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  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress with this kit . I've got it in my stash ready to do with the Andrews decals and Zero paints set . The yellow is definitely the wrong shade , it's too bright . I've got photos of the car from 1980's rallies and it's nowhere near the right colour . The Zero paint for this kit is more like the Andrews replica Manta used on the 2019 RAC . I remember when i did the Andrews Heat for Hire Escort a few years ago i got a spray from Halfords, more of a mustard shade but i can't remember the name of the colour .
  2. I think thats the best solution . I tried the cage out of the Tamiya Escort Cosworth but it was too small .
  3. Thank you Steve . I remember that transkit , it was to changed the touring car into Per Eklund's Camel sponsored rallycross car . Can't seem to find it anywhere though .The only kits available that i can find contain the seats , mirrors , fuel tank and wheels , non of them seem to do the cage .
  4. Does anyone on the forum know of any manufacturer that makes a roll cage for the 1/24th scale Tamiya Ford Sierra RS500. I'm conververting it into a rally car from the touring car version .The touring car only has half a roll cage where as the rally car has a much more extensive one that extends from above the drivers head to the dashboard .
  5. Simil R Ford Focus RS WRC 2010 sadly discontinued .
  6. Does anyone have any information as to whether or not the Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4 ZK315 41® Sqn 100th Anniversary decal kit will be brought out in 1/48th scale .Seems all the other 41 sqn special tails are out in this scale but not this one .
  7. Thanks very much for taking the time and passing on this info for me . Much appreciated .
  8. I am currently building a 1/24th scale Ford Sierra Cosworth using the decals for Franco Cunico on the Tour de Corse . Does anyone know what is the nearest matching paint shade for the front and rear bumpers and wheel arches please ?
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