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  1. Sorry to revive this old post. Cees, were any traces found of D-Day stripes? I imagine PZ174 would look very similar to PZ181 YP-E here: https://no23squadron.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/from-the-horses-mouth/
  2. Wow! This is amazing! Fabulous work and thanks for showing your progress. Very inspirational!
  3. Great review. Sadly your confirm my worries about the Hasegawa kit and the reason it's not been built and probably never will. But I'll see how you'll progress, interesting project! Thanks for taking the time and sharing your findings here.
  4. I may have something. It's not much but may renew your interest in the G.V. Please drop me a note :)
  5. Reviewed by James Hatch on Hyperscale and Large Scale Modeller. http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/accessories/aasbuc32002reviewjh_1.htm https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/6167-132-hispano-ha-1112-m1l-conversion-for-hasegawarevell-bf-109g-246/ NB. Parts for Spanish models are currently in production by SBS.
  6. Now available again on eBay too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/143091995063 (no I don't get a commission for this, just a public service announcement )
  7. Good grief, has it really been a year? Well, good news: the 1/32 Buchon conversion set is now available! I've received my complimentary copy and I was blown away by the quality of the resin casting (done by SBS Hungary). The detail is excellent! Some of it is so fine, I needed a magnifying glass to appreciate it. https://www.facebook.com/AttitudeAviationAs/ - use the "shop now" button and the seller will be in contact. Or go directly to this form. The kit was designed with the Hasegawa 1/32 donor kit in mind, but modellers have found it to be equally adaptable to the more commonly available, and cheaper, Revell kit. I've read some of the detail on the Revell kis is better than on the older Hasegawa one, and the weakest area of that kit, the nose, is replaced anyway.
  8. Thank you for the kind comments! Meanwhile a little progress has been made. Some extra parts, including four different spinner designs (more to come still!). From left to right, the spinners are a special design for the Battle of Britain movie Buchons (3-bladed), a Spitfire Mk IX spinner converted for the same with a fake cannon port, the same spinner but adapted for a three-bladed prop and a default Spitfire spinner, as used by Spanish Buchons. More updates in the new year. Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks very much for the kind comments, gents! @Dimmy, one photo of "87" has appeared in a few Japanese books. I've attached a scan of one. You can just make out the fuselage stripe. Because of its faintness it's sometimes suggested this stripe was an overpainted white stripe that still vaguely shows through the camouflage paint. A rather weird interpretation, if you ask me, but kind of prolific for some reason. Given Kobayashi's senior position, this stripe would have been blue. Both the stripe and the camouflage paint simply ended up looking near-identical on black & white film.
  10. @dragonlanceHR the first kobayashi prints are now available through Aviation Graphic. I will try and have cn/ 5262 added soon too. Also, Nick Millman has posted a very kind review on his blog: http://www.aviationofjapan.com/2017/12/aviation-prints-by-ronnie-olsthoorn.html
  11. Thanks guys! Meanwhile SBS printed the top cowling with dummy guns for the "Battle of Britain" film star variant. Note how crisp the openings are.
  12. Yup I noticed that! I just happened upon a link in someone's signature
  13. I like that a lot! Great job on the metal finish. I like oddball designs and this is one you don't see very often. Good stuff!
  14. As a teenager I was a fanatic scale modeller, but when I bought my first PC in the mid-'90s my scale modelling was pushed to the background as I focused more on my illustrator ambitions. I always intended to return to scale modelling and last year I made some initial steps by illustrating a couple of box tops for Tan Model (1/48 RF-84F re-release and 1/72 T-33A Limited Edition kits). Currently I'm taking it one step further as I'm in the process of designing an actual scale model conversion kit. It's a commission by Spitfire display pilot Espen Tjetland from Norway, who is a great fan of the Buchons in the "Battle of Britain" movie. This kit will allow conversion of a 1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109 G kit into an accurate Buchon. Both "Battle of Britain" movie star and Spanish Air Force variants are planned, as well as other models and other scales in the long run. 3D photo scanning, measurements of actual aircraft and Me 109 engineering plans are used to ensure absolute accuracy and to capture the Buchon's iconic grin (love it or hate it!). Work-in-progress on the 3D design: Pre-prototype 3D prints of the first major parts for test-fitting against the donor kit. The final printing quality will be of higher quality. Prints and photos by SBS Model from Hungary. More to come! Cheers, Ronnie Olsthoorn
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