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  1. Oh wow! Might I have your permission to use that image if I build another please?
  2. Good luck. It's a very fun scheme to do. If you get the masks you'll save time, otherwise it isn't difficult to mask, just time consuming. Use a new blade for each line and you can cut the masking tape on the model with little risk of affecting primer etc. http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-16/airframe-profile/1774/
  3. I don't wish to have a go or insult anyone's choices, but this is why I personally cringe whenever I hear people using floor polish as a modelling varnish. It may work for many, but to me, it's meant for floors, not models. Shame it's happened right at the end, but as said above, it gives a good frost effect if were inclined to not fix it
  4. Thanks, Alan I really need to come back and do the very last touches, but I've been distracted with other things and so I have been at the (now packed up) bench in months. I really should just commit and afternoon and finish it off and do it the justice it needs. The Tamiya kits and Two Bobs decals are superb.
  5. Some spikey bits and RBF tags added. Very little left to do now, just a case of finishing off the nose cone and deciding what to do with one of the pylons. I had scratch built some detail into one of them as it is not going to hold any stores, however I had planned to put an ECM pod on the other side. Unfortunately it doesn't fit very well so I'm not sure what to do just yet. I've manufactured and fitted static discharge rods to the wings, elevons, and rudder, but I haven't taken any photos since. Anyways, some pics:
  6. The excitement is building. Very little left to do; just need to finish the starboard elevon, nose cone, CATM9M, TACTS pod the attach a load of spiky bits. I suspect about 5 hour's work left...
  7. Thanks, Kev I'll do some research, see if I can't help you convert the 50 to a 30. The 50 has no strengthening plates, whereas the 30 has a few but the Tamiya Detail-Up can sort that. The cockpit is similar enough, but just watch out for CCIP updates such as the JHMCS sensors etc. The block 50 also has the newer, beefier LG, whereas the 30 is more likely to have the older type, but with the MLG lights removed, and the nose light installed. I made the mistake of not noticing this, so my 30 has the new type whereas it should have the older type, but thankfully in 1/48 standard Tamiya parts, the difference is negligible. Both are GE powered so no concerns with nozzle or 'mouth' either
  8. Thank you. Yeah it's not too far off. The nose cone is still on my bench. Made a mistake on it post weathing and so I think I need to strip it back and redo it. There are a few things I'm not happy about but no model is ever perfect and frankly I'm so near the end now that I'd be daft to go back change things. I'm happy with the overall result. Go for it, assuming there are decals out there in that scale? I can't imagine not. I hope to have it finished and promoted to RFI soon
  9. Thanks. It didn't start as a WIP. I got to the point where I had applied the base colours and wasn't sure what the best method to pursue was. Once I got going again I decided I might as well do the odd update. I've slowed down again, because the whole room is a mess so I I've lost the motivation to get going again. Also, the two bobs CATM-120C decals are laborious at best; there are something like 24 to apply per missile and, even in 1/48, they're tiny.
  10. The metal door in your first photo is the JFS (jet fuel starter) exhaust, so if you have the urge to do weathering on an otherwise squeaky clean show jet, this is a place you can satisfy those urges I feel like my inner voice telling me not to weather has grown an outer voice Back to seriousness, that is looking very nicely done. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.
  11. Some updates. Things are progressing nicely! I hope to be finished within the next couple of weeks (oil takes time to dry!). So far it is just the upper half that has been weathered; notice the stark difference between the blacks on the top and bottom And the flash on this photo exaggerates the effects a lot, but there's the AN/ALQ 188 pod. Also, I thought I could get away with starting to weather the pod without first sealing the decals with a gloss coat. Apparently, I can't. Not to worry, I'll gloss the whole thing again, and touch up around the decals before a final flat coat.
  12. Thanks I hope so. Tamiya C/N. I had decided that a GE powered blk30 was a must this time around, and when I googled the serial of the chosen airframe I spotted the new splinter scheme and I couldn't resist the challenge. This project consists of: - Aires cockpit - Eduard radar - Eduard speed brakes - Two Bobs splinter aggressor decals - Two bobs CATM/ACMI pod decals The scheme was a tough one to mask and took a lot of time but it paid off
  13. Hi mate, not meaning to derail your thread, but thought you might like to see a WIP sneak peak
  14. If you decide to leave them in the stash I'll happily take the 1/48 CJ off your hands
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