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  1. That looks ideal, but I bet it’s fiddly to apply!
  2. I was referring to the ball joint itself. Remove those two cross head screws at the back in your photo. Then you’ll probably find burrs stopping the ball joint housing closing up properly. It should take some of the slop out of the ball joint. I haven’t tried assembling the rest yet. Could you wrap cotton soaked in PVA round the cylinder to increase the diameter a little? It won’t be durable, but I guess we’re not going to be playing with the model very much
  3. You can improve this by disassembling the ball joints, filing off the burrs and mould lines, then reassemble them.
  4. Neat! I tried their timer which I couldn’t get to work. Probably my fault. Also built their safe, which works a treat. I have the loco in the stash for when I feel like a break from scale models.
  5. Some very nice work there Roy. I’m looking forward to seeing this model come to fruition.
  6. Roy, have you got any pictures of your finished models. I'd love to see some examples of your work to give us a taster of the undoubtedly outstanding level we can expect from his mammoth project.
  7. Wow, amazing skills, and quick too. It’s fantastic to see a scratch builder producing such realistic components in the flesh! im really enjoying this thread!
  8. Nice work so far. The biggest issue I found was the engine was off centre. One of the screw holes was about 2.5mm offset. I enlarged the hole, then the air intakes and exhaust all fitted much better. That’s where my model stalled for various reasons. I’m fairly sure it’s a problem with the kit rather than my assembly. now following with great interest!
  9. Following this. I’ve got the same in my stash, but not started it yet.
  10. I’m glad I stumbled across this build. I’d seen the kit and thought it looked a bit toy-like. However, you’ve raised it to a higher plane! Shows what can be done. I’m tempted now!
  11. Thanks Thanh, all good now. It’s looking really good. You’ve done a great job on the fairings.
  12. Hi Thanh, I tried on my laptop, and all the pics from the first post show perfectly. Looks great too. However, the photos in the subsequent posts just show as grey no entry signs. Possibly they are set to private in Google photos?
  13. I don’t know if it’s my end or not, but I can only see one photo.
  14. You have the patience of a saint! Amazing attention to detail.
  15. Hobbyeasy in Hong Kong has it for about £60. Not sure what import duty would cost, but they are a reliable company in my experience. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/e9rgvyc2v4lg6kfikmev.html
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