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  1. One of the very best Buccaneer paintings I've seen , probably THE best. Everything about it rings true and brings back memories of Buccs at air shows doing low level passes looking as though they were on rails , so smooth .
  2. I'm sure that in at least one instance the splash damaged the tail of the aircraft during trials so Robin is quite correct in his depiction .
  3. Excellent work Bob . I nearly missed this , wondered whether you ever finished it . Glad to see you did and that it came out every bit as stunning as I thought it would back when you showed the start. cheers Neil
  4. Thanks to all for the kind comments . planeart : Yes - I flit between board and canvas . Prefer canvas for serious paintings . I don't notice any great difference between the two except that board is a firmer surface to spread against then canvas which gives . If I want a firm base to blend against I put a board in the back of the canvas and support it with books of convenient size . Just noticed you say Illustration board - perhaps that's a different surface to the canvas covered board I'm thinking
  5. Four Scimitar F1s running low over the Dornoch Firth inbound for Tain range - circa 1964. Acrylic on canvas 24" x 16"
  6. Fine detailed study of the P47 - I like the accuracy in the textures - perspex / metal / pilot .
  7. Thanks Jon - must admit - the GR4 drawing holds promise - hard to beat a simple portrait of a GR4 in reheat - bags of atmosphere if you don't clutter the background.
  8. Not produced much art recently - spent a lot of time getting back into Blender 3D software to finish the Lightning I started a year or two back . Finally managed to produce grey virtual plastic versions of the F1 , F3 and F6 /F2A versions . These are a bit rough but will serve as artists dummies for composing and lighting future acrylic on canvas paintings . Took the Mk6 model and pursued mastering the material/ texture aspects of 3D modelling - not a great result but a happy accident meant I stumbled on a finish that looks like aluminium in some lights ! The last bit of conventional art
  9. That's a really good looking drawing - a touch of the professional to it .
  10. You've made a good job of that one . I was on Leuchars TFF when we had 135, 145 and 139 - happy memories .
  11. That's a really good drawing Jonners . I don't know if the photo accurately reflects the actual drawing - it looks a little light/ delicate in tone to my eye . You might want to consider think about beefing up the contrast next drawing . Don't be afraid of making the dark areas truly dark . That's what makes the subject really stand out . I hesitate to make the above comment - it is such a pleasing image you have created .
  12. Good job - I remember we had that one on the line in 228 OCU / ghost 11Sqn around 1965 /66 - in those markings . Can't swear to the bird badge on the tail but definitely the plain metal finish with GHB on the tail. Edit Seeing the '66 hangar pic of GHB at Colt it looks as though the 11 Sqn badge was definitely applied .
  13. Good artwork - glad to hear you are getting back into it - look forward to seeing the results.
  14. Almost certainly Union of South Africa - it came on base at several shows around that period . Distinctly remember passing by it as we headed for the airmens mess one lunchtime.
  15. Looks not bad for a first serious go. Blender takes a bit of learning but is, as you say, very powerful. I use it to create virtual "plastic models" to set up compositions for conventional art work. The last two I created led me on to UV mapping and painting the models in Blender . Highly addictive and absorbing . I'm still very much a 3D novice though . Military Meshes site has a good tutorial on Blender by Kevjon even though the tutorial refers to a much earlier version of Blender . Getting hard to keep
  16. NeilF92


    The aircraft look well painted . The background is too flat / simplistic to me - but that may be how you intended it to come out not to detract from the aircraft . Just my personal slant .
  17. It's very faint but there is a suggestion of a badge in the photo so I'd take the decal as correct.
  18. A fitting tribute to brave men .You got the atmosphere and the distinctive chin of the Lancaster .
  19. Looking forward to this build . Those cannon should draw folks attention to the high degree of detail you are going for Ronnie . I hope you get the useful feed- in you need to make this as accurate a Mossie as possible. As a bystander it seems to me that Digital build has become an increasingly valuable tool in developing accurate models. The customers and critics get to see the intended product before costly moulds are cut etc. Digital in the right hands also leads on to fantastic art work in the 2D world .
  20. Thanks Colin,PBW & Larkie , No Blender model for this one . I converted a photo I got of the Swiss Hunter as it ran in at Lossie one year . Was tempted to pose this one in the Loop but settled for a classic sky backdrop. Have just found a book on the Hunter FR10 , They were cleared down to 50 ft in the Middle East / 250 ft in Europe . Might tackle one of them or a pair . As you say a pair of FGA9's in the Loop would look good.
  21. NeilF92


    The more I look at this one the more it grows on me - you've done a great job with this one Terry.
  22. A small tribute to a great aircraft - one of the most iconic jet fighters . Acrylic on canvas board 20" x 16".
  23. Here's a shot I took at a Lossie Air Day - 1963.
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