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  1. Yeah, much more interesting and less common. A Danish F-84 sounds cool! Ah too bad @Roland Pulfrew, next time it is?
  2. I made a search for "Thundercals" - just to see if there were any reviews or nice builds.. Found this old thread. Amazing work Tbolt! I just had to comment. I have many reference photos for cockpits, of models, but you can never have too many - these are great. Really nice picture of all the engines too. Yeah why build other aircraft? I build "Swedish Thunderbolts" (Viggens9 and some other US stuff.. But I am quite happy with the big, curvy girls too.. ^^
  3. Yeah, that is fair, they are not the only ones who have taken short cuts. I like the quality of their decals and they have some gems so.. Thanks for the heads up on that sheet, not checked them out too carefull and has been thinking about it.. Seems like Lorene had a fin fillét too - but maybe not from the start? Like many others (They were field mods?) As for Thundercals - I really like what I see there. - at first there were none of my "favs" but Neel Kearby´s bird I need to do some time - and they have a couple more really nice ones.. The Slick Chick pin-up is especially wonderful..
  4. Lovely! Such a cool plane. Built that kit (or another boxing) a few years ago. My father found it for almost nothing ina flea market and I built it OOB - I still remember masking that canpoy while watching probably the whole The Living Daylights..! Will be a bit more interesting to see you make it with some aftermarket.
  5. Yeah that was kinda my feeling too about KW - but I missed the lack of stockings! HOW did I miss that?? Almost turned intoa "Find Five differences" or whatever you call those kids-games of two drawings.. I likemost of their stuff but this sheet was a bit of a disappointment, the pin-up, the lack of the starboard test and the unpainted cowlingflaps on their drawing. I have a couple more, I hope those are more accurate. Thanks for the input!
  6. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/18488 Yeah.. I guess Zotz? The hair colour, migh, be more correct on KW- if the photo is correct. But the black and white background on Zotz seems more correct? I dunno.. Not too concerned really - but it is interesting..
  7. Been working on that P-51B a bit.. Because it was easier.. But the M has gotten some love (- and hate from Alclad..) IMG_0309 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Without panel line wash.. IMG_0317 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr With..panel line wash.. I had hoped to try some weathering on it as it is cheaper, to not ruin the M and carry a little of that skillset to it= We´ll see.. Not too much left on that one so can concentrate on my M.. But as I laid down the first and second NMF layer today, my airbrush coughed, twice.. The upper side of the inside of the flap got one and the starboard stabilizer the other. Dunno what happened but it will need to be sanded back.. Used Alclad Aluminium. The primer coat 8Alclad Gloss Black) is not great but workable.. A little rough, should probably have polsihed it more but it did look good apart from the accident. Ah well. I had been hoping to get the effect from the P-51B´s landing gear door on the belly - Aluminium and Stainless Steel - kinda on top.. That high shine Stainless steel has behaved for me. I even masked with Tamiya tape (carefully!) and did not lift it or any part of it (no mark on the tape - but I barely let it set on that plate!) We´ll see if I can pull that off or need to buy Dark Alumnium instead? I need that anyways I guess.. IMG_0318 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Also got the replacement/Additional decals from Zotz! Dunno which pin-up is the most correct though? - @Tbolt always being that kind expert with a bottomless well of info, you got any idea? I´m gonna try and look at the photos even mroe carefully.. IMG_0311 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr IMG_0316 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Enough P&W and engine placards to last me a little bit? IMG_0315 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Seems like Flickr is actually blocking that pic - the bowbz??? lol if that is the case.. I have to re-upload it everytime I try to post the link.. Just that one pic... Since Alclad messed with me, I burst a can of beer in my store, spilling all over my self and the ATm ate my card.. I´m not doing any modelling tonight! Not gonna push it today..
  8. That´s a fantastic build - wish I was half as skilled..
  9. Yes, Pierre Clostermann mentions not braking his wheels before retracting and they make the plane vibrate fiercly (my words, my book is in Swedish). And he hopes he did not geta flat tire from that..
  10. Oh nice! Welcome in with that sweet bird! I agree, the national roundels seems a bit dark.. Saw that Moose had released a set, forgot to look at it.. I hope they have some of the cool things.. Edit: Maybe it is not even new? But I saw it in the local hobby shp of mine among new releases.. I´m glad they have that dog, bee ect though!
