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  1. Interesting to see one, as I have same kit that I'll be doing in the next few weeks. Looks fabulous Paul
  2. Hi mig. Test fitting shows its fine. The lower is just placed there for effect. Their are "V" shaped plates for the slots that clamp the top and bottom plates together. But not fitted yet as I had moved to my ship, and it fitted back in the box better for the flight and moving around. Probably won't get much more done now till I return to UK in middle of August. But have started building up the engine exhaust box, and found the first bit of filler needed. I'll try getting some pictures up later, of the progress. Paul
  3. At last this Build can start. But First up is my wonderful wife's anniversary present to me. She got gold, I got: And after putting them to use, I can highly recommend single blade cutters. Lovely close cuts with little clean up required. So first up was 74 wheel pairs, but the good thing is they are almost totally hidden by track skirts, so was a bit lazy with the clean up. They drop into the slots and then a long pair of bars lock them in place. then the side skirt is installed on the underside of the hull. Lovely fit of all parts, and the skirt even has standoffs so the sit with a small gap. Top hull is made of four sections, first up is the main center area. Small amount of detail and hatches/covers fitted to front and rear, and a single piece of PE for the name plate. Left the single headlight off at the moment next up are the side assembly's. nicely made and engineered, went together nicely with good clear instructions, as those upper rollers all have different angles. There is a slight difference between sides but minimal. The sides then connect to the center section, with a good positive feel, giving this: and final progress for now turrets and engine box added for enjoyment, and pot of paint for scale. It's definitely a big lump. next bit is the engine exhaust area box, which looks interesting cheers for looking and all comments welcome Paul
  4. Stop making me hungry, and roll on tomorrow. Paul
  5. Hi guys. A quick question for anyone that's built a Revell Mustang. Can you make up the body before fitting to the chassis/interior tub. it would be a lot easier for me to have it together to get a consistent effect. Instructions show the nose pieces and rear panel being fitted afterwards. Test fit of the chassis shows a tight fit, but might just work. Any info, gratefully accepted. Paul
  6. Hi Guys. Well, made it here. I'm not a car freak, so this is going to be pretty much OOB. I have always liked the worn out look that I saw on a episode of Fast & Loud(?), were they just cleaned up the worse of the damage/corrosion, then sealed the surface to protect it. So this will be my attempt to replicate that sort of finish, so very little shiny paintwork, and a lot of rust, debris and patchy paint work. Standard, easily available, Revel boxing. I'll spare you all the sprue shots, as everyone must have seen them a thousand times. First up, is my hatred for plastic model chrome parts. I did not know how easily it is removed until very recently. A 5 minute bath in cheap bleach and... Magic. No more plastic'y chrome. With that sorted, I have completed the engine. Went together OK, Brush painted with a mixture of Tamiya acylics and Vallejo Metal Color. I Only have limited modelling kit ATM, as away with work, so may get a bit of detail added at a later date. Wheels are a Work in Progress Next up is the Body. So, been playing with things. First up was just rubbing in AK-086 Dark steel pigment with a finger, which worked, but left a very bright and shiny finish. Next up was trying AK451 True Metal. It's a waxy substance, in this case Metallic blue. Rubbed it over the pigment, which instantly disappeared, and just stained the plastic that baby blue you can see on the wing's. So that was a failure. Reapplied the pigment and sealed it with a 50/50 mix of Tamiya clear/thinner, only the Door at the moment. On a Plus note, it darkened the pigment quite nicely. So, tried the True metal again, and it worked as I had hoped. Now all I have to do is repeat the process over the rest of the body. May have the bonnet/hood and boot/trunk in a different effect, as if they had been replaced and have good paint work, but I'll decide that later
  7. Hi Guys. Been waiting for this to start for a while. And wouldn't you know it, coincides with a work trip, 8weeks in Australia. So first build I was attempting, was going to be a 2CV. But with 2 weeks in quarantine, and a choice of 3 kits, it didn't stand a chance. So that's off the list. other 2 are aircraft and I really need a more comprehensive tool kit/workspace to build them (special Hobby Walrus with its resin interior, and eduard Spad XIII which looks very delicate to shove into a soft luggage bag and fly half way round the world.) So what's a man to do. Aha, Metro hobby's in Melbourne (where I'm quarantining) has something, and we are allowed deliveries as long as the cops can inspect it for illegal stuff. So here goes build 1. It's a big beastie, 69t of slow, under gunned, armour and steel. Thats 27cm long at 1/35 scale. Unfortunately, I cant find the aftermarket tail or railway bogies. A few of the sprues, and close ups for detail. Looks good from first inspections, and looking forward to the off. First up is 74 pairs of wheels. Sounds fun Cheers for looking Paul
  8. We have a winner. 69 T of metal, crew of 12. To give you a idea of size, the hull is 30cm long and 8cm wide in 1/35 scale. The mystery surrounds 1 tank. They were being moved to a safer location by train, but were caught up in a train traffic jam due to a burning fuel train. Unfortunately, the train stopped on a bend, so the tanks couldn't be off-loaded(they had dedicated transport bogie's), and it was decided to destroy them rather than let the Germans capture them. Out of the 6 that were on the train, 5 were destroyed, but Champagne (99?) explosives failed to detonate and was captured. This tank was transported to Berlin where it was displayed as a war trophy. The others were used as target practice to test German anti tank gun effectiveness. But here's the mystery, it is supposed to have been captured by the Red Army and shipped to Russia, but has never been seen since. It's believed to still exist, but kept hidden from view, as it would probably cause a international incident due to the French wanting it back. cheers for looking Paul
