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  1. What? The Chinese copying other peoples's work / intellectual property? Can't be.. Never happened before Jokes aside, a friend of mine has the Zactoman's stuff and compared to the "new" Trumpeter parts I can understand his frustration. Problem is Trumpeter should have done it correct from the start.
  2. Thank you very much for the info guys. I bought the Su-27 today and it does include the updated parts
  3. Hello fellow modellers, I want to acquire the 1/32 Trumpeter Su-27B single seater for a build I want to do. However, I am aware of most of the errors (intakes etc.) on the kit that were corrected on later two seat versions released by Trumpeter. Can anybody here tell me if Trumpeter actually released the single seater with the corrected parts at any stage. It makes sense that, given the fact that they made new molds, these parts could have been included in later boxings of the single seater. If so, how would I know if it has (kit number maybe?). Thank you in advance Regards Victor
  4. Thank you for the info. Luckily the VFA-103 jet I want to do is a late F Thank you for the info. Luckily the VFA-103 jet I want to do is a late F
  5. Thank you for the reply Cairnsy. I feel guilty that someone like you has basically done all the work with your project and save me all the hassle with mine Thanks to you guys I am confident that I can turn this kit into something that looks like an F now. As with Pappy's reply, I am extremely grateful for your help. Regards Victor
  6. Thank you very much Pappy. The info you provided is very detailed and helpful. I really appreciate it. Regards Victor
  7. Good day all, I hope you are all healthy and safe.. I have a quick question for those who might know. I want to build a 1/32 F/A-18F but can only get hold of the Trumpeter Growler in 1/32. I believe that it is not quite 100% accurate as a Growler which should work in my favor if I wanted to make an F from it. I do have decals. Can someone please tell me if there are there any specific things that needs to be corrected/changed on the Trumpeter Growler that is not already "F ready" I am particularly interested to know if the Growler kit also includes the correct rear F model IP (I know it includes the Growler IP) and nose gun panel (that the Growler doesn't have) etc. Lastly, are there any major flaws in the Trumpeter Super Hornet kits that I should be aware of? Not interested in the Revell offering. Thank you in advance Victor
  8. Very nice build Dave. I recently also built this kit and enjoy following your posts. With a little effort this kit builds into a very impressive model Looking forward to seeing more of your work on this. Regards Victor
  9. Awesome info! Thanks Dave
  10. I found your reply very helpful. However, it doesn't mention the glove vanes. Did the B model have these removed like the D? And also, did the B and D use the same wheels? I am planning to build a late model VF-103 aircraft. Thanks again
  11. Good day all, I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I did search the site and cannot find the answers I'm looking for. I want to build a 1/48 F-14B, using the Tamiya kit. For this purpose I bought their stunning D model. I'm calling on all the experts on here to please kindly advise me on what to do in order to make an accurate B from the Tamiya D. The list of items I know is different between the two is: 1. Cockpit instrument panels. For this I am planning on using the Aires F-14B cockpit set. 2. Seats. I will be using the Quickboost F-14B seats. 3. Chin pod. Quickboost F-14B pod I am not sure about the wheels, antennae, glove vanes and blisters specifically. All help will be much appreciated Victor
  12. Thank you for all the information Gabor, it is much appreciated. However, I have asked a question previously but you could not give me a clear answer then. I was hoping you might have more info on the specific topic at this point. Will this kit have a tinted canopy? It will be a great help to the modeller as this will safe a lot of work. Regards Victor
  13. Gabor, Thank you for the updates. Sadly, I see the canopy is clear, not tinted. It would have been nice if GWH supplied a tinted canopy as the real Su-35 has a tinted canopy. Regards Victor
  14. Ya-gabor, One more thing I forgot to ask. PLEASE ask GWH to include a tinted canopy. All operational Su-35's have tinted canopies. Thank you Victor
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