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  1. Thanks Thanh, all good now. It’s looking really good. You’ve done a great job on the fairings.
  2. Hi Thanh, I tried on my laptop, and all the pics from the first post show perfectly. Looks great too. However, the photos in the subsequent posts just show as grey no entry signs. Possibly they are set to private in Google photos?
  3. I don’t know if it’s my end or not, but I can only see one photo.
  4. You have the patience of a saint! Amazing attention to detail.
  5. Hobbyeasy in Hong Kong has it for about £60. Not sure what import duty would cost, but they are a reliable company in my experience. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/e9rgvyc2v4lg6kfikmev.html
  6. Sorry to revive an old thread, but does anybody know if the nut holding the top of the rear shock is anywhere near realistic, or would it be a fork welded to the frame and a bolt going through the fork and a hole in the end of the shock?
  7. Can I ask, is the chap producing/selling the kits an existing kit manufacturer, or is it a new venture, or doesn't he want anything made public yet?
  8. Great work. Can you remember how much ballast you added to the nose?
  9. Amazing project - you're a braver man than I!!! Looking forward to seeing this one progress. The photo of the real bus shows some great weathering. Following and an extra large bucket of popcorn ordered!
  10. Your work on the engine is brilliant, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of the rest of the kit. I'm currently working (occasionally!) on the Huracan, and looking forward to picking up some tips. So, yes, please do carry on and post your work. It's an inspiration.
  11. Thanks guys. She is 1/35 scale.
  12. Thanks for all the generous comments folks. You really are too kind..... I'm inspired to do another armour kit soon.
  13. Just come across this thread. Truly inspiring work. Particularly the trick with the foil. I have the kit in my stash, and am really enjoying your dairy.
  14. I had another look, and did add a touch of dust over the decal. Looks much better now - thanks
  15. Thank guys. The tracks were painted with AK chipping colour, then roughly mottled with AK dark rust and old rust. Then track wash and dark iron pigment (all AK). Finally I added MIG standard rust pigment sparingly, and worked it in well with MIG pigment fixer (the solvent stuff, not the resin stuff), and finally added some MIG European dust and worked that in with fixer. I found I had to be really sparing with the rust pigment as it's a strong colour. I can't claim to be an expert by any means, it's only the second set of tracks I've weathered properly. Put half of it down to
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