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  1. Thank you very much for the nice comments!! And an artistic one by my close friend Alex Kontiveis!! thanks Alex!! John
  2. Thank you very much guys!! Really appreciate the comments!! John
  3. Thank you very much, as i wrote above, you should buy and build it!! John
  4. My summer project came to an end!! Ireally enjoyed my second bare metal journey!! Hope you like my effort to replicate this bare metal beauty!! Some more on her here...
  5. And time for weathering!! My opinion is that this face is totally personal. The goal is not to exaggerate and to try to be in scale!! Anyway, i used only oils for my way of weathering this bird, thinned for washing or unthinned for dry bryshing!! Hope you like it... The ''TR-411'' code is also painted with mask I love this patina you get with oils!!!!! ....
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