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  1. Hi all, Reading this with interest, but I’ve got “White” as the colour for the roof of the undercarriage bay - in the same way that I have it as “White” for the room of the bomb bay featuring into the wings. Mosquito FB VI Wheel Bay Mosquito FB VI Wheel Bay rear This is from the DH Museum FB VI, and I have asked a good friend who works there about it - and apparently this was quite widespread. I have no idea how many aircraft had this, or why, but white primer is apparently a DH thing. Any thoughts? Chris
  2. So... 10 years down the line... Who’s ready for “take 2”???
  3. That is fantastic guys, thank you very very much. That’s all I need to crack on with this build now - really looking forward to my 2nd venture into Maritime (3rd if you include the Titanic several years ago!) really appreciate the responses, that is exactly what I needed! Chris
  4. Hi Dave, thank you very much for this. I’m just a little curious on this photo (hopefully it works!) where I’ve highlighted, there’s a demarcation line - I don’t believe it’s substantial enough to say that it was two different colours? But maybe an over paint that was wearing thin?? Any thoughts and many thanks again! chris
  5. Good afternoon all, I’m deep into another round of “maritime madness” - following the successful build of my Polish Grandfather’s ORP Garland from WW2, I’m now starting the Sterling Models 1/350 Algerine Class Minesweeper with the intent of doing it in the markings he served on in 1946/47. So... Does anyone have any photos of the boat during this period? I am aware of a postcard which is widely available and have found the following image: http://www.talhandaqnostalgia.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=2&pid=5668#top_display_media This seems to suggest that the Espiegle had a 2 colour hull, however, the postcard features the image on this page: https://www.worldnavalships.com/directory/shipinfo.php?ShipID=1973 Suggests a single colour hull with no pattern? Either way, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this at all? I also have questions regarding the load out (20mm or 40mm guns) and the style of the bridge (early v late!), however, I am sure that such things can be discerned from photos. If anyone can help at all, please let me know! very many thanks in advance, Chris
  6. Thank you very much! It feels like a long time ago now... I’ve just started the Junkers J1 now as my next build.
  7. Being a glutton for punishment, the first build was a huge learning curve! Hopefully putting the points learnt into building the late one... at some point. When I can actually look at the box! Merry Christmas everyone! Chris
  8. I’ve been lucky enough that it’s blocking up an entire shelf in the man cave at the moment, in a big perspex display box. I can only hope that in the future, my man cave comes with several big shelves!!! Chris
  9. Thank you very much! It’s just under 1 metre, about 95cms or so! A shelf dominator! Chris
  10. Thank you Todders! There’s something that I love about the wood and linen finish. It just looks so different and almost “classical” in it’s appearance. As if it’s a reminder that aircraft of this era were all wood and fabric. But when I saw the option to do these markings, I had to. I suspect my next one will be in the jazzy anti-dazzle schemes.
  11. Hi there, With great pleasure - it’s mainly decal related. I used Aviattic Decals (aged CDL) for the overall effect. But before you can put them down, you need to work on the base so that the effects are shown through. Now sadly, I had a technology meltdown and lost all my photos of this work... but I’ll try and remember now. Step 1: Flat White base. Just cover the entire surface. No need to be shy! Step 2: slight mottling back using an off-white colour. I used mr colour for this. Step 3: the messy part! Using pigments, (I used a brown one!), go over the rib tapes and a little bit each side. Rub in a circular motion until blended nicely. as long as the main rib tape is “standing out”, that worked for me. Step 4: Gloss coat to protect the work Step 5: Mask the individual ribs and spray very thin white over the raised details. Just enough so you can still a small bit of the pigment work on the ribs. I found 4/5 passes was enough at a low pressure. Step 6: Remove the masking tape, and touch up any areas you’re not happy with using white paint. Step 7: Gloss coat Step 8: Cut and apply decals. Where there’s a edge, use Klear to flow between the wing and the decal to “seal it in” Step 9: any additional weathering. Oil streaking? Etc.. I think that was about it! I hope this helps, please feel free to ask any questions you might have!! Chris
  12. Wow! First of all guys, I had no idea this thread was active again - so I’m sorry it’s taken me a good few days to reply to you! Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments on this build. It’s the pride of my collection, and I somehow doubt that I will ever be able to build anything near that standard again! so thank you all very very much for your very kind comments. I can’t believe I actually finished a WNW Felixstowe! Something I never thought I would do!!! Merry Christmas all! Chris
  13. Thank you very much Kev, James and Meatbox! The display case still hasn’t arrived yet and we’re off on holiday tomorrow too. At least it’ll be sat nice and safely on the bench for the time being!! Chris
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