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  1. Thanks for the comment Chris much appreciated mate . Like I've said before this is a basic kit by today's standards but the parts that are included fit together well and do the job adequately. Other than the issues I had with the decals not wanting to release from the backing paper....which had me spitting fire....( see what I did there ) the kit has posed no problems so far
  2. It's a pretty straightforward kit tbh containing only minor detail. The decals over the rear arches and around the back of the car are a little tricky to apply just have plenty of micro sol handy and eventually they will conform
  3. So today's update and the interior, wheels and chassis are complete although I haven't fitted the tyres yet. There's not many parts to this kit it's very basic stuff so detail is lacking however that's how the kit comes and I still think it will build up into a nice model when finished. The reason I haven't fitted the tyres yet is because I'm uncertain what colour I should use for the tyre lettering . The kit suggests gold for the Dunlop tyre markings.....would that be correct . If anyone knows what the correct colour should be please let me know . Here's a few pic's of today's progress So not much to see but another step in the right direction. Thanks for looking back soon
  4. Absolutely right mate . Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the results and a lot of the time close up photos dont help but nothing is ever perfect imo
  5. Sorry I don't have a vegetarian version ......however try the same recipe with Cadburys chocolate mini rolls....very nice indeed
  6. Thanks Stef now that the decals are in place i can relax and enjoy the rest of the build
  7. Thanks Marco I'm hoping to have the shell clear coated this weekend in the meantime I'm concentrating on the chassis, interior, wheels etc which shouldn't take long as there aren't many parts
  8. So I have finally managed to apply all the decals to the shell and the rear wing . I'm relieved that this part of the build is over as there were a few hairy moments along the way now I can move up a gear and crack on with the rest of the build. I'm happy with the results of the decaling process I've done the best I could, they are not perfect but tbh I'm not sure that the word perfect actually exists in the world of scale modelling I'm always looking at my builds thinking that maybe I could have done certain things better but I'm pleased with the overall results . The rear wing is only placed in position for the time being as I want to remove it for the spraying of the clear coat. Here's a few pic's of today's progress Right it's time for me to start preparing the rest of the parts for paint as I want to leave the shell alone for a while to allow the decals to fully set. Thanks for looking back soon
  9. Yep good point decision made the clear coat will be applied once I've finished the rest of the decals
  10. Cheers Keith they were a PIA to remove from the backing paper but once on the kit and brushed repeatedly with micro sol they settled down really well. At the moment I'm considering whether a clear coat is necessary or not .
  11. Thanks for the comment . The only drawback with the boiling water is the fact you have to keep changing the water regularly but I've got a kettle in the cave so it wasn't really a problem. I wouldn't use boiling water on all decals for fear of damaging them but I had no choice with these as it was the only way I could find to release them from the backing paper
  12. Interesting point regarding the red Delta mate. I hadn't really noticed before but I would tend to agree especially after looking at the pic below. The stripes certainly stand out more on a white car but tbh I love the Lancia Delta whatever the scheme or colour
  13. Thanks Chris my fingers are fine mate . It's that Martini scheme that does it for me i think it looks great on any car it's certainly my personal favourite
  14. Yep like the other Andy said more steady progress with your build and I reckon this car is going to look superb when finished....nice work Gary looks great
  15. Thanks Andy I'm glad I decided to stop yesterday it turned out to be the right decision I think. I do like to get a move on with my builds but I suppose some kits just take longer than others and these decals need to be applied carefully and steadily so I didn't really have a choice
  16. So I still haven't applied all of the decals to the shell but the one's I was most concerned about are in place. Using boiling water to free up the decals from the backing paper definitely helped and I'm pleased with the results. The white patch visible in a couple of the pic's on the top of the rear arch will be covered later by a kit part I just don't want to fit that part till later in the build. So now I can rest easier as the rest of the decals shouldn't pose any problems and I will try to get the rest in place tomorrow. Here's a few pic's of today's progress So that's where the build stands atm hopefully more progress tomorrow. Thanks for looking back soon
  17. Nowt wrong with that Spiny i also have a drawer full of plastic spoons for test painting , although I have to admit that I also use a fair few for snacks when I'm at the bench especially jammy dodgers and custard
  18. Thanks Spiny the rear arch decal comes in two halves which i think actually makes the job easier as long as the first half is lined up correctly. I don't use micro set anymore preferring to just use plain water to position the decal in place but I do constantly brush micro sol over the surface of the decal untill it sits nicely in place which sometimes takes up to 10 minutes of constant soaking and brushing until I'm happy with it. Probably wouldn't suit everyone but it works for me . As for taking a break well I don't normally hang around with my builds but I was certain that if I continued today I would regret it hopefully this will turn out to be a wise decision
  19. Thanks Nick like i said earlier once the decals were free of the backing paper they conformed really well but dragging them off the backing paper was very hazardous
  20. Thanks Gary, I always enjoy building model kits but today's session started to become tedious so I opted out. But I'll be back at it tomorrow and at least I'm now half way there. The smaller decals aren't really an issue but the main decals need to be handled carefully and with them being difficult to separate from the backing paper it certainly doesn't help. However my headache has now gone and I've just scoffed a box of chocolate marshmallows so everything in the world is now fine and dandy
  21. Thanks Keith I generally use quite hot water for decals but these are definitely stubborn. Fortunately I've got a way with it so far so fingers crossed my luck will hold up
  22. Thanks and I agree infact the Martini scheme is my favourite and looks great whatever style of car it's applied to
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