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  1. Hi Stix, I’m a bit all over the place at the minute and finding it difficult to find time at the bench. However, when I can, the focus is on this for the Mrs and it’s good to have you along for the cruise. I hope you and yours are good and I’m looking forward to getting back into the mainstream sometime soon. Cheers
  2. Here's one of mine from last year (Airfix Hi-Tech Kit). I fancy 2 wheels for this one if it gets through.
  3. Not sure where the time has gone recently but I know I've spent hardly any of it at the bench. Anyhow, just a quick update to say this is still ongoing with a shape starting to form (albeit decks just laid on at present)
  4. Hi Stix, Hope you and yours are good. My votes are in (think it took me longer than my build!) Cheers Nigel
  5. Hi, Thank you and welcome aboard The 1/350 is quite a jump in size and wouldn't have looked right in its intended location hence opting for the 1:400
  6. I thought it was about time I posted an update on the build!! The rear deck is now complete (though I've left the cranes off for now). I have to confess that in order to maintain both physical and mental health, I opted not to use the etch railings. I gave it a go for the small amount required on the gantry and then looked at the amount required for the whole build; enough said!!
  7. Hi Stix, All good thank you Thanks for you comments re. the build; really appreciated I've been a bit off the boil with anything new lately but hope to pick up again soon. Cheers. Nigel Hi Ian, Many thanks Many thanks and yes, it still is
  8. Still the same; though they are black and round, so they'll do for this scale (despite them not being available until 1975 and being designed for non-standard rims)
  9. I hope so!! Mine's already built and painted
  10. We'll be 'paining the town red' if we win the Euro's on Sunday!!
  11. Hi All, Here's my entry with the usual opening photos. I had a pot of green so went with the box art Cheers Nigel
  12. Are we being moved to 'Current GBs' soon??
  13. Another quick update. The cranes aren't fixed yet; I just wanted to see how they are going to look
  14. Morning, Unless it was build by Ford, I don't think it will qualify
  15. These took a tad longer than expected but they're done now!!
  16. Thank you Feels quite slow but at least she's moving forward
  17. Morning, Quick update. I've now almost completed the cranes and have also started on the bow deck. The wooden decking is from China via an auction site and I have to say I'm really surprised with the quality; it's superb to work with!!
  18. I've just bought a Colonial Viper (Battlestar Galactica) that will fit the bill
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