  9. So, got another kit for this. Surfing the web is bad for your wallet Can you guess what it is yet? Biggest. check Late to the party. Check National pride. Check Total disaster. Check A mystery ending. Check Paul
  10. While looking for a model for this, I was surprised by the number of Skylines that are available. Or maybe we can get a manufacture company (i.e. ford, general motors) allowed as a STGB. I don't believe a car would ever get a standard GB, so this option would allow a more varied choice. But that would be up to the illustrious leaders, as requires a bending of the rules. just a idea Paul
  11. I'm a bit confused. The initial post said aircraft, but now I've seen a couple of Sci-fi ships. So, is this going to be open to any subject that's bristling with weapons. cheers Paul
  12. It is not good news. I have started the 2CV. Although I do have a good excuse. Arrived Melbourne yesterday to start my next work rotation. 2 weeks locked in a hotel room under guard. So what's a man to do, apart from bringing a mobile modeling tool kit and as many models as I could. So the 2CV is the first victim. I understand I cannot enter it in the GB, unless I can get a early start date. I know I won't be building anything once I join the ship, as 12hr shifts for 6 weeks, boat movement, and general conditions on a work boat, make it impossible. Anyway, back to staring out the window thinking of escape routes Cheer Paul
  13. Cheers Max. Already ordered the revel boxing along with the walrus decal sheet Paul
  14. Can I play. Walrus with French navy markings, and spad XIII. Looking for a 2CV to rust up as well, but need to source a kit for it Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Rich. Those 3d printed decals from Quinta look excellent. Quick question about them. Are the self adhesive, or do you treat them as normal Decals? Cheers Paul
  16. Last Bit today.. well maybe some paint on engine later One side of Fuselage modified, forgot to take pic of panel above wing root that's been shortened for new cowl. Still need to drill 4mm hole for Propeller shaft Taped both sides together for comparison. Tomorrow will be second side trimmed and more engine work. Hope everybody's still having fun Paul
  17. Hi Guys. More progress, and even opened the actual model today. Finished up all the cockpit and canopy PE upgrades, I'll post pics later when they get used. Tyres and Hubs have had their basic clean up, but more to do. Started on the Engine, after a lot of sanding and coffee, we have this Lump. That's stage 1 and a little of 2 complete, there's 37 steps in total, and all ready looks amazingly detailed. Also started cutting the kit panels and structure to allow the fitment, but still more to go. I'll post pics of the modified half compared to the unmodified when I get the first half finished. Cheers for looking Paul
  18. Hi Guys. Bit more work on Cockpit assembly, and subtle weathering. Pics are a bit bright so I'll try some more later. And when taped together Just the Gunsight and rear access panel to sort now, and onto the engine. Cheers for looking Paul
  19. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments about the Big Sin stuff. Looking forward to actually starting on the engine and cowls, but first must complete the cockpit. So been beavering away at it, and have completed assembly of the base plate. Doesn't look much in base colour, but 29 pieces of photo etch and 9 pieces of resin makes up the base plate assembly. Still have weathering and washes to add, and hopefully, the details will stand out a little more. Starboard side wall has had the first stages of paint. 5 colours so far. Bit more checking with pics for details needed, but starting to get there. Port sides not been touched yet, as careful planning for painting/building sequence is needed, hopefully, I'll start later this afternoon on it. IP is coming along nicely. Although there's a few delicate lever parts to bend, that's the job I'm working on at the moment. Don't know how much will be visible of the final product, but all covers will hopefully be open on the final build. Eventually I'll get to open the actual kit and see what it's like Cheers for looking, and enjoy whatever your building. Paul
  20. Hi Guys. Made a start on this one. Started with the cockpit assembly, all the resin bits have been tidied up (still a little more to do). that took most of yesterday. As you can see, detail on the side walls is impressively busy, even though most will be hidden away. Fit is good at the rear, mating very nicely, but the Starboard wall appears a 1mm of so too long, so will need a bit of fettling. There's 2 IP included, one with moulded on instruments and a flat one for the PE panels. Must admit I broke the control column in Half during clean up, but should glue back together OK, so no real drama, although a bit of swearing while finding the base on the patio. I'll start assembling today, and hopefully have some sort of update later. Cheers for looking, all comments, both positive and negative, most welcome. Paul
  21. Hi Guys. As some may have seen, I was going to build the Eduard 1/32 boxing, but wanted the engine cowling open to display the engine. During research into this, I found the Eduard big sin set for the revel boxing. Originally I was going to convert this to fit the eduard kit. But the revel kit is only £21, so Plan has changed. I'll still make the eduard Kit, but closed up in Flight. But not during this GB, as I dont think I'd have the time availible. So Heres a few shots and the start of Build 2. £21, a lot of kit for little cash. So this is the Big Sin set Qiuck shot of the detail on the engine cowling. To my eye's its detailed and so very thin, almost see through Couple of shots of the engine components. So thats the plan, If anyone wants particular shots of the contents, I'll happily post up the required content Cheers for looking Paul
  22. Hi Guys. Just to let people Know this project has been aborted. I have found a solution to open cowlings, but trying something else. So, new thread started Cheers Paul
  23. Hi LB. Are they on reversed, as they appear to have a angle cut into them, maybe for fuselage sides, or for matching wing panel lines. Could just be a optical illusion though. Paul Ps. Having my own problems, so understand the change from nice flat armour.
  24. Hi Guys, a quick question for you. I wondered if anyone has tried the revel 1/32 G6 upgrade kit from Eduard. It's the Big sin set as I want my Eduard model to have open engine cowlings, and the set provides what looks like a nice two part cowling and the support frame. Cheers in advance Paul
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