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  1. Picks jaw up off floor! That it stunning. Congratulations on everything about that - your determination, the build quality, the painting, the beautifully restrained weathering, the presentation and the photography...and those flaps!!! Well done! Steve
  2. What a beautiful model! You've got the colours, finish and weathering bang-on in my opinion. Bravo!
  3. Brilliant Charles! Loving the whisky, pizza, welsh cakes, beer, wine and crisp diet - shame about the muesli though! (Great job on the Komet also by the way!) Really enjoyed reading this! Steve
  4. As always Charles - fantastic attention to detail and extraordinary clean work. Looking forward to seeing your brace of Mustangs in the flesh. Steve
  5. Hiya @junglierating. Thanks for the info about the model shop in Frome Sounds like a visit is in order next time I'm going that way!
  6. Thank you all for your kind welcome @Troffa, @Johnson, @gonetothedogs, @Corsairfoxfouruncle, @dogsbody and @HoolioPaulio I've just ordered a load of Tamiya acrylics from the interweb, so it looks like I've run out of excuses for not making a start on the Sea King. I'm going to make the SH3-D "66" as it appeared after it had successfully delivered the crew of Apollo 11 to the USS Hornet - at this point in time, I believe that the aircraft would have displayed 3 capsule silhouettes under the cockpit side windows and a "Now Hornet plus 3" sign under the starboard door window. I'm also going to build it with rotors and tail folded as it was after the Apollo crew had transferred to the Mobile Quarantine Facility. Well, that's the plan anyway! Steve
  7. Thank you @Farmerboy - Tamiya and Vallejo it is then! Thank you also @Kushan_Farsight - I just hope I can do the X-15 justice!
  8. Hi. Thanks for accepting me as a member of this forum. My name is Steve and I live near Wellington in Somerset. I started making models back in the 1960s ( one of my earliest memories of the hobby is gluing the cockpit of an Airfix FW189 in place before I'd glued the machine guns in place from the inside - Doh!). Anyway, between about 1969 and 1980, I was a regular customer of Beatties in Southampton and I reckon I made most Airfix, Tamiya and Matchbox releases of the time.....but then I discovered beer and girls, so the hobby waned. Roll forward 40 year, I've been skulking around Britmodeller and various of forums for a few years and I've accumulated a small stash of kits (an Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk 22, a Hobby Boss 1/32 X-15A-2, a Revell 1/48 Harrier GR7 and recently a Hasagawa 1/48 SH-3H Sea King. The Sea King purchase was inspired by last years Apollo 50th anniversary and I've bought the bits / decals to build the early SH-3D "Old 66" that recovered Apollo 11. I live next door to @Johnsonand I think he's sceptical about whether I'll ever actually build anything, so he's suggested I join this forum as a way of forcing myself to get on with the Sea King. I'm from the era before aftermarket and PE parts and when your paint choice was Airfix or Humbrol enamel so please be patient with me asking stupid questions. Here's the first one - what paints would you recommend for airbrushing the Sea King please? Just need to get the paints and I'm off! Steve
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