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  1. I need to remove Ultimate Primer from brushes. Can anybody suggest the best way of doing this, please?
  2. Many thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Many thanks for your informative comments. I now have a much better understanding of what is involved and think I will have to rely on ye olde paintbrush until such time as I can come up with a decent setup.
  4. I am looking to do both general and detail painting. I have not done any modelling since the 1970s so I have been trying to get up to speed on paint. Having read up on this, acrylic seems to be the way to go so far as I can see.
  5. Can anybody recommend a particular set of paintbrushes? I am not sure what I need in terms of different types of brush. Many thanks.
  6. I am coming back to modelling after a very long break. I am wondering about airbrushing. Something I saw online suggested that there are issues in terms of particles being dispersed around the room. I do not have a designated work area so I would not really want other items in my environment to be affected by the airbrushing. The item suggested the dispersal of particles could potentially have a negative effect on one's health. Any clarification on how much of a big deal this side of things is would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know whether such considerations might outweigh the ben
  7. This is all very helpful. Many thanks for your help.
  8. I am building a Meng kit which suggests various items needed. One of these is Meng thin black CA glue which is no longer available. Can anybody suggest a good substitute? Many thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info Stef. Interesting to hear about the Takom. What you say confirms my view that it would probably be too challenging for me even without the interior. As you say, Tamiya are not problematic to build but some people have doubts about their authenticity.
  10. Many thanks for the interesting and helpful replies. It looks like a great community here. I have been looking into the different offerings. I take the point about not biting off more than I can chew given my lack of recent experience. Of the models, the Takom/Das Werk seems to be the best but I think it might take too much out of me. I’m thinking in terms of opting for the Meng largely on the basis of the reviews I have read. It seems to be less complex and challenging than the Takom but still authentic and very good value for money. I’m wondering how worthwhile people
  11. I am planning to return to modelling after a gap of over 40 years! I am thinking in terms of a King Tiger. Does anybody have any suggestions? I prefer larger to smaller but will consider any size. My main interest is in the Eastern front so I would prefer a kit with markings et cetera for this theatre. Many thanks.
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