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  1. I thought I would show you my latest painting, acrylic on canvas, for you to peruse. I grew up near Pendeford Airfield on the outskirts of Wolverehampton. Boulton Paul used this place as their own airfield and every Defiant and Balliol would have taken off from here. During the fifties and sixties Don Everall operated his small airline from Pendeford and I depict one of their DC-3s taking off toward the end of the fifties. This plane was actually written off in 1960 when it crashed on take from Elmdon, Birmingham. Don Everall were a big travel company in the fifties, sixties and seventies with over 50 travel agencies, a huge coach fleet and numerous holiday parks around the country. Their small airline consisted of a couple of DC-3s and some Dragon Rapides. As far as the picture is concerned, there was a lot of research I had to undertake to reconsturct the buildings. A lot of photos exist depicting various bits of the site but it was quite tricky reconstructing the view in the painting. One of the tools I used was to take many stills from the movie "The Man in the Sky" starring Jack Hawkins. Sadly the airfield closed in 1974 and now suburban housing sits on the ghosts of it's airstrips. Happily Guy Everall, the great nephew of Don, who still works in aviation, has agreed to buy the original painting. Local press did a feature which can be read here:- https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2017/10/27/painting-of-airfield-brings-old-site-to-life/ Thanks for looking
  2. I am researching a painting of a new BP Balliol taking off from BP's airfield (Pendeford). I need to know what markings would a factory fresh plane have prior to delivery to it's operating base? Would it just have roundels and rudder flash? Would it have had it's trainer yellow fuse and wing bands? (I may have asked this question a while ago but have forgotten the answer! Age you see.) Thanks you folks.
  3. mobydog


    Does anyone manufacture kits of modern plant? I seem to remember a Matchbox bulldozer but may be wrong.
  4. I have just walked the dog around the old footings and ruins of Pendeford Airport that remain in the undergrowth. It has led me to want to get back to this so I'm going to attempt to finally finish it. Can someone tell me what size decal letters I need for the wing codes and the fin codes and who's are best? Moby
  5. Man these look suberb. I just wish I could be sure of a reasonable fit on my KInetic A-6E which will be my next build. Andy
  6. I have been asked to produce a display as follows. A deep box frame to contain some fragments of a Dornier 17z shot down in 1940 and a scale model of same aircraft. I will be using the new Airfix tooling but need a little help on markings etc as I have no knowledge of WWII Luftwaffe codes etc. So. This is the aircraft shot down in Billericay on 15/9/1940. A plane of the 4/3KG work number 3294. My question is what would it's markings have been? Standard camo also? Anything else I should consider? Any advice gratefully received. Andy
  7. That pit is the mutt's nuts. Andy
  8. That really is rather pretty. Well done indeed. Moby
  9. Martin, thank you for those kind words. If I can be of service don't hesitate. Andy
  10. Sorry Martin about the link. Should work now. And I must thank you for highlighting the problem. Have spoken to my domain keeper (sounds like something from Lord of the Rings) and all is rectified. Andy
  11. Meticulous work Martin. I bow to your skill. I am a professional artist (have a look) and, I suppose, an impressionist really. People look at my work and remark on the detail. It is all smoke and mirrors.This is what I bring to my modelling and it can look good but it is very hit and miss. Modellers such as yourself are true engineers in miniature and I take my hat off to you. Andy
  12. Hi Mark, fantastic work. I just posted this in forlorn hope. You didn't come across one when collecting all your bits for your build did you? (though I realise you didn't need one). Andy
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