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  1. Dear Homebee thank you for the posting of the better image..i wanted to do it myself but i did not know how...I have also painted the box art of another version of the Yak-28...but for obvious reasons i cannot reveale it... for this image a great help was the excellent model built presented here by Jurek Greinert!! Have a nice day!!!
  2. Christos Koutalianos is the main behind Grand Models....a nice friend and an avid modeller since early 1980's...so i had the honour of making all box art images for this nice little company!!! This PZL Dromader is my latest commision!! I hope all the best for this new effort too!!!!
  3. Hello there!!! Thanks for the information!! Those Russian airplanes, especially in the 50's, 60's and 70's are so hard to locate information!! Even the camouflage patterns, are so different form one airplane to the other, even if they belonged in the same Base and in the same squadron!! Have a nice day!!!
  4. Dear General, i also painted the box art of the Tu-128M too...there were Tu-128M's fitted with the old type fin, but also there were airframes with the late type fin..the one machine i painted in the box art, was using the old type, but i have read somewhere that a lot of Tu-128's were fitted with the late type when they were having overhaul service!!!...
  5. planeart

    Yak-28P FIREBAR - Bobcat 1/48

    great work indeed!!!!
  6. dear General Melchett...i am responsible with this artwork too...and thank you for the nice comments!! Have a nice day!!!
  7. planeart

    Low level Puma

    mama miaaaa...pills quikly!!! Congratulations!!!!
  8. Great news!!!!! I hope they will include markings for Helenic Airforce Mirage-2000-5...
  9. I respect your views and your will...fair enough!! The XN647 airframe never used a ''glass'' radar operator hatch and never operated form Carriers plus almost all the Sea Vixens in 766th squadron at the particular time!!
  10. I see your point!! Thanks anyway!! I always try the best possible search any time i create a box art cos i know it aims for people who most of them are very well educated in their aspects!! Unfortunatelly some times at Trumpeter models create Model kits with a rush and surely mistakes are present!!! Have a nice day!!
  11. Ho all!! I just might be able to help a little here...the Sea Vixen FAW 2 s/n XN647 i painted as a box art..is one of a few FAW 1 airframes converted to Faw 2 standards!! These were used with 766 squadron at Naval Air Fighter School, Yeovilton for training service!! They never operated from carriers according to a lot of information!! The only prominant difference these aircraf had form the normal FAW 2's were the radio operators canopy...it had remained the solid type as it was used in their pastlife of FAW 1 configuration!! I infomed Trumpeter Models about all these...i think they only use the glass canopy in the kit..that's what they told me anyway...Now...as for the rest 2 options given in the Markings, i have no info cos i was not aware of them.. and i did not need them anyway cos i only had to paint the XN 647 Vixen... https://www.google.gr/search?q=sea+vixen+766+squadron&dcr=0&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwis-eexxJLZAhUNCewKHfLbDx8Q_AUICigB&biw=1920&bih=974#imgrc=6JOeN1qKtpibtM:
  12. thank you very much for the kind comments!! I understand your point... some times although they create great models...are forgeting some very prominent details....i also, as a collaborator, i had a desire, i asked them so many times for a new tooling Avro Lancaster in 48th scale...but the answer was a fish's silence!!!! Have a nice weekend!!!
  13. Thank you very much DIO...as i mentioned in past...i am only responsible for the box art...the choice of what model and wich version of the model, relies on Hobby Boss people...Have a nice weekend!!!
  14. i am responsible for this box art image as well...i have painted all 3 versions that have been released so far...A-4e, A-4F...and this A-4M...I am looking forward to see the kit....