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  1. Reminds me of the joke: when I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my tools on for the price I told her I bought them for! Nick
  2. I've used ts-13 clear over both ts lacquer paint and me hobby aqueous acrylic. Both ok but I'd wait at least a week between paint and clear. Here ts 13 over Mr hobby And over ts paint Ts-13 is soft so you have to be careful when sanding it back before polishing it as you can burn through to the paint. Yes I speak from experience! But it does give a very nice finish Nick
  3. Morning all Chassis and engine work completed. As Andy said I had to add something to fill the gap where the engine should be. So my first attempt at an engine.. Well I did say it was my first attempt... "Engine" painted and wheels on The exhausts were a pain to get on. But apart from that reasonably pleased with how it's going. Next step is a big on. It's back onto the car body to sand back and polish the clear coat. After that I'll be able to add the new decals over the old ones. Thanks for looking, Nick
  4. Oh well just looks like you're going to have to go online, do a search for faulty towers signs, download a picture and print it on photo paper... Nick
  5. Wow a stunning model complemented by equally stunning photography! Hats off to you sir. Nick
  6. Three engineers are talking about the human body and what kind of engineer God was. First one says: "He must have been a mechanical engineer. Look at all those joints". Second one says: "No he was an electrical engineer. Look at all those connections." Third one says: "You're both wrong. He was a civil engineer." They both turn around to him and ask: "What makes you say that?". He replies: "It's obvious. Who else would have thought about running a waste disposal pipe through a recreational area" Nick
  7. Crisp and clean work. . Really like the colour scheme on this one too. I'm off to see the gallery now! Nick
  8. Not. Jealous. At. All... Really nice room Andy. Lovely setup. Plenty of room for expansion too. That empty wall is crying out for a display cabinet. Just a small one mind you. Enough space for a 100 models or so should do nicely! Nick
  9. Very sorry to hear about your loss Olivier. Mes sinceres condoleances a toi et a toute ta famille. Nick
  10. What James said! Looking forward to the colour versions. Nick
  11. Chrome can be stripped using oven cleaner or bleach. Molotow can also be airbrushed out of the pen/refill bottle. So a few choices Nick
  12. Knew of a shoe shop in France called... "The athlete's foot"... Nick
  13. Good to see an update. Burn throughs are such a pain (had my fair share...) Good luck fixing that Nick
  14. Great build. looking forward to the photos! Nick
  15. Hi all interesting article about classic car restoration. Examples include the E type, the Aston Martin Bulldog and the Bentley Blower. Regarding the latter @nick might be interested in the fact that they spent 1200 man hours recreating the car digitally.might be worth giving them a call! Here is the link to the article: https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2021/09/classic-cars-keeping-motoring-heritage-alive/ Nick
  16. Sorry to hear about your news. As Roger said take care of yourself and your family. Nick
  17. That is looking really slick! Makes me very tempted to have another go at a Mustang at one point... Now where that's eBay link... Nick
  18. As one of my colleagues occasionally (very occasionally!) tells his wife: I'm not being pedantic dear I'm being accurate... It's good fun making a car you actually own(ed). Plus with a life size model to compare against I fully expect your finished model to look like the first picture! . No pressure... I'll certainly be following this one. Nick
  19. We never grow up it's just the price of the toys that changes... Nick
  20. If anyone is looking for inspiration for car but not model related presents how about this? No affiliation with the company. Just think it looks cool! Nick
  21. Thanks for the compliment Andy! Since that was my first one I'll put it down to beginners luck!. Nick
  22. Evening all thanks for the comments and hearts . A small update. Not much too say so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks for looking, Nick
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