  11. Poor M has taken a little bit of a back-burner.. My old bottle of Alclad Glooss Black really is not fun. Clogs the airbrush quite fast. Does not mess up the surface, I think.. But all I should have used the grey one.. I get a little better result with the gloss black but I decided to not use any high-shine paints so a little unessesary. I will let it cure a little bit more, free thursday-friday so hopefully I can start laying down the underside. I started a P-51B (Margie Maru, AMDG decals) Tamiya-kit too and it took over a little. The cockpit did not come out as nice and the kit is cheaper so decided to try that "new" (for me) primer on it - which seems fantastic! But Josephine is on her way! Don´t wanna try the Mr Color Levelling Thinner and that gloss Ueno Black over the Alclad gloss primer on Josephine, but i was tempted.. Will find a piece of spare kit to see how Alclad works over it. Mr Surfacer 1500 on top? hell yes! What a lovely primer! Also, could not leave the Revell N alone.. IMG_0292 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr But Josephine´s cans are glued! IMG_0291 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr Speaking of Margie Maru, those decals are nice. Good info as well. And Queen Jean´s red "lips" are fantastic! Also got these - for a future two Eduard kits.. Dirty Dick and Dirty Old Man! - I guess that suits me, with too many P-47 and P-51 pin-ups around! Not that old but.. Dirty? IMG_0286 by Tobias Björkman, on Flickr
  12. Those colours are wonderful! And nicely painted on, great look..! Just listened to Warbirds - Tales from Above podcast and the Privateer was mention in some episode.. Really cool aircraft, nice to see it getting built!
  13. Oh yeah! Forgot that Airfix has that canopy bottom separate from the clear parts! Cannot remember if I like it or not.. Looking good though!
  14. Great start, it sure looks good. Fun getting back into it, is it not? It did as well, a number of years ago. Brush painted a few Airfix 1/72 kits, the rattle canned a few 1/48 kits until I bought an airbrush. It is a great hobby! Keep up the good work! And remember, apart from here, You Tube is FULL of great build vids and tips.
  15. Well, the issue with the second big bag is solved.. A second boxing. It will probably become a Brazilian D, with or without fin fillét - and the engine front might be useable on my Revell N.. As well as the prop. And the stencils, some of them, might come in handy too! As for the paints - I am curious if I can get a nice look of Alclad over 50/50 of the Surfacer and Thinner and then the Ueno Black and Thinner.. My Gloss Blac Alclad is old and - annoying (though I have a much newer bottle too). The surfacer and thinner seems great though, never sued that stuff..
  16. I have the book somehwere, translated, can have alook later. Some excellent stuff -thanks guys!
  17. I guess.. I have no clue. But is not the wheel already turned when the plate stops it? Or did i misunderstand?
  18. Pretty clever, so clever I could not even guess - even though I did not try really.. Is that a common thing? What happens if the tyres keep spinning - should not imballance? Fire hazard..?
  19. Yeah, I bought the cheapest 2.8 ABV I could get.. Barely drinkable.. But cold.. Yeah - I have had some surprises lately with primers especially.. But used new paints (thinner consistency) so know what you mean! It looks good though. Thanks - a little rushed and I should have taken it easier. But.. Next time?
  20. Thanks guys, as usual, fast and informative, I was thinking about that door mostly. I had noted that plate on B/Cs more often. It was not really until I made the thread I remembered seeing it on Ds as well. Weird. Maybe because they are often (? not even sure about that but it feels like that) in different colours on those earlier ones? But that was nice info none the less! I knew of some of it - but far from all. Sounds Like I will be painting it Stainless Steel then. Many thanks!
  21. I have looked a round a little but did not find the answer. Which surprised me, sicne I thought it would have been asked several times. Let us see if i need to be ambarrassed or not.. But here goes: The inner gear doors on the P-51B/C - that diagonal plate that is sometimes painted Zinc Chromate (or Zinc Chromate GReen or even Interior Green!) and sometimes some metallic - what is it and what is correct colour (-combinations)? Speciafically I am building Margie Maru. This borders wheel well colour questions a bit but I am quite satisfied with other threads on those overall on P-51s. I think.. (Bad choice of pics perhaps since this is a restored Warbird? But ignoe the green.. ) Loaned this pic/link - it is froma D model but looks the same (here?) And since I brought ina D model - are there differences here between the B/Cs and Ds?
  22. Thanks. TZC- is the tinted ZC, with 1/10 of black in it? or some such.
  23. @Tbolt - stumbled upon your name in some other thread about various colours.. You mentioned black as oockpit colour in P-47Ns? Am I right that, that happened post-war . late 40s, early 50s maybe? In other words, any Ie Shime or Iwo Jima subject should be Interior Dark Dull Green (as MRp calls it)? Just happened to stumble upon that.. Knew I have read about black cockpits for Ns before - but forgot (and iirc some P-51s had that treatment too?). Just painted my Revell N Dark Dull Green.... (2 Big And Too Heavy probably)
  24. Went for some cheap beer last night - and the chopper came in low above me, to land at the Trauma Centre (NKS) - but I could not tell what model, too dark - and too many flashing lights..! I got my beer though.. Those windows seems a bit tricky.. That paint, does it shjow up the same in the photo as in real life for you? I cannot tell how correct, not paid too much attention to the real things. But it looks good?
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