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  1. Ian Kennedy is the master of cover art! Somewhere on the shelf I have one Commando that was also illustrated by him, but it's the only one I've ever seen. (He must have been kept pretty busy just doing the covers!)
  2. Alex finally came good, these arrived this week! And I did get an apologetic email from him a couple of weeks ago, explaining the problems he was having with the supply chain, which we are all used to for most things now. I just wish he was more on the ball with replying to emails. It took three emails over a month, and finally one saying I really didn't want to cancel my order, but would be contacting paypal to report a problem, before he replied. I was in no rush for these, all I wanted was a sit-rep on progress after a couple of weeks. When I didn't get any replies after a month, I had understandable, but totally unnecessary, alarm bells ringing. Anyway, I'll look forward to playing with these. Uschi mask sets arrived! by Mike, on Flickr In other news, I can't see the model bench opening for business in the near future, but hopefully now the evenings have drawn in I'll get back on the wagon somewhen. In the meantime thank you for all posting up your builds and giving me my fix! Last weekend I was lucky to get complimentary tickets to the Goodwood Members Meeting, and the stars of the show for me were the Edwardian racing cars. I took a lot of photos of greasy engines and worn leather seats and wooden dashboards, all good inspiration and reference for lots of subjects I'm interested in! Most of the cars were pre WW1 limousines with WW1 era aero engines shoehorned into the chassis #MM78 - Sunday by Mike, on Flickr Back to the garage, I'm making the tort we inherited a new outdoors hutch to replace his inadequate little rabbit hutch. A year in the planning, two weekends in the building. Nearly there! And not too soon now Autumn is starting to bite here after a mild couple of months. I hope the grumpy little man appreciates it!
  3. My local museum! Haven't been for a couple of years and need to get back there as there have been a few changes recently. Did you get up on the flight deck? Sandringham flying boat flight deck by Mike, on Flickr IMG_1964-15 by Mike, on Flickr
  4. Now that looks like a real racer! Looks like it's going 500mph standing still! Lovely job as always
  5. Just catching up here. I have a 1/48 Airfix Fury waiting in the pile to make, and this discussion has made me look further into the coverings. Handily I've got a few shots to hand of the Hind and Demon at Shuttleworth a few years ago. (My last visit, reminding me I really need to pull finger out and revisit!) Hawker Hind by Mike, on Flickr Hawker Hind by Mike, on Flickr Hawker Hind by Mike, on Flickr Shuttleworth Uncovered by Mike, on Flickr
  6. There's a film I've not watched since I was a teenager. I remember it had a big effect on my sponge like grey matter at the time, slightly different feel to Red Dwarf, which I think had just hit our screens about the same time. Watching with interest!
  7. Johnny, I already had a lot of respect for your modelling skills with plastic. Now you tell me you can actually find your way around 3D Studio too ... I'm running out of hats to doff! (And I've got a lot of hats) I have used ArchiCAD at work for a long time, making architectural renders. Last year I spent some time trying to learn 3DS Max, as I really needed to up my game, but failed miserably, it was so complicated! I'm currently trying to learn Blender, which I'm finding a lot easier, but it's a massive learning curve. If I put it down for a week or two and come back to it, I almost have to start from scratch again. Work are being very gracious about it, but I'm wondering if I'm actually cut out for it! Making actual 'things' with my hands is much less stressful than trying to do the same virtually with pixels
  8. This build is looking amazing Johnny! I've loved following along, especially as my own workbench has been neglected this summer. Hope the family get through Covid OK. I've seen your kit stash, you'll be fine
  9. I'm an untalented extra, and mainy found on the cutting room floor
  10. I hope I don't lower the tone here, but I picked up these a few weeks ago. A guy had a suitcase full, and I just picked out all the ones by my favourite DC Thomson artists. Mainly the mighty Jose Maria Jorge and John Ridgway, but a couple by stalwarts Denis McLoughlin and Gordon Livingstone too. Some of the plots are hit and miss, for every gem there is also a howler, but the skill of these artists is always joy to flick through. I thoroughly enjoyed them. A bit of much needed light releif. Commando Comics by Mike, on Flickr
  11. Some useless trivia. I played Harry Patch in a BBC program on the last of the Tommies. In a trench scene where Patch shoots an advancing German in the knee with his pistol, I shouted 'bang' loudly for all the rehersals. Guess what this tool did when we came to do the actual take ... I was lucky to meet a few Great War vets, but not Harry Patch.
