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  1. The minimum standard of accuracy I want from a kit is it looks like a good representation of the real thing when viewed from a few feet away on a display shelf. Beyond that point buildability is of far greater importance to me than fine detail. Basically if a manufacturer gets the overall shape of the aircraft right and ensure the parts fit well together with minimal sanding/filling I'm a happy customer.
  2. Decent cutters like the aformentioned Xuron. Dspiae are even better but not cheap. A scalpel, for safety reasons I prefer ones with retractable blades. A set of tweezers of various types, flat, angled and needle nosed are the ones I tend to use most, in that order. A set of sanding sticks of various grits. A large cutting mat, at least A2 if your desk is big enough A good quality daylight lamp..
  3. Same here, any searches bring up a tiny amount of results with the banner message: "The search index is currently processing. Current results may not be complete." This is a new problem, the search function was working fine the last time I used it a few days ago.
  4. What's the smallest size you can reliably go down to with these, for example could you cut masks for 1/72 aircraft serial numbers?
  5. Yes. 1 There's the model village (1/9th scale I think) 2 Within that that's a fairly sizeable model of the model 3 Next the model of the model of the model 4 Then a small model of the model of the model of the model 5 Finally a tiny representation of a model of the model of the model of the model of the model The pic below is the 3rd model, the 4th model is on the right hand edge towards the middle, within that model at the top you can just barely see a hint of blue which is a representation of the river on the 5th model.
  6. It was the other way around, HO (1/87) scale came first with OO being the UK derivative of it but using the same 16.5mm track gauge. The giveaway is that 16.5mm is the correct width for 1/87 scale standard gauge track, in 1/76 it's undersized.
  7. If we're allowing non-modelling regrated regrets. Binning 70 or 80 cassette albums around 10 years ago. By that point I'd long since bought all the ones I was interested in on CD and didn't even own anything to play them on, I was 100% sure I'd never play them again. I quite literally couldn't give them away, no charity shops were interested and if I'd have sold them as a job lot on ebay I'd have barely covered postage and paypal fees so in the end I just binned them. Fast forward to 2022 and cassettes are now the latest hipster fad, looking at sold listings on eBay I probably could have made around £500 if I'd held on to them and sold them now.
  8. Buying an Amodel i-16, the only kit I've ever given up on and thrown in the bin. In theory it should have been a pretty easy kit but the flash was that so bad in places that I genuinely couldn't tell where the flash ended and the kit part started.
  9. Not the image which pops into my mind, when I hear Vauxhall Viva I think of something more like this, very popular with the teachers at my school in the 80s
  10. After being wowed by the excellent Black Eagles at RIAT yesterday, I now have an urge to build a model of the the KAI T-50 in my preferred scale of 1/72, unfortunatrly no such beast exists.
  11. Vauxhall's re-use of the Viva name is an odd one, the original being a rather dull 70s family car.
  12. The paint set seems a bit pointless if you plan to use the included camo decals rather than mask.
  13. They started doing this a few years ago on bulkier items, but always gave you an option at checkout to have the item boxed before it was sent, think the option was 'ship in Amazon packaging' or words to that effect. I noticed a few months ago that option had been removed.
  14. Things went a little wrong on the stencil sheet of the otherwise excellent Eduard MiG-21 kit, there were a few stencils where the numbers came up short (i.e. where 4 duplicates of a particular stencil were needed but there were only 3 on the sheet), especially silly when there were actually an excess number of many of the other stencils.
  15. I did actually buy and build the APC as a teenager around 1990ish, I've a feeling it may have been the last kit I built before I lost interest in the hobby for 25 or so years. IIRC it was a particularly easy kit to build but which gave to my eyes a reasonably accurate representation of the version in the film.
  16. It's probably more to do with the fact that most of his films are in genres which tend to have a larger male than female audience (ie sci-fi, superhero, war) stereotyping I know but a stereotype based on fact in this instance. My GF is the exception which proves the rule, she likes all of his films.
  17. Tiny stencils, especially when there are literally hundreds of the little sods to apply. The carpet monster.
  18. I'd snap up a re-release of the Halcyon Aliens APC and Dropship.
  19. My understanding was, as long as it's stored appropriately (ie avoiding temperature extremes) and the lid has a tight seal, both enamels and lacquers should last for decades. I've used 1970s and 1980s tins of Humbrol enamel successfully a number of times in recent years.
  20. Thanks Piotr, some good reference pictures in that thread, especially the one below: I've bought the Efir-1M pod from Amigo models too in addition to the correction set, just a shame Amigo didn't produce the Tangazh too. .http://spotters.net.ua/file/?id=104050&size=large
  21. I initially thought the joke was the idea of Plockton actually having an airfield but to my amazement it really does have one.
  22. Pumps is another example, it's only recently I discovered that in the context of footwear the America and British meanings are very different: UK - flat soled soft shoes, historically used for indoor sport before trainers (or sneakers if you prefer) became popular in the 80s. Could most commonly be seen on the feet of school children in PE lessons. US - women's high heeled shoes (but not boots)
  23. Apologies for the thread resurrection but I have exactly the same question. Pretty sure no-one has produced an aftermarket version of either pod (really surprised Amigo models didn't include one of them as part of their correction set) which leaves either rather wastefully buying the Zvezda Su-24MR purely for the Tangazh pod or scratchbuilding one. Does anyone know if there are decent drawings/plans available anywhere online?
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