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  1. Airfix Victor K2/SR2 from Antics.
  2. If they won't do a 1/72nd Javelin or Sea Vixen then how about a Scimitar in either 1/72 or 1/48.
  3. Would it be a Scimitar and hopefully the rest of the cvrt family at last?
  4. Not only is he an excellent modeller he is also very interested in everything about the Second world war and his weekly podcasts and live streams along with James Holland are highly informative and fun with audible books each month on their patreon site.
  5. Wow weathering spot on for a Danish 104
  6. Very nice build in the best colour scheme, always liked seeing this at Farnborough in the 80's and preferred it over the 2000 prototype.
  7. Amazing Demon build love the weathering and detail looks very realistic.
  8. Wow amazing build, finish, and background information congratulations
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