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  1. When I made one of their other recent nice kits, the canopy was as a vacuum formed piece.
  2. And this one for me as well, another Yugoslav marked aircraft for my collection.
  3. Ooh nice, the Bolivian and Peruvian versions would be good for me.
  4. Great job and a lovely little machine, I appreciate your in build photo's and notes, thanks for sharing.
  5. Beautiful build and I like the weathering effect very much. It's great to see what can be achieved with an older Airfix kit. My congratulations.
  6. Hi Joachim, I had fun researching this one on the internet and watching the videos as well. Looks like I have set a benchmark for my future and regular builds !! Best regards Colin.
  7. Hi all and many thanks for your kind comments and likes much appreciated ! Any help with applying the tiny brass parts would be most welcome, please. That's a first for me as well, thank you for your comment.
  8. A lovely build Sir ! And in different U.S.N colours, thanks for sharing it. I too have built this kit, it is very nice and well worth purchasing even just for the stash. Regards Colin.
  9. Hi Keith, A lovely build Sir ! You beat to it as I am just starting my one... I think I am right in saying that Special Hobby are going to release further boxing's of this kit with African decal options in it ??? Thanks for sharing it, Regards Colin.
  10. Below is my completed 1/72 Avis RFB Fantrainer 400 in The Royal Thai Air Force colours. I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit, yes, it's a short run kit, but, with patience and plenty of dry runs, trimming and very little filling you can achieve a good result. This aircraft is a real tail sitter and you need to be creative as to where you put the required ballast, I use a product called RIPMAX and white glue to fix it in. Comments welcome ! Here is the etched brass fret included in the kit, I was unable to use the small aerials as they were way beyond my modelling skill a
  11. I would like to see a built up Pavla one as well please Sir
  12. I will be venturing into 1/48 scale for this release, particularly the military boxing's and can I assume their will be more than one military boxing ?? Can I hope for a new kit of these in 1/72 as well ??
  13. It's coming along nicely this project and I am impatient for it's release date !
  14. Me to, so much so that I have pre-ordered my copy at the big H, well done Dora Wings and I am looking forward to receiving this kit and their other releases when available.
  15. I am really pleased that you had the patience and courage to see this one thru, despite the issues you have done a wonderful job and thanks for sharing it with us FYI: I did have one order, but, choose to cancel it as I had previous bad experiences with one of their kits. Best regards Colin.
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