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  1. Thank you very much Kev, James and Meatbox! The display case still hasn’t arrived yet and we’re off on holiday tomorrow too. At least it’ll be sat nice and safely on the bench for the time being!! Chris
  2. I’ve literally just got out of the simulator and had a beer and can finally respond to the comments... first of all, as I said above, thank you so much for your humbling and incredible feedback. I am clearly very happy with the way she turned out. She’s not perfect, and as a mode builder, we are our own worst enemies in many ways, but overall I’ve learnt a lot from this build. I can’t really say much more at the risk of repeating myself endlessly - but thank you all so much. I would also say that this is my first ever proper WNW build, and that if I can do it, anyone can. As modellers, we tend to stick to what we know and what we are comfortable with. If it wasn’t for @Mark pushing and poking me, this would have remained a pipe dream -or a box that I got out sometimes, looked at, got scared and then put it away! But if I can do it, anybody else can do! so thank you very very much for all your wonderful comments. Very humbling and I am amazed by them. I hope you all have a great evening, Chris
  3. Oh yes... I love it! Really beautiful work at an incredibly high standard! Chris
  4. I can I I can only apologise but I’ve just found out how to do quotes in here. Thank you very very much for the high praise Andreas! I really appreciate it a lot! Thank you very much! Thanks again! I’m going into the mancave shortly to just do a small bit of dust blowing away on it. Until the display case arrives, I just have to keep the evil dust off it!!! I’m still scared of touching it too though... Chris
  5. Wow! Thank you very much everybody. I’m delighted that she’s gone down so well. As the builder, I notice the imperfections and mistakes much more than anyone else! But as I said earlier, I am totally blown away by the comments. Thank you so so much everybody!!!
  6. Thank you very much to both Al and John, You’ll be delighted to know that she’s going into a display box very soon and will stay there. Safely protected! John - I bet yours will look excellent too. The only challenging bit was the centre wing section with the rigging. I learnt a lot and would do things a bit differently next time around, but that’s the point in learning! Thank you very much again! Chris
  7. Again, thank you very much for your wonderful comments and feedback. I’m speechless as to how well this kit has been received. So thank you!! Bryanm - the wood on the fuselage was actually Aviattic Woodgrain decals, weathered and gloss varnished in. I spent ages looking at the Shorts Southampton fuselage at Hendon and the level of varnish on this before deciding that this would be the look I’d go for. Very many thanks again! Chris
  8. Good morning everybody, First of all I wish to thank everybody who’s commented or liked the photos. I am really humbled by the reaction to the build on here, it’s been incredible. So thank you all very very much. I’m incredibly happy with the way it’s turned out and cannot wait for her to take up the prime position in my display cabinets (or on as the case might well have to be!) I was also very very glad to get the rigging completed without a major disaster!! It certainly takes a bit of thinking ahead and planning ahead. But it is worth it... As an aside, friendly banter apart, I would like to thank Mark for putting me up to this challenge. It was his active words of encouragement that made me pick up the box for a change and open it - and for the first time ever, not look at the instructions and put it away, scared! So thank you very much Mark. To all all those who have this kit and are scared... don’t be. It looks intimidating and scary, but if you break it into various subsections and treat each one as an individual kit, it works a treat! Thank you very much again, Chris
  9. 1/32 Wingnut Wings Shorts Felixstowe F.2A early. Great Yarmouth, 1918. So... here we go. It started as a thread where Mark and myself were supposed to be joint building. Mark never started his, I started mine, I continued the build thread for a while but in the end the commitment of a build thread was too much for a build at this level for me, so it fell by the way side a bit. However... 8 months later. 4 bottles of whisky. 80 metres of monofilament fishing line. 300 Bobs Buckles. Around 50000 swear words (wish I'd put £1 in the jar each time I'd said one!), 8 sheets of Aviattic CDL Decals, 2 sheets of Aviattic Woodgrain decals and one incident where I left the radiator on whilst I had the flu and came back to find all the rigging had come out. But I've finished it. Absolutely delighted to have finished it. It was an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding build from the start - but ultimately challenging. It's a true reflection of the skills of the team at Wingnut Wings though. Kit is mainly out of the box with the addition of Bobs Buckles for the rigging, 5 Gaspatch Vickers RNAS Guns, an HGW seatbelt set and a lot of Aviattic decals. The display box arrives next week and this will be firmly stored away - but as of now, I can relax and build a few smaller ones for a change. Time to rest and have a beer! Chris
  10. Thank you very much for your replies! Roman, That is almost exactly the sort of display set up that I’m looking at. Although smaller as I don’t have that much display space at the moment. Do you remember which company made them for you? Toe, I have been scouring around trying to find any good deals - the trouble is that the Ones I keep on finding aren’t deep enough. Yet! But I will carry on looking! Chris
  11. Good morning all, As the end of my Felixstowe builds creeps ever closer (provided I don’t mess up the rigging!), I have found myself in a dilemma. Looking at my man man cave wall, my current display cabinets are incredibly ineffective - and not big enough!! The space that I have to work with is 1.5 metres long and 2.3 metres high - plus ideally, I would have 0.4 to 0.5 metres wide too, to allow my larger builds to get out of the dusty environment. A quick trawl of the internet has provided several expensive custom fitted options, some more feasible than others, but also, I suspect that there will be better options with a bit of thought process? One of the options I’ve considered is a wide floor mounted unit and a thinner wall mounted one. Yet again, I’m not sure how feasible it is... but it’s possible. So what does everybody recommend for display cabinets? I would love to keep costs down as much as possible - but envisage it being not very cheap!! Anyway... please fire away! Websites, links, advice, guidance... anything is very much appreciated!!!! Chris
  12. Good Night my friend,


