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  1. I've always loved the look of the Whirlwind. I particularly love the RAAF version in the background. Excellent.
  2. Great build. I am currently putting a Tamiya "Cat" together. Mine has taken more than ten days I can tell you. It is a long way off. I have rescribed the body panel lines and have a resin cockpit to put together too. Did you redo the panel lines? and is that pit from the box? Regardless, your model looks mighty fine. My decals were unusable unfortunately (older boxing), so I have purchased aftermarket Black Knight markings. Can't wait to get it all together. Congratulations on a lovely model.
  3. Superb snowspeeder. It looks like it has come straight out of the movie. Really well done. Hats off.
  4. Nice A-Wing. Excellent weathering and the base sets it off beautifully.
  5. What a brilliant build/conversion. I love the look of volkes filter spitfires. You have done a great job....thanks for posting.
  6. Here is my Revell Beaufighter. Two years in the making and finally in the cabinet. There were lots of additions, some scratchbuilt others from aftermarket sources. I it a great kit and and has a great presence amongst it's contemporaries.
  7. After masking off the under surfaces I sprayed the top colours. The dark earth was sprayed freehand rather than using blu tac sausages to get a soft demarcation line. I am happy with the results. The cowl rings were airbrushed with Humbrol copper, which was a real pain to get down, followed by a dusting of Humbrol matt black to knock the brightness back. Once the paint had cured the air frame was given a couple of coats of Future ready for decals. Noticing that the surface was slightly textured in areas I decided to sand it back with a 2000grit sanding sponge followed by a polish with Tamiya'
  8. Painting has begun. under painting with Tamiya nato black and azure blue from Model Master. Top layers will be Model Master's middle stone and dark earth.
  9. Here are some update shots. I have tried to add missing details that the kit lacks. I am still not too sure whether to just do the MkI, or the MkIc or do a hybrid to capture the feel of an Aussie Beau. ??? Here are some of my mods. Scribed and drilled out shell ejector chutes of fuselage canons. Masked Canopy with Montex masks. Used acrylic Rod to make wingtip lights Added scratch built gunsight to cockpit. Not really in scale.. Added strake ahead of the rear dome. Used superglue and accelerator for fuselage/wing joint and sanded smooth. I didn't get a ve
  10. Beautiful work. That would pass as a period photo of the real thing. Just stunning.
  11. I re-scribed the panel lines on the fuselage and wings of this kit 2 years ago, and it sat on the shelf ever since. I recently had surgery and had time off work, so I pulled this down and decided to do some more work on it during my recovery. Turned out to be good therapy. I had intended to simply put seatbelts on the seats so as to busy up the rear and front cockpit. Looking again, I decided to build the details in both of these areas from scratch. I wasn't interested in accuracy and the scale is off in some places. I only wanted those areas to look busy when you looked in through the
  12. Hi Dermot. Thanks for your comments. I don't have any lighting sources readily available to me where I live, so get most of my stuff from Ebay. Some bits and pieces , like the nano SMDs, aren't easy to get except direct from the suppliers. Modeltrainsoftware.com is a good source for the specialist stuff, but it is a bit costly as it comes from America. I live in Australia and shipping sometimes doubles the price of the item. I tend to make up all the lighting units myself, but you can get pre-wired stuff which saves time. I am not sure what the situation is like in Ireland, but the "Net" is a
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