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  1. Looks fantastic Alistair, great work mate 👍.
  2. You already know my thoughts on your build Alistair and what a cracker this will be when finished 🙂👍
  3. Hi Alistair I've just read through your build thread and I have to say...wow....what an absolutely stunning build this is...I simply adore how this aircraft looks...the combination of camo scheme plus the invasion stripes is spectacular....jeez I'll have to build this subject in the future 👏👌👍
  4. Subtle is my middle name Chris 🙂. Mrs J says that there's never a dull moment in our house and I think that's a compliment 🤔👍
  5. I actually got it mixed professionally it's bang on Spitfire sky 😏. Infact I like it so much....yep....I've painted the kitchen with it as well 😆😆😆👍 Needless to say Mrs J has now confiscated the tin but once I've done the weathering and panel wash I reckon it will look awesome 🤣🤣🤣👍
  6. I'm doing ok thanks Chris still busy with the DIY but the list of things to do is getting smaller by the day 🙂. The Whirlwind is sitting patiently in the hanger and I will definitely be finishing it off as soon as I make a return to the bench 👍. I've been using my aircraft builds as a source of inspiration for my DIY projects as can be seen in the pic below.....yes that is indeed the same colour as the tail band on my Spitfire....good old Sky 😆👍 Looks rather splendid methinks 🙂👍
  7. Never fear Andy J is here.....I have a 109E going spare Chris it's yours whenever you are ready....see i knew that would cheer you up 😉👍
  8. Beautiful work looks just right to me, well done 👏 👌👍
  9. That needs a stug to give it a good flattening mate 👍
  10. The grey/brown camo scheme is very interesting Stef....I can see myself adding one of those to my collection 🙂👍
  11. Hiya Keith found them on ebay mate just search Tamiya polishing compound and up they pop. UK seller expected 13th-15th June from Manchester 🙂👍
  12. In fairness i don't think £22 for all three compounds inc delivery is to harsh 🤔
  13. That's a superb beetle Jeroen well done with the black paint as it's not the easiest colour to spray well.I have never polished any of my builds but I may have to invest in some of these Tamiya compounds they look like a decent product 🙂👍
  14. Tinted for me if you want to see the interior then open the doors 🙂👍
  15. Great work Trevor looks superb 👏 👌 👍 I shall be tackling one of these in the near future albeit a slightly larger scale 🙂👍
  16. Having realised I have enough 4 wheeled kits in the stash for the time being I've decided to expand my stash of 2 wheeled kits slightly 🙂 I have built a couple of bike kits but it's been a while ago and having taken inspiration from some recent excellent builds on the forum I fancy a crack at a bike build or ten 🙂👍
  17. First off no need to thin the gravity paints they come already thinned for airbrush use just a good shake or stir required. For cleaning out the airbrush I simply use cellulose thinners which is simple and effective but remember these items stink so I would recommend a mask a spray booth with extractor and plenty of ventilation 🙂👍
  18. Well you get the interior for the road going version but I'll be using the racing seat and roll cage for my build 🙂👍
  19. That does indeed look beautiful M very nice indeed 👍 👌
  20. Cheers Nick I have another selection of kits to post here soon and these are definitely different to what I usually purchase but variety is the spice of life as they say 😉👍
  21. A few new additions just to keep the stash ticking over 🙂
  22. Another fine build to add to your collection Jeroen. Your building kits at a fast rate mate I will have a lot of catching up to do when I return to the bench 🙂👍
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