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  1. Looking forward to this one. I have an Eduard Albatros on the shortlist of next kits to build, this may bump it to the top!
  2. Looking splendid Bill! I'm going to have to rethink commuting to work on my velocipede, as I do struggle to read the paper. This is obviously the future! Talking of the future, look at this. A horseless carriage, on rails! What sort of dark magic is this? The Spitfire Makers Supermarine Tour by Mike, on Flickr (Visited my local, Solent Sky, and much impressed by some of the new displays, including this street scene of Southampton.)
  3. Lovely build Chris, the details and weathering are spot on! I thought of this build at the weekend when I had an unexpected trip into the Solent Sky museum. One will get added to the stash in the not too distant The Spitfire Makers Supermarine Tour by Mike, on Flickr
  4. They look amazing Adrian! I thought of these builds at the weekend too, when I saw this stunning artifact at an air museum in Suffolk. I'm in love with that lozenge pattern ... Bukta Weekend-1416 by Mike, on Flickr
  5. Sorry not to have any relevent advice, but keen to see results. I still shoot 35mm film. I prefer to use my grandfathers old Voigtlander he picked up in Germany at the end of his stint in the Army. Depending on how flush I am feeling I occasionally use out of date film stock of unknown provenence, usually with underwheling results! I wonder what exposed film will be like after such long storage? I recently ran an old slide film through my camera (Accidentally, I didn't read the label) and it came out predictably aweful. I managed to save something by converting digitally to b/w, but an expensive mistake all the same. In agreement with @Jinxman, get one developed and see how it looks ...
  6. Can't believe I overlooked this build, it's marvelous! Top work!
  7. What a glorious result for a fascinating subject
  8. I enjoyed building their S5, but it has challenges. Annoying things were the cockpit interior, the instructions tell you to build it all back to front! I used a Tamiya blue straight out of the bottle, I forget the number but it'll be in the WIP thread.
  9. That Tiger Moth is looking great Chris, well done on the rigging. After following yours and Johnny's builds I'm definitely going to procure one. De Havilland do make beautiful aircraft, and you're doing them more than justice!
  10. Wonderful builds Johnny, and so nice you released these moths out into the wild of your garden once completed
  11. Another beautiful build Roger, the weathering is perfect
  12. I know being a fellow vintage vw nerd Chris, you'll appreciate my dilemma that no one produces an early pre-60 small back window bus
  13. Cheers Ant. Just dug this out, our shonky Kombi, next to a suitably shonky 2cv! Vintage Nostalgia Festival 2021 by Mike, on Flickr And if ever I make a model of it, I'd love to replicate the weathering on the roof! Kombi 2022 by Mike, on Flickr
  14. This really has turned into a spendid build Roger, can't wait for the RFI!
  15. Good call @Marco F. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Citroen-2CV-1228014.html#gallery_start
  16. As an owner of a pretty beat up 63 year old original factory paint kombi, I really want to have a go at realistic weathering! The factory fresh look does little for me, but I just wanted to wrap this up and put it behind me! I've got big plans for the HY van though! Signwriting AND weather! Watch this space! It took a while to choose the orange, but pinterest was my friend here. The kit was a present from work colleagues for my birthday last year. I think if I was looking for a 2cv kit, I'd like an early ribbed bonnet example. Colour choices are much more limited the further back you go though, I think up to 1958 it was either grey, or grey! It's not until 1960 you get a massive choice of 4 colours! https://www.paintcolourchart.com/cars/010/2cv/1960.html I'd be interested in a better kit too. Tamiya looked good? Any others? I notice there is a Fourgonette van out there as well, but quite pricey. Thanks @JeroenS Yes, the kit was disappointing as soon as I opened the box! I'm much more impressed with the more recent HY van though. I know people have issues with the clear parts for the doors, but this kit does inspire me much more.
  17. Cheers Spiny. In the back of my head I knew different primer colours have different results. I've used pink primer with yellow before. I should have paid a bit more attention on this one!
  18. Hello. First post here for me, I'm usually skulking around the aircraft section. And my first modelling post for a long while. (Aren't you lucky!) My workbench often gets neglected over the summer when the weather is more pleasant. A double hernia op two weeks ago gave me a good excuse to get some kit time in, while I was confined to barracks. Well, it's been on the bench for months. Started straight off the back of the excellent Matchbox GB and I'm already trying to banish it from my memory, this kit really sucked all the joy out of modelling for me, right from the get go. Can't really put my finger on what exactly it was on this 30 year old kit that I found so uninspiring. I didn't like the fact the 2CV's best feature, the roll back roof, was molded closed. The only part of the kit that was animated was the bonnet, which just sits in place, it's not hinged, allowing you to lift it off and see the engine. And that doesn't even fit. I'm getting angry again just typing this out! I'm the type of modeller who builds one kit at a time. I don't have a shelf of doom. I don't park a kit and start another. Once I start the kit gets done, regardless. Of course there are many flaws in this method! As I got near the end of the build and my already low enthusiasm waned, I made several schoolboy errors in the final push to get it over the line. Mistakes that would have broken my heart on other builds just got a lackadaisical shrug! Also I was having a major battle trying to airbrush on the orange paint. The thinned Tamiya acrylic needed so many coats I lost count, and still showed grey primer though it. Like I said, one of those builds plagued with mistakes! Anyway, I didn't deem it worthy of setting up decent studio shots, you just get a few slapdash phone pics! I'm just putting this out there in the forlorn hope it may exorcise whatever modelling gremlins currently plague me Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr Heller 1/24 Citroen 2CV by Mike, on Flickr I have two other Heller Citroen in the stash, the Traction Avant, and the newish HY van. Two vehicles I love, but I may put a few aircraft through the workbench before tackling them!
  19. I've no idea how to fix that, sorry!
  20. Sorry, not sure how to fix that. My browser shows a snapshot of the twitter link fine. Try this https://twitter.com/Airfix/status/1544225297347874817?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1544225297347874817|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.britmodeller.com%2Fforums%2Findex.php%3Fapp%3Dcoremodule%3Dsystemcontroller%3Dembedurl%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2FAirfix%2Fstatus%2F1544225297347874817
  21. The missing bits are all part of the fun! (Also a bit of a giveaway )
  22. In my dim and distant I was part of a living history group called the Khaki Chums. On Saturday we had our first reunion since we hung up our uniforms a few years ago when we collectively became too old to portray convincing soldiers. As usual when we get together we play the 'Airfix Game', and were very humbled to get recognition from Airfix themselves, through the powers of social media. (Hopefully this link will take you to the post on twitter) Anyone else play it? For those in the dark, someone assumes a pose from one of Airfix 1/32 or 1/76 figure sets, and everyone else has to guess who he is. WW2 figures are a good start, but other periods are a bit trickier. We've been playing it since the 1980s, but I've not encountered the game outside the Khaki Chums.
  23. These are both looking rather splendid Johnny! I'm definitely going to add one to the list as soon as I've made more of a dent in the stash. I fully taking on board your comments about concentrating on one kit at a time, (at the moment for me, even one kit is a struggle!) but I quite like the idea of a Airfix duo de Havilland build with the Tiger Moth and Vampire.
  24. Looking good Chris! I'm enjoying dipping in here for my modelling fix while my own workbench is currently idle. Really need to up my game!
  25. What an inspiring build, I've loved it! What's not to love about vintage signwritten vans! I'm itching to do something similar with the HY now, but disappointed at the options out there (this kit only has number plate decals.) I may have to look into making my own decals ... https://www.pinterest.co.uk/01lk8txd8v6az91/citroen-inspiration/
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