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  1. Looking good. Love a Viper build!
  2. I can honestly say that I have never seen work like this before. Simply on another level, bravo!!
  3. Don't worry too much about the bad yellow. Either spray it again or leave it and call it dirt. It's an engine bay after all
  4. Oh no. I'm far from an expert, it's just my favourite jet. Officially, yes. The new F-16V blk70 was given the V designation due to the nickname Viper. As far as I know, the F-16 has always been the Fighting Falcon, but has be affectionately known as the Viper by pilots and crews. Similarly, the F/A-18C Hornet is often referred to as the Bug.
  5. Sorry, I fear that I've upset you. I'm not bashing you or this model at all, I'm in awe of your skill! I guess that it is unfortunate for you that I'm a huge F-16 fan and it's basically all that I build, so I noticed it
  6. Please don't take it as a criticism, it's just something I find amusing, as I fear 99% of F-16 builds end up with that antenna being damaged at some point All of mine have. I think the issue with the HUD frame is that it might be backwards. Still though, it's an amazing build, so be proud!
  7. Looking very very good. I see you've fallen victim to the F-16 tail antenna too I don't think I've ever seen a 1/48 Viper that hasn't had that spike snapped off during the build Have you got any close ups of the HUD? The frame looks different to anything I've seen before.
  8. This might be the girliest thing I have ever said, but that is a lush shade of red on that tail. It looks very space marine ish.
  9. Oh wow! Might I have your permission to use that image if I build another please?
  10. Good luck. It's a very fun scheme to do. If you get the masks you'll save time, otherwise it isn't difficult to mask, just time consuming. Use a new blade for each line and you can cut the masking tape on the model with little risk of affecting primer etc. http://www.f-16.net/aircraft-database/F-16/airframe-profile/1774/
  11. I don't wish to have a go or insult anyone's choices, but this is why I personally cringe whenever I hear people using floor polish as a modelling varnish. It may work for many, but to me, it's meant for floors, not models. Shame it's happened right at the end, but as said above, it gives a good frost effect if were inclined to not fix it
  12. Thanks, Alan I really need to come back and do the very last touches, but I've been distracted with other things and so I have been at the (now packed up) bench in months. I really should just commit and afternoon and finish it off and do it the justice it needs. The Tamiya kits and Two Bobs decals are superb.
  13. Some spikey bits and RBF tags added. Very little left to do now, just a case of finishing off the nose cone and deciding what to do with one of the pylons. I had scratch built some detail into one of them as it is not going to hold any stores, however I had planned to put an ECM pod on the other side. Unfortunately it doesn't fit very well so I'm not sure what to do just yet. I've manufactured and fitted static discharge rods to the wings, elevons, and rudder, but I haven't taken any photos since. Anyways, some pics:
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