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  1. noelbarnes

    The Last Jedi A-Wing

    Yep that's the one.
  2. Hi Dermot. Thanks for your comments. I don't have any lighting sources readily available to me where I live, so get most of my stuff from Ebay. Some bits and pieces , like the nano SMDs, aren't easy to get except direct from the suppliers. Modeltrainsoftware.com is a good source for the specialist stuff, but it is a bit costly as it comes from America. I live in Australia and shipping sometimes doubles the price of the item. I tend to make up all the lighting units myself, but you can get pre-wired stuff which saves time. I am not sure what the situation is like in Ireland, but the "Net" is a great help to us modellers. Hope that helps.
  3. Bandai's newish Lando's Falcon is a beautiful model. I decided to light it with a single nano SMD for the cockpit and a light strip for the engine. I painted it in modules and assembled it once painted. Primed with Tamiya Grey Primer, the model was then pre-shaded with flat black Tamiya acrylic. Tamiya's white acrylic followed in a random, patchy application. Although Lando's Falcon was new and clean...it still had a bit of weathering. If you look at the images on starwars.com you will see what I mean. After a coat of Tamiya Gloss clear coat I added the kit decals. I didn't add all of the smaller items, but used a few applications of Micro Sol and Set to get them to sit properly. Tamiya Grey panel line wash was then used for the panel lines and detailed areas. Some areas received a black wash, which brought out some of the deeper and dirtier areas. After another coat of clear Oil Paints,mixed to a light grey, were stippled across the surface to break up the white and the blue markings. Black was then blended in various areas for grime and streaking. The base was flower arranging foam cut to shape , covered in wall filler, airbrushed, drybrushed and then glued to a box frame. I am very happy with the result. Another great kit from Bandai that's "got it where it counts".
  4. noelbarnes

    BMX trooper

    Fantastic. Love it.
  5. noelbarnes

    Hawk Mk IX (Round 2)

    Hi Mick. I used Tamiya's PC-7 Orange. It was all I had. I added some yellow to it to make it more orange, as the original paint was a more red hue.
  6. noelbarnes

    Round 2....

    HIi Rumblestripe. Mick4350 answered your question. It is a nice option that comes with the kit.
  7. noelbarnes

    Round 2....

    Looks like the images have loaded at the incorrect size, so they are distorted. Oh well....back to the drawing board.
  8. Here's another go at posting some images of my Round 2 Hawk MkIX. My first images were ordinary to say the least, and I posted them in the wrong forum. So here we go again. I hope you enjoy these more.....
  9. This is a beautiful little kit. Although it is 1/72 it is still small, as can be seen alongside the 1/72 Eagle. I love the orange scheme and had lots of fun (and some frustrations) getting it painted. The detail is excellent and the fit is great. The orange threw off the camera colours a bit, so what you see isn't quite like the real thing.
  10. This is Revell's snap and play kit. It comes with a beautifully cast pilot, which I painted up. I blacked in the cockpit and dry brushed with lighter grey. After I picked out some consoles and dials with various colours I moved onto the side wing pieces and detailed them with some paint and a wash. Once the airframe was together I got to work on weathering. Paint chipping, panel line washes, oil paint grime, hand painted panels and some pigment work finished her off nicely. This is a great looking kit, easy to build and lots of fun to paint.
  11. Even though I have constructed Revell's build and play Star Wars kits in the past, I had written off the Last Jedi set as a no go zone. Don't get me wrong, despite the controversy, I loved the movie, but I just wasn't sold on those vehicles. However, seeing other people's builds of these kits, and noticing the kit prices going up, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Walker, A-wing and Ren's Tie Silencer. I put this kit together in about 15 minutes, but the fun of these kits is in the painting. For this build I simply did the following.....painted the clear parts with Tamiya Clear Red (inside is preferable), drilled out the canons and rocket launchers. Tamiya's black panel line wash filled all the recessed detail and was then wiped back with thinner, making sure to leave a little grime. This was all followed with panel differentiation using oils and a final coat of flat varnish. It was a super fast and enjoyable project. Hope you like it.
  12. noelbarnes

    RAAF Beaufighter MkIc A19-54

    As Requested
  13. noelbarnes

    RAAF Beaufighter MkIc A19-54

    Hi Steve. Sorry mate no WIP shots of this unfortunately.
  14. This is the Airfix 1/72 Beaufighter Mkx converted to an RAAF MkIc. Modifications consisted of: 1. Removing the centre of the tail piece and trimming the mating surfaces to create the horizontal tail planes found on the MkIc 2. Adding the shortened engine intakes. (found in the kit) 3. Adding the glasshouse behind the cockpit and using the alternative piece at the rear. (found in the kit) 4. Adding DF loops under the glass house. (found in the kit) 5. Removing the Camera Aperture on the nose. 6. Adding Barracuda's treaded resin tyres. 7. DK decals (modified) for the markings. The Airfix Beaufighter is a very nice kit and the conversion is very straight forward as most of the parts are already included in the box.
  15. noelbarnes

    Revell's New 1/32 P-51D

    Hi Jasper dog. I have a Tamiya P-51D in the stash, but haven't built one yet. Having looked at the parts etc, the Tamiya kit is head and shoulders above this kit. The Revell kit is nice, but you get what you pay for. The fit of the tail section was tricky, but fixable with sanding. The Canopy was a little off so had to be closed up. Most of the rivet and panel line detail was too soft and would easily disappear under a coat of primer, let alone paint. I ended up re-drilling rivets (especially around the nose area) and re-scribing a lot of the panel lines. The cockpit was exceptional and most details were nice. If you are not up for the price of a Tamiya tool, then this is a good option. It does brush up well with some TLC. For me this was a better option over the Hasagawa, Dragon and Trumpeter kits. I am pleased with the end result.