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  1. Hi all First of all thank you again for the comments,likes and visits. I've started on the interior details. I've decided to use BMF for all the chrome details as I feel I can get a better finish than with brush painted molotow. Very tricky to do some of these details. I think I already need to change the blade on my scalpel! Looking at photos some of the buttons,etc are actually chrome edged with aluminium centre. Here are some progress shots. Long way to go but enjoying this part of the build! A few touch ups will be required but fingers crossed at this stage nothing too drastic. Thanks for looking, Nick
  2. Oh yes I should have mentioned the decal eating habit of TS-13... (Well only if you're not careful like I was...) Thanks for the info about Revell/humbrol clear Spiny I didn't know they did one. Guess it is easier on decals as they are acrylic? Have you tried spraying a couple of coats of revell clear to seal in the decals and then TS13 over the top? (Hope you don't mind the slight tangent Ted!) Nick
  3. Hi Ted I've used tamiya TS spray cans for a couple of my car builds and have been very happy. I found the TS 13 (clear coat) does need to go on a bit heavy but once sanded back down and polished it does look good. If you have an airbrush that does open up more options. Hopefully someone with experience in using one can chip in! Nick
  4. Well it might not be on the right side but it's on the correct side! Nick
  5. Looks like a nice kit. Will be interesting to see how good the details are at 1/32 scale. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask for help/advice if needed. Nick
  6. Well I think that wheel looks very good. You're right about little and often. I tend to do the more tedious jobs that way and always at the start of the modelling session and then finish off with something more fun! Nick
  7. Thanks Ron. Looking at it can't easily get the bard Parker in the UK but it looks like a swan Morton n5 handle and 10a blades should do the trick. Nick
  8. Morning all Minor update. Here is the result of my first foray into BMF. Have to admit quite pleased with the result. Not perfect as I managed to scratch the paint in a couple of places at the back as you can see below. I'm not going to blame my tools but...... I use a swan Morton scalpel with a 26 blade. I do like it but the blade is quite long so tricky to manoeuvre around small turns. Given the fact that I got no modelling related presents this Christmas I think it's only fair if I treat myself to a modelling knife. I was thinking of going for the tamiya one since it comes with a fair amount of blades. Or does anyone have any recommendations for a small bladed craft knife? Happy to pay a premium if the tool is good quality. Finally a last pic It's nice seeing the difference the BMF has made to the look of the seat. And I've just noticed some blue overspray and the right hand seat that I completely missed first time around! Thanks for looking, Nick
  9. Hi Spiny To echo the others: stunning build. Great colours and your photography is as usual top notch. That third shot from the bottom is the one that stands out for me. Against a photo backdrop you'd struggle to know it was a model. Nick
  10. Once again top result Spiny! None of the build challenges are apparent in the end result. Nick
  11. Thanks Thierry ! Glad you like it. Thanks for the suggestion. However since I already have the BMF chrome and it will be the first time I use it I think I'll start with that before trying something more adventurous! I have seen the hasegawa mirror finish used and yes it does look really good! Nick
  12. Thanks Andy! What you've never heard of the Ford Eldorado transit Biarritz van? Nick
  13. Morning all First of all Happy new year! Progress was somewhat slowed down over the last month but a major step was completed today. The chassis work is done! . No major hassles. Touch plastic this kit is going well together so far. I've weathered the underneath by mainly by dry brushing dark grey. Not my best effort at dry brushing but I am a bit rusty. Anyway not a bad thing to practice on something that is probably not going to get seen very often! And a couple more shots I've cleaned up the wheels a bit since then! Next up is my favourite part of the build: the interior. Really looking forward to this one as it's going to be fully visible with the top down. Thanks for looking, Nick
  14. Absolutely stunning... Shame they are not cheap on eBay...
  15. Starting to look like an XJS all right! Love the contrast between the body colour and the metal work. Nick
  16. Those hinges look really really good! Once you've sorted the screen problem out it will all be fine! And we can all read about it on Google news! Nick
  17. Well they're certainly helping you turn out beautifully detailed engines so yeah fill your boots! Nick
  18. Beautiful display and top class modelling. Especially the chassis build. So rare to see whats hidden by the car body in that level of detail. Nick
  19. That is some very good foil work. Bravo Nick
  20. Lovely interior! That's quite an assembly line you've got going there. Nick
  21. Don't be so hard on yourself! If you look at the last pic of the three i think the angle of the pulleys and belts is more than 90 giving the impression that that is the same for the engine. Nick
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