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  1. This is box 12531 with Cartograf decals so they are generally pretty good. I remember one with wrong dimensions and few required much softener to be able to work with them. Otherwise, they were ok. When it comes to kit, I wont be coming back to it. Too much time was lost in non-creative part of this hobby.
  2. Thanx everyone! @Winenut Yes, front gear section is a bit soft. However even though nose and front section is filled with additional weight (lead), other then adding some hydraulic pipes no other changes were made to this section.
  3. F-15C MSIP II Academy 1/72 My first f-15 build. First time using etched parts (Eduard zoom set for interior). Small corrections. Vallejo acrylics. \
  4. This is FS 16440. Vallejo model air (FS36440) used. Could be related to photos, they are made with mobile phone.
  5. My first F-14 kit, OOB with small corrections, some rivets, panels, hydraulic pipes added and signal lights made with MKK. Very good cartograf decals included. Vallejo acrylics.
  6. Yes, this could be the case, I was experimenting with different manual settings for camera on my mobile phone which resulted in visible uneven results in posted pictures. Sorry for that,
  7. Vallejo light gray wash was used for panel lines. This is the lightest gray wash they have (light gray - gray - dark gray).
  8. L-39C Albatros Eduard 1/72 (7418) OOB except wing tubes, Vallejo acrylics,
  9. Douglas A-4B Skyhawk - Airfix 1/72 (03029) This is my first Airfix kit ever. Nice fit, good decals. OOB with some small corrections. Vallejo acrylics.
  10. This is AV-8B Harrier ll Hasegawa 1/72 box 00449, OOB build with some minor corrections. Vallejo acrylics.
  11. VFA-192 Golden Dragons kit (12564) includes very good Cartograf decals so you can avoid looking for aftermarket decals. Good luck and great modelling!
  12. F/A-18C Academy 1/72 (12411) OOB build. Finally managed to finish this hornet. Just a few notes some may find useful... Planned on replacing included (in-house - not cartograf) Academy decals with print-scale 72-044 blue diamonds f/a-18c decals but was not able to do so due to dimensional problems with these decals and academy kit. Ended up using included academy decals. I'm not sure if this is related to bad decal dimensions or kit dimensions but decals are few percent bigger then they should be for this kit and if you ask me useless for academy mold of hornet so avoid them if you intend to replace academy decals for this kit. The only Hornet I've built before this one was Revell's (04894) repack of old ('80s) Italeri mold and Academy's mold is much much better compared to that one. Vallejo acrylic paints and washes were used in the process. Now the pictures...
  13. Julien, Let be more precise, your comment is spot on, you are correct, I was trying to say that changing flaps would no longer make it OOB (as I understand the term). I decided to present it with raised wing and keep flaps as they are anyway. I'm new to modelling (just over one year), still practicing and experimenting and I still don't feel I'm ready for "serious" custom modifications.
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