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  1. Thanks Pat, The delay for me was a sorry tale of catching Covid-19 and then getting notice on my residential lease. So my wife and I have been frantically looking for a new place to live (in a limited market) while packing. So I won't have my Matchbox builds done in time at all. Except I am still hoping to finish the Viggen build, unpainted just before the new deadline. That said I will continue my threads as progress rolls on again with this build and the A-7D Corsair, once we have moved in circa 2-3 weeks. Since it will encourage me to get it done and I like sharing the fun I have been having with these builds as well. Cheers, Daniel.
  2. Hi All, Well half of the Techmod transfers (decals) I ordered arrived today. So in lieu of the Matchbox transfers for Galland's plane not working out, I'll draw from the two Techmod sets to make up Matchbox's interpretation of his Bf 109E-4/N W. Nr. 5819. That said, although the Matchbox kit doesn't build into Galland's E4-N out of the box, since it lacks the correct centre canopy, has no head armour, omits the ZFR-4 Telescope for the windscreen, plus lacks the spinner cap, and extra oil tank associated with the DB 601 N engine. I will be ignoring all of that, without correction or improvement, since I hope to cobble it together to represent the Matchbox kit, rather than representing the actual airframe. So without further ado here are some pictures of Techmod's Messerschmitt BF-109E-4 set 32028. Plus for those interested in such things as can be seen in the background, I am chuffed to have now got an amazing condition and untampered (it's still got the glue in it and the decals are perfect as is the rest all sealed) 1980 boxing of Otaki's Fw 190 in 1/48 scale, to add to a personal project of building samples of 1/48 scale Fw 190A-8 kits from Otaki, Trimaster, Tamiya, Hasegawa (don't have one yet) and Eduard from 1980 through to 2019. P.S. The cockpit and fuselage of the Bf 109 is coming along, and those parts should be finished on the weekend.
  3. Thanks @Winenut and @Rabbit Leader, I'm glad you like it. That said I understand not keeping up Dave, since everyone else's wonderful efforts in in this group build are so plentiful and a pleasure to see. Cheers, Daniel.
  4. Well the engine assembly is finished and ready for painting, with it mostly scrubbing up okay. Although I'm considering using some filler, in the area where the cylinder head assembly meets the rest of the engine block, to fix my shoddy workmanship. While yesterdays glue faux pas on the reduction gear hosing, is still a little visible after trying to fix it. That said hopefully the Mr Surfacer, that I'll be using as a primer will hide it some more.
  5. Awesome progress @stevej60, your build looks tremendous. Thanks so much for sharing your progress and enthusiasm.
  6. Hi All, So far I have just completed the cleanup and assembly all of the engine subassemblies for painting, from steps 1 & 2 in the instructions. Unfortunately being ham-fisted, I first got glue run off, on the reduction gear housing (see pictures below), while trying to photograph the installation of my fix for trapping the propeller peg in place. Then to add to that, while photographing the completed sub assemblies all together I dropped them onto a tiled floor from standing height. Amazingly the only thing that actually came unstuck was part-8 with parts 9 & 10 remaining attached. While the supercharger and radiator sub-assembly, parts; 16, 17, 18, 19 , 25, 26 and 27 separated from the engine block assembly yet survived intact. That said here are the pictures, and a bit of an explanation of what I did to trap the prop peg. The picture below shows parts, 20, 21 and 22, with my plastic card solution for trapping the propeller peg. Plus the Waldron Precision Punch & Die Set, the Tamiya plastic scriber and Mission Models Small Multi Tool. Anyway since part 21 features a bolt assembly, which coincides with an assembly that is fixed at the front of the engine on the 1:1 scale item. I decided it was best to eschew Matchbox's solution for prop spinning. And glue part 21 to part 20, using the Mission Models Multi Tool (a pencil or pen would work as well) to hold it in place as I glued those parts together from the outside with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. That done I then cut a 9mm x 5mm rectangle of .75mm thick plastic card. Then used the .160" punch from the Waldron Punch & Die Set to provide a .25mm plastic card stand off piece, to trap the peg at the right depth. Following that I did a bit of sanding to adjust the height to allow free movement of the peg. Then glued the plastic card bits together and cut 3 channels into the rectangle part with Tamiya's scriber, to run the Tamiya Extra Thin Cement away from the free spinning peg during glueing. I then put the peg in place and followed it with my plastic card assembly, and glued it in place. Which as a consequence of my clumsiness, I had glue run off onto the front of the reduction gear hosing. So now I have to wait for that to dry properly before I address it with some sanding and polishing afterwards. That done here is the rest of my progress on the engine, after dropping it onto a tiled floor just to check that my ticker is still functioning. That done, I have started on the cockpit and pilot, yet you will all have to wait till later for pictures of progress on that. Cheers, Daniel.
