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  1. Nice to see a crafted image of what, I've always known, as a simple drawing Paul
  2. Hi Richard Ah! Nice to hear that someone else has seen Robin's stuff. Haven't come across Michael's work. I'll Google him. Paul
  3. I recently posted three paintings - I have prints - from the Lincolnshire-based artist, Robin Smith. This is one that I've had my eye on for a while. I actually saw the artist at a craft exhibition. This painting was in the sketch stage but he showed it as a sort of 'peek'. The grab looks lovely. I'm sure the real thing looks even better. He added that, "Interestingly, the rail was set at an angle to the centreline of the ship to ensure the Hurricane was not run over by the ship if the launch failed."
  4. Very true - I think it was only done in this way because the artist got talking with the Whirlwind pilot. I couldn't resist it as I love the aircraft but it's also very evocative. Paul
  5. This is the third painting I have from the Lincolnshire-based artist, Robin Smith. This one is full of symbolism. Partly, the dogfight itself, partly the location, the low level indicating that maybe this particular fight has been going on for a time and the rather playful nature of the aircraft movement. This reflects witness reports on the ground who often talked about the "aerial ballet" going on above. So graceful and serene from below which contrasted with the stress and turmoil for those in the heat of the battle. Paul
  6. This is another painting from Lincolnshire-based artist, Robin Smith. Painted with the co-operation of the Whirlwind aircraft pilot featured in the action here. I have to say, though, that this grab doesn't do even the print justice (I have a framed copy on my wall). Smith himself said that, "To me, an equally interesting element of the image is that of the Scharnhorst itself. One of negative performance characteristics of the vessel was the fact that the bow seemed to spend most of it's time under water! A modification to the bow was employed known as an Atlantic bow, but apparently had litt
  7. Hi Folks Just popped in to put a word in for a local artist. His name is Robin Smith and is situated in Lincolnshire (http://www.robin-smith-art.co.uk). I must admit that, although I love it, I rarely find aviation art that is done well. Problem is that many artists, while obviously full of enthusiasm and painting in good faith, tend to produce aircraft from Picasso'a Cubist period. Half a dozen bits flying in different directions, all at once. There's an issue with angles. The nose is flying in this direction, the wings are flying over there and the tail has yet to make up its mind. You know
  8. A new pack on the Dove for you...
  9. Woody37 - no, didn't know about the walk-round section. Where is it? [scratch that, just found it] No problem
  10. You got me there Radleigh - no idea, sorry.
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