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  1. One of my favourite all time aircraft, in a great and original colour scheme. Thanks for sharing, from an other brush painter.
  2. Wow! I like the norwegian scheme on this fine build, it looks just great.
  3. These builds look just great! I admire your courage to rescue your photo threads. Good luck with the rescue!
  4. Great model, great story. And thank you for sharing the french schemes!
  5. Simply superb. I actually have one of these in the stash. When will I build it? Who knows, but for the moment I will admire these great pictures. Thank you for sharing, Johnny
  6. Good choice, sir! I am sure this will be a great addition to your 1/144 theme! Looking forward to the build, and good luck!
  7. Thank you for sharing this nice 1/144 build. I think it looks just great!
  8. Hello Timmas, Welcome to the forum, and good luck with the large monster! Actually, even the model will seem large to me, because I am used to 1/144 scale. See you, Johnny
  9. A great shame to lose all these interesting pictures and useful references.
  10. Great reading! And superb pictures! This makes me think of archive film from the era, but in a very good way! Kind regards
  11. Very nice one indeed! I will make some research about this rare aircraft!! Joking aside, this is very very good work!
  12. Very nice whatif, and very well executed! Makes a change from all-over tactical grey!
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