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  1. Hi Echen thanks for the comment much appreciated . So this is the product I used on the SU-122 I applied this with a hairy stick and you only need one decent coat as this stuff works really well. Apply it after your primer and then paint your finished colour on top. Cut down an old brush so the bristles are quite firm then dip it in water and dab away gently wherever you want the effect to show but be careful otherwise you'll simply remove all the top surface back to the primer and have to start again. Give it a go mate it's easy to do and you can create as much or a
  2. Thanks John just a little more fettling required and I'll be happy with it
  3. Thanks Vytautas still a little more work required with a few pigments to add and some graphite but I'm happy with the results so far
  4. So I make no apologies for the state of the SU-122 I set out to make it look well worn and battle weary and I think it looks about right. Still a couple of effects to add but I think I'm almost there as far as the weathering goes . Time to start work on the wheels and tracks and then once they are in place I'll have a better idea about what I need to do to finish this build off. Here's a few pic's of today's progress So once again I need to let everything dry properly which will give me a chance to tackle the wheels and tracks. Thanks fo
  5. Thanks Keith looks a bit bland atm but I'll work on that tomorrow Thanks Carius I'm pleased with the results so far
  6. Thanks Roger plenty left to do yet but I'm happy with progress so far
  7. Thanks Thomas looks a bit monotone atm but that will change once I continue with the weathering
  8. Thanks John I appreciate your comment mate
  9. So finally managed to spend a few hours at the bench and have made some progress regarding the painting and weathering of the SU-122. At this point I think I should say that I'm after a worn out battle weary look so this build is far from factory fresh . May not be to everyone's taste but I'm happy with the results so far though I'm still far from finished regarding the final effect I'm looking for. Here's a few pic's of today's progress. First up a few different colour shades to give me a base for the weathering Next the start of the weatheri
  10. I did have them George but I made a bit of a mess when fitting them and they looked a little....err......well....not good shall we say . Totally my fault as the kit PE is actually quite good but there are a few pieces that are so small I simply left them off as working more or less one handed they are beyond my abilities
  11. Thanks Wayne should have some more progress tomorrow hopefully
  12. It's the other way around mate...its odd numbers that give me the jitters hence there will be 2 barrels or 4 barrels with nothing in between allowed . Although at a push i could make 1 and 3 work using the following equation which I use when pushed to make me feel better; The number one has 3 letters so 3 + 1 = 4 The number three has 5 letters so 5 + 3 = 8
  13. Thanks Stef I'll order some fruils for it so if anyone out there knows the actual code for the correct tracks for this Tiger could you let me know please and I'll get some ordered
  14. So rather than buying another kit I've decided to finish one i started a while ago. Although there's a couple of issues with the build due to my lack of knowledge and experience at the time I think it deserves finishing off warts and all. So after the SU-122 I will commence work on this kit below Maybe a set of Fruil tracks is required
  15. Thanks Vytautas the painting is my favourite part of any build and I've got a few new ideas to try out
  16. Oh I forgot to mention....inspired by Brad's epic build once I've finished the SU-122 I'm building another Tiger though which one and which kit I'm not sure yet
  17. I think you should definitely perservere with the zimmerit Dan because at the end of the day once painted it will look fine. I think roughing up the surface where you're applying the zimmerit could make all the difference mate well worth a try imo
  18. I agree mate very menacing indeed though I'm going for a heavily weathered and very battle weary look
  19. Thanks Echen it seems to be improving day by day so hopefully it won't last too much longer
  20. So today's update and I've managed to apply the black primer to the SU-122. This has helped bring everything together and the next stage will be to add various shades of different colours that I can reveal at a later date. I haven't added the barrels to the rear hull yet as I'm not sure yet how many to add . There are four with the kit but I may just add two to give a more battle weary effect anyway I'll sleep on it and make a decision tomorrow. Here's a few pic's of today's progress So that's it for now hopefully I can crack on i the n
  21. Thanks John I purchased one the other day and it's helping a lot
  22. Thanks Roger a few more parts to add and should be in paint soon
  23. Not bad Steve not bad at all.....infact absolutely awesome work mate simply stunning the best Tiger l I've seen to date . However I think the best is yet to come....when this beast is sitting on it's base with the figure in place only then will we see the true masterpiece in all it's glory so get your finger out and crack on I'm excited to see the end result . Builds like this provide huge inspiration to people like me and others I'm sure and are the main reason I switched from car's to armour so keep them coming. Now that's more than enough praise for one day mate so when you're head has sh
  24. Thanks Thomas....now my sides ache as much as my back
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