  7. Nowhere near as fast as @stevej60's terrific progress on his build of this classic kit, mine is a considerably slower pace. That said the engine parts for steps 1 and 2 in the instructions, have been cleaned up for assembly (trimmed, scraped, sanded and polished). Since before going forward, I want to make sure that all the mold parting lines are cleaned up and any scratches, sink marks and any other blemishes if potentially visible are addressed. That done I have placed these parts out for a happy snap, before I carry on with assembly. Also please ignore the bits of fluff, on parts 5, 6 and 25, that I didn't remove before I captured the above image.
  8. Out of curiosity I just did a search on eBay for that one, and what's on offer is going for crazy prices. So it probably won't make it.
  9. Terrific build @Quiet Mike, it's a lovely kit and although I never had that one myself I remember my dad built it unpainted back in the day. Plus I have also enjoyed reading about your granddad and seeing his pictures, plus I hope your missus is much better now. Wow @Brandy and Mike, the RASC is popular. My grandfather Thomas Williamson (who came from Lancashire) also served in the RASC during the Second World War. He drove trucks and rode motorcycles, and like Mike's uncle he served in Normandy. Driving a truck ashore at Bernières-sur-Mer on 6 June 1944, as attached to the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. Who he served with till Germany quit. Then he did air-despatch training, and was due to be sent to the Far East when Japan packed it in. In the end although he didn't make it to 100, since he died in 2003 when he was 90. He had a good run, since he had bad knees and lung problems from being a coal miner. So here are some pics of Tom and some of the chaps he served with. He's the shortest guy on the end in the back row for the first pic, and in the other he is standing in front of the motorbike. As to the First World War, my grandad's father (who lost a leg) served in the 1/9th (Highlanders) Battalion (Territorial Force), Royal Scots. While all of my other great-grandfathers also served. One in the 12th (Service) Battalion, Highland Light Infantry. with another in the 7th Field Artillery Brigade, Australian Imperial Force. With the last one being an AIF infantry reinforcement, who only got as far as Gibraltar on his way to Britain when the Armistice happened. Anyway I was just excited by the fact of the RASC connection and the Normandy one as well. And who knows, maybe your uncle and my grandad crossed paths way back when? Cheers, Daniel.
  10. Hi Alan, Joining in with a fine crowd, I would love to see you put that one together. Especially since I butchered that kit myself when I was 11, back in early 1983 (it was a Christmas present), and I used the Kiwi decals as well. Cheers, Daniel.
  11. Hi Everyone, Before I make a proper post on my progress and before I respond to @Winenut, @stevej60 and @Troy Smith, for Steve and anyone else who is building or may build this kit. Please watch out for the peg that the prop sits on (part-22), since on my sample even with the mold parting lines removed it is a very tight fit inside part-21 in Step 1 of the instructions. Plus it is too tight a fit for the spinner backplate (part 110) in step 13 of the instructions. So it will require a little bit more sanding to reduce it's diameter to fit well and or a little reaming out of parts 21 & 110. Also if you want to make this kit with a captive prop that can spin freely, I recommend using some plastic card to capture part-22, within part-20 in step 1 of the instructions. Just make sure to be careful to not get glue on part-22. While also making sure that the plastic card used to capture that part, doesn't stand proud of the back of part-20. I'll post some large and very clear pictures showing this, along with the assembly and completion of Steps 1 and 2 of the instructions when I have time. Cheers All, Daniel.
  12. Nice work, your cockpit looks great Steve, I'm working on the engine at the moment. How was the state of the back deck storage area behind the seat? mine has a big ejector pin mark and a rough area at the bottom end. Anyway thanks for posting, I have been looking forward to your one arriving, and am glad you're cracking on with it. Cheers, Daniel.
  13. Okay since it's Matchbox, there's no need for anything like this stuff. That said since I'm all out of my old tubes of Airfix cement and Humbrol paints, to put it together and make it pretty. I'll use the following (amongst other stuff) clippers, scalpels, glue, sandpaper, polish, primer and paint.
  14. Thanks @GREG DESTEC Greg, if I can't get the kit ones to work, I've just ordered a Techmod set. Which will at least cover Galland's E-4/N W. Nr. 5819, if need be. Thanks and nice work on having built that big Spitfire way back when @bigbadbadge Chris. The only big Matchbox kit I made back then was the Dauntless. While my dad had made the Spitfire, Messerschmitt, Lysander and Tiger Moth (which he rigged with via my mum's sewing kit), leaving them all of them unpainted as per the box suggestion.
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