    I have the exact model to make, i buy in second hand, now i see the instrutions are missing, please


    can you help me, send me the instrutions by email


    Best regards


    Henrique Teixeira

  13. Thanks for your response Paul, that’s exactly what I am looking at. It should be an upgrade on what I have now in terms of my set up and the package looks brilliant... I would just need to add a crown cap and it would be a familiar set up. That said, I’ve got a friend whose going to lend me an Iwata just for a feel and play about with! Chris
  14. I appreciate the thoughts so far! It’s a bit of a can of worms... and there is a huge argument that says to stick with what I know. But also, I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it - more just learn to cope with it! One of my continual sources of frustration with my current set up is that I find the fine line control really variable - the paint can be thinned exactly the same proportion and pressure the same, but sometimes it does a perfect thin line. Sometimes it just splats out something that vaguely resembles a line! Joking aside, it is a fair point - although if I were to continue using H&S, I would look to go down the line of the Infinity Plus CR as opposed to the present Evolution. However, when it comes to such decisions, I do always like to have a look around and see what other options are available. I had a trial with an Iwata CR plus and was very impressed by the balance and feel though. And that’s what is just in the back of my mind... whether it would be worth moving down this line! Especially if it is going to give me 10-15 years of excellent service! Thanks again guys I just would love to hear the pluses and negatives from everybody who has experienced them! Chris
  15. Hello everybody, Having been a user of H&S and a 2in1 infinity for nearly 10 years now, I’ve decided it’s time to replace my set up a bit - my compressor has been on the blink for ages and it seems right now to consider my options for an airbrush moving forwards. I suspect that this will be a divisive post but what I’m really after is a bit of advice. What I’m looking for is a detail airbrush - I tend to only use 0.2mm needle for both fine detail work and area work (I know I might be silly for this but... it seems to work for me!). However, that’s not to preclude using a 0.3 and a 0.2 needle too. Iwata always get a good write up from their fans. Reliable and hard working, but with very expensive spares. I think you can get a 0.2 nozzle cap and nozzle which sit on the 0.3 needle? This would tick my boxes H&S though - I’ve been using for years and years. The spares are decently priced - and it’s simple to use/clean. A decent amount of me says to stick with what I know and upgrade? Which is also a very valid option... With this in mind, my budget is around £400 all in (compressor, set up and airbrush!) - so please, I would appreciate any input on this. I would love to make a decision ASAP as I can’t progress on my Felixstowe until I know what I’m going to do!!! Thank you you very much everybody!!! Chris
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