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  1. he has not....these are people who just give a nasty comment no matter what...they live of doing that!!!! Thank you for the nice comment!! I post inlater pages the image i used for creating the box art and i am sure all the guys will see that the shape and markings are correct..as for the ''master''..i do not care if he will see it or not!!!! Have a nice day!!!
  2. also thank you my friend...well he mentioned that Fujimi is the winner anyway..so propably he works for Fujimi and all the rest is crap...all the best!!!
  3. thanks for the comment...well he just might have some reasons for what he wrotte...i used exact data from a photograph from the same squadron and it can be seen bellow...!!! Have a nice day!!!
  4. What a stir....so many mistakes..i quess i'll have to do another work and leave box art to others!!! Anyway...critics is one thing...nasty critics is another!!! I post here the image i used as a lead to my work and hopefully will make nastier the masters of critisicm!!! thank you for the kind comments!!! Have a nice day!!!
  5. Hello there nice man Christos...good news!!!!! I am tottaly honoured to paint some of the box arts for your small but nice effort!!!! Best wishes!!!
  6. Hello there!!! I am responsible of this box art image and i want to state that i made my work based in a lot of information..and as Flankerman correclty puts it, operational Tu-128UT's had square tipped fins...and only the prototype used with raked fin...of course with soviet airplanes none can be sure for 100%..but i am sure that blue 49 had a square tip finn...!!! Now...why Trumpeter guys change this to raked finn..i do not know!! They were pleased when i finished the image as it is used in the box...SQUARE TIP IS THE CORRECT FIN..
  7. I have painted this box art image too (Yak-28PP Brewer)..the picture looks bad but i suppose it is a cut from a larger image...i'll try to post a much better photograph of the box art!!!
  8. Dear Homebee thank you for the posting of the better image..i wanted to do it myself but i did not know how...I have also painted the box art of another version of the Yak-28...but for obvious reasons i cannot reveale it... for this image a great help was the excellent model built presented here by Jurek Greinert!! Have a nice day!!!
  9. Christos Koutalianos is the main behind Grand Models....a nice friend and an avid modeller since early 1980's...so i had the honour of making all box art images for this nice little company!!! This PZL Dromader is my latest commision!! I hope all the best for this new effort too!!!!
  10. Hello there!!! Thanks for the information!! Those Russian airplanes, especially in the 50's, 60's and 70's are so hard to locate information!! Even the camouflage patterns, are so different form one airplane to the other, even if they belonged in the same Base and in the same squadron!! Have a nice day!!!
  11. Dear General, i also painted the box art of the Tu-128M too...there were Tu-128M's fitted with the old type fin, but also there were airframes with the late type fin..the one machine i painted in the box art, was using the old type, but i have read somewhere that a lot of Tu-128's were fitted with the late type when they were having overhaul service!!!...
  12. dear General Melchett...i am responsible with this artwork too...and thank you for the nice comments!! Have a nice day!!!
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