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  1. That is so much better! Worth the scary 5 minutes imho! Nick
  2. You will all be glad to know there is finally something far better to drive in the water these days! And no I'm not talking about the speedboat... Nick
  3. It's a cat house not a dog house!
  4. One thing to bear in mind as well is the humidity. I had a similar issue with TS13 when the first two coats when down fine and the third one came out foggy. The humidity had been too high. A very gentle sanding followed by another coat cured the problem. Nick
  5. Morning all Decided to treat myself.... I've been very tempted to get one of those ever since I saw plasmo build one I went for the roadster just because you can see the interior. I've added the detail up set from hobby design as well. This is going to go right up to the top of the build list along with the testarossa (my builds next year). Very tempted to use rosso letto and as colour for this.
  6. Good save on that tailgate! Mental note made about use of 1mm magnets! Nick
  7. Completely agree Spiny. Like I said a bit of an unfair comparison... . I do personally think though that the kit chrome is far too blingy. Thank you John. Very kind. It is a lovely kit. I'm sure you'll do it justice when you get round to building it. Colin that is a very fine model. Out of interest is that the kit chrome? Or did you paint it? Nick
  8. Glad I could be of no help whatsoever...
  9. well the one on the left is the left one and the one on the right is the right one. Does that help?
  10. Slightly unfair comparison with the kit wheels! Nick
  11. Keep em coming. You never know, someone may use them as a reference for their own build of this car at one point! impressive surgery by the way. Nick
  12. Afternoon all Finally got round to trying out greenstuffworld chrome. I like! . So at first i made a booboo. I used tamiya gloss black which came out satin (could be user error...) then applied the chrome and it looked like dull aluminium. I then sprayed Revell gloss black which came out glossy and tried again. Former on the right,latter on the left And the picture does not do it justice by far. Much shinier in real life. I followed Barbados rex's advice and did super thin mist coats as best as I could. So now I am going to strip all the kit chrome as far too many sprue points are on the visible side of the piece... When I have some flatter pieces painted up I'll post some more pics. For a first try very pleased with the product. Thanks for looking, Nick
  13. Thanks Chris! I'll be sure to take a pic of the wheels once they are chromed! Nick
  14. Thanks gents! I've got a spare windshield that I can experiment on. No doubt I'll get it right on that before messing up the Mustang one! Nick
  15. Thanks gents! Regarding greenstuff world chrome just in case you haven't seen this but this guy's does a pretty good review and shows how to brush and airbrush the stuff https://youtu.be/lyEoYSePYFI Cheers Nick
  16. Hi all Still ticking over. I've got all the carbon fibre decalling done. Next time I'll try something a bit easier for my first attempt at using the stuff!. Some pretty complex shapes in there. Not as good as it could be but good enough. Couple of touch ups here and there were required. Next steps are painting the windows using the provided masks and attempting to tint the rear ones using tamiya smoke. Thanks for looking, Nick
  17. Hi all Slow progress. Life got in the way and then COVID got in the way... Colour difference and splatter issues on bonnet now sorted. I'm in the middle of painting the wheels. I'm still getting used to the airbrush (courtesy of @Andy J . Thanks again mate!). They have been painted black. Next step is to try the greenstuffworld chrome. Nick
  18. Well the end result certainly doesn't indicate any of the issues you mentioned getting there! Looking good! Nick
  19. Fabulous modelling again Thierry. The black and white photo without the car body could easily be mistaken for the real thing. Nick
  20. Book me a seat in the front row! I'm a big Elvis fan and wanted to build one of his cars and that is the one I went for. I can see your WIP being used as a reference when I get round to building mine. Definitely looking forward to whatever mods you have in mind. Nick
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