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  1. @Massimo Tessitori Yes that is the profile I'm querying, I'll discount this scheme as a possibility in that case. @Troy Smith This is a relatively new field for me, my WW2 modelling background is primarily focussed on British, German and American aircraft, I've only recently developed an interest in Soviet aircraft of the period . The links you mentioned would be of interest if you have them to hand. Thanks to both of you for the advice.
  2. Probably a more complex conversion. The transport variant of the Airfix Whitley has fairings which are a direct replacement for the turret parts but is otherwise largely the same as the bomber variant. I stand to be corrected but I think fitting Lancastrian nose and tail fairings to the existing Airfix Lancaster kit would necessitate some cutting of the Lancaster fuselage halves. Realistically they would probably need to produce completely new Lancastrian fuselage parts. All perfectly doable of course but it does push up their production costs.
  3. As would I, although I would be even happier with a Lancastrian.
  4. No, although interestingly that particular aircraft is also included in my book too and listed as being from the same regiment as the one mentioned as plate 25 in my previous post. I looked at Massimo's site before starting the thread, I couldn't see an example of the scheme I'm interested in, which was what initially made me question the book's accuracy.
  5. Thanks for the links Troy. There are actually 2 aircraft in the book with the same schemes: Plate 12 ‘MiG-3 of Major Yakov Titaev, 148th IAP, Southwestern Front AF, Karkov region, May 1942’ Plate 25 ‘MiG-3 of Captain Aleksander A Sharmin, 7th IAP, Black Sea Fleet Air Force, Kuban region, May 1943’ Unfortunately I couldn’t find a match in any of the links you provided or in google image searches for the regiments, but then running the Russian site through Google translate gave me an idea, I did an image search in Russian: МиГ-3 148, which gave me this.
  6. I own the book ‘MiG-3 Aces of World War 2’ by Dmitriy Khazanov and Aleksander Medved, amongst other things the book includes illustrations of 32 different aircraft in a range of camouflage schemes. One of them is an intriguing grey and tan/sand scheme but I haven’t been able to find any reference or any other images of this in any online source. Can any MiG-3 experts here tell me more about this scheme, the main question being did it ever actually exist? I don’t really want to post a scan due to copyright concerns, the closest match I can find online is this Pe-2, main
  7. The book is 'MiG-3 Aces of WW2' by Dmitriy Khazanov and Aleksander Medved, which includes illustrations of two aircraft in a light brown and mid grey scheme. I looked on Massimo's pages yesterday but couldn't see an example of this scheme which is one reason I'm doubting it's validity. I'll start a new thread on the WW2 board, makes sense to keep the copyright discussions separate I think.
  8. Have to agree about the Revell instructions, definitely the worst of any brand IMO, although I did see a review of one of their recent releases a few months ago suggesting they've improved this aspect. They also dished up what's easily the worst canopy I've ever seen on a mass produced kit in the form of their 1/72 Me262. Right now new(ish) tool Airfix kits probably annoy me more with the horrible soft plastic they use and the overly tight tolerances on the part fits, especially frustrating as many of them are otherwise very good kits.
  9. Hannants. I added it to my watchlist about 3 months ago and they emailed yesterday evening to say they now have some in stock.
  10. Thanks, this is broadly the purpose of my question, although I chose a very poor thread title, it's not actually a photograph I'm querying but an illustration. The book in question includes representations of an unusual markings scheme on a MiG 3, one I have never seen before on this particular aircraft and can't find a similar image or reference online. I'd really like to get the opinions of people more knowledgeable on the subject matter than I as to the image's accuracy. The book itself is still in print. Do you think I should be okay on that basis?
  11. Couldn't see anything in the FAQs re this, what are the rules around posting copyrighted images, specifically a scan from a book I own? Is it just a blanket, 'No, don't do it!' or is it acceptable as long as I clearly identify the source?
  12. A Texas rancher was visiting a farmer in Yorkshire. The proud Yorkshireman showed him around. "Here is where I keep my sheep. Over there I built a play set for my kids, next to the doghouse," the farmer said. The land was tiny, and the Texan was surprised by its small size. "Is this all your land?" he asked. "Yes," the Yorkshireman said proudly. "This is all mine!" "You mean this is it? This is all of it?" the Texan said incredulously. "Yes, yes, this is really all mine!" "Well, son," said the Texan, "back home I'd get in my car befor
  13. Excellent, that's the boxing of this kit I've been waiting for.
  14. The main paints I use: Gunze Aqueous - Air-Craft, ScaleModelShop, Emodels Vallejo model air - either my lms or one of the above Antique Humbrol enamel - ebay (their current paints are awful IMO but I have an extensive collections of 70s and 80s tins picked up as ebay job lots which I like working with when brush painting)
  15. Another from me: MiG 21 Lancer markings and stencils. There are resin conversion kits available to convert an Eduard MiG 21 MF into a Lancer but they're let down by the decals which are limited to just national markings and serial numbers.
  16. Indeed, first I've heard of this from any manufacturer, well done Eduard.
  17. Has anyone had any contact with Paul @ little-cars the past week or so? I placed an order on 31st Jan, received an automated order confirmation but nothing since then. I've been trying to make contact this week with no luck, emails bounce back due to the mailbox being full and I've had no response to either a PM sent on this forum or a voicemail message left on the number on the website.
  18. I always think using an ultra white shade of white makes the model look excessively toylike, even when the colour is prototypically correct. A good colour I've used as a substitute on occasions is Gunze H316 which is a very slightly off white gloss.
  19. Yes, I read that a few weeks ago. Very sad how so many of the Babylon 5 cast died at too young an age: Mira - 65 Richard Biggs (Dr Franklin) - 44 Stephen Furst (Vir) - 63 Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar) - 59 Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi) - 60 Jeff Conway (Zack Allan) - 60 Michael O'Hare (Sinclair) - 60
  20. Brilliant tip, that one never crossed my mind. I've always been in the 'paint the whole thing yellow than mask the tips and apply black' camp.
  21. What about a set of 1/72 Red Arrows markings focussing on the older schemes? I'd quite like to build a Hawk in the 80s/90s style markings where the 'Royal Air Force' text was in small letters within the white stripe rather than more recent schemes where it's in much larger letters breaking the stripe. I've always thought the old style looked much better but it's never offered as an option in Red Arrows boxings of Hawks by any kit manufacturer.
  22. Came home yesterday to find my wife wearing a Policewoman's uniform, holding a pair of handcuffs and telling me I was under arrest for the crime of being good in bed. 5 minutes later all charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.
  23. Not 100% sure but I think it was a 1/72 Matchbox Red Arrows Hawk in the mid 80s, painted (of course) with Humbrol enamels, also the only aircraft I ever built two of in my first modelling era. When I returned to the hobby in 2016 after a 25 year gap, my first was a 1/72 Airfix mk1 Spit.
  24. -Ian-

    US Navy blue

    Thanks for the responses everyone, especially Troy for the interesting detail of exactly why there is uncertainty around exact colour matches. I'll try the Colourcoats option.
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