it a lot! Thank you very much! Thanks again! I’m going into the mancave shortly to just do a small bit of dust blowing away on it. Until the display case arrives, I just have to keep the evil dust off it!!! I’m still scared of touching it too though... Chris
  12. Wow! Thank you very much everybody. I’m delighted that she’s gone down so well. As the builder, I notice the imperfections and mistakes much more than anyone else! But as I said earlier, I am totally blown away by the comments. Thank you so so much everybody!!!
  13. Thank you very much to both Al and John, You’ll be delighted to know that she’s going into a display box very soon and will stay there. Safely protected! John - I bet yours will look excellent too. The only challenging bit was the centre wing section with the rigging. I learnt a lot and would do things a bit differently next time around, but that’s the point in learning! Thank you very much again! Chris
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