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  1. The one at the back is definitely plotting something.
  2. A slightly off the wall suggestion: Boulton Paul Defiant TT I've always found target tugs generally to be interesting aircraft but they're a subject the mainstream manufacturers tend to ignore, maybe they're considered too obscure to sell well.
  3. They look even worse from the inside, as evidenced by this monstrosity: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/114884042#/?channel=RES_BUY As the saying goes, 'Money can't buy taste'.
  4. One more Voldemort related guess, a Ju-88, which in Mistel form had it's nose removed and replaced by a warhead. Being unmanned you could also say it's soul had been separated from it's body just like the big V. Of course Eduard already produce the top bit of the Mistel in the form of the Fw-190 and Bf-109.
  5. A 1/72 Sea Vixen is top of my Airfix wishlist. Would make a good companion for the new tool Phantom and Buccaneer.
  6. Pretty sure that was 70s. It definitely couldn't have been 50s as it was in colour.
  7. Completely agree. In the same category are the people who buy flats next to long established music venue then submit an official complaint about the noise.
  8. I remember hearing that at the time. The keys were definitely useless, the car in question was a 1995 Scorpio (yes the one with the frog eyes ), I could open my dad's 1998 Escort with the same key.
  9. Just realised I completely omitted comedies from my list, the two real standout ones for me are Blackadder and Father Ted.
  10. Same here In my case the Green Flag man pushed a rubber wedge between the door frame and car body which created enough of a gap to open the door door with the aforementioned metal strip, the whole process took him less than 10 seconds. This was on a mid 90s Ford but I'd imagine it's much the same process now.
  11. With GoT I don't think it was HBO who were tired of it, rather the writers/creators. The deterioration in quality was notable in season 7 which definitely felt rushed with some weaker than expected storyline elements. At the time most fans hoped this was just a blip and season 8 would be a return to form, sadly we were very wrong. There were actually some fan theories floating around which would have made for a far better resolution to the story than what we actually got.
  12. eBay sellers not offering combined postage is one of my pet hates. In such instances where the product isn't available elsewhere at a vaguely sensible price, I place separate orders a few days apart. If they're going to insist on charging me for 2 sets of postage it's only fair they actually have to pay that postage themselves.
  13. Hmm, not the clearest of responses, but yes I agree with your interpretation. tbh I'd have thought a cockpit & nose turret kit would be a much bigger seller than the full aircraft on the basis of size of the completed model and cost.
  14. Difficult question, in fact I'd struggle to even get it down to a top 20, so here's a few themed top 5s all in no particular order, yes I'm a bit of a Sci-Fi geek: Series still being aired/made: The Mandalorian Peaky Blinders Carnival Row The Expanse Outlander Series which were cancelled too early: Dark Matter - (this one annoyed me the most, it did at least get 3 seasons but was cancelled when it was well on it's way to becoming on of the best Sci Fi series ever, and to rub salt in the wound, the final episode was a cliffhanger) Firefly (obviously) Caprica Flashforward Timeless Started off well, but... Westworld - 1st season was amazing, all downhill after that though Game of Thrones - no further comment necessary X Files - just dragged on for too long, should have been tied up after 6 seasons Fringe - loved the first 4 seasons but the last one didn't fit at all, definitely seemed like they originally planned for a 4 season run with the final one being a last minute afterthought Man in the High Castle - an odd one as even going into the final episode it was still a very good series, it was literally the last 20 minutes of the last episode which was awful Series which ended at the right point (couldn't narrow it down to 5, so have a free one on me ) Breaking Bad Sopranos Babylon 5 (though would have been better if the TV company hadn't screwed around by cutting the run from 5 seasons to 4, then back up to 5 again after season 4 had aired) Farscape The West Wing Battlestar Galactica reboot
  15. Hmm, think that one might need a few grams more lead in the nose
  16. The Soviet Union's late entry to the hotly contest 'ugliest plane of the 1940s' competition I believe
  17. I don't think that would work. For a reboot to be worthwhile it has to be significantly different to the original, which BSG was, taking the same basic premise, re-using some of the plot points from the original series but with the vast majority being completely new, which worked very well for a reboot of the original series which seemed cheesy and to be blunt, a bit naff, by the early 00s. Babylon 5 was so cohesive and well written that any reboot which significantly changes the overall story while still attempting to maintain it's 'feel' would almost certainly be inferior and a near enough carbon copy is just pointless.
  18. We used to have a cat who loved soap suds too, if you were ever in the bath she would sit on the edge and play with them....... ......until one day she fell in. For the rest of her life she never went in the bathroom again.
  19. Judging by the relative thicknesses of the sprue and the parts I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what it is.
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