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  1. Very nice build Dave. I recently also built this kit and enjoy following your posts. With a little effort this kit builds into a very impressive model Looking forward to seeing more of your work on this. Regards Victor
  2. Awesome info! Thanks Dave
  3. I found your reply very helpful. However, it doesn't mention the glove vanes. Did the B model have these removed like the D? And also, did the B and D use the same wheels? I am planning to build a late model VF-103 aircraft. Thanks again
  4. horrido109

    F-14D to F-14B

    Good day all, I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I did search the site and cannot find the answers I'm looking for. I want to build a 1/48 F-14B, using the Tamiya kit. For this purpose I bought their stunning D model. I'm calling on all the experts on here to please kindly advise me on what to do in order to make an accurate B from the Tamiya D. The list of items I know is different between the two is: 1. Cockpit instrument panels. For this I am planning on using the Aires F-14B cockpit set. 2. Seats. I will be using the Quickboost F-14B seats. 3. Chin pod. Quickboost F-14B pod I am not sure about the wheels, antennae, glove vanes and blisters specifically. All help will be much appreciated Victor
  5. Thank you for all the information Gabor, it is much appreciated. However, I have asked a question previously but you could not give me a clear answer then. I was hoping you might have more info on the specific topic at this point. Will this kit have a tinted canopy? It will be a great help to the modeller as this will safe a lot of work. Regards Victor
  6. Gabor, Thank you for the updates. Sadly, I see the canopy is clear, not tinted. It would have been nice if GWH supplied a tinted canopy as the real Su-35 has a tinted canopy. Regards Victor
  7. Ya-gabor, One more thing I forgot to ask. PLEASE ask GWH to include a tinted canopy. All operational Su-35's have tinted canopies. Thank you Victor
  8. Ya-gabor, Thank you very much for your reply. That is certainly good news
  9. Ya-gabor, Thank you very much for providing us with some info regarding this exciting new release. I love the Su-35 and when another manufacturer released one recently I bought a few. But as much as I like the Su-35 I also love GWH kits.. So this is a win-win combination for me personally and I cannot wait for it. I just have one comment/request. All previous manufacturers tooling 1/48 Su-27,30,35 kits (with the only exception being Kinetic with their Su-33) got the intakes at the bottom of the vertical tails wrong. They seem to just tool duplicate tails with the intake ending up being the same size on both left and right vertical stabilisers. On the real aircraft the vertical tails are not the same and the intakes at the bottom of the fins are not the same size. It is a small error but still visible IMHO. Oh yes, and the wheelbays should not be canted, but square with the fuselage centre line. I really hope GWH gets this right. No reason to believe they won't, just my two pennies worth.. Regards Victor
  10. Thanks for an excellent review Mike. Victor
  11. I suspected as much. Thank you for the prompt reply, much appreciated
  12. Hello all. Personally I am very excited about this kit, hopefully it will still build into a nice representation of the real thing.. Can anybody on here please shed more light for me on the below picture. I have not been able to find any other pictures of the aircraft in this scheme. I hope it is original as I would really like to paint mine in these colors but I am starting to suspect that the photo might be photo shopped or something. Thank you in advance
  13. Thanks for the nice review Mike. It is really nice to see that Kinetic corrected the vertical tails in this release. Their shape was incorrect in the C boxing but corrected in this one. The non-US schemes are also refreshing. Hats off to Kinetic for a stunning Hornet. Victor
  14. That's awesome news. I just hope they don't screw up the wheel bays like Hobbyboss did in their recently released Su-27
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