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  1. Chris Jephcott

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    I feel that it could be closely related to the Feline family. Just a feeling though - nothing more than conjecture. Although this picture could well prove to be either: So is it of feline origin? Or is it a sighting of the Carpet Monster? I think we can class this one as an UCMTC - an Unidentified Carpet Monster Type Creature
  2. Chris Jephcott

    All about the Carpet Monster...

    It dawned on me yesterday whilst I was playing with some etch, and some pinged off yonder horizon, that we often talk about the Carpet Monster. But has anybody ever seen this mysterious beast? Or is it just a rumour or conjecture, a bit like the Loch Ness Monster? I have no doubt that the Carpet Monster does exist. My man cave has a laminate floor though, so I can say with a good degree of confidence that it's clearly very adaptable to new surroundings. It doesn't just have to be carpet - I also believe that there must have been sightings of this legendary beast? Has anybody witnessed it first hand? I know my Carpet Monster must be in need of a diet - the amount of pieces that it has taken in the last 6 months would make sure of that. It's even managed to run off with an entire 1/48 Spitfire Canopy!! So... does anybody have any photos of this mysterious beast? Or sightings? Or any idea where all these pieces go?
  3. Chris Jephcott


    Oh yes. I’ll be looking at sniffing out one of those!!! delighted! Chris
  4. Chris Jephcott

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    I think 1/144 too. The gear details and bay seem to be in that scale (in my opinion of course!)
  5. Chris Jephcott

    Revell Under New Management after Hobbico Bankruptcy

    And made a 1/48 Stirling. And Halifax.
  6. Chris Jephcott

    Revell Under New Management after Hobbico Bankruptcy

    It sounds promising. I'll be the first to say that my experience with Private Equity firms is not good - anybody who knows me will know why! I'd never be one to trust any Private Equity again though on balance. They have a goal and that is to make money somehow, no matter what the cost might be. They won't invest unless they can see the potential for a return though... If this means that Revell can continue to exist in it's current form for the next few years, then so much the better for the hobby. I just won't be surprised if either in the end that the company get asset stripped or (hopefully!) sold onto a higher bidder having had a successful turnaround. The caution for me comes from the fact that on Friday 29th September last year, JFK from Birmingham had appeared on my roster twice daily from May. New routes to Dubai, Goa, Maldives, Mauritius and the USA were going to be announced in the next week - the press releases were all prepared and all was set. At 3:30am on Monday morning, my job along with thousands of others and the entire airline had gone. Private Equity firms can be brutal, but I'm fairly sure not all are as horrific as the one we were unfortunately subjected to were. Fingers crossed - let's hope Revell has a long future ahead of it now! Chris
  7. I’ll take a q400 please! That’s great news! Really been wanting this release for a long time as it’s the last aircraft kit of the types I’ve flown so far during my career... The rest have been easy - although I’d still love do a 321 with Monarch markings - but in the meantime, a 320 will do! Chris
  8. Chris Jephcott

    Brief guide to using Flickr

    nope. I’m not getting this through the app at all! keep on trying! Edit... woot woot! I think I’m there!
  9. Chris Jephcott

    Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    The Whitley has one too.
  10. Chris Jephcott

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    And after all that, the answer is... a Junkers D1. I’m happy with that! Chris
  11. Chris Jephcott

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    Duncan, The middle ground is if there was a safe way to get a box, the size of a 1/32 0/400 into the house without my wife finding out (or indeed financially!), then i’m all ears!!! my budget has been cut substantially - in between the baby and losing my job (back working again now!), but I am still allowed WNW kits. Now to just scrape the money back together again... I did see some old Monarch pilot uniforms going for £500 on eBay. That would cover a 0/400 surely?? Chris
  12. Chris Jephcott

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    That comes as part of a special deal - buy one, get a divorce included.
  13. Chris Jephcott

    Worst model quality?

    Once at a car boot sale, I found a little Cyrillic box with a picture of an F-16 on the front - and although my knowledge of cryptic isn’t good, it did indeed say F-16. upon opening the box, the pieces were there and looked correct according to the instructions. But it certainly wasn’t an F-16. In fact, I have no idea what it was. And I’ve never found another one anywhere. So to me, the mystery of this kit continues. I’ve got all the Rosen He111s to do. They keep on winking at me... Chris
  14. Chris Jephcott

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    I agree Gary - WNW have a tendency to go off onto the more interesting types. The DR1 and a Spad would almost certainly be great sellers too - as were the Camels - but there is an aspect that says they won’t go down that line. In a way, I think a BE2C is a more likely bet to be honest. Chris
  15. Chris Jephcott

    A Bit of WNW speculation

    So then... this cheeky little gem appeared a couple of weeks ago: http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3180 Let the speculation commence as what they are about to announce! My guesses would be either BE2c or Fokker DR1. Chris