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  1. I got mine from BrightSpark! they are best roundels.
  2. The build quality, finish and detail are all SUPERB!! Love the finish on the wings!! very realistic sir!
  3. I built it in 1:48 and will share a pic tomorrow after work.
  4. Good one! I have this kit planned in Indian Markings soon!
  5. Brown is Tamiya XF-10 Flat with a little white to add the 'faded' effect. The Indian Air Force FLs all had grey cockpits just like the PFs, the grey is Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey. Decals are from BrightSpark and serials are printed at home on a plain decal sheet. Thanks!
  6. Hi Sir, actually the IAF never had blue stencils, always black. But the Eduard Profipack PF only has the blue ones so............ Yes, Eduard should do an FL boxing, it was used in the Arab Countries as well and addition of an Indian Marking would be the icing.
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