  12. Utterly convincing, it's like looking at the real thing
  13. That's looking rather splendid Chris! I'm following progress keenly, I can't wait to see it progress.
  14. Feedback from Alex at Uschi. The delays are due to problems with the supply chain that have got worse during Covid but it's hoped orders will go out in the next two weeks. He apologised for the lack of feedback. That's all I needed to hear. I'm glad he finally got back to me as my finger was hovering over the paypal problem button, and I really didn't want to flag up a complaint.
  15. I'll check out your GB thread tonight @Greg Law That's a nice build! I'm tempted to add a Do17 to the stash, they are an attractive aircraft, and I love working in 1/48. I just wish there was a decent Hampden available, as I think they would make a good comparisson build.
  16. I take it his last day is Saturday? I'll try and pop over Sat morning. Not my 'local', but always sad to see a good model shop go.
  17. Although I've only been getting my kit fix building from following all your projects on here of late, rather than building my own, I can't wait to pick up the peices again! I was lucky at an autojumble and picked up a bundle of little files and tweezers, a tiny bendy steel rule, and a lovely old pair of brass dividers, which I'm sure will come in handy. Tools by Mike, on Flickr And also I lucked out and found a stall selling a suitcase FULL of Commando Comics I spent ten minutes flicking through every one, (like a little kid!) and just picked out the ones illustrated by my favourite artists, mostly Jose Maria Jorge and John Ridgway, but a couple by Denis McLoughlin and Gordon Livingstone too. This little haul I bought didn't even scratch the surface, he had hundreds! There's also a strong aviation bent going on here, and several flyingboat and float plane themes, just to keep this very loosly on track I must admitt, I'm enjoying them just as much as a 48 year old! Commando Comics by Mike, on Flickr And no reply from Alexander at Uschi, on either email or facebook. I really don't want to cancel my order as these small businesses need our help, but it's been nearly 6 weeks now since I placed the order.
  18. I'd check out the link I posted and see Alex's May 2019 reply posted on the WNW fan page Ian. Alexander outlines why he was having problems keeping on top of orders, and intoducing a new member of staff and a new 48 hour dispatch policy. I guess the last two years have screwed up everything. If anyone has an update I'm all ears. But so far my first expereience of ordering from him is not good.
  19. "Hopefully the Stranraer will get some attention towards the end of September ..." Make that October ... Sorry! Anyway, what's peoples thoughts on Uschi van der Rosten customer service? I odered a mask set off him a several weeks ago, after seeing @The Spadgent get excellent resutls with some. I was told after I ordered to expect some delays with dispatch, which is fine, but 5 weeks on and no reply to a couple of polite emails asking for a sit-rep? A quick google and it looks like Alexander struggles to keep on top of things, which is rather worrying, despite an announcment that he made in 2019. Now wondering if I should cut my losses, as he obviousy has form for letting customers down? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/whats-up-with-uschi-van-der-rosten-t319433.html
  20. I saw one of these in the flesh at the Goodwood Revival at the weekend. What a stunning little 'plane! And your build does it more than justice, I'm amazed it's only 1/72. I'm currently looking for a 1/48 version, but alas in vain. Eroica Britannia at the Goodwood Revival by Mike, on Flickr
  21. More distractions from modelling. It was good to get back to France after nearly two years though. Those fancy red tyres that meant funds were diverted from the modelling pot performed very well. The 130km Authentic 1868 ride at Anjou Vélo Vintage by Mike, on Flickr Anjou Vélo Vintage, Abbey Cyclette ride on Sunday by Mike, on Flickr The 130km Authentic 1868 ride at Anjou Vélo Vintage by Mike, on Flickr The 130km Authentic 1868 ride at Anjou Vélo Vintage by Mike, on Flickr A busy couple of weekends still on the cards. A favourite weekend away at our friends festival in Wiltshire this weekend, Vintage Nostalgia Festival, and then Goodwood Revival, helping out on the Eroica Britannia stand promoting their event next year. Got to get the youngest to Falmouth for uni in among all that lot too. Hopefully the Stranraer will get some attention towards the end of September ...
  22. My brain keeps telling me this build can not be this small, and that matchstick is actually one of those joke pens. I couldn't get this good in 1/48!
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