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  1. Had my eye on this kit for a while, great review. I think the dark green colour scheme looks cool
  2. What an impressive build and a superb end result, excellent
  3. Tamiya Mid Production OOB, +Tamiya Zimmerit Upgrade WIP Here Thanks for looking
  4. Really like these AA gun wagons, this is a terrific build with excellent pics as usual
  5. one of my favorite kits, so simple and easy to build but makes a really interesting little model, excellent
  6. Really excellent job for first time. The whole collection looks excellent
  7. Incredible finished model, gets my vote for build of the year The detailing and quality of the finish is simply outstanding.
  8. Another terrific 1/48 build. I'm going to have to give one of these a try
  9. Hi Wardaddy, really impressed with your build. For me I practiced a lot on the cheaper Tamiya Kits, the Universal Carrier and Panzer II are great, they are small quick and easy to build and don't take up much space but are a great for practice. I became a bit boggled by all of the weathering techniques and products out there on the internet and have recently tried to get a quality finish with limited weathering. Sometimes "less is more" can work just as well.
  10. Thanks carius It was fun to do something a bit creative rather than OOB Thanks for the kind comments, I did think about doing the truck and gun in Dunkelgelb but used the same logic that they would have made use of older trucks and equipment rather than new. Thanks Stix Thanks Steve
  11. Thanks Ozzy Thanks Meatbox pretty happy with how it came out. Using the hairy sticks with watered down paint works really nicely on single colour jobs. Thanks Steve, I will look up the later version. Certainly happy with wheeled vs tracks after my recent Tiger Tank build.
  12. Hi Everyone, Since it is too windy today to do much else, I thought I would post my just finished Italeri Staghound Mk1. I’ve built the AA version before and really enjoyed it so when I got this for my Birthday I was keen to have another go. So after FrankenBlitz I was happy to carry on my wheeled vehicle spell and am really pleased with how it came out. Hand painted with XF-81 Dark Green 2 and then finished with my usual method of some oil washes, dry brushing, chipping and some highlights using weathering powders. If you spot the schoolboy errors then you get extra points but otherwise a fun and engaging build with the benefit of some photo etch included. Thanks for looking
  13. love these big trucks, excellent paint work and great photos as usual
  14. I still love these low cost but excellent Tamiya kits, they are fun to build and with some basic skills produce and a great result. You clearly have advanced skills and the results are terrific. Welcome to the AFV section
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